The Cause of U.S. Political Upheaval, Not So Clear

The causes for political upheaval in Germany and Russia in the early twentieth century were clear but the causes for political upheaval in the United States, in the early twenty-first century, are not.

patriots vs antifa
The Cause of U.S. Political Upheaval, Not So Clear

New York – -( “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” ~Edmund Burke, Eighteenth Century Irish Statesman, author, orator, political theorist, and philosopher

“You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve YOUR freedom. I hope you will make a good use of it.” ~John Adams

In the aftermath of World War I, Germany saw violent clashes between Left-wing Communists and Right-wing Fascist Groups, each fighting for dominance and control of Germany after the collapse of the weak, Weimar Republic. And, in Russia, before the conclusion of the World War I, the Red Army (the extremists on the Left, the Bolsheviks) fought the White Army (the forces of the autocrat, Tzar Nicholas, extremists on the Right) for dominance and control of the Country.  The extremists of both political groups in both Countries espoused totalitarian rule and, in that respect, both are an anathema to the traditions and core values of the United States—values that Germany and Russia never shared and in fact had no comprehension of.

The circumstances that led to political unrest and totalitarianism in Germany, after World War I are clear enough. The victorious allies forced Germany to pay billions of dollars in reparation payments. Massive unemployment swept through the Country, devastating the lives of German citizens. Germans, understandably, were resentful. Kaiser Wilhelm was forced to abdicate and went into exile. Perhaps, worst of all, the Treaty of Versailles, that Germany was forced to sign, included a “Guilt Clause,” placing blame for World War I solely on Germany. There was no need for that, and, in truth, placing guilt for the War on Germany was patently unfair. There was no one simple cause for the war. All European participants were equally responsible; they all bear a share of the guilt for the horror that unfolded. Roughly 35 million soldiers and civilians lost their lives in that “Great War” to end all wars. Inclusion of the “Guilt Clause” in the Treaty rightfully angered Germans.

In an atmosphere of political and economic tension and turmoil, following the defeat of Germany a clash of radical elements—Communists on the extreme Left and Fascist groups on the far right—fought each other for dominance and control. Such a clash was unavoidable. The Communists lost. The National Socialist German Workers Party—the Nazis—won. It was simply a matter of one autocratic form of Government winning out over another, in Germany.

Similarly, extremist elements—those loyal to the Tzar—and those intent on a new form of totalitarianism, one ostensibly predicated on the economic system of communism—engaged each other in a bloody civil war. The Bolsheviks, on the extreme Left, prevailed over the forces loyal to the Tzar, on the extreme Right. The Tzar, together with his immediate family, were murdered.

The clash between two factions in America is not, however, a clash between two extremist elements.

The crisis unfolding here in America, today, is unlike that which befell Germany and Russia. The nature of the crisis is, though, cut and dry. There is in fact a battle that is being waged for the life and soul of the Nation. It is a battle that has been waged for decades although only recently has this clash between the two factions become visible since the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, which was not supposed to happen; but happen it did!

The mainstream media has created a false narrative to hide the true nature of this modern-day confrontation between two factions, each of which has mutually exclusive visions for the Nation. The mainstream media, the Press, has deliberately and cleverly hidden this because the Press, itself, is not a neutral party. It has taken a side in this conflict. It had always taken a side in this conflict—a conflict that now threatens to engulf this Nation in a conflagration that the Press itself wishes for; that it welcomes; that it is doing everything in its power to help bring about, even as it says that it does not.

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Roy D.

Mark’s comment is excellent and spot on. I would like to add that this sentence in the article, “It is a battle that has been waged for decades although only recently has this clash between the two factions become visible since the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election…”, makes it obvious to me that this was written by a person who is bereft of knowledge about the last fifty years in this country. I have watched it for that long myself. As Mark said, this is a conflict as old as time.


ANTIFA hasn’t gotten “extremely violent” yet because they know that right now they simply don’t have the numbers big enough to affect lasting change. When they get several times larger than they already are then you will see mass bombings, assassinations of conservative government officials and media people who are on the right. They learned something back in the 60’s, I was alive then as well, and they need a large enough group to reach critical mass and that’s when you have a new civil war.


Just like Hillary taught the Dems to use her mentor Sal Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, we will see more of Pres. Obama’s old pal Bill Ayers when the masses assemble.


Just a minor correction, but BOTH the Facist and Communist parties/mobs were LEFT wing groups. Supporters of the Kaiser would be the RIGHT wing, and they were generally quite peaceful. Fascism, which is a nationalistic form of Socialism, is always, by definition, a revolutionary left wing belief. The conservative party seeking to retain the status quo, particularly a monarchist govt, is the true right wing. The terms right and left stem from which group sat on which side of the speaker’s chair in the govt formed immediately after the French Revolution, when the revolutionaries sat to his left and those… Read more »

Bill W..

Here is q quote by Nakita Kruschev, former Premier of Russia. See if it coincides with the way the democratic party has been going the last several decades. “We cannot expect Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism”.


It is a battle (war) to see who runs the country.
1. The government will run the people.
2. Then people will run the government.


