Why Do You “Need” an AR-15 Rifle Anyway?

Opinion by Michael Stripling

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Why Do You “Need” an AR-15 Rifle Anyway?

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Why does anyone need an AR-15? This question came to me, for the second time in recent history, while I was teaching a concealed carry firearms course at a private range surrounded by woods in Central Florida.

To be honest, even though I had heard this question recently, I still stumbled over my answer. I hesitated slightly and half heartily blurted out something about home defense, but why was this question so hard for me to answer? I mean, the first time I was asked, I have to admit I got a little defensive, and it was my own mother who had asked me. I had fumbled my words, became quite frustrated and told her “I would go find my copy of the Constitution for her to read”.

I later realized that I owed my mother an apology, she had genuinely meant no harm, she was merely ignorant of the subject, and asked in curiosity. It was myself I should have been upset with because, in times like these where our guns and rights are always under attack, I just was not prepared with an intelligent response.

You see, I'm a “gun guy.” I'm a proud NRA member, a firearms instructor, a chief range safety officer, and a veteran. I'm registered to vote Republican, and I have been collecting guns since I was a kid. So how is such a little, simple question presenting me with so much frustration? Well after some careful thought, I realized what the problem was. It was the question; it was not so little or straightforward after all. The question itself is misleading, often unbeknown to the asker.

Why do I have to find a reason to justify my need for it?

The truth is my need doesn’t matter. It might be property defense, it might be hunting or competition, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t NEED to NEED it. I have the RIGHT to WANT it. Why does the average American household need 3 TV's? Why does my wife need 15 pairs of boots? Why do people need to put rims on their vehicles, or what is the need for a microwave oven? Wouldn't the cars still drive with factory tires? Don’t most kitchens have conventional ovens? So why does anyone need any of these things? The answer to all of these questions is the same! It's because I WANT them and it's my RIGHT as an American!

You see, we have this thing called a Constitution, the American Heritage Dictionary defines Constitution as “The system of fundamental laws and principles that prescribes the nature, functions, and limits of a government or another institution. The supreme law of the United States, consisting of the document ratified by the original 13 states and Amendments.”

The question in itself leaves the tart taste of communism in one's mouth. The fact is, the Second Amendment protects us, the law-abiding American citizen, and it protects the other Amendments of the Constitution, and it is now under blatant attack.

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The left tells us they just want to ban the “dangerous assault rifles,” high capacity magazines, and bump stocks, but that is just the beginning. They only say this to win over those, who wander on the middle ground. What comes next are “permanent protective orders” like the House Bill 2060 that’s making its way to the Pennsylvania state Senate right now. Which would require certain individuals to relinquish all firearms and ammunition within 24 hours. You can be sure it won't stop there, if the Liberals get their dirty claws in the American people, they will undoubtedly pull us in for the kill, sinking their infecting teeth in the whole Constitution, shredding and destroying all of our freedoms and liberties.

This is it folks, this is a Civil War and we must fight, not yet with violence, but with our voices and our votes. We must resist in any way possible before it's too late. I urge you to call, or write your Senators, remind your friends to register and to vote. Let the snowflake Liberals know that, “we will not stand for our freedoms to be stripped away.” The time is now upon us, our Constitution was written to protect the people of this great nation, and it is under attack. “We the People” must return the favor and protect the Constitution.

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    1. The Pa Hose Bill referred to will require those charged with DOMESTIC ABUSE to turn their weapons in within 24 hrs instead of 72. The Anti-gunners should be more concerned errors made by various agencies in failing to heed notifications of individuals irrational behavior (Parkland Fla) or failing to forward paperwork necessary to keep someone from owning a weapon, particularly the Airforce man, DISHONORABLY discharged after besting his wife in Texas.

    2. Just look at the news or newspapers or news articles. All the home invasions, murders, rapes, armed robberies, felony property theft, terrorist attacks ect. There are loads of them daily, it’s not uncommon for home invasions to include 3 or 4 attackers. I like having a 12 gauge pump, AR15 and 45acp in my bedroom and at least one of them on me at almost all times. If I never need it great, but If I do, I got it, I’m not going to purposely become a underarmed victim. Maybe If they do something with all the dangerous criminals, I won’t feel the need for extended magazines in all my firearms, until then I’ll keep them thanks.

    3. Let’s ban alcohol. More people die everyday from alcohol then shot with a gun. If the idea is to save lives way is this not more important

    4. Well, this started out well, and then turned into blathering idiocy. Please stop trying to defend gun rights, you’re doing more harm than good.

    5. Why an AR-15 for home defense when a lesser weapon, such as revolver, a knife or baseball bat can do the job? Simple, when the lives of my wife and children (not to mention my own) are at stake, I don’t want a fair fight, I don’t want 6 chances in the dark with Grandpa’s revolver that kicks like a mule, I want 30 chances, with another 30 right next to it, and I want them as quickly as I can pull the trigger. I also want a pressure activated flashlight and a laser sight so when I grab the foregrip, I can see exactly what I’m aiming at and so I know where the bullet will go. In short, I don’t want a fair fight. I want to stack the deck in my favor today, because if I’m taking it out, I’m in a situation where losing simply isn’t an option. So do I need an AR? I believe that I do, because it is the most cost effective and customizable platform that will accomplish my goals. The same reasons make it effective in the hands of military and law enforcement, and unfortunately, criminals as well.

    6. Really Paul? Really?
      The only thing speacial about ARs is the ability to customize. That isn’t a deadly trait.
      The ability to customize means I can own just one rifle and change components to suit various purposes, such as long range vs short range optics, barrels with different twist rates, etc.
      Given the low amount of recoil, it also means it isn’t limited to larger, stronger people to operate it.
      It uses one of the weakest and smallest cartridges of any rifle, so how can you (an alleged rifle owner) make such a blatantly ignorant comment? If you outlaw this rifle for its capabilities, you’d have to outlaw all of them.

    7. Well I see everybody is bashing each other back-and-forth. This isn’t going to solve anything at all. I happen to own a few AR,s And for the most part they just collect dust! The question we should be asking ourselves is, why are all these shootings happening. I graduated high school in 1990 and never heard of any mass shootings before that time. I think Colimbine was the first. And even though the ARs are more available now than they were back then, they were still available. The one I always wanted when i was in high school was the ruger Mini 14. You could stick a 30 round banana clip in that and do just as much damage. It fires the same round as the AR15. So it’s not really the guns, It’s something else in our societie that has changed. Maybe its social media. Maybe it’s that people don’t discipline their kids anymore. But I definitely do not think it’s just the guns!

    8. I used one in Vietnam and like it.
      I have uppers for 300 blackout, 308, and 45.
      When I go to the range to shoot I’m there for 4 hours shooting

    9. I think there is a very big important fact being overlooked here, and that is an AR-15, or any gun for that matter has never killed anyone. These killings and others involving firearms aren’t committed by inanimate objects they are done by individuals who are very sick and deranged. So if we want to get to the heart of this issue it isn’t about firearms, it’s about the poor quality of health care (mental health care to be specific) in our country. You see if the people doing these horrific and tragic shootings were able to get the help they needed, or if we had more people trained and qualified to identify the behavioral patterns and habits of these people, and treat them or at the very least make their illness known and documented to authorities it would be much less likely to happen. Also I believe the general Public, especially people who are ignorant enough to blame a gun for killing people, should be trained to properly carry and use firearms and that would save more lives than anything else. An armed society is a polite society. Not to mention if a deranged lunatic is planning on killing it doesn’t matter if he has his guns taken from him he will build a bomb or mow folks down in a car or bash people with rocks or sticks, banning guns only takes away our right as a law abiding citizens to legally defend ourselves and our families if I can’t own my AR-15 legally then when a outlaw who owns his illegally kicks in my door and wants to murder me and my loved ones I’m out gunned because that’s what you’re going to do banning ARs or any gun.

    10. I wonder how many people were killed each year in car accidents that didn’t WANT to die…but someone’s WANT to own an automobile ended their life. Cars are not a NEED…they are a WANT. We could just as easily walk, bicycle or take public transportation. Hell: cars are not even constitutionally guaranteed… Statistically they kill way more people in the US than all gun crimes! We need to STOP and ban these rolling machines of DEATH before another person has to die! Why waste time going after these lesser causes of DEATH when we can have the greatest impact with cars! For Christ’s sake you heartless car nuts, it’s for the children!!!

    11. Article is 90% garbage, but lots of great comments. When you snap at your mom, you are acting out of frustration at not being able to answer a simple question. When you start calling names, YOU are acting out of ignorance, not your mom.

      I own an sks and an AR-10 that I use for hunting. I vote democrat 9/10 times. Although I value my weapons, they are far from necessary for survival or freedom and I will never join the NRA as they are a fanatical group that operates on people’s fears. Think guns are necessary to fight? Read up on the vietnamese and the damage they did with booby traps in the Vietnam war. Your average joe wouldn’t last two seconds against a SWAT team coming to take our weapons. Guerilla tactics would be far superior to any direct assault on a larger and better equipped force.

      The main reason I will not support banning AR’s is that handguns are responsible for 85% of all gun related deaths. You really want to reduce gun related deaths, your argument should be to get rid of them. Democrats are using people’s fears of school shootings to justify banning AR’s, just like the NRA tells us that all dems want your guns.

