Why Do You “Need” an AR-15 Rifle Anyway?

Opinion by Michael Stripling

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Why Do You “Need” an AR-15 Rifle Anyway?

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Why does anyone need an AR-15? This question came to me, for the second time in recent history, while I was teaching a concealed carry firearms course at a private range surrounded by woods in Central Florida.

To be honest, even though I had heard this question recently, I still stumbled over my answer. I hesitated slightly and half heartily blurted out something about home defense, but why was this question so hard for me to answer? I mean, the first time I was asked, I have to admit I got a little defensive, and it was my own mother who had asked me. I had fumbled my words, became quite frustrated and told her “I would go find my copy of the Constitution for her to read”.

I later realized that I owed my mother an apology, she had genuinely meant no harm, she was merely ignorant of the subject, and asked in curiosity. It was myself I should have been upset with because, in times like these where our guns and rights are always under attack, I just was not prepared with an intelligent response.

You see, I'm a “gun guy.” I'm a proud NRA member, a firearms instructor, a chief range safety officer, and a veteran. I'm registered to vote Republican, and I have been collecting guns since I was a kid. So how is such a little, simple question presenting me with so much frustration? Well after some careful thought, I realized what the problem was. It was the question; it was not so little or straightforward after all. The question itself is misleading, often unbeknown to the asker.

Why do I have to find a reason to justify my need for it?

The truth is my need doesn’t matter. It might be property defense, it might be hunting or competition, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t NEED to NEED it. I have the RIGHT to WANT it. Why does the average American household need 3 TV's? Why does my wife need 15 pairs of boots? Why do people need to put rims on their vehicles, or what is the need for a microwave oven? Wouldn't the cars still drive with factory tires? Don’t most kitchens have conventional ovens? So why does anyone need any of these things? The answer to all of these questions is the same! It's because I WANT them and it's my RIGHT as an American!

You see, we have this thing called a Constitution, the American Heritage Dictionary defines Constitution as “The system of fundamental laws and principles that prescribes the nature, functions, and limits of a government or another institution. The supreme law of the United States, consisting of the document ratified by the original 13 states and Amendments.”

The question in itself leaves the tart taste of communism in one's mouth. The fact is, the Second Amendment protects us, the law-abiding American citizen, and it protects the other Amendments of the Constitution, and it is now under blatant attack.

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The left tells us they just want to ban the “dangerous assault rifles,” high capacity magazines, and bump stocks, but that is just the beginning. They only say this to win over those, who wander on the middle ground. What comes next are “permanent protective orders” like the House Bill 2060 that’s making its way to the Pennsylvania state Senate right now. Which would require certain individuals to relinquish all firearms and ammunition within 24 hours. You can be sure it won't stop there, if the Liberals get their dirty claws in the American people, they will undoubtedly pull us in for the kill, sinking their infecting teeth in the whole Constitution, shredding and destroying all of our freedoms and liberties.

This is it folks, this is a Civil War and we must fight, not yet with violence, but with our voices and our votes. We must resist in any way possible before it's too late. I urge you to call, or write your Senators, remind your friends to register and to vote. Let the snowflake Liberals know that, “we will not stand for our freedoms to be stripped away.” The time is now upon us, our Constitution was written to protect the people of this great nation, and it is under attack. “We the People” must return the favor and protect the Constitution.

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    1. Looking over the comments here, I have to assume that the anti-gun people have found Ammoland and decided to troll it. The display of ignorance of both history and weaponry is impressive.

    2. Just be a good person and nobody will mess with ya if they do you will be ready like we all are.think that’s all we need to know.

    3. As a US citizen is my heritage fortified by my great-great-great-grandfather John Adams who helped write the Declaration and fortitude’s me the Second Amendment to bear arms and it clearly states “From a tyrannical government”that means to protect myself from our leaders as well as a invading one ” so come take it bitches”

    4. This article randomly appeared on my Google news feed. I came here looking for reasonable arguments, dispel some stereotypes. Nope, the mentality is as simplistic as portrayed everywhere.

      As a Christian myself, allow me to be blasphemous towards your “God-given” Second Amendment, itself a man-made change to man-made law, envisioned in a time when America was wild and lawless, and whose authors just couldn’t have foreseen the proliferation of manportable firearms which would’ve made even Richard Jordan Gatling blush. Its vagueness is shared by similar contemporary provisions which originally implicitly permitted things like owning slaves.

      This ardent defense of the ownership of weapons of modern war could easily be applied to the ownership of people and the deprivation of their freedom, if I were to follow through with the logic that the Constitution is “God-given” and set in stone like the Ten Commandments. But that part of the Constitution was changed in 1865, one of many times, since it’s not of divine origin and it would be supremely arrogant to claim God’s endorsement.

      Semi-automatic rifles are weapons of war. They are not necessary for the common citizen, and an alleged inalienable right to “want” them is entirely unlike wanting anything that doesn’t have an explicit, precise design to kill people in droves. A design over which nations would’ve literally started wars in 1791, when the Second Amendment was introduced, since it placed the firepower of an entire 18th century sharpshooter platoon in the hands of a single person.

      And then there’s the tired paranoia of the Ragnarok scenario, one which I had previously half-believed to be a leftist myth to ridicule gun lovers. But no, there’s an actual belief that some day The Man will turn totalitarian and cum git yer gunz n’ freedums! The author did in fact go there: banning assault weapons is just the first step! So in order to prevent complete, mass disarmament by a hypothetical Soviet government or something, mass armament is apparently required.

      Who knows, this may well be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it will hardly be the work of the Left. After all, if the last few years have proven anything, it’s that the Far Right is far more likely to succeed in America. No Swastikas required (though those are having a frightening degree of acceptance these days). All it needs is the flag and the cross, and then apparently anything can be deliberately misconstrued as the will of God for very mundane, very mortal ends, from the Crusades, to the Inquisition, to Islamic jihads, terrorism, radical Christian fundamentalism, and it seems even this “God-given” right to bear military-grade arms (often without any meaningful kind of validation nor registration process).


      1. The difference between a slave and a gun is that one is living, one has had its rights stripped away. By taking our guns though, you have stripped our right away. Now, I’m not saying that we are the same as the slaves, no. I would hate to go through anything like that. But it is a similar scenario. The reason we own guns is not JUST for self defense, it is to keep the government in check if it gets out of hand. It’s also “funny” that the left was trying to keep slaves in the south, introduced Jim Crow laws (and yes, Republicans in the south did it too to get the vote of white landowners, which was a sad and terrible thing to do, but the Democrats INTRODUCED IT), and now they’re trying to take our guns. When will they stop? Even now they are calling people “child haters” and such for protecting our rights, when will they take the 1st amendment? Too much power leads down a dark path, and though I don’t believe our rights are “God Given”, I do believe they are in place to protect individuals from ruining the lives of others. All it takes is one election to do that.

      2. My thoughts exactly; we are interpreting a 200 year man made document that we have to interpret for present day application. Thanks for the thoughtful response

      3. Well sir I wholeheartedly disagree. While I don’t think the author makes a strong case, the case couldn’t be clearer and I’ll simplify it for you. If you don’t want to own a gun, multiple guns, an arsenal, then dont. Thats your right. The same as if you don’t want to own a Mercedes Benz or a red necktie or a guitar. However, where the leftist Dems and per your writing, yourself as well, get it wrong constantly is that because you all don’t like guns or are afraid of them or whatever, you feel it is perfectly acceptable to tell the rest of us that we shouldn’t have them either as if you all are the smartest ones in the room and the rest of us “just dont get it” and you all need to tell us what we should have or not have. I would never presume to tell you what you should own or not own as its not my business. So why is it different in the reverse?

