Storm Elazar Launches “Storm It, Win It!” YouTube Channel ~ VIDEO

Brooklyn, New York – -( On November 5th, 2018, professional archer Saar “Storm” Elazar launched his own YouTube channel Storm It, Win It.

The concept, created by Elazar, grew from the idea that by storming something any goal you set is within reach. Storm It, Win It is symbolic of Elazar’s own journey to become a professional archer. Two years ago, at age 41, Elazar visited Proline Archery Lanes looking for an activity he and his daughters could do together. What he found was his passion, and from the moment he shot that first arrow, Storm Elazar knew he wanted to become a professional archer.

Throughout his journey to become a professional archer, Elazar interviewed members of the archery community who inspired him and helped him get his start. In the first video for Storm It, Win It, Elazar interviewed Matt Stutzman, a Paraolympic silver medalist and world-record holder for the longest accurate shot in archery. Stutzman, who was born without arms, adapted to his condition so well that he is a fierce competitor even when compared to able-bodied archers.

Stutzman was one of the first archers Elazar came across when he began to study the sport. His story served as an inspiration for Elazar, and not just because he admired Stutzman’s work ethic and tenacity. In comparison to the obstacles Stutzman has overcome things like age and experience barely mattered when it comes to success.

As Stutzman says in the video, “One thing I love about archery is that it doesn’t stereotype the athlete. Even though I have no arms I can come out here and compete with the best in the world, and on a good day, even beat them.”

Storm It, Win It is Storm Elazar’s way of sharing his passion for archery with others. In just two years, Elazar has gone from learning the ropes to being nationally ranked by USA Archery. When asked about the motivation behind Storm It, Win It¸ Elazar says its just as much about showing people archery is for everyone as teaching them how to shoot.

“When I first started looking for information on how to become a professional athlete, I saw a lot of ‘I’m a pro and this is me doing it’, but not really how they got there. I started talking to professional archers and coaches and taking notes, breaking down what to do and how to do it. This isn’t just about documenting my personal journey. It’s showing people I’m just a regular guy, and if I can do it, so can you!”

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Storm It, Win It! is a concept created by Storm, a professional archer striving for glory and worldwide recognition. This grew from the fundamental idea that if you storm something, you are fully engaged and committed. This commitment will lead you to achieve the goals you set and win the day.