Why Do You “Need” an AR-15 Rifle Anyway?

Opinion by Michael Stripling

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Why Do You “Need” an AR-15 Rifle Anyway?

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Why does anyone need an AR-15? This question came to me, for the second time in recent history, while I was teaching a concealed carry firearms course at a private range surrounded by woods in Central Florida.

To be honest, even though I had heard this question recently, I still stumbled over my answer. I hesitated slightly and half heartily blurted out something about home defense, but why was this question so hard for me to answer? I mean, the first time I was asked, I have to admit I got a little defensive, and it was my own mother who had asked me. I had fumbled my words, became quite frustrated and told her “I would go find my copy of the Constitution for her to read”.

I later realized that I owed my mother an apology, she had genuinely meant no harm, she was merely ignorant of the subject, and asked in curiosity. It was myself I should have been upset with because, in times like these where our guns and rights are always under attack, I just was not prepared with an intelligent response.

You see, I'm a “gun guy.” I'm a proud NRA member, a firearms instructor, a chief range safety officer, and a veteran. I'm registered to vote Republican, and I have been collecting guns since I was a kid. So how is such a little, simple question presenting me with so much frustration? Well after some careful thought, I realized what the problem was. It was the question; it was not so little or straightforward after all. The question itself is misleading, often unbeknown to the asker.

Why do I have to find a reason to justify my need for it?

The truth is my need doesn’t matter. It might be property defense, it might be hunting or competition, but it doesn’t matter. I don’t NEED to NEED it. I have the RIGHT to WANT it. Why does the average American household need 3 TV's? Why does my wife need 15 pairs of boots? Why do people need to put rims on their vehicles, or what is the need for a microwave oven? Wouldn't the cars still drive with factory tires? Don’t most kitchens have conventional ovens? So why does anyone need any of these things? The answer to all of these questions is the same! It's because I WANT them and it's my RIGHT as an American!

You see, we have this thing called a Constitution, the American Heritage Dictionary defines Constitution as “The system of fundamental laws and principles that prescribes the nature, functions, and limits of a government or another institution. The supreme law of the United States, consisting of the document ratified by the original 13 states and Amendments.”

The question in itself leaves the tart taste of communism in one's mouth. The fact is, the Second Amendment protects us, the law-abiding American citizen, and it protects the other Amendments of the Constitution, and it is now under blatant attack.

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The left tells us they just want to ban the “dangerous assault rifles,” high capacity magazines, and bump stocks, but that is just the beginning. They only say this to win over those, who wander on the middle ground. What comes next are “permanent protective orders” like the House Bill 2060 that’s making its way to the Pennsylvania state Senate right now. Which would require certain individuals to relinquish all firearms and ammunition within 24 hours. You can be sure it won't stop there, if the Liberals get their dirty claws in the American people, they will undoubtedly pull us in for the kill, sinking their infecting teeth in the whole Constitution, shredding and destroying all of our freedoms and liberties.

This is it folks, this is a Civil War and we must fight, not yet with violence, but with our voices and our votes. We must resist in any way possible before it's too late. I urge you to call, or write your Senators, remind your friends to register and to vote. Let the snowflake Liberals know that, “we will not stand for our freedoms to be stripped away.” The time is now upon us, our Constitution was written to protect the people of this great nation, and it is under attack. “We the People” must return the favor and protect the Constitution.

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    1. There is a oath that you take with any government job.
      It has a part in the oath that reads.
      “I promise to defend and protect the constitution of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! from (ALL ) enemies foreign and domestic. ”
      am I wrong anybody? I know in the military when you join, that’s the first thing you do. So all those political people are traders when they don’t honor the oath they take to be in office.
      Just my thought.
      And a hey there to all my veteran brothers!

    2. Sexual in morality is the root of all of the mental illnesses that cause school shooters and thus liberals wanting to control guns. Let me explain why.
      If people sleep around without protection women women will probably get pregnant. If they don’t abort, they will have a child. If the guy does not wish to be a father, the woman will be a single mother. Children without father figures are much more likely to commit crimes and be mentally ill than children with (http://www.mnpsych.org/index.php?option=com_dailyplanetblog&view=entry&category=industry%20news&id=54:father-absent-homes-implications-for-criminal-justice-and-mental-health-professionals)
      Only mentally I’ll people will shoot up a school. School shootings are the main reason why liberals want gun control.
      Thus, sexual immorality=gun control. If you have read a lot of the other comments on this story, gun control is used to make fascism or communism happen. Thus, sexual.immorality is helping to slowly turn America into a fascist regime.