        So again, to simply this, if you personally don’t want a gun, that’s your right to exersise. Conversely, It is my right to exersise to own a weapon or in my case, multiple weapons including four of the “scary, evil, military assault rifles”. So, I will respectfully disagree with your position and leave you with this, ” A well regulated militia being nessecary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to.keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”. Hopefully this clears it up.

        1. No, there’s no need for simplification. I know what you’re saying. I don’t want a gun, so I don’t get one and that’s it. But the legal permission and lax procedures to get weapons of this kind, so that you can have fun in a shooting range (because you can be damn sure you don’t need a semi-automatic rifle for home defense since you don’t live in Syria), has enabled sick and mentally deranged individuals to procure them and carry out what we’re all well aware of. So your superfluous right to have fun enables others to hose down students and children. Are there mental healthcare issues to address? Of course, but it’s just as valid to question whether those individuals should get such weapons in the first place, and to call for stricter evaluations when someone intends to purchase them.

          As for semi-auto rifles not being a weapon of war, well, again, ask the authors of the Second Amendment in 1791, for whom the peak of firearms technology was slow, inaccurate, muzzle-loaded muskets.

          No need to ban those, since any loonie intending to go on a modern shooting rampage would’ve been overpowered after the first shot, or a few at most, if they were carrying several of those heavy muskets.

          No need to even ban cannon, either, since the vast majority of people wouldn’t have been able to afford one anyway, and in any case, they’d be hugely impractical for any socially harmful purpose outside of a battlefield context.

          But if the village nutjob could’ve been able to easily acquire a platoon of mercenary sharpshooters to do their bidding without question, well, that would’ve at least given the lawmakers of the time some pause.

          So what does this decades-old irresponsibility enable other than crazies killing more Americans than any jihadist? It’s useless even in the totalitarian Ragnarok scenario, in which the evil government would come with tanks rolling down the streets, and probably flatten any excessively rough neighborhood or town with artillery and/or airstrikes. In the meantime, until that entirely plausible endgame, the tree of liberty is refreshed with the blood of children.

          1. “… lax procedures to get weapons…”??? What country do you live in? Here in the US, with over 23,000 firearms-related laws currently on the books (enforceable), American firearms is now the (not “one of the,” but THE) single most heavily-regulated industry in the entire world!!

            It is already illegal (there is already, supposedly enforceable, ink-on-paper law in existence) for “mentally deranged individuals” to own firearms. Do you propose to pass another identical piece of legislation? Do you think that duplicate laws will convince criminals that such ownership is (not just illegal, but) really, REALLY illegal?

            My rights do not in any way “enable” evil people (criminals) to break laws. That concept is idiotic.

            The founding Fathers were intelligent, well-educated individuals who knew exactly what firearms technology was capable of… four of them owned lever-action rapid-fire rifles (gifts from a British inventor) seven years before the 2nd Amendment was created. The rifle fired a 1/2″ diameter ball at 900 feet-per-second, with the accuracy to destroy a 4″ tree trunk at 100 yards. The rifle had a magazine capacity of 22 rounds. In 1804, President Jefferson loaned his rifle to Lewis and Clark for their expedition to the Northwest (they credited demonstrations of the rifle to keeping native Americans peaceful – see their journals). The Founders knew exactly what they were doing!

            The “blood of children” has NOTHING to do with the “Tree of Liberty,” you jackass!!! Deaths of innocents is a direct, singular result of evil. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else. Period. Do not insult our intelligence again.

            Peddle your crazy crap elsewhere… other idiots might like it.

          2. 95% of all mass shootings could have been prevented if we got the ones who want to take our arms to sign a ceasefire.

      4. Well you DO have a god given right to be an idiot and you are demonstrating it nicely. So you get to decide that semi-automatic firearms are weapons of war? You are the reason why our founding fathers wanted the population to stay armed, to be able to overthrow tyranny and tyrants.
        Instead of blaming the worlds evils on stupid firearms or their owners, how about understanding what is happening to people that kill innocents and then commit suicide.

      5. Weapons of war? You are already wrong. Semi-autos are not weapons of war. Weapons of war are assault weapons and despite what the media wants to portray, assault weapons have the capability of full automatic fire. Nearly every single firearm in the world is a semi-auto (not full auto), from pistols (including revolvers) to rifles and shotguns.

        Paranoia? They aren’t coming for our guns? Ok what exactly did Obama and Hillary say on camera? They may have said we aren’t coming for your guns but then said that what the UK and Australians did is what they wish to do. So what did those countries do? They came and did forced confiscation of firearms….so what did you say again?

      6. You are an idiot. “Semi – automatic weapons” are not the subject of the right to bear arms, they are just a type of arms. In 1776 the most common “arms” were blackpowder muskets that shot lead balls which we now know to kill you slowly by poison and cause birth defects when pregnant women are exposed. Does that not sound worse than what a semi-automatic weapon does (load the next brass bullet into chamber, in case you thought it meant discharge rounds violently out of control). In 1776, someone that would dare do something as stupid as shoot a fellow American would have befell locked in stockades in a central, well visible, public place to shame that individual so they may never think to do it again. Today if someone commits a mass shooting, they are placed in secure housing with food, water, and entertainment until trial may conclude death penalty is warranted a decade after the incident. All the while said deranged individual is plastered over public view like a rock star.
        We have a right to bear arms so INDIVIDUALS (tyrants) may not infiltrate our government (the people’s government) and take over. If this is attempted by rulings that seek to remove liberties written within the constitution, the the people have a right to assemble, right to bear arms, and right to defend this nation from invaders (domestic in this case). Our military is in place to defend our nation from invasion from abroad, we the people are here to prevent invasion from within. That’s is why every state has a militia and don’t be mistaken where their loyalties lie. If California attempts to force Oregon to abolish and remove weapons from homes by California state law, the state of Oregon has its militia to keep California invaders out of its borders (the national guard is the militia, in case you didn’t know that either).
        And if you knew the history of your swastika you love to refer to, you would know it was the German left socialist party led by Hitler, and inspired by progressive LEFT American actions such as forcibly removing Indians in manifest Destiny (who put that in action again?) and progressive LEFT attempts at population control, those far LEFT ideologies inspired the actions of the swastika as we know it. It was radical left ideology that took the swastika, a native American symbol of peace and acceptance of fellow tribes, and the far left in Germany used it as a symbol of power and control of people.
        Anyway the right to bear arms prevents another radical left Hitler from taking over in the U.S., and it’s the vocal, ignorant left of this country like yourselves that will blindly accept it that will be like the ignorant German citizens that cheared Hitler’s speeches of abolishing freedoms of the people and creating a new society of better humans by genetic engineering and the such, kind of like what far left Hollywood is doing with their babies your know, gene modification and such. Go learn yourself please or be quiet if you are too brainwashed by the “structured education” you received.

