Say No to Nanny Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg

U.S.A.-( No matter how politically fractured the nation may seem, I believe that liberty-loving citizens of all ideologies can unite and agree:

Billionaire Nanny Michael Bloomberg — the soda-taxing, gun-grabbing, snack-attacking control freak — should keep his nose out of our lives and out of the 2020 presidential race.

On the eve of the midterms, the former New York City mayor dumped $5 million into a self-serving ad bashing President Donald Trump, promoting Democrats, decrying border enforcement and preaching about a “higher purpose” in Washington.

Bloomberg has cast himself as the great healer of the political divide, calling for us to transcend labels, “offer solutions” and “work together” with “calm reasoning” and “opened hands” instead of “hysterics,” “fearmongering” and “pointed fingers.”

Take your phony olive branch and shove it.

It was a hysterical Bloomberg who divisively blamed the 2010 Times Square bomb attack on “somebody with a political agenda that doesn't like the health care bill or something” — demonizing Tea Party activists who had risen up against Obamacare — when the real culprit turned out to be a Pakistan-born jihadist on a mission to avenge Muslims and fight foreign infidels.

“Words matter,” the high-minded Bloomberg lectures Trump. But he had no problem flippantly mocking gun-owners in Colorado Springs and Pueblo as poor, uneducated hillbillies who lived in backwater holes “where I don't think there's roads. It's as far rural as you can get.”

Snotty Bloomberg was nursing massive ego wounds after dumping $350,000 into an unsuccessful effort to stop voters in my adopted home state from recalling radical, anti-Second Amendment state legislators. The grass-roots gun rights groups were outspent 7-to-1 by Bloomie and his minions — and still overcame the outside influence and celebrity attacks on our sovereignty.

So, who exactly are Bloomberg's constituents? No, not hard-working Americans in flyover country yearning for a government that leaves them alone to decide how to run their lives, enhance their liberty and pursue happiness. No, Bloomberg champions the party of Do As I Say, Not As I Do-ism. He crusades for public transportation from the back seat of a plush SUV. He battles against climate change while flying to Davos and Paris in private jets. He rails against junk food for everyone else while scarfing down Cheez-Its during media interviews about his trans-fat ban.

Liberal media supporters who have touted a potential Bloomberg presidential run for the past 10 years cast him as a middle-of-the-road moderate. But how can you be a “centrist” when you have no center? He was a registered Republican when it was convenient, and then a Democrat, and then an independent, and then a Democrat again. He has bleated about “bipartisanship” at various summits and pooh-bah parties over the years. But his party identification is where his money is: He spent nearly $30 million on Democratic House races this year alone.

Bloomberg is Chauncey Gardiner with a mega-bank account and an insatiable appetite for using his money and power to tell his fellow human beings what's best for them. He wants government to interfere in every aspect of our lives, while abandoning its core function: protecting our borders and controlling who gets in, who stays in and who should be kicked out.

When politicians bloviate about a “higher purpose,” it's time to watch your wallets, hide the kids and lock your doors (front, back and refrigerator).

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  • 16 thoughts on “Say No to Nanny Bloomberg

    1. Why don’t we all chip in and buy a ticket to SAUDI ARABIA or TURKEY, they seem to have no problem of making people DISAPEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Bloomy thinks he deserves to be king of the world. I don’t know why he feels that way but he does. It is very possible he needs some mental evaluation, maybe he should commit himself before someone gets hurt. It would be ok if he is the one that gets hurt but not ok if some innocent person gets hurt. He may have money but he is a moron.

    3. With all of the hackers and scammers out there , it would be a shame if someone hacked bloomberg and soros bank accounts . Just saying.

    4. Bloomberg is a pig of a being. He should just go away already. The fact that he even has thoughts of running for office is abhorant.

    5. If you remember the Clinton’s were the ones who wanted fountain drinks installed in public schools..(I witnessed this in JH) Now they want to ban them after diabetes has skyrocketed in America. Who could have imagined the outcome?

    6. What is badly needed is a reform to campaig finance laws that expressly and completely prohibit money being contributed to support any campaign that originates from outside the area affected by that election.

      In other words, taking the example of bloomie’s millions buying gun control bills in several states of late, NOT ONE DOLLAR of his money can cross state lines, no matter how many levels of laundering it has gone through, to support that issue on the Washington ballot. He cannot put it into a fund of any sort that then transfers it to one in a different state and eventually on through to Washington.

      He should not be able to buy TeeVee adverts in Michigan to promote the candidate of HIS choice. that is the job of the people of Michigan. No mroe should money from any state cross state lines to support a candidate, law, initiative, policy, that is being decided by the people of one state, county, city……
      If this does not happen, Bloomie and Soros and their ilk will own us. Let the PEOPLE of that state who will be affected by the outcome of that election fund the political campaigns within their state.

      That, and enacting voter ID, shown AT THE TIME of casting their ballots, in every state, would go a LONG way toward restoring true fairness in elections across this land. Cleaning up voter registries is also necessary. Anyone else read about the woman who, whilst working at a polling place, happened to notice the name of a neighbour of his still on the active voter list, who had DIED fourteen years ago? That was in OHio….. .

      1. Bloomberg could simply follow Soros’ lead, moving the money through non-profits created for the purpose. I am more in agreement with the ideas of Gerry Spence, Randy Weaver’s attorney in the Ruby Ridge atrocity. He wanted to replace elections with a conscription system and term limits for public office, at least at the Federal level. This wouldn’t remove all the money and graft from politics, but it would get rid of the majority of it. It would help to restore public office to a civic duty, rather than a career choice. Think about it for a moment; how could we possibly choose a worse Congress by drawing names out of a hat, when compared to what we’ve supposedly elected?

