Silicon Valley Sharia

The Left's Long War on Conservative Free Speech
Silicon Valley Sharia

U.S.A.-( This is a tale of two young, outspoken women in media.

One is a liberal tech writer. The other is an enterprising conservative new media reporter. One has achieved meteoric success and now works at a top American newspaper. The other has been de-platformed and marginalized. Their wildly different fates tell you everything you need to know about Silicon Valley's free speech double standards.

Some smug elites will downplay Twitter's disparate treatment of these users by arguing that private tech corporations can do whatever they want and that no First Amendment issues have been raised. But this battle is about much more than free speech rights. It's about whether the high-and-mighty progressives who monopolize global social media platforms truly believe in nurturing a free speech culture.

By punishing politically incorrect speech and making punitive examples of free thinkers, tech titans are enforcing their own authoritarian version of Silicon Valley sharia — a set of both written and unwritten codes constricting expressions of acceptable thought in the name of “safety” and “civility.”

Laura Loomer was suspended permanently from Twitter over the Thanksgiving holiday for this tweet — and I quote in full:

“Isn't it ironic how the twitter moment used to celebrate ‘women, LGBTQ, and minorities' is a picture of Ilhan Omar? Ilhan is pro Sharia(.) Ilhan is pro-FGM(.) Under Sharia, homosexuals are oppressed & killed. Women are abused & forced to wear the hijab. Ilhan is anti Jewish.”

Ilhan Omar is the newly elected Democratic Muslim congresswoman from Minnesota who is indeed pro Sharia. Omar equivocated on a state bill to increase penalties against female genital mutilation. It is a fact that gay people are oppressed and killed under Sharia. It an undeniable truth that women are abused and forced to wear the hijab. Omar has accused Israel of hypnotizing the world, attacked its “evil doings,” and has said she supports the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against the Jewish state.

Twitter booted Loomer, who is Jewish, off its site for expressing her well-supported opinions, which the social media giant called “hateful conduct.” She has been labeled a “far-right activist” for her mainstream views. As she noted in a new statement posted to her website Tuesday:

“I am just one example of someone who has been banned for discussing issues on social media that big tech companies have deemed as untouchable. All across the world, people are being silenced, censored, and even jailed for having online discussions about Islam, immigration, jihad, and Sharia. I was banned for posting facts about Islam. In other words, non-Muslims are being subjected to Islamic blasphemy laws on social media, progressively.”

If Loomer were a left-wing “Islamophobia”-invoking feminist who practiced undercover or gonzo journalism to go after Republicans, she'd be hailed as an innovative disruptor instead of dismissed by establishment elites on both sides of the political aisle.

Now contrast the fate of 30-year-old Sarah Jeong, who was named an editorial writer at The New York Times in August 2018. Her left-wing colleagues and admirers applauded her “verve and erudition.” And they made much of her diversity status as a “young Asian woman.” This person-of-color shield gave Jeong immunity to post several years' worth of hateful tweets attacking white people.

“White men are bull——”;


“oh man it's kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men” and “f—- white women lol.”

She has tweeted “f—- the police” and “cops are a—holes,” derided fraternity members and athletes wrongfully accused of rape and fumed about “dumb—- f—-ing white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.”

Let's review: Loomer was kicked off Twitter for calling out Sharia and a culture that promotes hatred of gays, boycotts of Jews and subjugation of women. Before the permanent suspension, Loomer — who had built up a following of more than 250,000 — had her blue check removed and was silenced during the midterm elections when her investigative work was making a difference. She called out Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey for anti-conservative bias at a congressional hearing and was mocked by establishment detractors in both parties.

Meanwhile, Jeong sits on her perch on The New York Times editorial board after using Twitter to spew hatred against all men, all cops, the entire white race — and Twitter. Jeong denies Silicon Valley's political bias and selective speech suppression, which she has dismissed as a “paranoid fantasy.”

Every day that blue check marked hate-monger Sarah Jeong gets to tweet while Laura Loomer remains silenced reminds us of how powerful social media conglomerates have rigged the free speech playing field.

It's no fantasy. It's a nightmare.