    3. A gun is a tool , an AR-15 is one of the best home defense tool’s we are able to own. It is our constitutional right to protect ourselves , and our loved ones. The Right to keep and bear arms , is not hard to understand. The left and Lib’s want to shred our constitution , bit by bit , piece by piece , I say nay , they shall not infringe on my rights.

    4. Why you need a ar 15 or any gun in that matter? Simple for the educated its because it ensure the people to keep there freedoms. Freedom of speech and all the amendments from the government to change it. and it gives the power to the people have an better fighting chance to keep our rights and to regulate the government cause musket wont do it. But if you like having a dictatorship and keep a single person in charge go somewhere else see how that works for you. If you believe government wouldnt take your rights away. I own the golden gate bridge and like to sell it to you. And If you still think banning guns would stop mass killings then tell me how well banning drugs worked from getting into peoples hands and banning explosives stopped people from killing people. explain to me how getting rid of guns stops mass killing in the world and any other way from happening. It doesnt it just changes what is used. People will find ways to kill from airplanes to trucks its people problem not gun problem

      1. George Strait already threw that bridge into a deal with his ex-wife when she bought some ocean-front property in Arizona.

    5. Why do I need an AR-15? Why does a person need a corvette that goes 160 mph when most speed limits are less than half that? The answer to both questions……because I want one.

    6. I am a registered Democrat I am also a veteran of 17 years army. I have an AR15 and numerous other weapons. I have them because I want them not necessarily because I need them. Guns don’t kill people stupid people with guns kill people. If someone has it in their mind That they are going to do evil they don’t necessarily buy the gun legally so stopping people from legally buying guns just help those who are in the wrong harm those who are innocent. We have the constitutional right to bear arms let it go at that

      1. Steve, I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage “when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have them”, and we all know that outlaws don’t give a damn about laws or the punishments for violations. If they did, this great Country of ours would not be in the state of turmoil that it struggles in today.

        While I’m sure many of the anti-gunners have good intentions at heart, they don’t seem to realize that every restrictive law relative to gun ownership and/or possession equates to another asset for the criminal element.

        No, we don’t necessarily NEED an AR15, but we DO need some type of multi-round firearm and if the AR is what we want, it’s what we should have, and there should be no laws against it’s ownership. Outlawing any semi-automatic firearm will only serve to embolden those who would act to commit a crime with a gun by decreasing the possibility of resistance from their intended victim(s).

        BE PREPARED!

    7. This is going to be long so bear with me.

      The key to a solid argument is not to attack the other side’s stance and quote a 242 year old legal document. A lot changes in that amount of time and that’s why people are questioning its relevance. The first step to a good argument is to understand the opposition and recognize it. I spent a year on the south side of Chicago. I saw a man get shot in a drive by. So I understand how people can feel that imposing gun control laws would limit the violence.

      Now to my argument. Why should I be able to have an AR15? Because it’s my freedom of choice. The act of owning and shooting guns, in and of itself, does not have a negative impact on another person’s life. The same goes for alcohol consumption and now marijuana in many places. Texting can be categorized here as well. If we place harsher regulations on guns because they have the potential to do harm, then by that logic, shouldn’t vehicles be retrofitted with breathalyzers and cell phone signal blockers? We already tried prohibition and that didn’t work.

      Why do I NEED an AR15? The entire purpose of the second amendment was written because of the founders distrust of large, authoritarian government. The second amendment allows the general population to have the means of defense against their own government if need be. The Democrats are shifting towards bigger government. More social control, regulations and intervention. And quite frankly, the Republican party is catering less and less to the Conservative values they built their political platform on. Sure AR15s are no match for drones and missiles, but enough people adequately armed and we’d at least stand a chance if push came to shove.

    8. I have an AR, and I like to shoot it. I’m even going to get a better barrel for it. But I don’t feel like I own it for self defense, because it seems like kind of over-kill for the type of threats “I expect”. But I’ve become so used to relative stability, I’m complacent. If something caused rioting in the streets, i’ts a different story. But do I feel like it’s going to be used against the Government that has become tyrannical? Well they have fighter jets, nuclear weapons, millions of troops, hand grenades, machine guns, mortar, artillery, etc. Back when the constitution was written the government was minuscule. The people were the military, when they were called to do so. NOTE THAT I AM PLAYING DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, I BELIEVE IN THE 2ND AMENDMENT AND THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.

