The Left’s Linguistic War


USA – -( One of the key lessons of the 2018 elections is that the Left is waging – and winning – a linguistic war. The Left claims and occupies more and more linguistic ground with each new fight.

  • Defense of the Founding Fathers becomes defense of white, racist, slaveowners.
  • Defense of American identity becomes an act of white male domination.

Racism is so commonly used by left-wing news media and politicians to describe conservative positions that one poll shows that 61 percent of Democrats believe Republicans are racist/bigoted/sexist (a study of CNN’s and MSNBC’s use of the word racist to describe conservative and Republican positions would be breathtaking).

Wanting to obey the law in counting votes becomes an effort to suppress votes and disenfranchise poor people, minorities, and immigrants.

The presumption of Democrats winning is so great that Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown said, “[I]f Stacey Abrams doesn't win in Georgia, they stole it, it's clear.”

Every day, we are watching Democrats break and stretch the law for the sole purpose of winning, while they attack Republicans for wanting an honest count of legal voters.

Democrats and their liberal media allies know that if they repeat something often enough it begins to be accepted as truth.

However, the Left’s interest in winning the language war is only the first step toward legitimizing real threats and mob behavior.

Once they win the language fight, they can claim moral superiority. Once they have gained moral dominance, they can do anything to their opponents because they will be presumed right, and their opponents will be presumed wrong.

This is how Tucker Carlson’s wife found herself home alone, facing a mob that was pounding at her door so hard they cracked it.

The most recent example of the left-wing fascist threats and their impact comes from Seattle, where an independent candidate has been intimidated into withdrawing from a city council race by left-wing thugs.

As the former candidate, Christopher Rufo, wrote to his supporters:

“I had hoped that this would be a campaign of ideas, but I quickly discovered that there are some activists in this city who have no interest in ideas. Since the campaign launch, they have harassed and threatened my family nonstop. I was prepared to take the heat, but unfortunately, they have focused their hatred on my wife and children. They’ve made vile racist attacks against my wife, attempted to get her fired from her job, and threatened sexual violence. They even posted hateful messages to my 8-year-old son’s school message board. I know that as the race progresses, they will ratchet up their hate-machine and these attacks will intensify significantly…

“I know in my heart that our cause is just and our ideas would make Seattle a better place. But my primary responsibility is to make sure my family is healthy, happy, and safe. That’s not possible in our current political climate, which has been overtaken by polarization and the ever-present threat of violence.

“I’ve learned that our problem here in Seattle is much deeper than the city council’s policies—we have created a culture of intolerance that is deeply destructive to the common good.”

We are entering a dark period where freedom of speech becomes intimidation by the Left, where freedom of association becomes mobs threatening violence, where the very meanings of words are twisted to browbeat conservatives into silence.

The efforts to steal the governorships of Georgia and Florida and the Senate seat in Florida are only the tip of the iceberg of illegality and hostility that the Left now practices routinely.

Conservatives must develop new strategies, approaches, and skills to defeat the linguistic war of condemnation, hatred, and intimidation being waged every day by the Left.

This is a new era with new requirements. The skills and strategies of the past will simply fail.

Developing the conservative solution to the Left’s linguistic war is a major step toward winning in 2020 – and preserving our society.

Your Friend,

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Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich

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  • 42 thoughts on “The Left’s Linguistic War

    1. This will get worse before it gets better. The liberal left sends their radical thugs to do the dirty work. They have the news media to defend them. The faint of heart and the weak willed ones on our side better get ready to grow some. We will have to start defending our homes and our rights while in the public sector. To give in is to lose. We have too much at stake to give up. Th he left will continue to fight dirty and cheat.

    2. Dear “Head the Call” You commented that if one is a victim of a home invasion, they defend themselves, and kill the intruder, then the homeowner will be held responsible. This statement is not correct. I have family and friends in the UK, I have visited the UK often. They do not look over their shoulder in fear of a home invasion. In addition they have no need to own firearms for protection. From your comments, please cite your sources you have made. For example, home invasions and violent crimes. I found that according to the Skeptical Libertarian: “The definitions for “violent crime” are very different in the US and Britain, and the methodologies of the two statistics he cites are also different”.
      Thank You. The GWD

    3. Leftists are the domestic enemy that our founding fathers warned us of. They are racketeers, terrorists and cultic. The only thing we can do to secure and restore decency, peace, justice and liberty is to physically remove them all from our nation.