The local coppers, at least in Portland, Seattle, Berserkeley, Baltimore, Ferguson, are NOT without clear direction. The city rulers in each of those towns, for certain, have repeatedly given stand down orders commanding the cops to not only not break things up, but often to set one faction against the other deliberately, then sit back and cheer as they tear each other up. I’m waiting for the time when the two opposing forces decide to “get” the dirty coward coppers, take care of THEM, then get back to business with each other. Sort of like back a few years when… Read more »

Timothy-Allen Albertson

One of those stand down orders in the Peoples Republic of Berkeley resulted in Antifa getting the shit kicked out of big time. They got ran abt a mile from the City Soviet Bulding upto campus where Antifa surrendered to UCPD who were not under stand down orders.


YankeeBill has hit it on the head (firing pin?) . I’m reading a book right now that is supposedly a very good account of those 60 &70 days. “Days of Rage” by Bryan Burroughs. I lived those days, as a lot of you did. 5-8 bombings a day! Got commonplace, we got complacent. Remember the bomb threat posters by all the telephones? We are, I think in the beginnings of another go-around but will be a lot more lives lost. I hope and pray not, however the biased news networks are pushing for it because “blood sells!” Study the origins… Read more »


My wife saw a picture similar to the one with this article. Her comment was, “Too much testosterone.” I’m not sure if she isn’t right. We see this weekly on the local news–Portland, OR. All the videos show young men being angry. Then there was a story about protests/riots in the middle east. Again angry young men but wearing different clothes. All these videos look basically the same, and the reasons for this level of violence are never really explained by the media. The media treats these events like a football game. Pointing out who’s winning (number of injured or… Read more »


Smitty: I see plenty of enraged women in the videos from Portland and other places. I believe this isn’t limited to only testosterone soaked males, although I’m certain that your assertion has at least a kernel of truth to it.

The lack of self discipline, personal responsibility, critical thinking and an inability to express those thoughts effectively -verbally, degenerating economic opportunity or merely wage stagnation, and effective indoctrination on victim-identity as well as the stoking of the perception of our divisions rather than our commonality and shared interest – these are the factors that have given us this.

Jack Mac

The young men of thee Middle East are commonly unemployed with a “what can we loose” mentality along with religious fervor, calash. Most of our young pollical clashers (male, female and plus) are unemployed college students. They sit in class (if they attend) learning to feel superior while not working. They want change but do not know what to. Unlike the people of Middle East other places, our young and not so young are oblivious to full conflict and civil war.

Jack Mac

Oh! We have people with “what can we loose” mentality young and not so young also.

dava golino

ANTIFA is what happened in the Ukraine. Russia got involved at the behest of the people fighting what we are fighting. they even used the same tiki touches as ANTIFA in Charlottesville. It is a lie that Russia invaded.we need to get out of NATO, GET OUT Ukraine, before these Soros backed mobs will topple this government as they did in the Ukraine.

Larry Brickey

Yep, let’s go hide by putting our heads in the sand. Works, right?


Dava , You’re correct . We should also get the U.S. out of the u.n. and get the u.n. out of the U.S.


DAVA , You are correct ! We also have to get the U.S. out of the u.n. and the u.n. out of the U.S.


I agree , Dava . . .


I recommend everyone read the above. Basically our academics have led us into this decline, as they have with all great civilizations. What we’re witnessing is the decline of Rome, plain and simple…lack of respect for authority, decline in civility, corrupt politicians in ever increasing numbers, and a loss of focus of national identity and not paying enough attention to the vandals at the walls.

Sadly, the PC culture and at least half the politicians are hastening this decline.

Robey Alan Gulledge

Capitalism vs Collectivism. ( as Greg stated, “makers and takers “)
I believe that some Roman Senator observed that once a population found that it can start voting itself money, sociatal collapse is not far behind.


Not clear? Rubbish. It is very clear. Whatever name it goes by, there are people of wealth who, throughout history, believe they are better than the common man/woman. They firmly believe THEY should be in control – our overlords. They cite “Blue Blood” whatever the hell that means. Perhaps David Icke is right. Maybe there beings not of this earth among us who are going to have complete rule. Maybe the kings and queens of old believed it, because of their lineage, maybe some were descended from King David and have that right to rule. All kings believe their right… Read more »

Pete Faz

If Antifa and the rest of the commies of the Democrat party start a civil war ,they will suffer like johnny reb at Vicksburg


From what I’ve seen in news coverage, it looks like mostly so-called African Americans (negroes?) along with their white, hipster sympathizers. Who’s behind them is a good question. Chances are it’s Soros and Bloomberg, and their ilk. Seems like the 60’s all over again, only worse! Another question is why are governments
allowing it to go on? 300 years in this country and THEY still have their hands out. Reparations ARE happening!

Greg K

The only thing “Fascism is to the Right of,” is Communism.

It’s divided between makers and takers…It may be that simple. Search “Narcissistic Parent.”


clear 2 me. pees-loosely & the other d-rat d-suckers want us defenseless & dead.