      But I think I have the right to have firearms for self defense. “Ligitimate sporting purpose” makes me see red. Also there are so many States, and locals, where the 2nd amendment has effectively been killed. If you don’t have a firearm nearby, its useless for self defense. Until recently, it was nearly impossible to get a license for concealed carry in most states and big cities. And why the LICENSE? Oh, if you carry without one it’s a FELONY in most states (FL at least), and then you can NEVER possess or own a firearm FOR LIFE. “Treason and other crimes” was used by the.Suoreme Court for upholding the ban on felons possessing firearms. TREASON?! Yes, betray your country lose your civil rights. I can buy that. But for an ounce of pot? Or some Valium that you may even have gotten from your spouse? Driving with suspended license for the 3rd time? Bad, but you lose your inalienable human rights FOREVER?! Spme states define keeping a gun anywhere within the passenger compartment of your car as concealed and illegal. Unloaded in the trunk isn’t going to defend you. There are many bad acts that may warrant a felony label, but are totally non- violent and shouldn’t result in loss of civil rights for life, AFTER you’ve completed the penalty.

      “Liberals” want to ban every gun. Don’t fall for any other story. And they’ll point to statistics comparing other countries to us that ARE sobering. We are paying a price in human lives for our right to bear arms. And it’s now a right that has already been largely emasculated. It’s a felony in NYS to possess a pistol in your own house without a warrant! In some states a mandatory year in jail for concealed carry, the definition of concealed carry is about impossible to figure out.

    9. Comparing your weapon collection to having 3 TVs, a bunch of boots or other benign stuff is a stupid argument because you can’t one day get your brain overflowed with right wing dementia and use your wife’s boots to kill a bunch of people. Even if we accept that it is your right to own unrestricted guns, you have to admit every firearm brought home increases the risk of violence by some amount.
      And does everyone really believe gun rights are under attack? Get a grip and look around. This has been the most unrestricted era in modern US history. They can’t even manage to ban bump stocks. But the NRA and R party can’t let you feel safe, they have to convince you that your way of life is under attack by the weirdo liberals so you keep paying and electing them.
      I expected to read why someone needs an AR-15 but instead it’s political garbage about your interpretation of the Constitution. Boring.
      But seriously though I am looking at rifles but AR-15 and it’s variants feel kind of cliche. What do we think about the ARX?
      – a gun owning socialist

      1. You, sir, are a blind hypocrite. Are you sure that buying a gun would not push you over the line into “being brainwashed by the right”, thus forcing you to commit crimes without volition of your own on behalf of the political party you oppose? That was your argument. As for your farcical assumption that danger of misuse of firearms increases in direct proportion to the amount of guns in a home; it does not. Stop being afraid of something you intend to buy. If you can’t do that, don’t buy it, its not for you.

    10. If it ends up being the will of the people to place limits on the right to bear arms, then so be it. If it has to be a constitutional amendment then have at it. I don’t believe regulation limiting the types of guns we can posses is necessarily going to lead to an all or nothing situation. I own some of these guns they want to ban and I’d gladly give them up if the pass a law limiting my right to posses them. I should be fairly compensated for them. I am more than tired of hearing about the coward of the week who shoots up a night club. I don’t care what the cause is and don’t care that I’m not ever going to participate in that type of behavior. If giving up my right helps in anyway I’m sane enough and comfortable enough to give up that right. It may help reduce the chance of something like that happening, and it may not. By choosing to limit our rights we would automatically identify those who do not have the right intention. I’m not sure but I don’t think we have the right to own nuclear weapon nor would any sane person lobby for the right of every private citizen to be able to posses one.

        1. I’d bow just like you would to an F-16. Respecting the law and abiding by it is a choice I make as a free man. If they change the Constitution to place limits or further define what exactly they want the right to bear arms means I’d gladly give up those weapons. It’s exactly like owning a bomb to me. I’m pretty sure I do not have the right to own a claymore. I’m perfectly ok with that, and I’m very ok that other people even dumber than I am don’t have that right. I would not support any change that doesn’t allow a US Citizen to own any firearm. I don’t personally believe that banning AR15 would stop mass shootings, but my right to reload less often doesnt trump other people right to life, libery, and pursuit of happiness. I’ll take no shame for being willing to follow the rules even when I disagree with them. And there isn’t anything wrong with this country, it is and always will be a work in progress.

