Why Do You “Need” an AR-15 Rifle Anyway?

Opinion by Michael Stripling

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Why Do You “Need” an AR-15 Rifle Anyway?

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Why does anyone need an AR-15? This question came to me, for the second time in recent history, while I was teaching a concealed carry firearms course at a private range surrounded by woods in Central Florida.

To be honest, even though I had heard this question recently, I still stumbled over my answer. I hesitated slightly and half heartily blurted out something about home defense, but why was this question so hard for me to answer? I mean, the first time I was asked, I have to admit I got a little defensive, and it was my own mother who had asked me. I had fumbled my words, became quite frustrated and told her “I would go find my copy of the Constitution for her to read”.

I later realized that I owed my mother an apology, she had genuinely meant no harm, she was merely ignorant of the subject, and asked in curiosity. It was myself I should have been upset with because, in times like these where our guns and rights are always under attack, I just was not prepared with an intelligent response.

You see, I'm a “gun guy.” I'm a proud NRA member, a firearms instructor, a chief range safety officer, and a veteran. I'm registered to vote Republican, and I have been collecting guns since I was a kid. So how is such a little, simple question presenting me with so much frustration? Well after some careful thought, I realized what the problem was. It was the question; it was not so little or straightforward after all. The question itself is misleading, often unbeknown to the asker.

Why do I have to find a reason to justify my need for it?

The truth is my need doesn’t matter. It might be property defense, it might be hunting or competition, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t NEED to NEED it. I have the RIGHT to WANT it. Why does the average American household need 3 TV's? Why does my wife need 15 pairs of boots? Why do people need to put rims on their vehicles, or what is the need for a microwave oven? Wouldn't the cars still drive with factory tires? Don’t most kitchens have conventional ovens? So why does anyone need any of these things? The answer to all of these questions is the same! It's because I WANT them and it's my RIGHT as an American!

You see, we have this thing called a Constitution, the American Heritage Dictionary defines Constitution as “The system of fundamental laws and principles that prescribes the nature, functions, and limits of a government or another institution. The supreme law of the United States, consisting of the document ratified by the original 13 states and Amendments.”

The question in itself leaves the tart taste of communism in one's mouth. The fact is, the Second Amendment protects us, the law-abiding American citizen, and it protects the other Amendments of the Constitution, and it is now under blatant attack.

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The left tells us they just want to ban the “dangerous assault rifles,” high capacity magazines, and bump stocks, but that is just the beginning. They only say this to win over those, who wander on the middle ground. What comes next are “permanent protective orders” like the House Bill 2060 that’s making its way to the Pennsylvania state Senate right now. Which would require certain individuals to relinquish all firearms and ammunition within 24 hours. You can be sure it won't stop there, if the Liberals get their dirty claws in the American people, they will undoubtedly pull us in for the kill, sinking their infecting teeth in the whole Constitution, shredding and destroying all of our freedoms and liberties.

This is it folks, this is a Civil War and we must fight, not yet with violence, but with our voices and our votes. We must resist in any way possible before it's too late. I urge you to call, or write your Senators, remind your friends to register and to vote. Let the snowflake Liberals know that, “we will not stand for our freedoms to be stripped away.” The time is now upon us, our Constitution was written to protect the people of this great nation, and it is under attack. “We the People” must return the favor and protect the Constitution.

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    1. Revelator: It appears that you might have misinterpreted a couple of my comments in my recent post. Here I will attempt to make them clearer.

      Where I wrote ‘just as it should be’ was intended to make the point that, regardless of any law, students cannot be stopped from praying in their hearts and minds. And, no, there should be no requirements for or against anyone’s method of praying, be it silently or aloud, and no requirements for others to join in if they are opposed. If you think I support laws against prayer in schools or anywhere else, you certainly have the wrong impression. However, I do support laws against mandatory participation in religious or anti-religious practices or teachings.

      Contrary to your opinion, I do understand what constitutes Rights and Freedoms and I imagine my grasp of the subject matter is every bit as firm as yours.