      My argument- I use AR’s for hunting, and they are vastly superior in cusromizarion vs traditional hunting rifles
      My counter to the AR ban- if you are truly trying to save lives via gun laws start with the area of greatest impact.

      Just my two cents

    12. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people you take the guns away and the criminals will still get them and they will kill you when you pull your club or spoon or knife out! You people who want to abolish our gun rights are a bunch of snow flakes and need to get a life!!! When you think you are big enough and bad enough to come take them away from all of us gun owners and law abiding citizens you will have a
      Civil War on your hands!!!

    13. Paul- It is legal to own tanks, grenades, shoulder fired rockets, and other devices of mass destruction. There is a process to go through, but it is legal. The means of dealing death isn’t the reason people get killed any more than an eating utensil or fast food joint is the reason a person gets fat. Even your type of rifle was once the weapon of choice for trying to kill as many people as possible. As was the musket, the bow and arrow, the spear , the sword, the club, etc. People are the problem. McVeigh (now famous, which is part of the problem) used a rental truck, fuel, and fertilizer. No AR-15’s? Not a problem for a premeditated murderer.

    14. Paul- It is legal to own tanks, grenades, shoulder fired rockets, and other devices of mass destruction. There is a process to go through, but it is legal. The means of dealing death isn’t the reason people get killed any more than an eating utensil or fast food joint is the reason a person gets fat. Even your style of rifle was once the weapon of choice for trying to kill as many people as possible. As was the bow and arrow, the spear , the club, etc. People are the problem. McVeigh (now famous, which is part of the problem) used a rental truck, fuel, and fertilizer. No AR-15’s? Not a problem for a premeditated murderer.

    15. I own two ARs for two purposes! One for target shooting and the other reason, for protection from my own government if they decide to go against our Constitution. I know it’s not as good as our government will have but it’s better than a stick. I hope I’ll never have to use it on anyone. God Bless America.

    16. I use my ar for hunting i only put 4 rounds in the mag. it only tacks one shot 95% of the time the most iv ever used is 2 shots at one animal. where i live allot of family’s hunt .they rely on there guns to hunt with because its how they feed there family’s. instead of doing away with all semi-autos make the law that they can only have 3 to 4 round mags .dont make family’s do away with there livelihood.i believe this would cut down on the death that is caused with ar 15 stile rifles or any gun therefore. but no matter if you get rid of guns or whatever else people are going to kill people. i wish it would stop but history shows it will not .
      All in all my self i love the right to have guns i love to hunt.yes i was in the army 6 years 11B infantry i know first hand what the m4 is capable of . the Ar15 is similar but it dose not have 3 round burst so it s no different then any other semi automatic rifle pistol or shotgun. Except the high capacity of rounds. The way I see it the fewer rounds the fewer casualties.

    17. Maybe don’t be so quick to see “the left” as an enemy. There is a significant component of the left that views the 2nd as sacrosanct as the 1st. Our ranks are growing as more and more human rights are violated and threatened.

    18. Paul, do you believe that if the police uses overwhelming force on an individual, they have the right to fight back? Do you believe that if the govt is abusing or illegal violating your rights you are allowed to fight back? Btw, an individual is allowed to own tanks, fighter jets, bazookas, machine guns…

    19. Let me tell you something here Paul,,people kill people not the gun period when Hitler killed so many Jews the ar15 wasn’t yet in vented don’t be nieave ,our writers of the constitution knew full well what might come in the future even though they surely didn’t have any idea of what guns might be invented in the future ,but they did know the minds of men bent on controlling others !Simply put they will stop a nothing to get that control ,all it takes is people like you who have been brain washed into believing that all guns are a bad thing .If you go back through history you’ll see various guns from flintlocks to machine guns that were used to keep the USA free !,,you do enjoy you’re freedom don’t you??

    20. How come every time I write a price defending gun ownership or the constitution it gets erased by you!!??I wrote a very good,I feel reply many times on this website only to have it lost fuck you!

    21. The AR pattern rifle is the state-of-the-art of the modern rifle. It’s modern features are purely ergonomic in their nature and function. The rifle operates exactly as rifles did over 100 years ago. The Winchester model 1907 was sold in the Sears catalog. The modern AR just does it better.

    22. Who ever thinks that the AR-15 has killed a trillion people in NYC alone is an absolute idiot. Further more the AR-15 was not designed to kill as many people as possible it is the civilian version of the M16 which was designed to win wars, notice I said civilian version no need for training like you would need for the full auto capable M16. Last but not least after the government takes our guns you will wish we had them when they come to take everything else you have.

    23. To all weapons owners, keep all rights to AR’s alive! When the social unrest gets out of control, be prepared! Be a sheep or be the wolf! Make sure you have the tools necessary to survive! The days of darkness are in need a malitia to keep order managed! Stay locked & loaded 24/7!

    24. Ridiculous article. An entire fluffing up of the author’s poor ability to articulate common sense. Not to mention an emphasis on what can only be described as a completely vacant vacuum of self dtermination, devoid of introspection. The “need” is quite simple. The Ar15 is the most effective, affordable, reliable, accessible, adaptable means of self defense beyond common pistol range against multiple assailants, who are likely armed with same, which may include rogue elements or overstepping members of law enforcement and/or government military agencies. Let’s be clear, this isn’t about the right to hunt or be part of a militia. This is about whooping ass as an independent citizen of a free state, protected by the Constitution that is currently under seige by domestic and foreign terrorism, infiltration by illegal immigrants who are often known criminals and members of drug cartels. If for no other reason, the very nature and number of Americans who already own an AR pretty much demands everyone should have one to keep the neighbors honest should a large scale disaster occurs I could give 99 more reasons. My mother, who’s packed iron for as long as I remember would never ask such a question.

    25. Wow. It’s amazing how this topic goes way left real quick. People need to read these documents that we’re written long ago and note the words and context in which they were written. Not everyone can be pleased all the time.This topic will go on and on with extremist on both ends. No one specific weapon can be singled out as the problem, any and all weapons can do the same amount of damage in the right setting and hands. No one is right and no one is wrong. Point is that once you start with the limiting of rights where does it end? Best not to mess with it. We could all the way back to blades and swords. Then the topic will be about which lengths are legal and weather you can conceal them or not. Mass stabbings and flesh wounds will pave the way for limitations and restrictions then.

    26. Paul is a moron! If our government says you can’t own your SUV, are you going to give it to them? How about you can only have one soft drink a week because it will make you fat. How about a law against you drinking alcoholic beverages in your own home because you can attempt to drive to the store. How about a law against you talking to a passenger in your car because it is considered a distraction. Where does it end. You totally miss the issue. If a veteran has PTSD, he should not be permitted to have a firearm. If a person has mental health issues, he should not be permitted to have a firearm. Don’t penalize responsible gun owners because of idiots who should not be able to legally own one. We have a mental health issue in America. We need to keep the firearms out of their hands! An AR 15, or any other weapon for that matter, is perfectly safe in the hands of a responsible citizen. Maybe we should outlaw all trucks, SUV’s and cars since we lose more lives annually with them than we do semi-auto weapons!

    27. The reason I own one is because I’m trained with it and can masterfully hit targets out to 500 meters with it and if my freedoms ever come down to being eradicated by some panty waste skinny jeans wearing half male gender confused wimp with a genuine hate for my country and it’s freedoms, I would not hesitate to use it in defense of my family and my country. Pray to God this never happens but be prepared and trained well for the fight if it ever comes. Never apologize for excercising your God given rights as an American citizen.

    28. They are just fun to have. You can customize too your heart’s desire or your friends envy. They are easy on the shoulder if you shoot a couple of hundred rounds. You and the AR owners can talk for hours on different set up’s and techniques

    29. The reason we have the 2nd amendment is not to kill the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time, it’s for the same reason we have the 1st amendment, to protect our rights. You may say that we are paranoid for believing that somebody will take over the government, we elect our presidents, we could just vote him out. Look at Germany. Hitler told his people he will help with starvation and economic depression, all he asked were their rights. He got promoted to a very high rank in politics, formed a secret police, took over the government, and killed millions of people. It only takes one president to harm us all, and with the disturbing rise of socialism in the U.S. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. First our guns, then our property and businesses, then our right to vote, lastly our right of free speech. Next time you vote on a law, a president, or another elected office, please look back into the mistakes of the past and think. There will be so much more gun violence if you were to take away guns than if you were to keep them because there’s a lot of people who in this country who would rather die fighting for their rights than have them taken away, and I’m proud to be one of them.

    30. Why do WW2 vets cherish the garand, m1, madeuce, and so on? Because those Where the arms of their generation this generation is the Armalite rifle/M4 Platform that we cherish. It is not the rifle that kills humans nor it is the person it’s the projectile that kills even if it is fired by a crazy person it’s not the rifle or the handgun it is the projectile that kills.