      7. so youre not a Christian then
        youre just another Godless leftist trolling right wing gun websites in the hopes of wooing who you consider to be the hopelessly ignorant into your failed tyrannical ideology
        were not nearly as stupid and ignorant as you think we are
        the dead giveaway was the phony “as a Christian myself” qualifier combined with the typical elitist arrogant mindset
        weve seen your type before
        youre not welcome here
        the reason we need an ar-15 is for when people like you come to take our ar-15s plain and simple
        youre stoking the flames of another revolution
        is that what you really want
        because theres only like 4 million military and law enforcement in America
        theres 100 million of us with 300 million guns and billions of rounds of ammo
        and training and practice
        and the will
        they will be no match
        those who seek to tyrannize and control will never fight as hard and courageously as those fighting those who seek to tyrannize and control them
        the american revolution taught us that
        maybe not you but it taught us
        thats the lesson
        youre fighting a losing battle
        its already over
        the only thing left to be determined is how many people die
        of course sociopaths like you that have been produced and incubated in our countries college and university system dont care much about human life do you
        otherwise youd be fighting against abortion instead of gun rights
        get out of here and dont ever come back
        youre wasting your and everybody elses time

        1. I can more easily tell that you didn’t receive a good education than you whether I’m a Christian.

          I always love the amount of desperate labeling and stereotyping to put people like me in a tidy little demonized box. The assumption than I’m left-leaning, that I’m not Christian, that I’m pro-abortion, that I’m Democrat.

          I just love it.

          1. I won’t even bother to argue with you. I simply don’t give a shit what you think. 80% receivers, ghostgunner mini CNC machines, and pretty much anyone with any mechanical aptitude nullifies what you want. And that’s not even considering the 30+million semiautomatics already in circulation, and the promise of 3d printing that is just over the horizon. CT and NY have had a 5% compliance with their new bans, my those States own admission. CA is likely the same but won’t admit it. The vast majority of owners have essentially flipped the States, and people that think like you the bird. So now it’s up to you to decide what to do about it. If even 0.5% of those owners decide to fight, there will be a whole lot of blood in the streets. Balls in your court.

      8. Nope, the second amendment does not “GIVE” the right to arms, it merely enumerates a natural right all free people of the United States posses.
        Much the way Einstein and Newton didn’t give us the laws of physics, they just defined what they were.
        The constitution doesn’t give us rights, it just defines the natural rights of all free American people.

      9. CJ, The idea that a semi automatic rifle is a weapon of war is a liberal idea, so I can already see were you are leaning. The military uses a fully functioning automatic rifle, which can be used in 3 shot burst,or full auto. That’s a weapon of war. But let’s follow your path if I don’t need a semi auto rifle, then why do police all over the country have armoured vehicles, a weapon of war and automatic weapons in there arsenals, again weapons of war.
        Why does a government want to know what I have, but only for the fact that they can start to deploy the militarized police forces to your home to take away your only way to defend yourself. Think of Germany, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, these governments took away the weapons of the people and then brutality was then laced upon them.
        Again these rifles are not weapons of war. The real fear for the goverment is that we as citizens believe in our Constitution and what it says. Doesn’t matter if it was wriiten over 200 yrs ago. As for your rant about the Far Right we only need to look at the current Liberal Socialist movement being supported By George Soros money, and how it is more likely to see Antics groups do more rebellion then the Far right. Don’t forget the Democrats are the creater of the KKK and Jim Crow laws in the South.

      10. Alright GJ, time to dissect this a little.

        First, the right to protect one’s life is God-given, and how we are able to do so against any threat in this country is the 2nd Amendment. That’s the God-given part, not the amendment itself or the constitution.

        Secondly, if you mean to tell me that the founding fathers were entirely unaware of the progression of military weaponry, despite having seen it in their own time and throughout history, then your assumption of their ignorance is profound and arrogant on your part. Additionally, even had they not foreseen the specific development of firearms, the second amendment was historically used to allow civilian usage of military weapons. No, I don’t mean muskets, there are instances of civilians being allowed licensing for cannons for the defense of their boats for use of trade. Furthermore, the weapons available during even the Revolutionary War were already capable of wanton destruction, including several examples of weapons that fired multiple rounds per trigger pull. So to say that the founding fathers didn’t intend to allow the citizenry access to the same weapons available to at least your average rifleman is foolish.

        Third, semiautomatic rifles are a far cry from weapons of war, and they have several legitimate uses outside of just home defenae. The first that comes to mind is hunting boar, which have become quite a problem in the southeast and Midwest. Large groups of fast, large animals capable of goring you to death, and you’ll go at that with a bolt action? I highly doubt it.

        Fourth, unlike the lack of historical precedence that you have in claiming the founding fathers’ ignorance, there IS historical precedence to show that governments have a tendency to overreach and, in modern history, disarm their citizenry. It’s been done in several European countries of late, Australia, etcetera etcetera. Additionally, while the number of shootings has gone down in those countries, violent crimes haven’t gone done at any difference of a rate than the United States. Plus other more malicious attacks have become more commonplace, such as acid attacks, bombings, rape in higher numbers, the list goes on. So yes, it could be argued that not only is the scenario of a state-mandated disarmament a real and plausible threat but that yes, the most practical way to prevent or prepare for it is to have firearms widely distributed amongst law abiding citizens.

        Last but not least, even if you disagree with all of the above, ultimately for me personally gun ownership comes down to a simple preparedness rule: I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

      11. This is where your arguement is invalid, you come here for a differing opinion, which you get and promptly shit on.

        “Why do I have to find a reason to justify my need for it?”
        Right there is the best point of the article to people like you who don’t have an open mind on anything you do not already believe, the term is confirmation bias and your reply is full of it.

        Quick question, have you ever purchased a gun in your life? I’ve bought 7 guns in mine and had 7 background checks ran on me, I would not have been allowed to buy a gun if I did not pass that check for many reasons. There are always smart ways to improve existing laws and regs without completely changing everything but saying there is no valid form of validation is just plain wrong. All my guns are left in the safe outside of my ccw pistol, and guess what I’ve never had a gun break out of the safe and go shoot anyone, including my AR which my wife uses to hunt due to reduced recoil, a lighter weight gun that a 5’4″ 110lbs woman can easily carry (or if i need to lug her gun around on top of my marlin 336 lever gun) and longer range than several heavier calibers of guns. So again, why do I have to justify my need for it to you or anyone? Its clear you wouldn’t have an open mind, just parrot what the media says about common sense gun laws. I mean LMAO, the fact we would spend money trying to enforce “common sense gun laws” what is more common sense than not letting someone buy a gun who has had a history of domestic violence or a restraining order against them. Seems pretty common sense to me.

        You know what the issue is? Mental health, and the lackthereof ready support for those suffering from depression among other mental illness. Rather than trying to continue to support illegal immigrants with welfare, how bout we pony the fuck up as a country and invest that money in mental health facilities, reduce the amount of antidepressants and other meds and actually treat the sickness with therapy, lets get the homeless off the streets as many suffer from mental illness. Since when did

        Look at mexico and the cartels, they have very restrictive gun laws, there are mass killings uncovered daily. Its so bad there are caravans of migrants who need to leave the country because their government can’t take care of them and they are scared for their lives. Many criminals in mexico with fully automatic (truly weapons of war, not semiauto AR-15’s) weapons, kill with absolute impunity even though its illegal for them to possess such weapons they acquire them anyways. In may 2018, 2890 people were killed, an average of 93 per day or 4 per hour. Tell me how is gun control in mexico working? Further how has marijuana prohibition worked in the US? I mean fuck we cant even stop the import of that one drug from mexico, if we ban AR’s how long would it take for the cartel to start shipping weapons, creating another black market with more dangerous weapons.