      1. @ExGob

        There was no misinterpretation. Having compared your responses from the last few days to the first response of yours that I saw made back on the 11th, there was a very dramatic change. You attacked someone who voiced their opinion because you took exception to their comment. When another individual stepped up and criticized you for it, you lashed out at them as well. Whether you choose to admit or not, all three of you were right about various points you were making. Now allow me to make clear why I have questioned your grasp on Rights and Freedom.

        First of all, you use the phrase “There should be” as a qualifier. The problem with that is that by saying there should be no restrictions against praying in public, you acknowledge that at times there are. Before, when you said just as it should be, you were talking about praying silently, not spoken, first to Bill and then to Macofjack. That was not just once, you doubled down on it again. I am now going to point out something else which contributes evidence. These are your words “I do support laws against mandatory participation in religious or anti-religious practices or teachings.”

        Here is direct quotation from the First Amendment. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” Not only is it in the First Amendment, it is also the very first clause. You have stated you support for laws restricting mandatory participation. The problem with this is that is already covered by the First Amendment on the Government level. To support any other laws ventures into the realm of interfering with free exercise. If you truly understand rights and freedoms, then knowing the restrictions against lawmakers on any level of Government as enshrined in the Bill of Rights should be first and foremost. Don’t advocate for practices which violate those restrictions just because you happen to agree with them at the time. If you want to tell others you understand Rights and Freedoms, then don’t just try to justify YOUR OPINIONS while trying to dismiss those people saying “Contrary to your opinion”. I have news for you, your opinion does not constitute fact, no matter what you believe yourself.

        This is why I called you out for hypocrisy, not because of what I think of you, but because of what your actions are. Acta non Verba, actions not words, this was where you failed the test. Now, if you want to bicker and fight over it, so be it. If you actually want to practice what you preach then we can have an honest back and forth dialog if you feel like dropping the condescension from your comments. I’m even willing to let you start first if you would like to provide some examples of where there has been mandatory enforcement of religious belief. I’ll let you decide.

          1. @Michael McAllister

            Let me ask you a question in response. Do you think that by acting condescending and name calling that ExGob or Macofjack are going to change either of their minds or be open to contemplating ideas that perhaps neither had considered? Perhaps if you look at what started the issue, you’d notice that MacofJack did the exact same thing to ExGob that ExGob did to Bill. So what we have now are two people trying to argue their opinions instead of facts, and each one wants to puff up their chest and show that they can urinate higher up the tree trunk than the other.

            This is the situation I refer to. Had you taken the time to read all the relevant comments perhaps you would have picked up on that instead of being quick to judge me because you decided to choose a side and jump on the bandwagon of “Hey lets shout somebody down and show how inferior they are!” Do you honestly believe that makes you or anyone else look remotely intelligent?

    2. Communist leaning judges, commiedemocrats all know that the way to make subjects out of citizens is to disarm them. I dread the day that is obviously coming when we will have to vote with a rifle instead of a pen. About 50 years ago some left leaning judges and democrats took GOD out of schools. No more praying for fear of offending some dumb a##. You wind up with both ordinary people and the “leadership” having no law higher than their own, They don’t even acknowledge the LORD so they don’t have to be accountable to HIM. Calling themselves wise they became fools. If history truly repeats its’ self, the U.S.A. is in for some harsh judgments. The people in office are supposed to be there DEFENDING our freedoms–not taking them away. The war for independence started when the British marched on Concord to disarm the public. Any questions?

      1. Bill, your rant deserves replies and here’s mine. I’m going to do it all in one paragraph, as you did. Your statement that God was taken out of schools is in error. What was taken out were the requirements for mandatory participation of students in religious activities and teachings. Students were and still are, at liberty to believe as they please, when and where they please and to pray in silence anytime they desire, just as it should be. After all, if there is a God, He or She will hear them. You intimate that anyone who is not a God believer is a “dumbass” who will never be anything more than “ordinary” because he/she doesn’t acknowledge a Lord to report to. Evidently you profess to be a christian believer and you have every right to do so. And you have every right to believe that everyone who doesn’t see things as you do is a dumbass. However, what we think and/or believe does not automatically make it gospel (pardon the pun). Since you believe in defending freedoms, aren’t religious freedoms, pro and con, included in those freedoms? By the way, the word “itself” is all one word without an apostrophe.