    4. I copied and pasted from the FBI’s website. Attention gun advocates: Suggest you go to trusted websites such as the CDC, FBI to obtain data. i don’t mean to be lecturing, but you need to do your research from appropriate sites. For those that make stuff up, there is no constructive argument 🙂

      Among some of the other statistics contained in Crime in the United States, 2015:
      The estimated number of murders in the nation was 15,696.
      During the year, there were an estimated 90,185 rapes. (This figure currently reflects UCR’s legacy definition. Learn more about the revised rape definition.)
      There were an estimated 327,374 robberies nationwide, which accounted for an estimated $390 million in losses (average dollar value of stolen property per reported robbery was $1,190). Firearms were used in 71.5 percent of the nation’s murders, 40.8 percent of robberies, and 24.2 percent of aggravated assaults.

      1. TGWD, now that’s amusing, a few hours after I tell you to go to the CDC and FBI websites, you report back stating that you did go there. You then tell us we should visit those sites, which is exactly what I told you to do and that that is where we get our data. You have just started on your journey of enlightenment. If you can understand what the data means, you will then understand our points. I wish you well in this journey.

      2. Have you researched how many times guns were used for self-defense? Have you examined the criteria for these statistics? Do they separate unlawful homicide form justified homicide, accident from suicide? Have you heard “figures can lie and liars can figure”? Do you believe that government agencies are free form self-service and political pressure? Do you believe adherence to a law means support of the law?

        1. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Mostly Yes.
          As we agreed upon when researching data, we seek to obtain data from a trust source. For example the CDC, and FBI. Here is data from the FBI as I shared earlier.
          Firearms were used in 71.5 percent of the nation’s murders

          1. CDC and FBI are dominate sources. Trusted is shaky. Find out what kind of deaths are included in that 71.5 per cent. Once I woke up in a pollical science class to hear the professor give a quote. It was something like this “Entities that are given power to provide services will strive to increase that power and decrease those services “. Sorry, did not wake in time to hear the source, but remember the professor. Notice how the FBI has changed from a small unit of unarmed G-Men to a very heavily armed force.

        2. TGWD, and yet you believe we should have additional restrictions on firearms when, even in the most restrictive states, such as California, people are still using firearms to kill, even in places that are “gun-free” zones. Your ideas on firearms restrictions, such as registration, does not and will not prevent criminal use of firearms. Registration and licensing does not and will not prevent a terrorist from using a rental truck to drive through a crowd of people, or like the first attack on the WTC and the OKC bombing, filling it with explosives.

          Yes, we all would like to “feel” safer, unfortunately your ideas only make us less safe by preventing us from legally carrying in most places, thereby making us easy targets, since that is what criminals seek – easy targets.

          One interesting stat comparing the UK to the USA is that the rate of home invasions is much higher in the UK due to the fact the criminals know that the home owners are defenseless and that it is illegal to harm an assailant – you will be prosecuted for assault if you defend yourself in the UK.

          We need to fight against proposals that do nothing, but make legal firearm ownership more costly, onerous, and legally perilous. Laws that do that seek to make people not want to exercise their RKBA by threat of law – that is unreasonable and unjust. Those laws are inequitable, since the poor do not have the resources to jump through all the hoops created by these laws.

          Another issue to note, Democrat politicians claimed that requiring one government-issued photo ID discriminated against blacks, but hypocritically, when they enacted a firearm law requiring a government-issued photo ID, they didn’t claim that discriminated against blacks. Politicians are not protecting us with these laws that infringe on our rights.

          1. TGWD, I get my facts on the UK from the UK news and their police crime stats. Amusingly, you attempt to cover their much higher violent crime rate by stating they count their stats differently. Yes, they do. It doesn’t count unless it is prosecuted, whereas in the USA, it is counted when the police take a crime report. Your third-party report based on “friends and family” is not a reliable source. And I never stated that people were afraid of home invasions. I stated they occur at a much higher rate in the UK. Twisting my words to attempt to prove your point only serves to make you appear ignorant and show you have no basis for your statements contrary to fact.