    31. It is remarkable to me the level of absolute ignorance many possess for firearms in general.
      There are several reasons to own a Ar-15 rifle. Few of the main reasons for me:
      1. It is the most versatile rifle ever made.
      -You can hunt anything from squirrel to elephant. ( cmmg 22 conversion and the bohica .50 BMG upper as a reference)
      2. It might be the most cost effective firearm your dollar can buy, considering all of the potential roles it can fill. If you needed only one, the ar15 would make an excellent choice. Perhaps the best choice if you could own but one firearm.
      3. For hunting (yes, hunting) it is an excellent option competing at a price point often lower than other rifles with less capability it isn’t a “weapon on mass destruction ” or device of chaos and evil. It has more legitimate uses and purpose than Hillary Clinton and Barry Obama put together.
      4. Considering that heart disease kills more people in America every day, it is a wonder to me that fried chicken recieves no scrutiny by comparison. Narcotic drugs and Murder last i checked are largely illegal and no law will prevent those who wish to engage in those activities from doing them.
      5. It is the right arm of the free world, and nothing (and no one) is going to fully prevent the use, sale, or manufacture of these weapons and weapons like it. These are fully “open source ” weapon systems that have been digitized into immortality can no longer be controlled. It is an excercise in futility and stupidity to continue to attempt to legislate and pressure the elimination of a firearm design that people are making at home in their basements and garages. Anyone can now manufacture the Ar-15 rifle, and that is the way it should be.

    32. Because I still can! I have put X together from scratch and what a pleasure it is to feel your own work at work! OK take my scary AR away I’ll bring out the less scary looking but more powerful M1A. I’m going to buy another lower after reading all this!

    33. The primaty issue here is freedom of choice. Example; Attempt to nullify Roe vs. Wade….riots will form in the streets. States ALREADY modify the 2nd Ammendment to suit thei rty needs and they did it without voter approval. This will be a dangerous road to transverse. What will be next?

    34. Amazing how many ARs are sold in America…. I have no solid statistical number but I bet it’s amazing! Of all those guns- it’s surprisingly rare how many shootings there are… Certain people don’t ‘need’ an AR, certain people don’t have the right to own one… But under that same theory then; certain people have no business raising kids…or having kids…or living off welfare…or driving vehicles worth more than what they made at a job in 3 years…
      If people are going to force their opinions on legal gun owners; then maybe they should be forced to work and contribute to society in a beneficial way…for instance: pay taxes and quit squeezing out welfare children!
      McDonald’s and texting while driving causes WAY more deaths per day than any AR ever will…but I don’t see any mention of that… Why does the national news agencies care more about celebrity news than war veterans? Seriously!
      If you don’t want ARs in your house, don’t buy one! Mind your own business.

    35. A fine article, and I agree with almost all of it. Don’t really agree with the “snowflake” part though. Not big on name calling as I THINK I’ve reached a mature age at 36 years. I enjoy my guns, even built an AR in 6.8SPC this summer for deer hunting. I also like the social programs offered in the US and voted for Bernie. Seems kind of dumb alienating a fellow firearms enthusiast over a party line, but hey, when we lose them I’ve got nothing to lose since the purchases aren’t registered here and nobody actually knows what I own if anything!

    36. No firearm ever killed anyone. People kill people. It matters not what they use to do it with. We as a nation and culture need to start taking responsibility for our actions and not blame them on someone or something else. It is allready against the law to harm others no matter what you do it with.

    37. Why is the AR15 in almost every patrol car in America? Perhaps because it is a very effective self defense tool. When a better weapon comes available I will want that. Until then I want to defend my family with the same tool I use to defend complete strangers while I am on duty.

    38. Hi. I’m one of the left you were talking about. I won’t go into my full views regarding firearms, as every time I do, I get shouted down. Basically, I’m a gun owner myself. I used to go hunting every year with my dad and uncle. I’m also one of the “leftists” who would like to have a civil conversation. I understand, partially, where you’re coming from. I recognize that the right to own a firearm is protected by the Constitution. I do not want to take your guns. I am for stricter gun control laws, that’s true. I believe that true law abiding, responsible gun owners should be able to purchase the firearm of their choice, to a certain extent. But I have a couple of questions. Why is it that when someone like me wants to have a conversation, the default reaction of “gun guys” seems to automatically be aggression and violence? Do you think that’s harming the conversation? I would love to be able to understand your point of view, but when you say we’ll dig our claws in, calling this a civil war? Why does it have to be an extreme, with no middle ground. A lot of us aren’t as concerned about the right to own a gun. It’s the fervor people come at us with that concerns us. The inability to just talk. It’s either “all the guns”, or it’s “I’m ready for war with anyone trying to take them”. To say gun owners believe one death is too many, without realizing the absolute ease in which someone can get their hands on a weapon made solely for killing, seems disingenuous at best. To say that there should not be any stricter regulations, when general facts show how easy it is in this country to acquire a firearm and cause death with such tool, seems asinine to me. At the end of the day, why is it one extreme it the other? Why are we unable to look each other in the eye and say “ok, maybe something should be done.”? Again, as a law abiding, truly responsible gun owner, wouldn’t it make more sense to try and stop guns from getting in the hands of those who shouldn’t have them, rather than make them accessible to everyone, regardless of level of training, age, mental state, etc.? Why not try to work together to come up with a solution, rather than constantly making it an us vs them scenario?

    39. I’ll always try to stay on topic, not cut anyone down, or use profanity. My choice, just as it’s my choice whether or not own any type of firearm that’s legally available to responsible, law abiding citizens. I’m no fan of war or violence nor do l want to be made a criminal just because somebody decided what l own isn’t something l need. I enjoy the heck out of target shooting at a range where my guests have shot ARs for the first time and loved it. It will be their choice to own one, or not. Now, if anyone wants to take things out of context, or blow the subject way the eff out of proportion, that’s your choice, with all due respect, ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for letting me join in!

    40. I’ll give you that the Armalite Rifle is deadly in the wrong hands. It wreaks havoc to bone and soft tissue as the bullet tumbles along it’s path. I’ll give you that any innocent’s death from this or any firearm is too many. No, l don’t need any firearms in my life but l sure want them. What type is a matter of choice. Like buying a bicycle or a truck or sporty car, there’s an element of emotion in that decision. I don’t need a Hemi engine or a red paint job or alloy wheels but l know l want them. Same with an AR. MLOK handguard, flashlight, sling, red dot scope aren’t things l need but l know l want them. Hard to explain, l know!

      1. It may be hard to explain, but it is harder to justify. I have guns (rifles). None were designed for the sole purpose of being able to kill as many People as possible, in the shortest time possible. I don’t feel unarmed. I can more than adequately protect my home and family.

        1. An AR15 is not designed for the sole purpose of being able to kill as many people as possible in the shortest time possible.

        2. Great, then don’t buy an AR. Your choice.
          Now, be a good American and try not to tell other people gose to live their lives. Only a statist would do something as despicable as that.

        3. I didn’t NEED an Ar until Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown decided for me that I didn’t “need” one. That’s when I went out and -legally- bought one.

          1. Good answer Tom. I didn’t need or want any rifles until Clinton banned them. I had a S&W 44 mag and that was all I that I liked, wanted or needed. When I was told what I couldnt have, I started buying AK’s and AR’s in multitudes of calibers including a target Colt CAR-A3 and Armalite AR-10 T as well as more auto handguns. I didn’t like the waiting period so I would buy guns in between so my waiting periods were a week apart. I bought duplicates too so a buddy could come and shoot what I was shooting. My friends couldn’t afford them. I didn’t need them until the need was created by the want. I didn’t want them until the want was created by those that feel they know what I need. On gun control, buy a DOJ approved safe first. If you cant keep them safe, dont buy them.

            1. Exactly my life’s version as well.Thank You bill Clintons of the U.S. for making up my mind to say hey screw this my constitutional rights being ignored and twisted oh and defiantly Thank you Mr.Bush of The great state of Texas for not renewing the ban Remember Goliad

        4. The ENTIRE point of this article is that we don’t have to “justify” owning one. If you don’t want one, that’s your business. But, if I do want one that is none of your business.

        5. My daughter’s all enjoy theirs. Adapts to their length of pull as they grow, and even youth stocks were a bit too long on a bolt action for them when they started hunting. Easy for them to control makes it safer also.

          Now the thing is why not ban the shotgun? Doesn’t have a magazine, can be loaded while firing. Shoot 12 times loaded with #4 buckshot and that’s sending 492 pieces of lead downrange. Can do that as fast as you can shoot an AR 12 times. And the .223 is a pretty small round in comparison to the bullets used by both sides in WWI, WWII and Korean war. That’s why it’s the smallest round you can use deer hunting, it’s bare minimum for killing.

        6. You have zero right to dictate anyone else’s choice in a firearm. To be clear mind your own business. Make no mistake the gun grabbers want your Noble wheel gun just as must as they want an AR or AK. Also understand this has nothing to do with gun control either. The American Communists must and their goal is to take all guns. They must inorder to implement their Communist Agenda.

