The Gloomy American Left

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 The Gloomy American Left

U.S.A.-( The fury of leftists is a constant today, and it's not just because they hate President Donald Trump. Despite all their dreamy talk of compassion and love, they seem to be a miserable lot.

Democrats recaptured control of the House of Representatives this week, and leftists are already grinding their teeth over Trump and salivating at the prospect of putting him and Justice Brett Kavanaugh through investigatory and impeachment hell for the next two years.

You can't help but see it. Throughout America, leftists are perpetually agitated. They're not happy unless they're unhappy. They populate protests with their crude gender caps and scream about perceived slights, discrimination and inequality. They usurp law enforcement authority to stop traffic in Portland, Oregon. They threateningly protest at conservative celebrities' homes.

They are not pleased that the economy is growing and people are prospering under President Trump but choose instead to mire in angst over alleged income inequality among Americans. With a Republican president in office, it wouldn't matter if every American family were earning at least $250,000 a year. As long as some people were making substantially more, they'd demand remedial government action.

It's true not just of the economy but also of the environment, abortion, health care, public education and immigration. Pick any of those issues, among others, and consider what would happen if Republicans caved on it. Do you think leftists would be satisfied if the government outlawed the coal industry, mandated prohibitive automobile emission standards, funded abortion on demand, fully socialized medicine, doubled the already obscenely bloated federal education budget and removed all restrictions on our borders? As for the latter, I remind you that many of them actually advocate the abolition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement — like the sovereignty-shattering anarchists they are.

It's not just that most of them are implacable malcontents. It's also that they can't afford for their constituencies to be satisfied, because their political power hinges on perpetuating categories of victimhood and assuming de facto guardianship over them. To us, they preach bipartisanship and collegiality; to their wards, they proclaim that they are with them and that conservatives are against them.

Consider their uniformly negative and irrational reaction to the objectively improved economy under President Trump. It seems that it is not improvement in the lives of minorities they seek but minorities' permanent dependence on them. They are utterly unmoved by minority unemployment's being at historic lows and minorities' wages being at historic highs. Real-world, empirical evidence means nothing. All that matters is that leftists claim to care more than conservatives about minorities; minorities must ignore their lying eyes.

Leftists, who now dominate the Democratic Party, no longer have a vision for the country, other than to fundamentally transform it — to divest it of its founding principles. They profess to be offended by President Trump's goal of making America great again, but many of them don't believe it was ever that great in the first place, and they're on a mission to remake it in their image.

Most of them are outright socialists who don't believe enough in America's uniqueness to care about protecting its borders. They support ever increasing taxes, but not because they want to balance the budget or improve people's lives. Rather, they prefer that the government — as opposed to individuals — control the expenditures of money.

But in the past few years, the left doesn't spend much time even on these issues. Leftists' singular focus is on Trump — getting rid of this monster whose very presence is destroying their lives. Opposing Trump, his agenda and his appointments and deriding him around the clock is their be-all and end-all. It is their negative life force — the energy that drives and sustains them.

The silver lining to all this negativity is that they will continue to overplay their hand into the 2020 election, losing credibility and faith with the majority of Americans by exchanging whatever semblance of optimism they had for the perverse privilege of obsessing over Trump.

How could a majority of Americans, even in the modern era, be attracted to a party whose rallying cry is not a better economy, a stronger America, enhanced freedom and prosperity, or a more wholesome culture but purging the nation of a president it abhors?

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    1. ~ A sad commentary by a journalist whom should know better.~

      Those of us, whom follow the lead, of FDR/Truman and their 20yrs of progress, vs. the 20 yrs of REAGAN/BUSH41/BUSH43, feel much differently. The working class faired much better under FDR/Truman.

      I am aghast/stunned, that we are now being branded “socialists” ,in the context of marxisim, leinnisim, communisim ,
      Republicans said the same of FDR, begining in 1933. By 1935 when he revealed the Social Security Act, they were convinced he was taking the country in the wrong direction. Yet today it and Medicare are the most popular government programs.

      They have fought progress even since.. CORPORATE GREED KNOWS NO BOUNDS.



      The smoke & mirrors of the ‘TAX CUT”, that yields results for the top 2%, while masking the TEMPORARY benefits, to those working families, is shameful. THE CBO says in ten yrs the average wage earner will pay more in taxes with less real gain in income/purchasing power.

      How can the working class support a president, that uses his office to enrich, expand & enable his personal business empire, in DIRECT \violation of article 2 of the Constitution. The Constitution, the strict constructionists of the Republican Party, insist we adhere to the letter of???? Using his grown children, with offices in the West Wing, as a buffer to administer his empire, is a sham on the people.