        1. @ExGob You better what the news more (and not the fake news). Students are NOT allowed to pray anytime in silence (unless you mean just in there mind, which is NOT the same). You seem to be one that does NOT believe in God in any form, so you have no idea what it is to pray.
          WISE UP or shut up.

          1. You don’t know applebutter from bull shit. Anyone can pray in silence anytime and anywhere they please without repercussions in our country. What do you think ‘in silence’ means other than in mind? How could you police what goes on in anyone’s mind? There is nothing illegal about what a person thinks. No one knows what another thinks and it damn sure can’t be proven. Even if a person bows their head, closes their eyes, and folds their hands to pray silently, there’s nothing that anyone can legally do about it; in school or anywhere else.

            Whether I believe in a god is another of the precious freedoms we enjoy in the USA. So, like yours, my preference is my business.

            You started your response with ‘you better what the news more’ so I assume that you meant ‘watch’ the news more. You also state ‘just in there mind’. Correctly it would be ‘in their minds’. It appears that you are the one who needs to wise up and shut up!

            1. @ExGob I can smell you BS from 10 miles away. Since you got the point you just prove you are a spelling NAZI. Good luck trying to have a life, because you sure don’t have one now!

            2. @ExGOB

              I have a question for you, but would first like to quote you directly.

              “Students were and still are, at liberty to believe as they please, when and where they please and to pray in silence anytime they desire, just as it should be.”

              Those are your own words.. Just as it should be.. Tell me, if we have freedom of speech in the same amendment as freedom of religious choice, then why does it have to be silent? Why would anyone be able to do anything to anyone with the law if they pray out loud since you seem to think that silent prayer exempts them from legal repercussions?

              I will quote you again.

              “However, what we think and/or believe does not automatically make it gospel”

              That statement was quite correct, but your attitude and personal attacks show you don’t actually live by that sentiment. You were very quick to step up and try to put someone else in their place while questioning their understanding of what constitutes Freedom and Rights, but you failed to understand them yourself. You just did the exact same thing you accused Bill of doing. I hope you will go back and re-read over your own words and think about that.

            3. @ExGOB

              I would also like to add, I did see your comment from November 11th, so I do know you should know better than how you responded here between Bill and Macofjack.

        2. @ExGob, Your statement that “… what was taken out were the requirements for mandatory participation of students in religious activities and teachings.” is quite wrong. Maybe, you should read Everson v. Bd or Ed. and McCollum v. Bd. of Ed. to find out what was really taken.

          1. Wild Bill, I can only tell you that when I was in the second grade of grammar school in 1946, a lady Bible teacher came to our class one day each month and we were required to remain in attendance during her presentation. Years later, in the early ’70’s, I had to sign a document for my son to be dismissed from class during religious presentations. Neither his Mother nor I dictated this to him; the choice was solely his. Maybe I don’t know the law, but, at the time, my perspective was that, without a document, signed by the child’s parent or guardian, attendance was mandatory.

      2. No question , just a response. I couldn’t care less how one gets their point across . you managed to do just that Bill. We are not all equally articulate , we do however , want our constitutional rights upheld. Thank you.

      3. The left has never understood the meaning of liberty. Freedom of speech is your right to be silent !!!?
        Your freedom lies in your ability not to listen, to walk away, not to silence someone else.
        The left pushes the collective, but cheer one athieist, forcing thousands who enjoy a cross in a public cemetery, remove that cross.
        You have the freedom to leave others alone, exercise it.

    3. The way things are playing out with Dems stealing elections then using their usurped offices to attempt to void the Bills of Rights leads me to believe I could use another AR platform rifle in larger caliber than 5.56mm. Something that would reach out with authority & a good optical sight. From a place you did not see and a sound you did not hear.