      12. “Why do I have to find a reason to justify my need for it?”

        “It seems that this God given right to bear military grade arms (often without any kind of meaningful validation nor registration process)”

        That statement screams confirmation bias and if you had come here with an open mind, wouldn’t be making this point as “common sense” gun laws already exist. I have to question, have you ever purchased a firearm in your life, and if so did you just grab the gun off the shelf and walk out the door? I have personally purchased 7, one from a private ffl licensed seller, including an AR15 and my experiences each time has had a similar validation/registration process. Each time they performed a background check, each time they needed a valid form of identification, and verification that I was a US citizen by providing my social security number. I could have been turned down for many reasons, screaming “we need common sense gun laws” when that shit is in place just shows your ignorance. If you’ve got a clean record outside of speeding tickets, it is a pretty quick and easy process as it should be. I have seen several people be denied due to these restrictions, no id/ss, not passing background checks etc.

        At the end of the day, my weapons have never broken themselves out of their gun case, walked up and shot anyone. The AR we have is for my wife to take hunting. Overall there are many reasons this is a great hunting rifle for a 5’4″ 110lbs woman to use. First, it has a very manageable recoil in relation to heavier hunting calibers with good knockdown power at ranges out to 500 yards for about 200+yd range than my comparable marlin 336 30-30 lever gun I hunt with, it is a lighter gun and easier to carry on a daylong hunt, it is an accurate, and easily customizable weapon, but hardly a weapon of war as you describe several times.

        Want to see true weapon of war? Look at mexico, look at the restrictive gun control measures theyve passed and then look at how many mass murders and killings they have, look at the fully automatic weapons these cartels have access to and guess what, they are illegal! In may 2018, 2890 people were killed, avg 93/day or 4 people an hour. Again how has the war on drugs/marijuana worked for the US? The black market is huge for weed, anyone that has access to a phone can get it. What do you think is gonna happen if we made the sale and purchase of AR-15’s illegal? The black market would be flooded by these and many more dangerous fully automatic weapons as we can’t even secure our southern border.

        So should we ban AR-15’s? The killer at the nightclub in cali, a state with massive restrictions on AR15’s btw, used a glock 21 high capacity pistol, so should we make semi-automatic pistols illegal? No people. The issue here is mental health, the lack of access to that treatment and the over prescription of tricyclic antidepressants and other pills. It is sad that we place more importance as a nation on supporting the welfare of an ever increasing influx of migrants and refugees and we can’t even pony the fuck up as a nation to take care of our own veterans, homeless and mentally ill which many become homeless. How bout using some of that money to rebuild mental health facilities across the country to increase the availability and access to the right treatments and stop overprescribing these medications as the bandaid to fix all issues. At the end of the day, a criminal will use what he has access to, the terrorist attacks in Niece France shows that box trucks are very deadly, should we ban those too? What is the recurring theme across these killers? Their mental health. Stop distracting from the true issue here, fix the problem at the source.

      13. “Why do I have to find a reason to justify my need for it?”

        “It seems that this God given right to bear military grade arms (often without any kind of meaningful validation nor registration process)”

        That statement screams confirmation bias and if you had come here with an open mind, wouldn’t be making this point as “common sense” gun laws already exist. I have to question, have you ever purchased a firearm in your life, and if so did you just grab the gun off the shelf and walk out the door? I have personally purchased 7, one from a private ffl licensed seller, including an AR15 and my experiences each time has had a similar validation/registration process. Each time they performed a background check, each time they needed a valid form of identification, and verification that I was a US citizen by providing my social security number. I could have been turned down for many reasons, screaming “we need common sense gun laws” when that shit is in place just shows your ignorance. If you’ve got a clean record outside of speeding tickets, it is a pretty quick and easy process as it should be. I have seen several people be denied due to these restrictions, no id/ss, not passing background checks etc.

        At the end of the day, my weapons have never broken themselves out of their gun case, walked up and shot anyone. The AR we have is for my wife to take hunting. Overall there are many reasons this is a great hunting rifle for a 5’4″ 110lbs woman to use. First, it has a very manageable recoil in relation to heavier hunting calibers with good knockdown power at ranges out to 500 yards for about 200+yd range than my comparable marlin 336 30-30 lever gun I hunt with, it is a lighter gun and easier to carry on a daylong hunt, it is an accurate, and easily customizable weapon, but hardly a weapon of war as you describe several times.

        Want to see true weapon of war? Look at mexico, look at the restrictive gun control measures theyve passed and then look at how many mass murders and killings they have, look at the fully automatic weapons these cartels have access to and guess what, they are illegal! In may 2018, 2890 people were killed, avg 93/day or 4 people an hour. Again how has the war on drugs/marijuana worked for the US? The black market is huge for weed, anyone that has access to a phone can get it. What do you think is gonna happen if we made the sale and purchase of AR-15’s illegal? The black market would be flooded by these and many more dangerous fully automatic weapons as we can’t even secure our southern border.

        So should we ban AR-15’s? The killer at the nightclub in cali, a state with massive restrictions on AR15 rifles btw, used a glock 21 high capacity pistol, so should we make semi-automatic pistols ilelgal? No people. The issue here is mental health, the lack of access to that treatment and the over prescription of tricyclic antidepressants and other pills. It is sad that we place more importance as a nation on supporting the welfare of an ever increasing influx of migrants and refugees and we can’t even pony the fuck up as a nation to take care of our own veterans, homeless and mentally ill which many become homeless. How bout using some of that money to rebuild mental health facilities across the country to increase the availability and access to the right treatments and stop overprescribing these medications as the bandaid to fix all issues. At the end of the day, a criminal will use what he has access to, the terrorist attacks in Niece France shows that box trucks are very deadly, should we ban those too? What is the recurring theme across these killers? Their mental health, fix the problem at the source not a symptom of the problem we havent tried to solve. There are millions of people in the US that need our support, why cant we come together as a nation and realize that we can’t help everyone else until we get our shit together. We are trillions in debt, what sense does it make to add billions of dollars in welfare debt that could be spent elsewhere first and foremost.

    5. Why do the people need an AR 15 or an M1 Garand or M1A. The answer is not self-defense, varmint control or even defending your dwelling. The answer is more profound which is why government schools only teach parts of history and don’t link events to causes.
      December 16, 1773 the tax protest known as the Boston Tea Party happened.
      The British Army occupied Boston and on April 19, 1775 the British marched on Concord and Lexington to confiscate arms, such as gun powder, lead, flints, and muskets in storage.
      The independent, unchartered and not government approved militia they called Minutemen rallied to stop the British. The Minutemen had pledged to drop what they were doing on a minutes notice. The Revolutionary War was on.
      It took another year for the colonists to write the Declaration of Independence. If you haven’t read it this month, now is a good time.
      About a dozen years later the Congress wrote the United States Constitution and submitted it to the states for ratification.
      The Militia was included in Article One, Section Eight. Congress had the power to organize the militia, to supply arms and use the militia.
      Patrick Henry objected because a militia in control of a future tyrant was not protection of freedom.
      A Bill of Rights was demanded and written. Ratified as the Second Amendment we all “know” the words “shall not be infringed.” But few connect the reasons.
      The Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep arms in so many places that confiscation would be difficult. The Second Amendment guarantees thew right to bear arms as a deterrent to tyrants.
      Congress wrote the Militia Act to describe what kind of military arm was required and who was required to keep that kind of arm.
      In 1939 the SCOTUS stated that all they knew about the Second Amendment was that the people were required to keep privately owned military arms and to appear bearing those arms when summoned. The SCOTUS then remanded the MILLER case because they had no evidence to rule upon.
      So we the people need an AR because that is what Patrick Henry wanted and the SCOTUS agreed.
      A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state? The right of the people to keepm and bear arms shall not be infringed.