      The master deal maker, whom bankrupted three casinos, put his employees into unemployment/bankruptcy, by filing his own bankruptcy four times demonstrates “ONLY THE RICH MATTER”

      ~Yes,, that will “Make America Great Again” ~

      For us,~ “The Work Goes On, The Cause Endures, The Hope Still Lives, & the Dream Shall Never Die>” ~

      ~”The TEST Of Our Progress, Is NOT Whether We Add to The Abundance, Of Those Whom Have Much, It is Whether We Provide ENOUGH, for Those Whom Have Too Little.” ~

      Although it has been many years since Sen. Edward Kennedy (D) (Mass) and FDR spoke those words, today they ring truer still.
      May we never forget or confuse their meaning.

      1. @ Captainmidnight, You are allowed to have your opinion but it sure goes against the grain of the Republic we live in. I had never heard anyone praise FDR that much but I have seen pictures of the lines of people waiting to get into the soup kitchens. After he left office they changed the law so a President could only serve two terms, must have been a reason. Anyway, enjoy your Kool aid and we conservatives will try to protect our country from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

          1. Rightwingtip echos ! Can any of you THINK for yourselves, or just swallow the drivel wholesale?
            NONE of you have ever missed a check in your lives, ever had to make do, with what you have, or do without.

            When the next crash comes, caused by the very people you champion, will they do anything for YOU?

            Be careful what you wish for: “For Whom The Bell Tolls”

            IT TOLLS FOR THEE.

        1. @Bill I suppose you will pontificate from the far right revisionist theory.
          For YOUR edification, you need a serious reality check.
          HOOVER sat on his hands with both thumbs up his ass and let the Country go to pot.
          My dad quit the Cleveland Ohio PD in Sept 1929, before the big crash a month later.
          Glad he did, first teachers then fireman, then flunkie patrolman were let go.
          The city went bankrupt, Hoover did nothing to help ~

          ‘A Chicken In Every Pot, A Car In Every Garage” ` yeah, ole HERB, sure knew how to get the suckers, to vote for him.
          We all know how THAT turned out.

          BTW ~ thanks for the “young man” ~ after 50 yrs in the Democratic Party, and an elected official myself, I was told @ party HQ they expected another 50yrs from me.

          Your rightwingnuts should flush RUSH, don’t you know the drivel from he and his ilk will rot your brains?

          IF, you guys represent GHWB41’s ” A THOUSAND POINTS OF LIGHT” ~ there must be some real dim bulbs in it.

      2. @midnight, Bla, bla, bla. I hate corporations. Bla, bla, bla. Wasn’t FDR the guy that got us into war in Europe, where 11 million men and women were drafted and sent where they did not want to go, and 300,000 of them never came back.
        2% was strictly for the middle class. Reduction in the corporate tax was a reduction of a business cost that gets passed on to the consumer price.
        How do you figure that Article II of the Constitution is being violated.
        Eddy Kennedy really took good care of that girl at Chappaquidik.
        Oh, and finally, captain of what?

        1. @Wild Bill ~ does that tinfoil hat cause you to pick up “Sing along with Mitch” ?
          FYI ~ FDR & Churchill saved the world from the the far right nationalist/facist that declared a “NEW ORDER”
          I suggest YOU read the Constitution, perhaps have a Constitutional Law professor explain the meaning under Article II
          Stay tuned to the unfolding that will happen as soon as the new Congress is seated in January.

          DER Donald, owns outright, or appears to have controlling interest in, 500 entities, operating in 27 countries, that we have identified so far. HOW DOES THAT “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”?

          If you never heard of CaptMidnight, look it up in your FUNK & WAGNEL’S

    2. The democrats feed on emotion so they have to keep it stirred up. Outrage, fear, whatever it takes, directed toward those evil republicans which refuse to share all the hard earned money they have with the slackers sitting in moms basement playing video games. It’s one of the rules for radicals outlined by Saul Alinsky. They won’t be satisfied until the USA is transformed from the richest most powerful nation in the history of the planet into another third world hellhole. Of course the elites will not be subjected to the crap the rest of the nation is exposed to. Check out the elites in N Korea compared to the general population.

    3. It is very simple, they would rather sit at home watching soap operas and game shows than working. The problem is that the economy is too good and jobs are available so they have to work because their welfare has dried up and that really isn’t fair. After all, they think the freebee train should last till retirement then other free programs should kick in. It is ridiculous but most were raised here in the good old U.S.A. and many were on the dole since birth.

    4. Telling the truth about true goals are simply not the Dems’ and the left’s forte. Otherwise, they would turn off a large swatch of the electorate. As a long time observer of the left, as it operates in American politics, I cannot draw any other conclusion than the deliberate wrecking of the economy, in order to gain political mastery, is their objective.

    5. We need to build a stronger third party to put these people in their place. Remove the victim less crimes from the books. Release and train these prisoners to combat the need for more immigration. Legalize prostitution. Marijuana, and other daily activities that are still causing courts and police to dominate. Take down the cartels and the politicians who support them. Disband the UN and Federal Reserve World Banking. Bring globalization back to the host countries and defend the constitution and personal liberties it ensures.

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