    4. Its becoming more and more of a need with congressmen and women threatening to kill us, send the police at our door as a legal way of a death squad (im pro police btw, but they are used to enforce lm laws) and and a Californian congressman wanting to nuke us.
      Congress and governors have become the proverbial red coats of England and we as a country have 100% let them enslave us

    5. Well, you kind of glossed over the fact that the Army and Marines adopted the platform during Vietnam and was designated a AR15 by the Army and the Marine Corps recieved it and it was designated the M16. Before that, we in the Marine Corps were issued the Springfield , M-14 in 7.62mm or the .308. When you decide to tell the history of arms, don’t leave anything out. I could swear it is almost like reading “fake news”.

      1. Tom, the AR15 that was adopted by the military is not and was not the same firearm sold by Colt to the civilian population as the AR-15. Your post is a lie, or at the least disinformation, unfortunately for you, we here that are regular readers and posters are not the ignorant masses that would believe your disingenuous post. You need to post your lies elsewhere, if you want or expect a fawning audience.

      2. Not quite, Tom…

        It was an M-16 in the Army’s designation, too. The Armalite company caused some confusion by originally calling BOTH the full-auto rifle (supplied exclusively to the military) and the semi-auto rifle (supplied exclusively to the civilian market) an AR-15… but the Army’s official nomenclature became (just like the Marines) an M-16. I carried one in VietNam in ’69, although I took Basic (in ’68 at Ft Polk LA) with the old M-14… and loved that beast!

      3. Closest is the CAR 15 series by Colt, but the most successful was the Colt Commando type classified XM177E1 by the Army and GAU-5 by the Air Force.

        Don’t need one but given how close I live to Juarez and outbreaks of fighting by cartels, might sing different song next week.

        1. For a number of years Colt was the only maker of AR15s. They had many parts in common with the M16. Primarily the trigger and safety selector were the only different parts. When the military went to te 14,5″ barrel Colt made 16 inch barrels for the civilian US market.
          The ATF got all excited about newspaper stories about how easy it was to put an Allen wrench in the trigger convert it to full auto. ATF insisted on changes.
          So Colt made large pins so a mili spec trigger could not be installed and the slot for the trigger in the lower was milled narrower so the auto parts could not be fitted. The ATF position was that a a machinist and a milling machine was not “easily” converted.
          SAMII likes to call ARs Modern Sporting Rifles.. Sporting rifles are not protected by the Constitution. I prefer MSR, Militia Standard Rifle since that is protected by the Second Amendment.
          Constitutional protections are a challenge to the politicians, how far can they get away with “safety rules” before the courts say no or the people revolt.
          Scalia did not get HELLER exactly correct and the antis and MSM further misquote him.
          This is easier to understand.
          A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state? [Yes, therefore] “The right of te people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    6. Purely and simply, WE ARE AMERICANS, living in the greatest nation on Earth, The United States Of America! We are NOT restricted to owning only those things that we can prove we need. There is much more to existence than just getting by with only the few things that we absolutely need, such as water, food, shelter and sleep. There are no requirements for us to NEED things that we want, as long as they are legal to possess and we are legal to have them.

      If you’re anti gun, just don’t get one, but don’t try to build barriers for others. And bear in mind that anyone who would use a gun in the commission of a crime, doesn’t give a damn about anti gun laws.

    7. @GI – You don’t want a gun then don’t get one (as you said). As to the rest of your rant you are a total idiot.. Don’t need a semi-auto for home defense? Ask the person that gets a gang breading into the house.
      Maybe you should use you brain for more that an counter weight!

      1. Rosa Parks may not have needed to sit in the front of the bus. But, she deservered the right to sit anywhere she wanted on the bus. She should not have been restricted to the back of the bus.

    8. Most firearm owners already know this, but for those of you who do not, here is a nutshell history lesson on what the definition of AR is, along with its history.


      Work on the AR-1 “Para sniper” rifle begins breaking new ground by using a foam-filled fiberglass stock and an anodized aluminum barrel with a thin steel liner. In 1954, Armalite was established as a Division of Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation. The AR-1 was one of the first rifles produced at Armalite’s location in Hollywood, CA, and paved the way to the development of the AR-10. All rifles were designated AR, short for Armalite Rifle. Shortly thereafter, Armalite submitted the AR-5, .22 Hornet Survival Rifle to the U.S. Air Force as a replacement for their then-standard survival rifle. The AR-5 was adopted and designated the MA-1 Survival Rifle.