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    1. Old Nick also opined the they would hang us with the rope we sold them. Sometimes it really sucks to live long enough to see something go from idoicy to mainstream political policy in one lifetime. This is no longer the country I was born and raised in. What the hell happened? -30-

    2. Excellent article, but wrong argument, Mrs. Malkin. These are, indeed, private companies, not beholden to the 1st Amendment. What they are doing, however, is openly, arrogantly, violating RICO and the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. The entire industry has colluded to use their collective control over online advertising and search to crush competition and silence any voices that contradict their Globalist/Technocrat narrative. So, the main question we should be asking our respective swamp creatures is, why have there been no prosecutions? It’s time to start asking that question less politely than we have in the recent past, as in torches and pitchforks in hand.

    3. I don’t do all this Facebook or tweeter or whatever liberal social media stuff so I don’t know much about it. Is there a conservative outlet out there? I believe if you started something or own it is yours to do what you want. How would someone go about starting a conservative social media outlet?

    4. I stand with Russia. my country is done. it is being run by the EU agenda, Corrupt Zionist Bankers who are bent on disarming the population, while the are giving the country to a dumb mixed brown race of criminals. with in the year the USA WILL BE A THIRD WORLD MUD GHETTO LIKE THE EU controlled UK. Maybe President Putin could expunge the radical, moronic mobs, hiding as democrats and RINOs that have taken control of what used to be America.2years 6 months ago we should have risen up and expunged these criminals that hide in the trappings of a political party. the USA will die slowly on it’s own accord, now. Minnesota will get what deserves for being so stupid to allow terrorists in their government. that state will be one big no go zone. democrats are terrorist, EU agenda turncoats. they are a Trojan horse. this country is done… the only hope is, history shows communists and Muslims will try to devour each other. hard to image the choice is Shari law or Chairman Mao Tse-tung little red book. we should of had a civil war 30 months ago, or better yet 10 years we should cleaned out the government traitors and educators who have been brainwashing our young.

      1. d.g.: I agree with most of your comment.
        Firstly: I personally do not want to live in Russia per-say. I love America and want her to come back from the brink of “fundamental transformation” that 0b0z0 and his cabal are trying to do in an almost “bloodless” COUP.
        Secondly: I agree that the DemocRATic communist/muslem/mex party members MUST be ousted from OUR government.
        Thirdly: Many RepubliCANTs fit in the same category as the DemocRATs.
        Fourthly: Many Americans are Democrats and back President D. J. Trump with all their support.
        Again, President Trump is only a man and must remain true to the Constitution and the SUPREME Rule of Law which WE have in America.
        ALL OTHER FOREIGN Nations’ LAWS CANNOT BE USED IN American courts.

      2. Nikita Khrushchev said it well. We will bury you from within. Looks like he was right. I remember when he had his tirade at the UN and banging his shoe on the desk. As for the congresswoman she is another reason we need to back Israel.

        1. @dg and Joe, What is the plan? Internal war, like any war, is a campaign. The commander assigns assets to achieve an intermediate goal that gets him an advantage for the next goal or phase. Then he assigns assets to achieve the next goal or phase, and he does this to get inside the op fors decision cycle. Absent any of these, one will not win.
          This oversimplification requires Intel, logistics, secure coms, follow on forces, and replacements. No potential rebel group has so much as identified their op fors, much less a commander, his plan, secure coms, or even goals. None of the head work has been done.
          And for any potential rebels out there: The Fat Boy Institute takes great pride in their claim that they have infiltrated every militia group in America.

      1. Sorry you missed it, 1860-1865, there won’t be another one in our generation, which is not to say there won’t be an outbreak of pure anarchy with law abiding citizens fighting for survival. The idea of a true civil war is beyond the realm of possibility in my humble opinion, but our society could crumble under the weight of the current insanity that seems to abound. The Fat Boys Institution is very interested in people who take the Constitution seriously, no matter what they say otherwise. We must educate, vote, and stand against tyranny in the courts, if that fails, we are on our own as a people, militia mind set is futile in our current structure of society, and will likely cause you much grief. Prepare as individuals to protect your family and stay close to your friends, preferably in a rural area. ATTENTION ON DECK, all are instructed to don kevlar socks, as CK the ankle biter is on deck.

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