        7. Actually the rifle was designed to wound people not kill them… For every person you wound it takes two people to get them off the battlefield so one person wounded means three people off the battlefield


          2. We don’t need a sniper rifle thats true …. We don’t need it yet …. Dont you get it …. The more I’m told o don’t need it …. The more I need it …. I never was a gun person… My dad and I went hunting a few time… It wasn’t the hunt it was the time with my dad …. But when my government tells me I don’t need something… I begin to think they know something I dont … So yeah I went out and bought 3…. ar15-5.7…. Military style 15 shot pump action shot gun …. And for the first time…. I got my hand gun permit and I carry daily a 1911 kimber …. I was stoped by a cop for a tale light and he asked if I had any wepons …. I said I jave a permit to carry a gun and I have a 45 on me now …. He asked where I told him (while keeping still and hands on the wheel) he asked if he could secure it … I was like yes please …. He took it from my holster and placed it on my roof …. He asked for my permit and license…. Insurance etc etc … After seeing all my stuff … He was nice ….said get the light fixed ASAP … I was like you got it …. And that was it …. Had a drunk break in to my home thinking his wife locked him out (wrong block) he sobered up fast looking down the buissnes end of my shotgun …. You are right I don’t need any of these … But I have them just in case …. I dont need a fire extinguisher…. But its nice to have just in case …. Amd if my government comea to take my rights away …. I will fight for my rights to my last breath…. I will never break the law … But I will not obey an unjust law …. P.S. the USA was started in part by a 3% tax on tea with out proper representation…. Let that sink in

          3. One would need to understand the meaning of sniper rifle. A gun that can hit a target 800 yards away or more? That’s what certain game hunters strive for. You can no longer legally hunt at great distances?

          4. Define sniper rifle? Another ones opinion? Let me help, if it goes pew pew and the bullet flight is far. It’s a sniper rifle. Oh can’t forget about the fancy scope or is that called an optic?

          5. Hmmm, guess you failed to read nor understand the preceding articles jest…let me be more succinct, There’s no justification needed, all that is needed is to want one.

            And your term “Sniper” used for a rifle is militarily defined by its accuracy on insurgents…on the civilian side of the house it is addressed as a “Precision” rifle used for range targets/humanely acquiring game for feeding our families and to assist livestock farmers protect their livelihoods.

          6. Define “sniper rifle “. That term is so widely used just like “assault rifle “. There are many purpose built bolt action and semi auto rifles intended for target shooting and competition. The AR platform is a general use gun. From target shooting to deer hunting to home defense. ANY rifle could be a “sniper rifle ” just like a golf club can be an assault weapon. It’s not the tool used. It’s how the person in control of that tool uses it.

          7. You NEED a sniper rifle to hit a target 1000 yards away. It’s a skill and not as easy as putting the cross hair on target. I’ve never done it but it looks like a lot of fun. I want to do it because it looks like a lot of fun. I enjoy shooting my guns. I enjoyed paintball even though I didn’t NEED to go play it. A gun is an object just like a car or a computer. You don’t NEED a Bugatti but it sure would be fun. You don’t NEED a top of the line computer but some people have a lot of fun with them. A car, a computer or a gun are dangerous in the wrong hands. The only NEED for a gun is to defend yourself and the constitution. I hope that I never have to defend the constitution but if I do I’d rather do it from 1000 yards…then I will NEED a sniper rifle.

          8. Just like you didn’t need to be on this post. Yet you had to write against people’s choice of Weaponry. You wanted it so as an American you excercised your right to speak on here. Same with those purchasing a weapon.

          9. Alright would be tyrants. Since the concepts of liberty, God given, individual rights, and the attendent reason in support thereof will never find any purchase with those who are ignorant of them. Let me boil it down to its essence. I need an AR to defend myself and my nation from YOU. The 2nd Amendment is the guarantor of all the rest and the ultimate bulwark against tyranny. Come and take it.

          10. If you snipe a deer to feed your family, you need one.
            Rob you don’t need or want one that’s fine I won’t make you buy one. But don’t try to come take mine

          11. What 2 Whores is saying is that the items (that you have a right to choose NOT to buy or learn about) only become needs when people unfamiliar with the subject decide what is best for others.

            Are you afraid to learn too much about firearm and shooting because it might poke holes in your solution to gun violence?

            If so, your fears are well-founded.

          12. Oh great. Now you’re going to turn my hunting rifle into a “sniper” rifle just so you can ban that too? Thanks snowflake.

          13. No justification needed, just a want.

            A want that grows with every boneheaded remark as to my justification for h as ving one.

          14. Sniper rifle that’s basically any hunting rifle with a scope. Shot a friends Browning abolt in 7mm mag shot a 3 inch group at 3 hundred yards. Let’s not forget there’s people who shoot in long range competitions.

          15. Robert Thomas, your “sniper rifle” and evil black rifle are nothing more than my hunting rifles, used to control predator and pest populations, and kill deer, bear and hogs for food for 40 years. Fortunately I don’t have to justify jack to you, I have the Constitution that tells me I have a right to own them without apology or explanation. My right to own and shoot them is equal to your right to speak ignorantly about them.

            1. Bravo for your answer. I don’t understand people who “don’t get it”, who are not in possession of COMMON SENSE, and clearly no facts or evidence to back up Thierry FEAR!!!

            2. Hey Bobo, back it down a notch, I was replying to that douchebag Paul above. I’m on your side.

          16. Please, do tell, how do you define a “sniper rifle”? A large caliber round and a zoom scope?

            In the hands of a madman any gun is a snipers rifle.

          17. A good “sniper” barrel isn’t much more than a “bull” barrel…does lend itself for more accurate shots. I use my 223/5.56 wilson combat sniper barrel for deer hunting. Very accurate.

          18. “sniper” rifle isn’t a type of rifle, it’s a role. Nearly any rifle that is accurate enough can be used in that role. Do you consider any rifle capable of MOA or better accuracy to be a sniper rifle? Any varminter rifle and many hunting rifles are capable of that. That doesn’t make them sniper rifles. People attach a catchy buzz word to an object to create a stigma.
            Just like with “assault” rifle.. It strikes fear into the hearts of the ignorant. But assault is an action. Anything can be used to assault someone.
            This whole “why do you need an (fill in the blank)” is a red herring. Last time I checked, it’s not a constitutional “need”. It’s not called the “bill of needs”. It’s a right, and you are not required to show a need to exercise a right.

          19. If by “sniper rifle ” you mean a rifle with scope capable of hitting a target out to 500 or 600 yards then you are talking about my hunting rifle. There is nothing evil about my hunting rifle. There is nothing evil about my AR. But it is something I enjoy shooting. A firearm, no matter what type, is merely a tool.

          20. Robert, you seem to be an expert on this subject. Could you please explain the characteristics that make a “sniper rifle ” a sniper rifle and why they are not needed? I don’t quite understand what it is that makes them sniper rifles? I was in a sporting goods store the other day and walked by the hunting section on my way to buy a horse shoe set and I saw hunting rifles with scopes on them and they reminded of a sniper with his rifle in a movie. I would really like to know what makes a sniper rifle a sniper rifle and what the difference is and why people don’t need them? Please explain.

          21. Why did Rosa Parks “NEED” to ride in the front of the bus? The answer is… she didn’t. But the point is as an American you don’t have to justify a “NEED” to exercise your rights. Rosa could have lived her whole life at the back of the bus. But she didn’t have to and thank God she chose to exercise her RIGHT. Which was scary and created a lot of fear and hate amongst people who didn’t like it. Bottom.line:I don’t have to justify a NEED in order to exercise my RIGHTS. And my RIGHTS don’t end where your FEARS begin you biggot.

          22. Any long gun can be turned into a sniper rifle. Go out and buy a 30-06 and a good scope do some practicing and the next thing you know a 500 yard shot is a walk in the park. That’s a little over a quarter of a mile. Hell next thing you know a 22 rifle that’s an automatic will be banned cause in the right hands it’s just as deadly as any AR. Just saying

        8. Thanks for helping the libtard left fuel their argument on the AR-platform rifle types!!!
          Semi-Auto!!!!! It means that one pull of a trigger gets one discharged round down range!!!!
          What it DOES NOT MEAN is that it can kill as many people as possible as fast as possible!!!!
          But thank you, Nancy Pelosi, for stopping by to put your worthless two cents into this comment thread!!!

        9. I guess you don’t have to shoot fast when you are just killing animals. Seldom do they attack you so it’s really not necessary to have the high capacity. It’s easy to use and women love it so go back to controlling someone else’s life. But I guess you don’t care if women get victimized. Look at the size of the liberal mobs that haras people in their homes at night and are encouraged by the Democratic Party.

        10. The entire point of this post was that you don’t have to justify it. You may only want hunting rifles(sniper rifles), and that is your business. But if I want an AR, that is none of your business.

        11. No, the fact that they are “designed” to kill people is irrelevant. The 1911 was mostly designed for the military. Why aren’t you people screaming about them being designed to kill people? Besides…your all forgetting we do have the “justification” to own ars; the government has them and half the reason of the second amendment is to defend against a tyrannical government. Step one in controlling everything: disarm the people. However the point t as far as I’m concerned is moot. Eventually my idiotic generation will rise, almost all liberal, the guns will go. They’ll start hooking everything that’s isn’t already to the internet, including people, and they will have encompassed all of our steps like a greedy lion does watch it’s prey.

        12. To the author’s point, do you drive a stripped down Honda accord? Wear Walmart brand clothes? Eat a minimum of tasteless calories to keep alive?

        13. I own 4 center fire rifles, and all 4 were designed to kill men in combat. Funny thing though is that only 1 is a semi-auto, the other 3 are Paul Mause designed bolt actions (2 Czech 8mms, and a Spanish 7mm) Yes bolt action rifles were at one (a century ago) considered the state of the art in military weapons, and are still far deadlier than an Assault Rifle.

