To Kirk; “She canna take any more, captain. She’s gonna blow!”

Art by Michael Ramirez

U.S. Space Force
U.S. Space Force

USA –-( To Kirk; “She canna take any more, captain. She's gonna blow!” ~ Scottty.

As the Trump administration moves forward with the U.S. Space Force, critics have suggested the proposed Space-Force will only create a new, costly bureaucracy.

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About Michael Ramirez

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Michael Ramirez, combines an encyclopedic knowledge of the news with a captivating drawing style to create consistently outstanding editorial cartoons on Ammoland Shooting Sports News.

“An editorial cartoon is not just a funny picture,” says internationally known editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez. “It is a powerful instrument of journalism, sometimes sharp and refined, its message cutting quickly to the point, and other times, blunt and overpowering, seizing the readers' attention with its dark imagery.”

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  • 12 thoughts on “To Kirk; “She canna take any more, captain. She’s gonna blow!”

    1. U.S. Space Force is a good idea, however, with the amount of money we are in debt it seems plausible that a little conservatism would be prudent. In other words, pay the damned debt down before we start another money hungry project, unless you like paying increasing taxes.

      1. @Tcat, True, and even if the US Space Force secretly consisted of very little, all other nations have to give pause and wonder “What does the United States have? What is it that they can do?”
        Stopping foreign aggressors with a ruse so cheap saves a lot of dollars.

        1. 30 years ago the SR71 wasn’t a secret and it set several speed records over the years, Mach 3+ 2200 mph.
          What any high school student with an IQ over 120 knew that it refueled on those record breaking flights. KC135 tankers can do about 500 mph with the boom deployed. Simple algebra says the peak speed of an SR71 has to be above 4,000 mph, maybe 6,000 mph.
          Some things are still secret.

    2. @JDC – Well the Air Force has been running the Space Command for some time now, so……………….

    3. Unfortunately, letting the derivative of the USAF run space is a bad idea. When they took over as executive agent for Space the USAF took an on-time, on-budget $400M Navy Space Fence S band replacement due to come on line in 2012 and cancelled it in favor of re-competing the program with the same companies. The result was a $1.2B system that has yet to come on line. I’m sure it will have lots of “whiz-bangs” built into it, but at 3x the price?

      (Space Fence is the radar system that tracks 80% of space objects orbiting earth).

      The USAF does not know how to run a lean, efficient organization, and the projected budget for any Space Force will reflect this. As the cartoon indicates, we will end up with a second bloated, inefficient organization.

    4. @Jim Mackin – Funny thing about military folly’s most of them turn out to be great after the bugs are worked out. Want an example check out the F-111 (McNamara’s Folly). Turns out it was the best bomber ever made. The M1A1 tank, the OV-22, never count out a great idea because it doesn’t work out of the blocks.
      Take care!

      1. Yep, everything from the candy bar, to four wheel drive, to the calculator, to the communications satellite were all just military follies (mostly to the leftists) at one time or another.

        1. we are not talking about the space systems. We are talking about the worthless useless eater grey line of political correctness monkeys that will be attached to what will be a slow dysfunctional money eating department and sub-department stacking parasite of tax money. The astronaut infantry will have to have months of LGBT Pedophile sensitivity training while wearing red high heals before they can pass through the gate and only then after signing a whole shit load of forms that confirm you won’t chop down any redwood trees per the department of the interior to promising to relate to and try the queer life style of a transgender guppy. Every unrelated, totally irrelevant agency and department outside of “Spaceforce” will parasite off of its budget. That is why it will be a failure from the get go and very non-motivated by nature. It is why the Shuttle program failed from within. Non-NASA BS imposed on the program down to every element of the system. Now the JUNK is all loaded for failure from the get go. BUY MORE AMMO. Liberty1775

          1. @Mark K, Well, don’t include that “Non-NASA BS” then. Oh, and … I admire the clear and vigorous outline of your objection.

    5. Who put the ISS in orbit ? Now we need the Russians to get there. B.S. Lets get America BACK IN SPACE before there is a DO NOT ENTER SIGN UP there.

    6. Strategic Defense Initiative was derided as Star Wars and people said you could not shoot down a missile.

      U.S. Space Force will be derided as Trump’s folly or worse.

      To quote Ancient Aliens, “What if it were true?” Maybe there is a race of space travelers with evil intentions and the Earth needs a defense. What if it were true.

      If the USA does not occupy the “high ground” of space the Chinese, Russians and India are all prepared to fill the vacuum [pun intended,]
      I like the cartoon, but I thought te punch line was Bill Clinton’s

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