      Under the guidance of former Marine and former Army Ordnance technician, Eugene Stoner, the AR-10 became the focus of attention. Army officials asked Armalite to develop a smaller version of the AR-10 in 1956 as a potential replacement for the M1 Garand. The ensuing rifle was called the AR-15 and was produced with aircraft grade aluminum receivers, weighing less than seven pounds. In 1959, the AR-10 was licensed to the Dutch Arsenal, Artillerie Inrichtingen, for sale on the international market and then to Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company, along with the AR-15. Shortly thereafter, Armalite began development of a new rifle, the AR18. Development of the AR-16 (which was later dropped due to the Army’s adoption of the M-14) and AR-17 12-gauge shotgun begins. The AR-7 Explorer becomes the first commercial rifle produced by Armalite. It is the civilian version of the Air Force adopted AR-5 Survival Rifle.


      Production of the AR-18 started at the Howa Machinery Company of Nagoya, Japan (1967). For Japanese political reasons the Howa rifles could be sold only to non-combatant nations, and even then, only to non-Asian nations. During the Vietnam War, the AR-18 could not be exported to the United States. In mid-1968, Armalite set up pilot production in its Costa Mesa plant for AR-18s and AR-180s. The Japanese government subsequently eased restrictions and allowed the commercial semi-automatic AR-180 to be exported to the U.S. By the late 1970s, U.S. production halted.


      The Capital Southwest Corporation of Dallas, Texas funded Armalite development programs. Armalite arranges testing of the AR-18 with the hope of attaining DOD and State Department endorsement of the rifle toward filling the void existing for a modern combat rifle for friends and allies around the world. With sales shifting towards the commercial market, a semi-automatic version of the AR-18 was created—the AR-180.

      1980 – 1987

      Armalite was sold to Elisco Tool Manufacturing Company, of the Philippines. Inventory, tooling, and machinery were dispatched from the U.S. plant to the Philippines. The process fell apart due to political events in the Philippines. The political and economic links of the government were dramatically shifted, and Elisco was unable to carry out the AR-18 production. The U.S. arm of the operation was closed in 1987. Independent of Armalite, Karl Lewis and Jim Glazier formed a company named Eagle Arms in Coal Valley Illinois in 1986. Eagle Arms initially marketed M16 and AR-15 type rifle parts. The early Stoner patents had expired, and Eagle was able to build both parts and complete rifles. In 1989, Eagle commenced production of complete rifles, with LMT serving as the major supplier.


      The M-15™ is introduced as direct competition with Colt’s trademarked AR-15. Mr. Mark Westrom purchases Eagle Arms where he continued to produce the Eagle Arms EA-15 rifle. Product focus turned toward high-grade target rifles. Shortly thereafter, a design for a .308-caliber AR-10 type rifle was initiated and designated the M-10. Westrom purchased all rights to the Armalite trademark in 1995, and production of Armalite rifles resumed in Illinois. The planned M-10 rifle series was designated the AR-10B series and was developed using unusual reliance on computer design and simulation. Armalite drastically expands the AR-10 line with new featured rifles and carbines, including the AR-10 SuperSASS™, which features an adjustable gas system to accommodate suppressed and unsuppressed fire.


      The AR-20 was introduced and was the initial designation of Armalite’s .50-caliber rifle. The designation was later changed to the AR-50 to emphasize the caliber of the firearm. This period also brought the introduction of a few devices to help test and train the Mk 19: the AR-22—a Blank Firing Device for the Mk 19 Mod 4 40mm Grenade Machine and the AR-23—a Sub-Caliber Training Device for the Mk 19 Mod 4 Grenade machine gun. The AR-30 was also introduced during this time and is based on an aluminum stock that merges a machine rest with a rifle stock for stunning stability. This design is immune to changes in temperature or humidity.


      Armalite introduces the AR-180B made of a high strength polymer and features the trigger group and magazine well of the AR-15. It uses standard AR-15 type magazines and repair parts are readily available.