    5. My are we all angry before Thanksgiving! This is time to give thanks to this great nation for what we have. And the inflated numbers and mis information I read about on some of the post here! Please, whenever citing numbers and %, please cite your reference and try not to use data from organizations that are pro gun. I will do the same and not cite data from those left handed movie stars in Hollywood. Agreed? We (American citizens who, are your neighbors across this country) want a safer environment for our loved ones. American citizens do not want to take your guns and ammo away. They simply want to enact common sense regulations that have never been implemented. True, our great nation is set apart from others in that we have embraced the right to bear arms. However, it is not without responsibility. Have a blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

      1. TGWD, no inflated numbers. Go to the CDC website and the FBI uniform crimes stats. You claim our stats are from pro-gun sites, but that is just you being disingenuous, ignorant or just plain deceitful. You claim we are “angry”, but that too is a lie. No one here is angry, we are just tired of stupidity, lies and deceit on the part of those that want to strip us of our constitutionally guaranteed rights. If you want a real conversation or debate, you would start by being honest and factual.

        Please explain how safe California, Maryland, et al, has become with all of their firearm laws? Oddly, some of the worst violent crimes rates are found in your gloriously rights infringed states. Making felons of its citizens, ala NYS “SAFE” Act, isn’t making that state any safer, and that law created special classes of citizens, while infringing on everyone else’s rights. Furthermore, making firearm ownership more onerous and expensive disenfranchises the poor and minorities. If Democrats believed in equality, they would not pass laws that make it more difficult for the poor and minorities to own firearms for self-defense.

        Yes, it is wise to learn firearm safety, whether or not one owns a firearm, and learning to shoot well is important if one does own firearms. However, registration and all the rest of your non-sense does not make us safer. As what happened in the California bar, a bad person came to a “gun-free” zone and started shooting people. All those laws in California, a state with some of the most strict firearm laws did not prevent it. Laws criminalizing assault, shooting others, and murder, also did not prevent this. I doubt a “proper” storage law would have prevented that, either. You spout non-sense, and in the wrong venue, a pro-rights site, and you are surprised that your idiotic ideas are met with ridicule and derision? That isn’t anger, just plain fact. You have been treated far better than any one of us would be on one of your anti-rights sites.

      2. Well, I generally agree and wish you a good Thanksgiving. I was drafted for the Vietnam war. I do not have many good Thanksgivings. I know that common sense is like horse sense. It varies from horse to horse of course. Neither should be used for the formation of laws. There are American citizens that do want to change our rights to ungiven privileges. These are your rights too.

      3. Lincoln would have said Give thanks to God for all that we have. The founding fathers would have said that we, Americans, have embraced freedom. But they were great men.

    6. How come they yell pit black lives matter and then yell out white lives dont matter? You see how this is going? Madman Louis Farricon cals to raise up an army to wipe out all white people and politicians clammer to talk to him and give him support money.

    7. The USA was created y white, European Christian men! The leftist demon craps are anti white, anri male and hate Christianity! It was thw Republicans ho repealed slavery back the the 1860′ s, not the demon craps, and back in the 1960″s, southern Democrat passed the 1968 gun control act to stop Blacks from owning guns! The wanted to ‘control’ them back then, now like they want to control America now! We need term limits! Dont let these politicians tay inoffice 20,30 years.

    8. The old adage “fight fire with fire” is 100% applicable here. We have to utilize the same language techniques when battling liberal socialists. It can be done relatively profane free, but we have to start using the labeling techniques that they use.

      If we don’t, they will eventually insist on learning the lesson the same way as the British did in the 1700’s…

    9. Liberal \Lib”er*al\ (l[i^]b”[~e]r*al), a. [F. lib[‘e]ral, L.
      liberalis, from liber free; perh. akin to libet, lubet, it
      pleases, E. lief. Cf. {Deliver}.]
      1. Free by birth; hence, .*befitting a freeman* or gentleman;
      refined; noble; independent; free; not servile or mean;

      1. Liberal = Those who are blind to a take over by those who want want to destroy the rule of law and Common Sense; thinking that change will be better; when in fact it would not be productive in any Form whatsoever; Hence the Destruction of a Nation with nothing to guide it!