      1. And we citizens, when called by whom?, shall gather in barns or garages around the country with our ARs, banana clips and bump stocks, carrying our bug out bags, dressed in all the latest camo and Kevlar to do what? Stand up to defend our guns?
        And the government, any government, all governments, will either gather a superior force at a distance and let you work yourselves into a frenzy until it’s time to go to work, refill your meds or you tire of eating MREs and go home. Or, or they decide you are a threat to the peace and negotiate you into police vans. Or, one of you hurts or kidnaps, or just shoots at someone and the “authorities” then keep you awake a few days, gas you, stun you, and with helicopters, armored vehicles, SWAT teams, National Guards and US Marshall’s come in and “quell the disturbance.” You will then, after being “quelled”, those of you who survive, spend your days and nights and savings either awaiting trial or healing, doing physical therapy and awaiting trial.
        You have been supporting “law and order” officials who have made our police into paramilitary organizations backed up by real soldiers, marines and airmen with the full regalia and armament of modern war-fighters to let the rich continue getting richer without the distraction of civil insurrection by anyone, including self-proclaimed white militiamen. The final irony is after brandishing your weapons In defense of your right to own those weapons will, after you are released from custody, lose your right to own them.

    6. This is funny. Everyone likes to throw labels around like liberal and conservative. I’m a registered Democrat. I own guns. The gun shop owner where I buy my guns said Obama was the best thing for business and he never talked about taking anyone’s guns away. Either way, we do need better background checks, every state should go to constitutional carry and I hate to tell you, but the party of small government is the same party that writes laws that get all up in your business!!! And until we middle class and poor folks realize we need to band together against the wealthy, we will continue fighting the wrong fight. Remember when the country was founded, it was founded on the principles of “For the people and by the people”, not for the rich and by the rich!!

      1. GJ, amusing that you claim the arguments for our rights are unreasonable. You need to read you2post, easily it is far less reasonable than any argument for our rights that you claim is u reasonable.

        True, the 2A is not “given” to us by God(s), however, which rights that you are allowed to have in this country, the USA, that are protected by our constitution, are you willing to give up if someone decides that you no longer are “allowed” to have it?

        Our country is what it is today because of the rights enshrined and protected by our constitution. As shown in many of the anti-rights laws, it’s not only the 2A that is abrogated, but the 4th, 5th, 10th, 14th, and others, in the quest to “make us safer”. Would you willing give up your right to free speech and your computer and cell phone if they decided that would make us safer? Antifa certainly doesn’t agree with certain individuals should have the right to free speech and physically assaults those with which they disagree. What if you were one of those being attacked? Would you not believe you have a right to self-defense? Would not agree that having more than 10 rounds would be a good thing when being attacked by a mob? Or would believe that the anti-rights groups were correct as your head is being bashed in while the police stand down as instructed by their mayor?

        I am not sure how you can equate individual rights to slavery, which is not a right enumerated in our constitution, nor no one here is arguing for. Neither is Nazism nor Communism, nor Socialism, which all here argue strongly against. Your feeble post shows the fallacious nature of those opposed to individual rights protected by our constitution. Those that believe in our constitution are not unreasonable; anyone that believes we should give up our rights is either, or both, ignorant or unreasonable.

        Also, when our country was founded, it was not wild and lawless. Your ignorant straw man argument is further proof of your irrational views and further reason why we need to be so ardent in upholding our constitutional rights.

    7. I’ve read some excellent posts here and some absolute tripe written by the feel goods of nannyville. The government is not our keeper as so many want us to believe. The Constitution was written not to control people, no it was written to control and limit the scope of government over the people. Constitutional rights were written to enumerate our God given natural rights. The First Amendment was written to enumerate obvious rights of freedom OF speech, public gathering to present grievances against government, and freedom OF religion. The Second Amendment was written to enumerate our natural right to self defense and defense of our nation with the teeth of the same arms used by military. The Second is the protector of all the rest of our rights.
      Many would have us believe there is no need for a citizen militia, but I say to them that our armed citizens keep our naturally oppressive government in check. Our founders knew that governments can and do oppress because people with power tend to lust for more power. Our Constitution was written to limit that power and keep it in the hands of the people through our elected representatives at every level. Ben Franklin was right when asked what we have, a Constitutional Republic if we can keep it was his answer. It’s the same now, we have it if we can keep it. We must guard all our rights because when one falls the rest will fall like dominoes.
      I’ve rambled because I write as the thoughts come out of my process.
      We have the Bills of Rights, period. Privileges can be licensed or regulated, but Rights cannot be regulated and to do so is unconstitutional. Every law or regulation written to limit any right is unconstitutional.

    8. The AR- 15 is the safest gun in the world! GUNS in the store and in the hands of RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS never Kill anyone. Thereforet the gun isn’t the problem the person holding the gun is. A person in my State was intoxicated by huffing a substance. He drove into a girl scout troop as they were cleaning on the side of the road and killed some of them. In these cases we never say ban the vehicle.

    9. ARs are semiauto 223 varmit rifles.. whats the big deal ? a MIA is a 308 semiauto hipower rifle with a hicapac11bity magazine..why arent the democraps and commies trying to ban them.. in comparison it makes a AR seem like a rabbit gun.. take the ARs away..the M1As will follow.

    10. Hi folks,
      I’d like to have some sort of dialogue, because by the time I was a few paragraphs into this article, I had the distinctly putrid taste of frenzied sectarianism and– to be honest, self deception– in my mouth.

      Some background; I’m 28 years old and native to a suburban Southern California town surrounded by strawberry fields and populated by retirees, including many veterans. Last I checked it was one of the more conservative areas in CA. I grew up alongside many military families/Seabees, blue collar/working class white families and lots of Mexican (American) kids too. Despite being a (3/4) Jew and from a decidedly liberal family, we were just as poor and trashy as the neighbors to either side– and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

      My point? The left, just like the right, is made up of individuals, and nobody speaks for everyone. Sure the left can get wrapped up with some pretty ridiculous nonsense, but after living in Berkeley I’ve learned to dismiss it as kids who were lame in High School rebelling in the only way that serves; to set them apart; allow them to remain/become socially viable (f***able); and is enough of an affront to common sense to still seem rebellious.

      You’d be foolish to take the most exasperated and shrill handful of kids in the most liberal schools and allow them to shape your impression of your average Democratic voter by any more than a smidge. I’m the same age and I can’t keep up with it– I don’t try either. I really can’t imagine why you would either.