      In July 2013, Armalite is purchased by Strategic Armory Corps, and celebrates 60 years of manufacturing. The product line is expanded to meet the needs of the market and include a wide variety of entry level, tactical, and competition rifles. During the 2016 U.S. election cycle, Armalite revives the Eagle Arms brand, introducing an entry level M-15 platform rifle. The brand experiences their largest period of growth and record sales during this period.

      The Strategic Armory Corps is purchased by a new owner. The group invests heavily in new technology and research/development of cutting-edge product. Armalite moves operations from Geneseo, IL to join its sister companies in Phoenix, AZ. The Armalite brand image is refreshed to reflect the significant investment in its new state-of-the-art facility, machinery, and R&D, while paying homage to its beginnings in the Aerospace industry.
      What will come next?

      1. Well, you kind of glossed over the fact that the Army and Marines adopted the platform during Vietnam and was designated a AR15 by the Army and the Marine Corps recieved it and it was designated the M16. Before that, we in the Marine Corps were issued the Springfield , M-14 in 7.62mm or the .308. When you decide to tell the history of arms, don’t leave anything out. I could swear it is almost like reading “fake news”.

        1. Sorry Tom,
          If you felt that I glossed over Army & Marines applications during the Vietnam era, no disrespect intended.
          I only get the historical information from its original source, the ARMALITE history book.
          I have Great respect for the FAIRCHILD ENGINE and AIRPLANE CORPORATION, in which ARMALITE was a division of. Fairchild had many fantastic divisions, cameras, recording equipment, semiconductors,
          the history of Fairchild also had historical ties with Alexander Graham Bell…
          I will not write “fake news”, only facts….

    9. What have Republicans actually DONE for gun owners? Has Trump lifted the ban on importing Norincos? SVT40s? Overturned the NFA? Lifted the import ban on Mosin Nagants? This piece mentions “liberals” but the “Liberal Obama” permitted guns on Amtrack & on National Forest land.

      My guess is Trump & his fellow travellers will be all chummy with us when they want our votes & then conveniently forget us once re elected. It stinks.

      1. @9mmiii, Trump has not had the Congress available to him to do those things. Trump’s S.Ct. picks can prevent gun grab schemes and get us back to the Constitution. It has only been two years of his administration, and he has had unprecedented resistance from libtards, the bureaucracy, and the Grand old Prostitute party. Have a little patients.

    10. Well put, the majority of our fighting men and women would be on the side of legitimate gun ownership as they took an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies. Foreign and domestic. I took it as did all my friends.

    11. You know what! No one is going to come to your house and demand you turn over your guns. Do you know why I know that? I’m a gun owner. I’m also one of your liberal snowflakes. Ignore for the moment my mention of gun ownership. I will defend your to protect your second amendment rights as adamently as I would demand you defend my constitutional rights. I will stand by your side and argue w/our government why you deserve your AR. I will stand back to back if necessary. I would expect no less from you.

      1. Tell that to the 61-year old man who was recently executed by police IN HIS HOME in Maryland when he refused to turn over his firearms. The gradual eradication of 2nd Amendment rights is, and has been, happening in many parts of our country. Leftists/socialists/communists/DemocRATS don’t seek to eradicate all gun ownership…..they seek to ensure that CITIZEN gun ownership is eliminated and/or so severely restricted that no effective resistance can be mounted against their well-armed government thugs. Why do you think so many local law enforcement agencies are now being equipped with military equipment, especially crowd control equipment???? This kind of weaponry is not needed for law enforcement against common criminals but it will be used against citizenry who dare to complain when their constitutional rights are eliminated by government dictators. Can’t happen???….it’s already happening.

    12. To the people who claim we would not have a chance to fight our own military;
      2 things at play here.
      1. Our own military is US (we) so they would not be available in its full size, if any
      2.We can’t win the war in Afghanistan which is a rag tag enemy consisting of farmers with rifles. What makes you think our military could win a war in the US with over 300 millions fire arms spread out in every town,city and rural area ?