    10. Too late for talk we realize that this election cycle here in Florida it’s stand and deliver or sit on the couch ,,your choice

    11. If the effects of the devil’s vomit has worn off from last night, lets settle down and work together towards a solution to deaths caused by weapons. Weapons not being properly secured, irresponsible gun owners, lack of registrations, etc. The list is quite extensive and comparing to other developed countries we are at the top of the bottom.

      1. Your “quite extensive list” is what exactly?
        Look to the FBI database, not the biased and obfuscating socialist media, to see the causes death in this country.
        One of the most serious cause of death is automobile accidents, 30,000 per year (900 per day!!!!) Gun related deaths, including suicides, are 1/3 of that, the same for falls (i.e. ladders, steps). And of course three times as many folks die from medical miscues.
        I continue to put many miles on my car, I continue to use ladders to paint my house, I go to bed every night upstairs, and I not only have regular doctor’s visits, I have had several needed operations to maintain life, and will in the future.
        And I will keep my guns – I will hunt with the the rifle of my choice, I will protect my home with the gun of my choice, and I will defend myself and family outside the home if necessary. As a law-abiding citizen, I will follow all laws, even when I don’t agree with them. Certainly I am no threat to anyone not threatening me. Certainly a government that finds it necessary to either take my guns or otherwise restrict my legal ownership, you know, like the Constitution so eloquently states, is enabling criminals and their activities to grow. There are many many ‘gun laws’ that in fact restrict only we law-abiding citizens. CRIMINALS WANT MORE OF THESE LAWS!! When you gun grabbers succeed I will be defenseless and the CRIMINALS will still disregard the law, because, you know, that is what they do. How do you gun-grabbers address that?? Once you gun grabbers have taken all access to all guns from the law-abiding population in the name of “safety”, then what? Inevitably, you would need a larger and larger police force to “protect” us from the people who still retain guns, you know, the CRIMINALS, since law-abiding citizens no longer can protect themselves. Taxes would go way up, authority would further centralize…..
        Wait, that is the definition of YOUR “other developed countries!!!”.

      2. What does devils vomit mean to you? What countries are more developed then ours? Do weapons cause deaths? Weapons are often used to cause death. There are no countries more developed than ours. It is doubtful that the devil vomits. It is the mind of a human that directs the operations of tools for weapons. The humans that cause or desires wanton destruction, injury, and death need to be registered and secured.

        You could start by locking up all your throwable hard and sharp objects. Then tell all that you have them and where they are located.

      3. 65% of shooting deaths in the US are suicides. The violent crime rates has been declining and still is for 30 years, the suicide rate goes up every year. The leftist media lies about crime in America. At the same time the crime rate has been falling gun ownership has been increasing. More people are killed by drunk drivers and medical malpractice than are murdered. More people are murdered with knives than guns. More people are murdered with hammers and other blunt instruments than guns. Yet you are not calling for banning cars, doctors, knives or hammers. More people are punched and kicked to death than shot. Should we cut off peoples hands and feet? The United States is not even in the top 10 nations with mass shootings. France had more people killed in 1 year than the US in 8. The UK has twice the violent crime rate of the US with far less guns. 96% of the US does not have a shooting problem. 4% of the most populated cities,. with the most strict gun laws do. 98% of mass shootings happen in places where guns have been banned. You cannot legislate away evil. Chicago is deathtrap because the wrong people are armed, the criminals not the law abiding. And the police wont do whats necessary to put a stop to gang violence.

        The 2nd Amendment is in the Constitution to protect we the people from people like you who would disarm us so we are enslaved by government and helpless against criminals who do not obey gun laws.

      4. “”Shall not be infringed “” think about that for minute green dog -“””A well regulated militia””” do you think they just came up with these sayings just for the hell of it ?????”””Against all enemies foreign and domestic “”””that means my neighbors,,the communists ,,Don’t you see they could see into the future. /They weren’t the Village Idiots like the commie Democratic Congress today -they knew idiots in the future would be against the constitution,Imagine there

    12. This is why they use the words weapons of war…….they know that if they can get people to buy into these guns as being too dangerous they can have a leg up in banning them……knowing that bolt action rifles and pump action shotguns are current weapons of war…that lever action rifles and revolvers we’re past weapons of war… some future point they may evan call lever action rifles and revolvers weapons of Native American geniocide…….as for the AR-15? They are now calling for banning all semi automatic weapons as weapons of war, and they know if they can ban the AR-15, then there is no way to resist banning all other semi auto weapons since they all operate in the same way….the AR-15 is their golden ticket….their key to calling for the ban on all semi auto weapons….including revolvers. If they can ban semi autos? The concealed carry movement is dead in the water….the only gun you might be able to legally carry would be derringers, since they are not semi auto waeapons…..think on that.