        14. “Designed for the sole purpose of being able to kill as many People as possible, in the shortest time possible.”

          That was not Eugene Stoner’s goal, he wasn’t a madman.

    41. Truth be told, all 10 of the first Amendments are being subverted, diverted, and often times outright perverted. All of the “Bill of Rights” protect each other. More important is that even if we had no “Bill of Rights,” our “Rights” would be protected via Governmental Duty Restrictions outlaid in the first 3 Articles of the Constitution.

      Our founders grappled with this very issue. That’s where the 9th Amendment comes from. It was written in an inverse fashion for a reason, for if they had written it to guaranty only the first 8 Amendments, then that’s all we would get. As it is now, in order for it to be true, then the first 8 must be as written with no exceptions.

      All that said, we now have Legislators creating Agencies, that are granted “Titles of Nobility,” who create punitive regulations, that serve as “Bills of Attainder,” which are often applied “Ex Post Facto.” We could (should) easily write a new “Declarations of Independence” (divorce Decree) today. We could just as easily list the very same “Irreconcilable Differences” we did the first time, and it would be valid.

      As to this article; “Which part of ‘Shall not be Infringed” is so hard to understand?

      1. Many of the Founders argued that the first 10 were a dangerous proposition to begin with. Why? Because the notion that a government is able to grant rights is also a government able to take them away. Rights are intrinsic that those against argued, and those rights don’t come granted by a Government but by birth. And these centuries later we begin to see the wisdom of preaching that we have “only” 10 inviolable rights.

    42. Yeah, I know one trillion is 1,000,000,000,000. That is a bunch of people in NYC alone this gun has loaded up and gone out to kill.

      1. The gun doesn’t kill people, the POS pulling the trigger does, and if it did why do we send so many of our troops into harm’s way! According to your theory we could just drop ship guns into combat zones and let the guns do the rest.
        Just this summer my 8yr. old son and I put together an AR15 300AAC Blackout. With the aluminum bcg and muzzle brake that we installed the rifle has very little recoil, thus allowing my son to fire it with confidence and accuracy. My son bagged his first deer with this rifle opening day of deer season.
        Sounds like we are making memories not crime scenes. While doing so he is learning how to be self sufficient, as well how to treat firearms with respect because he sees what they are capable of. AND YES I ALSO OWN THIS FIREARM AND OTHERS BECAUSE I CAN…. THIS IS AMERICA!

      2. I’m unsure of your point. As there is way less than one trillion people in the world let alone in NYC. The United States has a population of less than fourhundred million and NYC has a population of approximately 8.6 million. How can a firearm be loaded and prepared to kill more individuals than are alive in NYC let alone the world?

      3. Oh yeah, I forgot that part!!!!
        How a piece of, usually aluminum, machinery can load itself, pick itself up and aim, and pull its own trigger discharging several hundred rounds all by itself!!!!

    43. It’s the bill of rights, not the bill of needs.
      Take any of the other rights and put it in the why do need sentence.
      Why do you need to: pray, vote, have women vote, have a lawyer, have a fair trial, not have cruel punishment, not be searched any time or place.
      You don’t NEED any of those things.
      Those are your God given rights.
      Another answer, just as logical, is to shoot the government thugs coming to take your rights.

      1. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

        Doc – Since you believe government employees (local police, FBI, ATF, whomever), good people with families, should be shot for following any orders that may require gun confiscation, thus fulfilling their employment duties, perhaps we NEED to have YOUR GUNS TAKEN AWAY. The rights you mention are not God given – they are people given. People wrote the Constitution, not God. As for the needs listed – people do need to be able to pray as they wish; people (including women, of course) do need to have the right vote, or why bother with a democracy; rights to lawyers and fair trials, especially for the guilty, is the only way to protect the innocent; we need to not have cruel punishment, otherwise what separates us from the ‘burn people in cages’ groups; if you don’t think people in a free society “need” protection from unreasonable and unlawful searches and seizures, then you are really as dumb as you sound. Mr. Stripling is completely right – AR-15 possession is not about “NEED” it is only about “WANT.” There are now countless dead children (and adults) who only “WANTED” to live, but are now dead. Simply stated, you value your “WANT” of the AR-15 over others’ “WANT” of life. Speaking of God, I’m sure he’ll be very receptive to you invoking HIS name in justifying why these killing machines must be available to any untrained, unlicensed and unsupervised civilian who so wants, no matter how high the bodies are piled.

        Please let me know the name of your “well regulated Militia.” I’d like to join. Oh, that’s right, those words don’t count.

        Mr. Stripling – can you clarify what you mean by “certain individuals” that HB 2060 would require to “relinquish all firearms and ammunition within 24 hours.” Are these individual names picked out of a hat?

        1. “these killing machines ”. – “Arms” have been open to definition since the beginning of time so to speak considering stones to fists, automobiles, spoons, knives, guns etc. etc. wars and any other life threating object available, it seems the filtering words of wants, needs, likes, dislikes are minor battering rams in defense. I am very happy we in America have a constitution founded by some pretty wise folks that filters some of this out, whom apparently believed in God and that violence would continue but one day he would be the final filter in sorting the chaf from the wheat, and a 2nd Amendment including the individual right to bear “arms” (not specific) and a well regulated Militia was included. The type of “arms” is totally subjective and definitely irrelevant in this nuclear age.

          1. Then why not allow citizens to have briefcase nukes as well (if they can make em). Honestly – would you rather face an unhinged, bent to kill maniac, with a sharpened spoon or an AR-15. Design = Function, ARs are designed to kill as many as possible as quickly as possible. Shocking that they are the preferred weapon for mass shooters. Every craftsman knows that one picks the right tool for the job at hand. I have no doubt that the AR is a tremendously fun rifle to fire. I have fun at the range as well. I’m not sure “it’s fun” is a proper justification. I’m pretty sure the misery they have caused outweighs the afternoons of fun. We already draw lines when it comes to “arms” and what is and is not constitutionally protected. The line needs to be moved. Would the army allow an untrained and unsupervised enlisted person wield an AR-15? I think not. They are aware of the dangers. But the NRA believes that untrained civilians should have free access. Okay-dokey.

            1. If anyone thinks banning ARs would stop mass shootings, you couldn’t be more wrong. You can’t legislate sanity. If not ARs, then something else would be used. Therefore, that’s why the end game IS total confiscation and banning of ALL guns. I promise you that. Am I the only one that notes the hypocrisy in the outrage after a mass shooting and nothing even said when one person just kills one other person? Is it ok to just shoot one person at a time? Those that die in mass shootings are no more important than those that die by themselves. It’s a media thing and a vote-getting thing. Those that are the loudest truly care the least because they have ulterior motives and a mass shooting is way easier to politicize than a single person killed.

            2. History will repeat itself if people are ignorant of it. Nazi Germany was not long ago yet people believe it could never happen here. Confiscation of weapons was the beginning. But the brown shirts were only following orders! That is your argument! Wow

            3. Paul, I don’t need to justify my reason. Your opinion on it is irrelevant to me, don’t want me to have it. Come and take it.

            4. 1.Sure (good luck with that)
              2.Depends on the distance within 5 feet the AR. Past 5 feet the spoon.
              3.not really you should study the design more before stating what it was built for. Read real historical data on what it was built to achieve.
              4. mass shooters yes but reality is because they know little about weapon choice (not much of a craftsman more of a sheep who believes what they read in BS articles or watch on fake news)
              5. It is OK at the range. I doubt you spend any time there though
              6. Justify with because it is my right and I chose to extend it.
              7. No lines for arms they are all the same they propel projectiles. Next line would be another freedom gone. Maybe something you believe is your right.
              8. The military did not teach me anything I did not already know about fireams. I learned more from parents and grandparents (course that is the case for almost any responsible firearm owner).
              Extending past that I have taught my children. It is called being a responsible parent I did not rely upon unqualified people to teach them the more dangerous parts of life, I taught them to drive as well way more dangerous. Maybe we should just ban automobiles they kill, wound, and are used in more dangerous events dayly.
              9. You obviously don’t attend many NRA events either.

            5. It’s not the weapon of choice for mass shooters. The majority of shootings in general and those considered mass shootings are perpetrated with handguns. The most deadly school shooting in history was with handguns.

              As far as need goes, why aren’t you concerned with alcohol? No one needs it, and vehicle deaths related to alcohol exceed firearm deaths annually if you exclude suicides, which is certainly fair.

              Take away the AR-15, the crazies will use whatever is next. Then take that away too, and so on.

            6. I am a CITIZEN, not a civilian. Cops and other government employees are civilians. And yes, citizens do have the right to tell those employees what arms they may carry.

            7. shut up u bootlicking boomer.
              Any weapon that allows me to stop tyrants and gun grabbing commies should be protected. And fuck yeah recreational Mcbriefcase nukes should be on the table for anyone.

            8. My comment is not specific to you conversation bet rather your claim / statement that “AR’s are designed to kill as many as possible as quickly as possible” What makes you come to that conclusion? Aren’t pistols responsible for an overwhelming percentage of killings involving 4 or more casualties? What would make an AR more effective at killing than say an average 308 hunting rifle? Why single out this specific style of sporting rifle? Is it cosmetic, a mechanical feature, or are you repeating something from your favorite media outlet? Is an AR more deadly or devastating than say a Ruger Mini 14?
              I’m curious about your opinion.