      1. Absolutely correct, Ren have heard that bogus argument for years. I believe the majority of our military would be on our side. Right now the bureaucracy is our biggest threat.
        IRS, BLM, and all the others that have become weaponized.

      2. WHY I NEED A GUN:
        -For the same reason as LEOs….only difference is they get paid!
        -Evil and Violence exist…always have; always will;
        -Because to ignore the danger of Evil and Violence is simply to invite it;
        -On a bad day, Evil and Violence may come calling at my door;
        -Evil and Violence often come calling in numbers greater than one;
        -Evil and Violence never call ahead for an appointment;
        -Evil and Violence strive to overwhelm by surprise;
        -Evil and Violence are usually more powerful than a rapidly aging old fart…..a gun is the great equalizer;
        -Evil and Violence won’t pause while I go home to get my gun….or unlock it or load it or chamber a round….or pass a backgtound check….or whistle away a 3-10 days waiting period;
        -Because a politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun;
        -Because a Good Guy with a gun, often wards off Evil and Violence;
        -When seconds count, LEOs are only minutes away;
        -Because SCOTUS has held that LEOs cannot be held liable for not protecting me and my loved ones from Evil and Violence, I am on my own;
        -Because my gun is my non-traditional life insurance such that my son doesn’t prematurely collect on my traditional life insurance. A prudent person chooses to carry home, car, liability, and traditional life insurance even though they don’t plan on using them today either;
        -Because I chose not to be a victim;
        -Because I’d rather have a fighting chance than no chance at all;
        -Because a real man must have the ability to protect himself and his loved ones;
        -Because my rights don’t stop where your sensitivity, feelings, and Do-Gooder intentions begin;
        -Because the Second Amendment confirms my right to keep and bear arms shall NOT BE INFRINGED. Regardless of what old people in black robes or marble halls might decree, it imposes no restrictions by need, sporting suitability, country of origin, lethality, rate of fire, physical features, commonness of use, or your feelings, sensitivities, or Do-Gooder intentions,,,,,or a politicians desire for control;
        -Because my creator granted me an inalienable right to life and defense of my life;
        -Because I have seen depictions of the Liberal Utopia where only the Police and Governments have guns……Schindler’s List; The Killing Fields, Anne Frank’s Diary, Hotel Rwanda, et el, et el;
        -Because those that think I shouldn’t carry a gun, are themselves protected by guns;
        -Because Liberals and politicians don’t want me to carry a gun;
        -Because to disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them;
        -Because civilians typically have a higher hit rate than LEOs;
        -Because I practice and am competent and confident with my gun;
        -Because I admire the design/fit/finish/function of guns;
        -Because I chose to carry;

    13. Trust and believe i will not give up my protection.thats what they want is for us to be defencless so they can herd us up in fema camps and to de populate.that is what they are doing and anyone who is smart would figure that out.the ones who give up their guns are one of them.cival war is gonna happen so why give up your gun are u stupid.goverment could care less if anybody shoots up a place.they dont care they act like they do.the use it as a tool to take from us.they probably paid them to do it.

    14. Why Police officer and Army have to have gun? Why most shootings having in the School or in the bar or in Church or in movies? The answer is very sample because of these places are not allowed good guys with guns in to stop the bad guys with guns. Special place like these are please allow good guys with guns in to safe good people. Wake up people let safe our children our love ones and stop stupid gun control.

    15. The question that has not been asked, except perhaps in some scifi books. If a graduate Marine with one or two years of service walked bare handed into a grade school with 400 kindergarten through sixth grade students and began killing people how many school teachers with out a gun would die? How many children?
      Maybe all military troops should be restricted to base and when their enlistment was up, their hands and feet should be cut off?
      Mass public killings happen because violations of the Second Amendment create “gun free zones” which are Unarmed Victim Zones and need a warning sign, Enter at Your Own Risk.

    16. I need a rifle, or two. I am training to perform the duty and right of self defense…as happens a couple million times a year in the US; the defensive use of firearms (DGUs) . I’m not looking for the approval of the ignorant or interested in debating with fools. I have seen what the Shumers and the Feinsteins say, and I know what they want.