        1. I think it was back in the days of the reign of the kinyun someone floated an idea similar to this. I gave it a thumbs down at the time but I’m having second thoughts. The suggestion was to take a phone book from each of the congressional districts and have some blindfolded guy randomly open to a page and plop his forefinger down onto someplace on that page. The “reader”, a person designated to read whatever he poked out, would write down the information. Do this several times, keep them in order, then the election commission would make certain a business or government agency was not selected, and that whichever PERSON was met the qualifications for the office. No imports, no felons, of age, residency requirements met, etc. Collect about ten or twenty of those vetted names, print them all up, cut the slips of paper into identically sized pieces of paper, roll them well, put them into the sorts of capsules they use for drawings, Bingo, etc then the capsules into a suitable drum. Have two new folks who have not been involved in any of the earlier steps enter the room where the loaded capsules are, one gives the drum a few spins whilst the other gets on a blindfold. Stop the drum, blindfolded guy draws one capsule. There is the new officeholder.

          that would be for representatives. Senators, we MUST get back to the original system where they are selected by the governments of each of the several states. That way there can be no politicking at the federal level, lobbyists don’t have the ease they do now, since each senator answers directly to his own people.Monsanto can’t fund lobbyists stationed in every one of the states, now, can they? Even if they did they would lack the one-voice position in which they now operate. If the same system were to be implemented at the state and county level, I think nearly all of today’s corruption and foul motives would be gone. Maria Cantwel’s money would not be able to buy her any more elections. That terrible wench would have been gone twenty years ago, and good riddance.

    7. Will never forget Bloomberg passed a vehicle idling law in New York. Then got caught with his whole motorcade idling for hours per day. When confronted, he had his vehicles outfitted with window shaker air conditioners. How much energy do you suppose had to be replenished when the vehicle’s alternator started putting out?

    8. And the big talk about Union contribution and backing plays into Politics using rank and file dues to be distributed for their own agenda, this is what you get his big agenda, and that is all he wants, his way ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bad part is we don’t have that kind of money to really tell him to suck it up and crawl back in a hole with Gates and his video games, maybe they will destroy each other!!!!!!!

    9. Do What I Say Not What I Do, For He Is A Self Appointed, Self Rightous Elitist/Authoritarian. Typical Globalist.

      Many of those in favor of oppressive firearms legislation are best classed as elitists. Elitists frequently identify with a peer group based on wealth, power, rank, social status, occupation, education, ethnic group, etc. and perceive themselves and their peers as inherently superior to and more responsible than the “common people”, thus more deserving of certain rights. Since elitists practically consider those outside their class or caste as members of another species, that most anti-elitist list of laws, the Bill of Rights is viewed by them as anathema. Naturally, the Second Amendment is their first target as it serves as the supporting structure for other nine amendments.

      Another type of individual who favors the restriction of private gun ownership is the authoritarian. Authoritarian personalities are characterized by their belief in unquestioning obedience to an authority figure or group and a disdain for individual freedom of action, expression, and judgement. Those with authoritarian personalities function well in symbiosis with elitists occupying positions of power. Because authoritarians repress their desires for autonomy they harbor a deep resentment toward free and independent thinkers. Of course, authoritarians do not want firearms in the hands of the general population as this constitutes a major obstacle to fulfilling their pathological and obsessive desire to control people.

      Acquiring knowledge of one’s foes is the first step toward defeating them. We must never forget that a threat to private firearms ownership is a threat to all freedoms.
      The inalienable and fundamental right to keep and bear arms which is enumerated by (but predates) the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is not about hunting, gun collecting, or target shooting. Its purpose is to ensure that every responsible American personally possesses the means to defend the Republic from all forms of tyranny, within and without. It is what permits the other nine Amendments in the Bill of Rights to be more than mere hollow phrases on a piece of paper. Its free exercise is the antithesis of serfdom and the only meaningful form of holocaust insurance known to man.
      We must never insult and degrade the spirits of our Founding Fathers by permitting the Second Amendment, the pillar of freedom, to be destroyed by the cold flame of legislative ink.

    10. Anyone who would vote for someone that would want to tell you how much soda pop you could drink is incapable of cognitive thought. Imagine the restrictions he could put on you on how to live your daily lives if elected. I guess if you are so feeble minded that you need someone to tell you how to live, by all means get him elected.

    11. Given Bloomberg’s interference in WA gun laws – and funded by Microsoft, Amazon and others there really must now be laws that ban people under 21 from playing violent video games,and these games should be registered with a controlling authority. Parents must lock up video games in a secure storage area, and all weapons (and things pointed at people) must be removed from these Play formats.
      It’s for the kids folks. If Bill Gates hadn’t initiated children into the world of video violence we never would have had any of these school shootings.

      1. no because school shootings began long before computers had the capacity to even play Donkey Kong. Schools are just one entity in a class of entities that are nearly universally selected to be venues for mass shootings. The single common factor in nearly all such mass shooting massacres is this: they are ALL gun fre zones. Or more accuratly SUPPOSED gun free zones. It is abundantly evident that SOME guns have been brought into those “gun free zones” else there’d never have been any SHOOTINGS in them.

        A far more accurate term for those venues would be “Certified Defenseless VIctim Zones”.

        Bloomie, gutless wimp that he is, pours all those millions in making the REST of us defensless, the whiles HE goes about as described above accompanied by his own elite heavuly armed security detail, which somehow manage to be accepted in many places where NO ONE ELSE< not even the local police, can be armed.

        Hypocrite much?

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