The Illegal Immigrant Invader War on the American Border ~ VIDEO


USA – -( The struggle along America’s southern border is a war.

It is largely a psychological war. Foreigners are taunting the American government and trying to get the news media to focus on American law enforcement rather than the people trying to break into our country.

This struggle is historic. It is the tip of a wave of law breaking foreigners, who would love to move into the United States and dictate to law abiding Americans the terms under which the law breakers will be accepted, supported, and subsidized.

Ultimately, this war is a function of will power and cleverness. The foreign invaders have a huge advantage. Most of the American news media and the American Left is on their side.

The news media does not want to explore the aggressiveness – and in some cases criminality – of those seeking to come into the United States. Nor do news outlets want to report on the total number of people who will illegally enter the United States over the next few years if the American border control system collapses.

The news media does not want to examine how many billions of dollars the Mexican cartels have made from human trafficking and assisting people to break American laws. Nor does it want to widely report stories about law-abiding Americans who are killed or harmed by people who are in the country illegally – such as the story of the 28-year-old 6th grade school teacher in Texas who was killed in a hit-and-run on Thanksgiving Day by an illegal immigrant who was on bond from an assault charge.

For the last several decades, the Left has tried to change the terms of the entire debate. The Left hates the term illegal immigrant. They prefer the softer (and less accurate) term undocumented worker. After all illegal immigrant implies that the person is doing something illegal. On the Left, that is an unthinkably negative description.

On the Left, everyone becomes a refugee seeking asylum. It doesn't matter if they come from middle-class families and live in safe towns. On the Left, they are transmuted into frightened, endangered people who should receive sympathy without scrutiny.

There is an entire network of left-wing organizations dedicated to recruiting and helping people break American immigration laws.

Additionally, there are very smart left-wing activists who fully understand how to manipulate the American news media.

Many of the illegal migrants are taught to memorize key phrases, so they will meet technical requirements the Border Patrol has to follow – even if the migrants are lying.

The American people love children and value families. This leads to the creation of rules which assume that any male with a young child must be the father. Yet, as the Secretary of Homeland Security has pointed out, “[I]n the last five months, we have a 314 percent increase in adults and children arriving at the border fraudulently, claiming to be a family unit.” Many of the adult male-and-child groups crossing the border are not family. In a number of cases, the child is being trafficked and brought to the United States to be sold into slavery or forced into prostitution. The Left’s own emotional commitment to blaming the American government and siding with foreigners makes it impossible for them to deal with the reality of child exploitation by traffickers who are simply lying to the border authorities.

Further, the news media’s bias makes it virtually impossible for reporters to thoroughly investigate the role of human trafficking, slavery, and prostitution in funding and incentivizing the illegal flow of humans into the United States.

As you watch the struggle along the border remember two things:

First, this is an ongoing evolutionary conflict. Every day is a snapshot. You can’t look at it in isolation. Everyone is learning from everyone else. The leftist advisers are studying the Trump Administration and advising the would-be illegal immigrants what their next steps should be. The government is watching the illegal immigrants and is modifying tactics to try to keep smothering their efforts, keep them off balance, and block them from getting into the United States. The news media is constantly looking for new ways to embarrass the American government and put the illegal immigrants in the best possible light to build sympathy for them.

Second, there is a huge worldwide audience watching. Every estimate of foreigners who would like to move to the United States runs into the tens of millions – and many estimates run well over 100 million. All these people are watching and assessing their own chances of breaking the law and sneaking into the United States. If the American government succeeds in closing down the caravan and blocking it from entering the United States, then these would-be immigrants may conclude they have to wait and follow the legal rules for coming to America.

The future is going to be very different depending on who wins the current war on our southern border.

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Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

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  • 14 thoughts on “The Illegal Immigrant Invader War on the American Border ~ VIDEO

    1. We are being invaded on two fronts.
      South, by people from over 140 countries. Ignorant, diseased and looking for a free ride on American welfare.
      North, from Canadian dopers that found North East America has very high welfare benefits, including free housing.

      Americans can stop all this. Unlike any other people on Earth, the American people have a Constitutional Right & Duty to protect themselves, their city, state & country.
      Unfortunately, Americans are cowardly and lazy. Too busy tapping on the phones they are addicted to and too busy watching basketball to worry about America becoming a third world socialist crap hole. You cowards will leave an ignorant, diseased, crime-ridden, socialist United States to your children unless you organize and act. The Founding Fathers gave you that Right. Squander it at your own peril.

    2. Mexicans should invite them to stay in their houses, that would be a notable thing to do. Oh that’s right, I forgot. the caravan has already pilfered their way all the way through Mexico and the Mexicans are smart enough to know they would, probably, do it to them or give them a bad disease. Only one thing to do, send them to the U.S. so we can deal with them, OR, send them the hell back to where they came from.

    3. Author: hippybiker
      Mexico sucks! .” FUCK Mexico!

      Don’t forget that dribblie excuse for a leader (Trudeau) on our northern border. Canadians are fine people,their ‘leader is a little ‘weasel’ . (actually a big one)

      1. First you have to use tear gas. Then sound weapons. Then the microwave that makes them feel a burning sensation but does no harm. Then the “Voice of God Weapon”. Then rubber bullets. And if they haven’t gotten the memo by then, and they continue to throw rocks or get nasty in other ways, then everything else can and will be on the table. But whatever they do, don’t harm any of the women and children because, even if by accident, “they” will never let you forget it.

        1. @LP314, There is an ADS (non lethal Active Denial System) that the Army is playing around with, now too. I don’t know if they are getting it to work or not.

    4. Mexico sucks! So eyea4s ago, my younger brother and two of his friends were dirt bike riding in Baja. One guy went down crosier g a road. He was hit and run by a car load of Mexicans! He died in my brothers arms.
      Then the real Shit started. T(e guy was a flight nurse and an orga; donor. His company sent a plane to ge5 his body. T(e trouble was. The Mexican government wouldn’t release his body. The6 had to hire a lawyer and pay a $5.000 bribe to get it released. By tha5 time the organs had deteriorated. T(e lawyer had to hustle my brother and the guys wife across the border a5 Mex8cali.
      I have two words to say…” FUCK Mexico!

    5. The walls work in other countries, including Southern Mexico, but as long as liberals here have a voice, we will have opposition to one here. Liberals – fools, liars and traitors.

      1. @JPM, It would be easy to silence the litard voices. They all live in the cities. Cities depend on water systems. It would be easy to quietly poison the city water sources. Revolution over.

    6. Just because many of the illegal migrants are criminals, have Tuberculosis and other communicable diseases, will get free medical care, will become welfare recipients at taxpayer expense and vote for democrats, what’s the prob?

    7. I’m not exactly sure why anyone believes they have the unlimited right to enter our country, legally or illegally. Try entering any other country without a legal visa or passport. Only the European Union countries have completely open borders between member countries and see where that has got them.
      I don’t understand why any refugee believes they have the right to asylum in our country. That is, or should be, a privilege which we are free to grant or refuse. Laws on the books about immigration or asylum should be repealed and replaced with NO.
      Look at it this way. Our country is our home. Our house is our home. If we choose to invite a guest that is our choice not that of the guest. With no border control that is like leaving the door to your home open to anyone who wants to enter, go to your refrigerator and eat what they want, sleep in your bed if they want, take or use your property if they want. With that kind of thing happening your frig will soon be empty, your bed will have no room for you, and you will have nothing left to call your own. No one has any right to be in the US but American citizens or a person we have deliberately chosen to let in. We should pack up the Statue of Liberty and send it back to France, or maybe to Mexico and see if they want to open their borders to any and all comers.

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