      1. “This is why they use the words weapons of war”

        Exactly the kind of weapon the founding fathers wanted us to have.!

    13. The root of the problem is Roosevelt’s hijacking of the word “Liberalism” to label his fascist policies that we live with today.

      There’s a reason that the term Classical Liberalism exists. Why should we accept that Liberalism as it should be is relegated to the dustbin of history?

      1. jappy, I have been stating a similar point for many years about the Democrat’s definition of “liberalism”. And I use that against them in our fight for our rights. If they believe in “liberal” ideas and policies, why do they get so upset when firearm laws are liberalized? One would believe that if Democrats are in favor of liberal values that they would want more freedom, not more government regulation and control. If they truly believed in equality, they wouldn’t enact laws that create special classes of citizens (the requirement of a permit/license to “allow” one to exercise a right guaranteed by our constitution), and laws that inequitably make firearm ownership more difficult and costly, disenfranchising minorities and the poor from a guaranteed right. They would be in favor of Constitutional carry and making firearm ownership for minorities and the poor easier. Maybe, even, like federal income tax law where the poor get an earned income credit, money sometimes in excess of what they paid federally, having the federal government provide firearms to the poor. Now that would be egalitarian, providing for those that can’t afford firearms, the ability to protect themselves and their families.

      2. FDR got the 1934 gun control act passed. Oh, this will stop the boot leggers and booze gangs. Yeah,right. That was the excuse to start down the slippery gun banning sloop. Then he banned the ownership of gold, and to turn over all their gold to the federal government, saying this will stop the depression. And people were stupid enough back then to believe these government lies. Hilter said the same things….gold and guns were enemies of the state nd the common people weren’t to own them! Hitler sent German spies and saboteurs to the USA, but the government was more interested n bank robbers and shooting them on sight, no rights, no trial. no lawyer’s.

    14. Sen. Sherrod Brown pulls one of the democRATS histori moves. That is : Commit a crime. (Like the attempted robbery in Fla.) Loudly point at it. (accuse he other side of stealing the election from a loud Socialist) Then blame the other side for the crime you committed !
      This has been the democRAT mantra for years ! And Sen. Brown is hangin’ right in there !

    15. Gun control groups rebranded themselves as “gun safety.” We in the 2A community know actual gun safety is 4 points of safe handling, but anti-gun activists must assert themselves to an unwitting public as the morally superior ones in order to destroy the rights of said group they don’t like.

      Like in previous years anti-gay activist groups didn’t brand themselves as such. instead they called themselves “pro-family” or “family values” groups. Their real intent was to eliminate the rights of gays. Society now sees through the deceptive language. Now the 2A community must come out per se and educate the public.

      Like gays used to be considered scary people in big cities, now Americans realize it’s siblings, cousins, neighbors, co-workers they we’ve known all along then the phobia breaks down and dies. 2A activists must take that same lesson. WE AREN’T THE SCARY ONES!

      Deceptive language is destroyed by education and familiarity.

    16. Gun control groups rebranded themselves as “gun safety.” We in the 2A community know actual gun safety is 4 points of safe handling, but anti-gun activists must assert themselves to an unwitting public as the morally superior ones in order to destroy the rights of said group they don’t like.

      Like in previous years anti-gay activist groups didn’t brand themselves as such. instead they called themselves “pro-family” or “family values” groups. Their real intent was to eliminate the rights of gays. Society now sees through the deceptive language. Now the 2A community must come out per se and educate the public.

      Like gays used to be considered scary people in big cities, now Americans realize it’s siblings, cousins, neighbors, co-workers they we’ve known all along then the phobia breaks down and dies. 2A activists must take that same lesson. WE AREN’T THE SCARY ONES!

      Deceptive language is destroyed by education and familiarity.

      Deceptive language is destroyed by education.

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