      And yet I still consider myself a liberal and I’ll gladly defend why it’s the wiser alternative– as an individual, and as a Jew with infectious claws and pockets full of Soros cash (a joke, if you weren’t sure). As the grandson of a man who told of foolishly being a communist in his youth, but who remained a capitalist till the day he died (which nearly came when the WWII munitions factory he was working in blew up). As a proud American who’s seen enough of the world to tell you exactly what makes America the undeniably exceptional country that it has been and– if we’re lucky– will still be tomorrow.

      Unless you’re too busy fumbling with the keys to your gun cabinet in the midst of this wildly rash demonization of half your countrymen and the assumption that your right to keep and bear arms will ever be significantly infringed upon much at all. Let alone to the degree that might possibly warrant saying, essentially, that the war has already begun and it’s just a matter of time until we get to slaughter other people’s Mother’s for asking exactly the same question as you’re own. You do realize that until a few days ago you had complete government control. You still have most of it. Even if you have none of it, a constitutional amendment that significantly affects your right with regards to guns is simply not feasible and never will be, no matter how many kids are moved to do something or try after surviving a slaughter.

      To be clear, I’m not a strong proponent of gun control or at least not in the sense that you would like to imagine it. You have to acknowledge that even as you write this you realize it’s a matter of scale and potential devastation, and it’s not all or nothing; there’s a reason why I can’t buy large quantities of explosives very easily. That said I do think it’s pretty dangerous and irresponsible and obviously volatile when you have an audience of readers and you’re further stoking fear and dissuading them from reasonableness. As citizens we have a duty to our society to limit the scale of weapons that could easily be turned on others by literally anyone regardless of how unstable and emotionally worked up they are by some kids in Berkeley and Fox News or the voices in their head. They’re fellow citizens, and the pursuit of happiness can’t involve running through a hail of hypersonic lead.


    11. God-given means “natural” rather than a spiritual blessing.
      It is a derivitive of the survival instinct of every living creature, including humans. It is necessary for governments to infringe on the instincts of some for the benefit of others.
      It is not beneficial to all for any government to infringe on any person’s natural instinct to survive whatever that individual perceived as a threat to his own survival.
      History proves that there are some in every now-extinct civilation who were not fully prepared to defend themselves.
      The colonials in this country had Torries and pacificists who did not “need” to be in a free and self-determining civilization.
      Those types did not “need” any one of the rights which our Constitution guarantees.
      Such is the nature of mankind. There is always a few who defend the whole socoety, and others who lead the masses to a better life.
      So, my fellow Citizens, be thankful for all of your countrymen who are well prepared to defend themselves. Someday one of them might be your neighbor. You will benefit from having a natural survivalist living on your street. There was a multitude of Colonists who learned the value of such citizens. They eventually appreciated and enjoyed what others knew that all men NEED.
      I do not care what others think about how I go about preparing for my survival. And I do respect their right to speak their opinion about how I conduct my life. Whenever I hear them speak, I wonder if there is anyone who will to try to help them survive.

    12. Jesus, so many anti gun trolls on here spouting their ignorant “let us strip your rights because the government we claim to not be able to trust should have total sovereignty over you, the citizen”. Go ahead and pretend that you want to ban the AR while clearly knowing nothing about the political climate of the hard left, it won’t be their last stepping stone in demonizing those who exercise their rights. Luckily, the only people stupid or gullible enough to actually believe all this BS about how “ar-15s are terrible, evil, scary weapons designed for maximum lethality” are the people like Kevin De Leon (30 magazine clip) and his direct voter base of ignorant children that believe they’re entitled to our rights for their own perceived comfort.

    13. Can you make your arguments without playing the “us vs them” game, and calling for civil was? FFS, what is going on in this country.

      And if you’re about to reply to this comment with “well they did it first”, then just stop. You’re not helping by stooping to their level.

    14. To be honest, I’ve often thought of replying to this type of thread, yet never justified my response.
      Let’s clarify one issue.
      Gun control isn’t. And never will be. Those that need to be controlled by it do not care about it. And will find means to circumvent it. Therefore, gun control is fundamentally flawed and should be considered a highly ineffective tool in the arsenal of tools to enact change to increase safety.
      Guns are a tool. They are far more often used as intended than they are used to injure and kill innocents. There are hundreds around the world, in every country, that use them legitimately. Likewise, there are individuals that use them incorrectly.
      If one were to use a tool incorrectly and that use resulted in the injury or death of others, would the tool be to blame? Or, ultimately, isn’t it about that individual’s misuse?
      I cannot believe that the correct way to help all is to prey on individual’s rights and do so with full knowledge that the taking of those rights is going to have very little effect.
      If I were told today that my giving up my right to bear arms would effectively prevent any and all future gun related deaths in the future, I would not hesitate. However, the truth is that I would be one more innocent left without the ability to enact my own defense or the defense of my loved ones.
      Ask yourself, when you act against other’s rights, what do I have that should be surrendered at the whim of another, that may place me in harms way to justify my doing it to others.
      Golden rule governs all.
      Unfortunately, extremists and people that do not care about others are a foregone conclusion. They exist. They will always exist. They will act. There is no way to prevent that. Let’s focus instead on limiting their ability to do mass harm by effective response. As it is very clear that we cannot limit their ability to find a way to be able to do said harm.
      Guns are the low hanging fruit. Easily pointed to
      What about knives? Mass stabbings happen. Shall we cease to allow knives in kitchens? Cars? More vehicle related deaths every year than gun related deaths. Let’s put all cars out of commission.
      I think, if everyone is reasonable, it’s easy to see that the tool is not to blame.
      Let’s focus on areas that don’t blame a tool.

    15. Hey, moron, you must resemble Joe Biden, he has no clue about numbers, either. There have never, for all time, been a trillion people on this planet, never mind in that stinking cesspool on our east coast. You lefties sure are an ignorant bunch.

    16. What an ass you are mr.biden. there have never, since the beginning of time, even been a trillion people in the entire world, neverless in that stinkhole city on the East coast.

    17. So why do people need an auto that can go double the speed limit, a TV that is measured in feet rather than inches, a home with more square footage than 3 of our previous generations homes? The communists tell you what you need and that’s all you get. Be prepared folks, it’s coming.

    18. A better answer would be – ‘Why do you need a car, a house, a TV, stereo, or anything else. The only thing you HAVE to have is food, water and air. After that everything else is a want.’

    19. When the constitution was written a man could own a weapon that was as powerful and some much more accurate than what the military used . Men were able to take their rifles and defend their homes and yes some men fought the enemy with their own rifle. Remember battle of King’s mountain ?.. and yes I realize the AR -15 isn’t a fully automatic assault rifle that the military uses. It won’t stop tanks or jets or even those pesky Apache helicopters.. the AR 15 does however allow the American citizen some measure of defense against tyranny which I believe is why the second amendment was put in the constitution by the founding fathers. And the AR-15 isn’t some new design nor is the 5.56 mmround some new wonder caliber .. many people in fact believe it is a bit underpowered. Yes it is designed to kill but so is my model 70 Winchester ..a copy of the Mauser rifle …punish the people who commit crimes with these weapons. Teach gun safety in schools like we used to in the days before school shootings. We kept our hunting rifles in gun racks in our trucks when I was in school. and if you got a new rifle sometimes your teacher would ask you to unload it and bring it into the classroom so He could look at it…the weapons haven’t changed…I suspect it’s something in our hearts that have changed ..please don’t infringe upon my right to protect my family as I see fit. And punish those severely who would commit crimes with these weapons ..