            9. Feels before facts. Thanks Paul now move to England, where you can spout off about how you don’t like the laws of the land. No…wait you can’t do that there without a threat of imprisonment. Thank goodness for the 2nd amendment protecting that “right” in this beautiful country.

            10. London has just as much violence & murder as New York city has. Guns are illegal in London. The year following banning handguns in the UK, they they started taking away Freedom of Speech.

              Guns don’t kill people. People do. I never hear people like you come up with a real solution, especially to the 80% of homicide & violent crimes done by Handguns in the black communities, not Rifles. The vast majority of those guns are stolen too.

              Violent Crime has gone down since the ’90s & Homicide is pretty low too. So you will have to forgive me for saying a Gun Ban is just silly nor would it have any effect.

              “army allow an untrained and unsupervised enlisted person wield an AR-15??”
              They don’t use the AR-15 in the military since the AR-15 is not a military weapon. The AR15 has been available for purchase since 1962, they have just gotten ‘popular’. Banning the AR-15 just means people would use a different “Assault Rifle”. I read that most Mass Shooters or other killers using a gun don’t actually know much about Guns. Yeah, I guess they would choose the ‘popular’ gun, b/c they heard about it.

              “ARs are designed to kill as many as possible as quickly as possible”
              So is every gun. Reloading does not take 5 min. A hunting rifle with removable mag functions exactly the same.You can buy a 30 round mag for a Hunting rifle that can fire .223 or .308 same as the AR-15 & AR-10. There isn’t much of a diff between the 2 guns in that case. You would have to ban all rifles, but even then the total death isn’t nearly as high as handguns anyway.

              There isn’t anything special about the AR-15’s lethal ability. People think it looks cool & you can customize it, but that doesn’t make it more or less deadly.

              “briefcase nukes” – Not a thing. The reason these arguments don’t work is because people who can afford their own “Fighter Jet” have lots of money. Turns out they don’t do mass shootings or ‘whatever’, they get the Gov to do it since they are rich.

              “NRA believes that untrained civilians should have free access. ”
              Free Access? No. I don’t like the NRA, but they have little effect here.

              The NEED for AR-15s is b/c the POLICE USE THEM. The Federal Gov does not enforce domestic law nor fire on U.S. Citizens/Civilian, or for that matter, anyone who is not considered a direct & known enemy. There are laws on this & the Civil a lot to do with more laws/acts being added.

              “Please let me know the name of your “well regulated Militia.” I’d like to join. Oh, that’s right, those words don’t count.”
              No. Your words like this don’t count since you skipped your history classes. Countries time & time again show what happens when you take Guns away. Venezuala is shining example & as to why they currently have a dictator.

            11. Paul, you demonstrate nothing more than you know how to parrot the distorted, statist, historical revisionist propaganda youve been immersed in. In the end, it boils down to this. Its none of your damn business and its sure as hell not governments business. Your unbelief in God as the source of all our natural rights also belies a denial of the existence evil. Denying the rights of good men accomplishes nothing but denying our ability to defend ourselves against evil. Feankly, Paul, when all is said and done, there is only one thing left to say to you who would attempt to extinguish our God given rights. Come and take it. Because tyranny is tyrrany, it makes no difference if it comes with a uniform and a governmentally approved acronym or not.

            12. MOLON LABE, Paul. I can’t argue with you on a subject you are proud to be ignorant of. Feel free to not purchase an AR, or any other inanimate object you think is the cause of the collapse of civilization. Just know that, until we understand what makes people want to kill people they don’t know, whatever you do will ether make you less safe or make no difference at all.

            13. Paul, the Army does not use AR-15’s, which are SEMI-AUTOMATIC, they use M-16’s or M-4’s, which are FULLY AUTOMATIC or SELECT FIRE CAPABLE. Also the NRA does not believe that untrained civilians should have free access. They believe that if you do buy any type of firearm, you should get adequate training, for which they offer several introductory classes as well as advanced classes as well. Shall not beinfringed means just that, so there will be no more drawing of lines. Let’s not forget that’s it’s the evil in men’s hearts that is the problem, not the inanimate object that is to blame.

            14. Not for nothing, but the AR was not “designed to kill as many as possible as quickly as possible.” They are designed to reduce recoil allowing the shooter to maintain their target without struggling to maintain accuracy so as to reduce time between follow up shots.

              Aquiring a new target would be just as easy with any light weapon. The only thing that makes an AR any more deadly is that it’s a rifel. And it’s preferred because it’s more comfortable to hold and shoot. And the only reason it’s used as frequently as it is, is because it’s popular, not because it is the most deadly.

            15. The ridiculous argument about nukes again. Grow up. 1 from a philosophical angle the founders did feel citizens have the same weapons as the military. Remember they formed this nation as civilians who grabbed guns and overthrown the sitting government after attempting to address grievances over rights and taxes failed peacefully. The turning point was when the British tried to use the military to confiscate guns leading to Lexington and Concord battles. 2 while that being said we practically know that no civilian can afford the cost of a modern military. To buy an aircraft carrier, all equipment, 5000 man crew and pay and benefits for the decades of service. Or ICBMs in the back yard. So a line needs to be drawn and that is arms. Guns rifles shotguns and handguns. Not explosives. No grenades, RPGs, nukes or hand fired missiles. No heavy crew fired or truck mounted weapons. Yes that includes legal ownership of At-15s by citizens. And No the AR owned by civilians is not the same M16 carried by soldiers across the world. The M16 is full auto and the AR is not. Banning ARs won’t save lives. The public mass killers will use other guns like the bar shooter a couple of nights ago. ARs have been legal to own since 1963 but have not been used in mass killings until the 2010s. The issue is not the gun but what’s different today then 50 years ago. Why are people willing to mass kill more then they were back then. By the way according to FBI crime stats only 300-400 people die a year from a rifle bullet of any kind. AR, hunting ect. But 1700 are stabbed to death and 500 are killed with blunt force trauma. Beaten to death with a bat or other object including hands or feet. So statistically in spite of big media attacks one is more likely to die by knife or other object then a rifle bullet. The vast majority of gun crime is with handguns.

            16. You’re good at believing you know what other people thought, or are thinking. Ever consider you’re wrong, or that thinking you know their motivations is pure arrogance?

            17. Paul, nuclear weapons, national or personal are too expensive to create, manufacture, maintain, and secure, so that is a moot analogy.
              No learned person has ever so much as claimed that the U.S. Constitution created our Civil Rights. Our Constitution enshrines and enumerated our prepolitical Civil Rights.
              I doubt that you ever go to the range because of the things that you write.
              You are already part of the militia whether you want to be or not.
              You write, “… perhaps we NEED to have YOUR GUNS TAKEN AWAY. ” That is just what King George thought!
              Go back to your handlers and tell them that their worn out propaganda did not work.

        2. You say that these “killing machines” are available to any untrained,unlicensed, and unsupervised civilian. This is absolutely not the case. The background checks, the gun classes required for open carry, etc. just doesn’t really make sense for your point.

        3. Let me tell you something here Paul,,people kill people not the gun period when Hitler killed so many Jews the ar15 wasn’t yet in vented don’t be nieave ,our writers of the constitution knew full well what might come in the future even though they surely didn’t have any idea of what guns might be invented in the future ,but they did know the minds of men bent on controlling others !Simply put they will stop a nothing to get that control ,all it takes is people like you who have been brain washed into believing that all guns are a bad thing .If you go back through history you’ll see various guns from flintlocks to machine guns that were used to keep the USA free !,,you do enjoy you’re freedom don’t you??

        4. We hanged a lot of good Germans who loved their families for “just following orders”. The 2nd Amendment does not give any rights. It prohibits the government from infringing upon the pre-existing right.

          1. The “rights” are purely a human construct, as there are privileges and responsibilities. In fact the only reason they are “inalienable” is because a group of people decreed it so. The Bill of Rights is not the 10 commandments, even though you apparently confuse the two.

          2. Inalienable God given rights. Then you know calling someone a “damn fool” is wrong. Not for the one you insulted but for yourself…

        5. Wow , a little to far out there on this one! A 10-15 round mag pistol will do the same as an ar-15!!! Any day if the week and as I have proven at the gun range over and over again, I can reload and keep shooting just as much as a 30 round mag can keep unloading! But one question to all commenting on here , why is it that all of the idiots that use the(AR-15) can only wound and or kill on average 10-15 people during any if there so called MASS SHOOTINGS.??? I don’t,know about anyone’s else thought on that subject but I can say this!!! If were gonna use that rifle to commit such a crime why would I stop at such a low number? Especially if I was gonna kill myself in the end!!!????? I mean shit if ur going out that way why don’t they take more victims or use multiple mags?? Out of a 30 round mag that’s the best these losers can do?? Sounds way to fishy to me!! Conspiracy theory or not it makes no sense that that all these shooters can do?? Any thoughts on that? Anyone????