      The gun control crowd and the appeasers reporting in here want you dead. Disarming people is evil, doesn’t matter what they say. When some cannibal comes to shoot up the place and murder you and everyone around, you’ll wish you had an autoloader and a sack of magazines. Unless you are a coward.

      I hope the six un-armed cops are utterly ashamed.

      I say shun the appeasers, they’re probably useless in a fight.

      1. How did we get to this point?? It’s who we’ve become not what we were! You see the same constitution that allows us the freedom to do everything, our FAITH refrained us from doing everything!! We’re no longer espousing our faith and our founders didn’t write moral law into the constitution, because our faith as a people (nation) refrained us from doing the immoral!!! Now when you’ve people of no faith in office, you get judges and people of power legislating immoral laws on its people!! Remember, we just want gay (insert any initiative) people to not be victimized by intolerance!! They deserve the same rights and need protection from people of faith! Really? Now the same rights that we were all afforded become mute because their rights exclude our rights! That’s true with all of the Bill of Rights, they passed civil rights which supersedes our bill of rights, and on and on! Just like the frog in a pot of water slowly boiling to death. That’s where we’re headed, as our Constitution was written for a moral and religious people and no other! John Adams words and very profound

    17. You would do your cause a service by making your point without using words like “libs”, “the left”, and, especially, “libtards”. Insulting others does nothing but weaken your position. When you talk about civil war, you make yourself the enemy.
      There are some very valid points to be made supporting the right to keep and bear arms, including MSRs. We as responsible gun owners need to be willing to discuss realistic measures to keep them away from dangerous or irresponsible people.
      For the record, I am a retired infantryman and own several MSRs.

      1. Tony , name calling is when you call someone something rude , like calling a person of color the n-word. A Jewish person a name etc. These are wrong , and impolite. Ignorant in fact. Don’t confuse this with the truth. The democrats are the left , as we POTG are the right. One can call me a Right wing nut case , I am not offended , one can also call the liberal party Lib’s , they are just that. These are called abbreviations , not insulting , just factual. Believe me when I tell you , the Lib’s and the left want our guns , first they will take the AR -15 because a few unstable individuals , used this rifle to do unspeakable things. If you think they will stop there , I say they will not. Next will be pistols . the reason being they are semi automatic and hold many rounds , can be easily concealed , and fire rapidly. Any & every thing in between will be on their list of what we can & can’t have. Tyrany at its finest. Unconstitutional , absolutely. Only the wealthy will keep their guns , because the almighty dollar buys anything. Government included , in collusion with the Bloomberg’s of our country. Are our rights under our constitution for sale , to the highest bidder ? It seems so to this American patriot. I say the LEFT and the Lib’s are coming for our guns. They have made their intentions very clear.

        1. Richard, you may not agree with liberals but they are half the country. Why not try an open a dialog with them and come to a point of understanding. Do you really think that half the country wants to take you guns for some sinister authoritarian agenda? The truth is that the vast majority of people supporting (even extreme) gun control measures just want less violence. They may be mistaken about how to get there but they have good intentions. They need to be educated on the issue. This adversarial rhetoric you adopt is not conducive to reaching understanding. Like it or not liberals are your family members, neighbors, coworkers and fellow citizens. Why try to understand their point of view and educate.

    18. Why bother , my comments seem to disappear shortly after I make them , go figure. But to the question asked why ……. Because it is my right as an American. Provided by our founding fathers & the blood shed for our constitution.

      1. “… responsible gun owners need to be willing to discuss realistic measures…” Nice idea, but…

        Two problems, Tony. First, both sides must be “willing to discuss.” And that willingness must be in good faith. The political Right is indeed willing, but the political Left (particularly their current leaders) flatly refuses either. Second, the political Left has no concept or understanding of the term “realistic.” Socialists see the “real world” (not as it is, but) merely as an impediment to getting what they want.

        Thus, Socialists ARE the problem, and they refuse to change their stance, instead demanding that conservatives must do ALL the changing of position. Until socialists decide to actually negotiate, no practical headway can be accomplished. No matter any actions by conservatives.

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