    20. “…well REGULATED…” Seems like that one word is what anti 2A folks get balled up about. In the time it was written regulated meant armed and ready. Militia is you, me, neighbors and friends. The govt is also those same people, our friends and family included in many cases. I don’t think my nephews will be rolling an Abrams up the street in this lifetime. Until we develop real Terminators I’d guess We The People will be defended for several generations, by ourselves naturally.

    21. I used the M16 when I was in the military. It protected my life. Now I use the AR 15 to protect my life. Simple. It works. Don’t tell me a handgun will stop an armed gang. It doesn’t have enough accuracy or firepower to take them all out. Why do you think police use AR rifles when the situations get worse.

    22. Why? New Orleans, “Katrina”.
      Black Swan event that will never happen.
      Bet you wanted one for about 3-4 days if you lived around the Super Dome.

    23. Actually you are permitted to own those items. There are plenty of private citizens who do. To buy one, you simply purchase a decommissioned model and restore to operating ability. The reason they are decommissioned is because the military is not permitted to sell them fully functional. Some items do require special permit however they are still available

    24. Why? Because I was too chicken shit to carry one in Vietnam or because my father was just another chicken hawk draft dodger like the Russian shill in the whitehouse and I want to follow his example,that’s why.

    25. We NEED them for the same reason the second amendment was put in the constitution. Because WE the people may have to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government….ours or from some other country. With that thought in mind, we should be able to own whatever the military uses… It would be difficult to repel an army armed with AR, AK, FALs etc…with bolt action rifles, or no rifles.

    26. I have never spoke up, And put In my 2 cents on these post, Or matters. But I just can’t handle it any more. To the people that are really so ignorant and simple minded. Why is it that you can not understand the simple fact that the AR15 does not do any of the killings. As a matter of fact it is probably one of the worst calibers to use for “killing as many people as you possibly can as fast as you can”. I mean come on if you new anything at all about guns and understood them even a little bit, you would know that the AR15 is used by even our military cause of the Geneva convention in America. At least how I understand it. Our country uses this particular weapon cause it is not designed to kill and destruct like you left field imbread people say. As a matter of fact you sound like a damb iddiot. It is designed to put the enemy out of the fight not dismember and kill like you fools keep preaching. As a matter of fact I can think of just about any other semiautomatic weapon on the market that would do a better job and could be way deadlier. Not going to put them out there cause God knows were you will go with it. Any way my point is the AR15 is not designed as a killing machine no more than any other caliber out there, or semiautomatic weapons. It is actually the complete opposite. There is a reason we are one of the only militarys armys ect ect that use the weapon due to the Geneva convention. Unlike Afghanistan for instance uses the AK47 witch is a reasonably way better calibur, Bigger and would do way more damage, like take your arms off if ya get hit in them or legs whatever point is you are most likely going to bleed out. V.R.S the AR15 just poke a hole in ya and 90% of the time live as long as nothing critical gets hit.
      Just think about it I mean really think about it. Study it learn it dont just start hating it when you don’t even understand it. These people could of just as easy made a bomb and did more damage or a 10/22 for crying out loud semiautomatic, Could garen damb tee you end up doing way more damage than the AR15. Quite, banana clip, silence even a dummy could figure out, very accurate out to more than far enough away, way lighter, and on and on. Anyway back to the topic, just quit being retarded and use that brain GOD GAVE US ALONG WITH FREEDOM AND FREE WILL AND FREEDOM AND FREEDOM!!!!!!!!! and think about what you are doing and saying the AR15 didn’t kill anyone THEY KILLED THOSE PEOPLE NOT THE GUN. just cause they picked that gun tells me that they have issues that probably should lead to the arrest of the parents maybe. The person obviously picked it to obviously feel powerful and dosen’t understand guns himself.

      Anyway let’s start looking back in there life and figure out how they got to that point and take action obviously bad parenting. Picked on, Anything it comes from somewhere they don’t just wake up and decide to start killing people. Parents need to start paying for their actions dambit. How did they get there I have 2 children and I’m not the best parent but dambit I try and definitely do my best to put a good foundation under them.teach them love them be a role model, show them. And to the piece of shit parents that don’t. They need to pay, they are the root cause of this crisis. I think.

    27. Simple , We the people need comparable firearms the government / police have.
      Not Automatic or Grenades etc…
      Just Enough to Not give up our way of life
      Like so many countries have. Just Enough to have the Government think twice about trying to do things illegal to the Great Citizens of The Best Country in The World … USA

    28. More People die from overdose than by Firearm every yr. More people die from Handguns than Rifles every year. Why are we still having to defend our right to an AR15? Government is so out of touch with the “real” America.

    29. While I can certainly appreciate a well stated argument, even if statistically irrelevant, I felt compelled to point out the empirical. Disregarding heart and lung disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and the myriad other chronic health issues that are the primary killers of Americans. The first three alone represent over fifty percent of American deaths by the way. For the sake of argument, lets look only at less “natural” causes. In this top five in descending order are; suicide, car crashes, poisoning, falls, and then homicide. In 2017, firearm termination of life breaks down as such; handguns 7032, unspecified firearm 3096, cutting instrument 1591, other unspecified 979, bodily (hands, fists, feet) 696, blunt object 467, and rifles 403. There are a few others, but for our purpose I will stop here. So, as a society, we can continue to laud the dietary convenience that, at least in part, is responsible for 614,398 deaths in the aforementioned statistical year? To clarify, a high fat/cholesterol diet is over 1500 times as likely to kill you as a rifle round. Put differently, a rifle round is 1/10 of 1% as lethal to Americans as heart disease. Now, to the less “natural” causes, I have heard no cry to remove; independence of will, driving privilege, toxicity, nor gravity. While I respect all citizen’s right to an opinion, I dream of a nation of the informed. In this nation policy isn’t shaped through fear built on a foundation of anecdata. I do not currently own an AR, but I am more concerned with literally hundreds of more pressing threats to my safety and that of my family. Statistically, I think we all should be. You alone are responsible for recognizing propaganda. Don’t allow yourself to be told what our social issues are. Democracy is only strong on the shoulders of informed citizens, not those indoctrinated willingly by media.

    30. My reasons for “needing” a AR-15:
      1. To defend myself against a tyrannical government.
      2. To protect the ones I love.
      3. To protect myself from the “white nationalists” who like to terrorize anyone who’s not them.
      4. Until racism and discrimination is PERMANENTLY erased from the United States.
      5. To defend the Constitution and the United States of American against ALL enemies foreign and domestic!

    31. I enjoyed reading the very interesting comments, from both sides, regarding the AR platform. If nothing else, the conversation , as complex as the subject matter is, makes the price we pay worth our freedoms! With an armed body politic, I can’t imagine an enemy, either foreign or domestic, making a move against the American people. Let’s remember the human carnage resulting from our American Civil War, and not let that happen again! Our arms are a deterrent and an extremely useful tool.