        6. The only things one NEEDS are air, food and water. After that comes shelter and then security. If you choose to use a bible for security that is your choice. I have a gun for security. Some people enjoy reading their bible. I enjoy shooting my guns. For me, guns are both security and enjoyment. What gun I choose as a lawful citizen is up to me. If you want to read from a fancy bible I won’t complain. If I want to shoot a fancy gun…keep your nose out of my business cuz one day a lawful citizen may save your and your families life with a gun from a bad guy with a gun who would have that gun weather or not it’s legal cuz he is a CRIMINAL. if guns are banned that will only take the guns away from the good guys.

        7. You must not understand what a God given right is. Look it up. People have the right to survive and live by whatever means is necessary for them to do so. And a checks and balances system is if the utmost necessity. Why does the US need so much weaponry? Because it is to balance the other would be assailants and to discourage. Does that not also apply in country with our own people. I mean if we lived in a utopian where the cops weren’t beating on innocent people or where the youth can’t be spanked because it is harsh so they develop into kids that join gangs because what can mom and dad do I would say maybe we can trust in our government to protect us. But a famous man once said “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. One thing I can do is keep a checks and balances system or at least a deterrent. The people outnumber the uniforms by a lot so while we may not have tanks and Jets we have numbers and armed. And why do we not have nukes in suitcases you ask because the sane individual agrees that if it is too much power for a country it is definitely too much for the public sector. Weapons are weapons. There is no such thing as a weapon of assault they all assault. So grow up grow a pair and allow people to protect their families and exercise their rights to want things.

        8. What is clear is that you don’t get it.
          Why would anyone give credence to the addled perception of someone who would value their own opinion more than my rights to protect myself and loved ones.

        9. Paul, you need to do some reading, get started now, because there are volumes on or Constitution, and how it was developed, and it’s meaning.
          You have obviously missed it.

        10. Love how you cherry pick the 2nd amendment. It matters not if the militia is standing at this point in time or not. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed in the event the militia is needed. Do you expect a militia to form using nothing but pitchforks? The point behind the 2nd is to ensure we the people have a means to defend ourself from a tyrannical government. And with the liberals acting they way they do about trump, one would believe he is a tyrant. And if he is, then why are you for confiscation?

          In addition to all this, what gives you the right to force your beliefs down people’s throat? If you do not like the weapon then don’t own it. No different than not liking a particular car or truck, which by the way kills more people every day than guns.

          In short stop telling me/us what I can do or what I can own cause your feelings are hurt. We don’t care if they are hurt.

        11. Holy God. You self proclaimed constitutional scholars STILL haven’t learned how to read. The rights in the bill of rights are written down by man true enough but originate from God. That is the most important distinction. If man created these rights then man, or government can arbitrarily rescind them And that includes freedom of the press. The militia you want to join? Again, do your research. In those days, since our nascent union had no standing army or police, militia meant “any and every able bodied male who possesses a gun and is able to use it.” Well regulated meant the ability to use the weapon in defense of oneself and others in the community. Specifically, the founders knew the time would come when government and the “collective” would get too powerful and attempt to control the populace in the name of stamping out individualism and subverting personal rights to those of society as a whole.
          Sir, we will never allow our individual rights to be taken. It’s not about the type of firearm. And your stupid argument that an AR is more deadly is moot. Deadly is an absolute not subject to gradation. And yes I need an AR since when asshats like you create a new class of criminal and the awesome power of the government comes to a confiscation effort than yes! I need all the rounds and the ability to put them downrange as fast and as accurately as possible to protect my family and myselves as is my right as a single shot bolt action rifle just won’t suffice. Come for our guns age there will be a bloodbath. μολών λαβέ bitch.

        12. I’m sorry, did your mother have any children who lived? “A well regulated militia” is the “NEED” In order to satisfy that need you must have a population who is familiar with the use of “Arms” and have them at hand in time of need. “Regulated” means trained in the context of the document. As in trained in the operation, anatomy, and theory of arms and the handling of arms properly in time of need. You don’t get to be well trained by having no access or the tools required. Thus, not “infringed.”

        13. If a mechanic is working on an engine and he loses a socket or breaks a ratchet then he grabs another wrench, open end, adjustable etc. The point being that a determined individual will not stop a task because a tool is not available. Do you know the damage one can cause with a F-250 pick up to a crowd? Even if a magic wand could make all firearms disappear, a determined hate filled person will not give up. He or she will simply use another tool to accomplish the same task. Cane killed able with a rock. We cannot outlaw every weapon of opportunity. Outlawing any firearm simply limits the freedoms enjoyed by law abiding citizens.

        14. You are dead wrong ! The actual intent for the 1st is to do just that ! To shoot any government official that comes to unlawfully take away your rights ! The AR15 is the closest thing to the rifle that the military uses , true ! And the founding fathers wrote “to protect against foreign and DOMESTIC threats , so stopping a tyrannical government was exactly what Mr.Madison and Mr.Mason had in mind while drafting this document and in order to defend ourselves from such a threat would require such tools !!! Need ? Nobody “needs” a car that will go more than 75mph as that is the highest posted speed limit in the country yet every car you go buy will far exceed this ! Compare ALL rifle deaths , include accidents and suicides and negligent vehicle deaths and you will see that you are barking up the wrong tree !!!! Maybe we should ban cellphones as the teen deaths from texting and driving alone out number rifle murders by a huge margin ! America is great because it is unique, and it is unique because of our constitution and our history so love it or leave it but stop trying to change it for the worse !

        15. What about all those countless children in Germany, Eastern Europe, Russia, China, laos etc. They wanted to live too. Yet then laws came saying that you cannot own weapons and after this people including those chidren were rounded up and exterminated and they could not defend themselves because their weapons were confiscated.

      2. Doc, I like your logic. Why do we “need” any of the rights enumerated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? The “need” question is really a false premise question. Someone trained in logic, which I am not, could say it better. The question assumes something, a need, when it isn’t a need. So, I might answer, “I don’t” and leave it there. If they ask why, then, “because I want it”. We don’t have to defend our legal actions.

    44. I truly believe they won’t stop till they get their way that’s why me and my family are prepared for war if the Supreme Court bans semi autos that’s it it’s the last straw… war.

      1. Really? Prepared for “war.” How are your AR-15s going to help when the Abrams, Bradleys and Strykers come rolling down Main Street to “take your guns.” Your unhinged fantasy war game scenarios make you a laughingstock. So sad that your biggest issue is the right to own semi-autos.

        There is only one solution – you and your family will need more than semi-autos to go to war. Therefore, you should have the right to own tanks, F-16s, Apaches, grenades, grenade launchers, anti-tank shoulder fired rockets, land mines, flame throwers and of course, the ole ma-deuces. You should have that right, and EVERYONE of your neighbors – that would be a country to be proud of.

        1. Just having arms, even lesser arms than Abrams and apaches is a major deterent ti losing our rights and to totalitarianism (historically across the world, most nations do delve into taking away what we consider God-given rights and then can proceed into despotism. It hasnt happened here yet… wonder why?? Constitutional founders understood this, thus the particularly strong wording regarding the right to bear arms- “shall not be infringed.” They also made clear that this right is necessary because the government would have so much power with the necessity of a well regulated malitia.

          1. Continuing on your point, As a defense for anyone who says “but in the 1700s when the second amendment was made everyone only had muskets so it only meant that people have the right to bear muskets”, everyone only had muskets then. Citizens AND the potentially oppressive government.
            Now, most citizens only really have up to AR-15 s while the government has a slew of tanks and planes and machineguns. The playing field was level then but it is less level now, favoring the potentially tyrannical government. It isn’t about the killing ability of firearms, it is about the technological gap. People back then could ward off a tyrannical government with muskets, nowadays we would need ar-15s (or maybe better)

        2. Paul. I once felt that way myself. I was catching a tan under the mid-summer sun contemplating why I should fear anything from people who had so little technology and sophisticated weaponry compared to us, the military of the U.S. However as those bullets whistled past my head I was quickly yanked back into the stark reality that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. The sweet smell of gunpowder and sweltering heat & humidity rising out of the Mekong river reminded me where I had been relocated to at such a young age. As it turned out our sophiscated weaponry did not reduce the enemy in such a way that I would say we overpowered our opponents. A determined militia of citizenry with small arms and faith in their belief may in fact be enough to preserve their constitution.

        3. One always assume that the military is at the pure guidance of the government but when you draw lines as contraversial as gun control many assumes the soldiers would follow any order. Reality is the same peice of military equipment used to try to enforce confascation would be used to defend the right to keep them. The division of opinion on the subject is too great. Neither side see the others the difference is only one is trying to take and one is trying to keep.
          Before you should try to take something someone feels strongly on understand how you would feel if it you were having something you feel strongly on taken.
          The AR 15 that is the center of this is definitely not the most powerful rifle it is actually on the low end for a rifle. It’s rate of fire is matched by any semiautomatic firearm. The military version was chosen for a balance of power, range, accuracy, rate of fire, recoil, and load weight.the last 2 being the most important. all others previous rifles used were superior in every other categories.

        4. You do realize it is lega for citizensl to own most items on your list? Most require a tax stamp. A flame thrower is not regulated at all, it is a common farm tool.

          The Apache and F-16 may not be on the open market yet, but you can buy tanks and fighter jets over the internet.

          1. why are you so offended? If you have this many issues with firearm why are you on a site called ammoland? And the reason I’m asking is general curiosity and mild interest. I’ve read some of your other comments as well and thought to myself “Why does he sound so angery over everything being said” then I thought you know I’ll ask him and maybe he has a story to tell and I do love stories and don’t take it the wrong way I don’t mean any disrespect when I say it I love stories ranging from my books to what the nice old lady at the retirement home told me about her struggles in life. I have a love for book, game, knowlege and metal and games and metal get me judged so out of curiosity one day I asked why they judge me for playing games? and I got the response becuase video games make you “lazy and stupid” then I said I never said I play only video games and I love atmospheric, story driven, mystery and puzzle games as well as and I pull out a deck of playing cards I play a lot of different games and my interest in metal is what lead to my respectable job as a welder and I got a look I never saw before a look of realisation that they didn’t get the whole story and made assumptions that weren’t true and I myself took a lesson from that to listen to both sides and look in the middle for a solution or even a fix. So, if you are interested could you let me know your story and why you so offended or upset

        5. Paul is just your typical elitist whiner. He doesn’t need it so why should anyone else. The AR15 is not your mom, it aint for everyone. Suck the 2nd’s big hairy nut commie boy.

        6. Funny…the Viet Cong didn’t have tanks or helicopters or heavy artillery pieces — ad the effectively kicked us out of Viet Nam — even with all of our hi tech weaponry of the era. Everytime I hear the “the military has X weapon that you can’t fight against with you puny semi-auto rifles so you shouldn’t have them” (paraphrased) — It reminds me that most people are ignorant of the fact that modern military forces have supply lines that are vulnerable to guerrilla insurgencies…an Apache with no fuel is just a hunk of metal on the ground — same with a tank…look at Afghanistan for a good tutorial on how hellish fighting a guerrilla force that blends in with the local population…so could people fight a tyrannical government in this day and age? Yes. Am I implying we have one? No.

        7. Glad someone is thinking how I’m thinking… Paul that’s the best idea anyone’s had yet. Have everyone the same tactical capability, civilian or government officials alike.
          The real reason there have never been hostal boots on main land USA is because of the guns in this country, why has not a single one of you well educated trolls mentioned that.
          I am sorry for anyone and everyone’s loss(s). But truly mass shootings can be preformed with any firearm… You know when. I was a kid I don’t remember there being mass shootings like ever. Seems to me we have a real problem here in this country and AR 15 AK47 HK91 SKS AINT IT. So please I have 2 lads myself theses days and I’d really like it if they didn’t have to try and raise there kids under Sharia Law or Dick_tater head Kim Jung sharp_spoone

        8. Well hey!!! It’s Nancy Pelosi again!!!! She has the right, as a liberal senator, to say that we cannot be allowed to own semi-Auto rifles if they are built in a scary configuration like an AR-platform rifle, but Ms. Nancy Pelosi gets to have her ten man personal security team armed to the teeth with the very same firearms that she says we, law abiding citizens have no rights to!!!
          Hey Nancy, I hear Planned Parenthood is looking for a new speaker to help them maintain their government funding to kill babies in the womb and market the broken body parts off to the highest bidders!!!!
          How about you go give them a bit of your pep talk!!!

        9. Active duty infantryman here.

          We will never march on US citzens. Entire battalions would sooner defect. Don’t put words or actions at our feet, and kindly fuck off and and thank god for that fact.

        10. We couldn’t beat the Viet Cong. We had overwelming forces and still lost. The British lost to us even though they had better technology. It’s not always about who has the biggest and best.

        11. Moron, so it’s better to be unarmed is what your saying? How many Bradley’s are there in the military how many can fit into a community, will all government soldiers come down on the people in tanks and planes? Get real your an idiot. There will always be for soldiers and they’re will always be offensives mounted against those that terrorize American values at home or abroad. Who says the fight has to be in their terms? And for the record of something like that ever happens don’t knock on the doors of the people you wanted to disarm

        12. Gee, I dont know smartass. Why dont you ask how a bunch of rice farmers in black pajamas did just that. Never underestimate the human spirit or the will of any people to be free.

        13. The argument that people with rifles can’t defend themselves against a modern army seem to be over when this is asked. How many years have we been in Afghanistan and Iraq? Next blame rules of engagement. Because we aren’t wholesale slaughtering the civilians but behaving civilly? Think American soldiers on American soil will show less restraint against their fellows?

        14. The Taliban don’t have any of the shit either, but they’ve put up a pretty good fight for over 15 years now. I certainly don’t agree with their believes but it’s a pretty good case study that will tell you, you don’t need a tank to beat a tank. The only thing a tank is good at fighting is another tank.

        15. Paul, once again you have the “Kool aid” response. The tyranny in this country will nott come from our military. It will come from weaponized bureaucracy, BLM, EPA, the IRS, LLE and other’s. The Bundy crew proved a few things no matter if you agreed with them or not. I don’t know how many Dems I heard say just go in and gun them down, this is the left.

      2. I would suggest you ask the Iraq insurgents. They found very creative ways to stop our tanks and cook our guys inside their MRAP’s and Bradley’s using homemade EFP’s. Having seen it 1st hand and having had to pull parts of my brothers in arms out of said vehicles, I’m here to tell you, they’re not unstoppable.

      3. One more couch bound von Clauzewitz. “Going to war…”. The fellow at the Ruby Ridge tried that. Even when facing the inept officials armed with similar weaponry it didn’t turn out too well for his family or his dog.

    45. The AR (America’s Rifle) is the root cause to all death in the world. Ever since it was created in a secret lab hidden under the porch of an Iowa farmer’s house lab by those demons at ArmaLite it has killed over one trillion (1,000,000,000) people in just New York City alone. We must ban this terrible death machine before it links up with artificial intelligence and attacks the moon (thank god that Elon Musk is trying to warn of AI).

      1. Once again, Armalite Rifle!! NOT Americas Rifle! Theres more AR/M4 platforms across the globe 2nd only to the AK-47.


      3. I’m sure you have actual data to back up that claim!

        One trillion citizens of New York City, huh??!!

        Since, I’m guessing, Armalite designed/invented the weapon that became the M-16(or so you seem to claim), just before Vietnam got into full swing and America got involved.
        You want everyone here to believe that, in just New York City alone, over the last 50+yrs, one trillion people have been killed by that weapon platform alone!!!
        No other weapons used, like planes crashing into the World Trade Centers killing over 3,000 Americans in New York City in one day!!!
        I’m sure if your claims are true, you will find that over 98% of that one trillion were killed by groups like the Black Panther Party, to name just one criminal organization in New York City!!!

      4. Yes those AR’s are killing everyone!! We have to do something about those. Reading the comments about rights and the “killing machines” makes me sick. Yes the bill of rights was formed to protect the people from WHO? Why was the right of people to bear arms the second amendment? Because the writers knew THEN that they wanted to start a new society that was not government controlled. So why own an AR? I personally don’t think it’s really constutional specifically. To say that the AR was made to be a killing machine is kinda wrong. The original design (military) was designed to give a “Soldier” optimal advantage on the battlefield. The civilian models most Americans, think they are the same as what the military is using. I would agree that it is a very modern sporting rifle. I think the multiple bullets it can hold is what freaks everyone out, and that’s been changed by some states! But we cannot ignore that the AR or any other gun does not do the mass killings. Regrettably it’s the soul pulling the trigger! And you can take the guns away from everyone ( this is where the 2nd amendment comes in because you can’t INFRINGE ON THE PEOPLE’S RIGHT) and say that’s the problem of mass shootings, but in reality it comes down to almost all shootings were acted out by disturbed/mental individuals. And you can keep taking weapons from the PEOPLE, but there will always be a that one individual that figures out how to create disasters.

      5. Jim your clearly an idiot! Guns dont hurt anyone. People holding them hurt people.if you could get rid of New Yorkers it sounds like there would be less death… Haha

      6. If it wasn’t for the AR, you would all be overrun by commies. Then you would complain about the AK being the worst. Get some life experience first and then try to post.

      7. You had it right the first time.

        1,000 = one thousand
        1,000,000 = one million
        1,000,000,000 = one billion
        1,000,000,000,000 = one trillion

      1. Is it possible to have mature meeting of thoughts without resorting to name calling? Yes im a gun owner because i choose to be and i let others choose what is right for them!

      2. The Anti-Gunners should be concerned about various agencies not heeding notifications when a person is acting irrationally (Parkland Fla) or when a petson is DISHONORABLY DISCHARGED (Airforce) for beating his wife and the paperwork wasn’t forwarded to the state to p6him from purchasing a weapon (Texas) . Reducing thede errors will do more to reduce gun violence. Space doesn’t allow me to communicate on othet areas of gun violence.

      3. The death machine is the idiot with his finger on the trigger. I don’t need my ar15, but I enjoy shooting it and have a 22lr Kit so my Grandkids enjoy shooting it, also deer hunt with the 458 socom barrel. Very versatile weapon. The m-16 full auto version is for war. The semi automatic ar15 is for sport. To the physocialpaths that kill people, the gun don’t matter, they’ll take what they can get, just have enough rds to get the job done. Get off the weapon and start restricting the shooters!! That gun control I can agree with!!

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