    32. When We used the M-16 rifle in Vietnam, we felt the .223 was a pea shooter compared to the M-14 in 7.62 that we trained with in boot camp. With the M-16, we sprayed plenty of bullets to keep Charlie down, but many were drugged so bad they kept firing back with 30 calibers. The M-16 was a marginal weapon, light weight and designed for jungle combat but also allowed for carrying more bullets. I never expected it to become America’s favorite rifle, but It did as an AR-15 semi-auto. It has become a popular target rifle and is good for coyote, but I will take my .243 for coyotes. Again, I feel the AR-15 is a marginal rifle and the bullet is so-so compared to others, such as the 7.62, 30-06, or the 50 caliber. The national press has sensationalized the AR-15 as a killing machine, when in fact it is frankly just a marginal rifle. My favorite weapon of choice was the M-60 in 7.62. Now there was a weapon that was effective and well respected.

    33. It’s NEVER been about public safety or the children. Since Patrick Purdy shot up a schoolyard of children in Stockton, CA in 1989, the left has sought to disarm the American citizenry of military-styled firearms. This is a dog and pony show, the REAL agenda is to wrest power from We, the People and give the power-hungry traitors their true desire…CONTROL; control over American citizen and their INDIVIDUAL liberty. Nobody needs 195 MPH Corvettes, but as Americans, we desire items that aren’t exactly necessary, but as long as their acquired and used legally, it is no one’s business, especially the government’s what we do with them. And cars are not Constitutionally protected.

    34. We have these guns cause the 2nd Amendment says we can. We need these guns Incase the government decides to start taking away our rights. If the government starts to become tyrannical we can bring order back to the government. Almost every communist or socialist country such as Hitler the first thing he did was disarm the people. When the people fear the government, we have tyranny. When the government fears the people, we have freedom.

    35. I wish everyone would remember history. The Japanese knew that invading America would be a losing proposition because of a rifle behind every blade of grass. Without the ability to protect our shores we are opening the door to be invaded from many different directions. The real bad entities are drooling all over themselves waiting for the right time to try and subjugate or eliminate America. Some will survive, most will be victims, please protect those who cannot defend themselves. As a range master, veteran, father and husband I will do what I must, with what I have,where I am. We are all sickened by violence in our country. The inability of humanity to treat each other in this day and age with respect is appalling.Ask me why I own a rifle!

    36. People,
      It is irrelevant. The “AR” or any other assault rifle is not and never has been the problem! Period! The problem is that some people are crazy and want to hurt other people. Whatever they choose as a weapon, it can create mass casualties with enough practice and will.
      How about a stolen semi truck? A skilled driver could take out hundreds before they were stopped. Or a stolen aircraft! Thousands! My point is that the object is not evil, the violent person is.

      I am a veteran and a patriot. I am very well armed for several reasons. I live in a high crime area where police are stretched thin and my family , like any realistic one, must protect itself.
      The second reason is that I like target shooting.
      The most important reason is that people like me are the last line of defense to protect the public and ourselves from a corrupt government!
      I don’t like it either, but it’s apparent that our government, lead by missguided liberals, believes that they should slowly remove our ability to resist them.
      As for all of the B.S. about what kind of weapons I choose, it’s none of your business! For almost all LEGAL gun owners, you will never need to worry unless YOU are the one threatening to harm them or those that they love.
      I think that when it comes right down to it, very few young soldiers will be willing to force me to kill them while attempting to steal my weapons!

    37. People kill people, whether it be with a gun, a knife, a baseball bat, a spoon, fork, and cars. Where does it end? If someone breaks into your house and threatens you and your family; are you just going to yell, stop!, Don’t kill us as they rape and murder your family with any of the items mentioned previously. Maybe you could call the police, that you don’t even want to have tazers, that way when they get to you; they can take fresh crime scene photos of you and your family. No one is outside the realm of crime and violence. I am going to protect myself with whatever I can. Protecting someone, is protecting someone by whatever means necessary. Stop trying to to be “sharp” to your friends, and be real. You need to take a tour of a county jail , prison, or do a police ride along and see what’s out there instead of living in this spoiled, entitled life that you liberals seem to be living in. When you need someones help because you are too emasculated to protect your your family, what are you going to do? What are you going to do?

    38. Most weapons are designed for killing people, only. Which can be accomplished with almost any gun. But to defend you family against a tyrannical opressive government you might a rifle that holds alot of bullets and has some power behind them. Hence the need for AR-15

    39. I own firearms for the same reason I have fire extinguishers and trauma/first aid kits. You may not have time to wait for emergency services and it’s best to be prepared. And just like my fire extinguishers I hope to never have to use them but they are available if need be.

    40. Just look at most of the American public these people just want to left alone. So does most of the real American people .When we have half of the reality of the real problem and turn a blind eye these are the results. We all deserve the right to own any weapon any vehicle any amount of money but in our pursuit of happiness we have lost the values of humankind we are all selfish this is why these things are happening nobody cares. That is why so few or making the decisions for so many. We got to rise up take care of ourselves our friends our family fellow Americans regardless of race got to help each other out before we help other countries got to protect our kids to protect our families. We need to make it not a felony or misdeminor if a man or woman gets into a fist fight they should be released just like a drunk tank once the anger is gone. We have this Primal need to hate and want to harm each other but I would rather get punched in the face then shot any day . bruises will heal but we can’t wake up from bullets.

    41. Jim,
      You need to check your stats. New York 1 trillion, please. Topical liberal move to throw out big numbers with no facts.

    42. Hey Robert Thomas,
      Didn’t need a 6.5 creedmoor sniper rifle, but I built one. And then I went hunting with it and harvested an axis deer from 185 yards away. Delicious. Then I went to the range and had some more fun with pistols, shotguns, and other rifles as well. Why you may ask, because it’s my right to. God forbid that I ever have to use any of them to defend my family or anyone else, but I would do it in a heartbeat including you and your family. God bless.

    43. Some of the posts here are just incredibly stupid, and funny. Some people, democrats I imagine, have absolutely no understanding or knowledge of rights, freedom or the real dangers of totalitarian rule. They believe if the communist left has complete control the U.S. will be some kind of wonderful, benevolent utopia and there will be no more crime. The government will take care of all our needs and we will tiptoe through the tulips and sing happy songs all day long. Communism has never worked for anyone except those in power. That has been proven time and time again. To the idiot that said we would be up against tanks and fighter jets etc, let me enlighten you. Most of the military is conservative. If it comes down to civil war most of the military will be on our side. We can and will obtain the weapons we need in that scenario. There are millions of illegal weapons out there and they will continue to be obtainable by civilians no matter what “laws” the communists come up with. I believe in this world, owning an AR15 or similar rifle is a necessity. The communists have made them necessary.

    44. The round out of an AR15 will more or less act the same coming out of mini 14, or any bolt rifle chambered in .223 or 5.56. For the graves are ready for mind to be blown, even more power full rifle are available the same day in most states. The Ar10 which is chambered in 308 or 7.62 NATO. Functions exactly the same as an ar15 but even in states like maryland it is background check, and 30 minutes later you walk out the store with it. It is considered a hunting rifle and to the untrained eye it looks exactly like an ar15.

    45. Funny how the gun banners all assume that the military would march against citizens and that they of all groups of people would be minions to enact a gun ban. Good luck with that! Law enforcement and military are some of the strongest supporters of gun ownership including ar15s. Also on that note, it is completely unconstitutional for US troops to be used against US citizens. I get the strong feeling that the gun banning groups aren’t really interested in following the laws though! Yup, sorry commentors! It is very much the truth, Rosa Park rode in the front of the bus BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO.

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