      1. Giving up rights in no way helps the culling of violence. Based on this logic we should all forfit our cars and trucks. I’m am told they pollute and have been used as a weapon to kill people. Giving up anything will not change the hearts and minds of people that wish to harm others. They are comitting a crime in the act of harming or intending to murder people they will use illegal means to acquire the most potent tool for that. If all guns become illegal tomorrow criminals will still use them to commit crimes.

      2. @Iann, That is not how a Constitutional Republic works. If all the people in the US will it, except me, it would still be my unalienable, uninfringable Civil Right. A Constitutional Amendment would not change it. I am more than tired of hearing about cowards that would give up MY Constitutional Rights.

        1. Right on! No anti-gun law will change my mind. These attempts at taking away others rights because you don’t like it should be instantly dismissed. Goes against the Constitution. We should have one gun law (no felon. shall own a gun) other than that anything goes. We’ll have piece through strength. Criminals will be scared

      3. While there are several laws regulating the storage and obtaining of fissile materials and hazardous materials involved in making nuclear weapons, the actual ownership of a nuclear weapon is legal. Actually the most difficult part of the process of buying a nuclear bomb would be obtaining a class 3 destructive device (explosive) for use as the priming mechanism. Feel scared yet? No, let me help with that. 1994 David Charles Hahn was able to build a nuclear reactor from scratch. Why did he build it from scratch? David was only 17, those regulations I mentioned made it illegal to purchase the materials at that age.

        Now why is all of this relevant to the current topic? Because laws and regulations do not stop determined people. Making a rifle at home is significantly easier than making a nuclear reactor. A person who is determined to cause harm with a firearm is not going to be stopped because a law says they can’t have that weapon.

        the right to bear arms is a final checks and balance to insure the American citizens have and keep ultimate control over our government. .
        It doesn’t guarantee our safety it guarantees our freedoms and pursuit of happiness from being infringed or eroded by others we elect to represent us .. I’d love to go on and on but it’s obvious I will not change your veiw.

      5. And Ian when it is the will of the people that you get in the cattle cars and later in the oven, I hope you feel good about bowing to the will of the people.

        1. Sorry but have you seen the pay load on an AC130 gunship. If they come for you you’ll bow down. We arent strong because we have rifles. We are strong because I don’t care if I have a gun or not… If they come for you to round you up I will fight with anything I’ve got to stop them… I don’t even know you but you are more my neighbor than the fictional GOV round up squad coming to get you or me. I know history has seen the kind of GOV round up you are talking about. The people who defeated them fought not to protect theirselves but to stand for what they thought was right. I don’t want the 2nd amendment to to be repealed and replaced but I’m not going to get triggered if our elected officials amend the Constitution. It’s way underated but I believe you ought to know how and when to pick up a gun and how and when to put them down. I’m just not a person who is terrified of much of anything. I worry about my family and do my best to protect them but reality is I’m a 30min drive from being the first response to a threat during most of our waking hours. I’m more worried about getting arthritis clutching onto my AR15 than I am about giving it up. If it makes me a communist cause I’d give my life for my neighbor then I’m a communist. One of you all called me a cuck, but I’m pretty sure my kids are my own. I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me I’m made of something more durable. Our character is our strength, and we shouldn’t waver from it.

          1. Ian:

            You don’t seem to have much of a grasp on how your government operates, or how it is supposed to operate. The purpose of the Constitution, the value of your natural rights, what is required to change said Constitution – these concepts seem to evade you.

            You should look up the definition of the word ‘unalienable’, the word used to describe those natural rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Perhaps that will help you begin to grasp these concepts

            ‘The will of the people’ is not relevant to the status of your Constitutionally enumerated and protected natural rights. More importantly, the will of the people will NEVER take away my right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness or my natural rights (again, look up the definition of the word ‘unalienable’ if this concept continues to elude you). BTW: the right to life is useless if you lose the right to protect your life.

            Here’s the bit that defies logic:
            To keep guns out of the hands of criminals (those who have already shown their complete disregard for the rule of law) let’s enact laws that will only impact law abiding citizens, laws that criminals will simply disregard. To keep guns out of the hands of potentially dangerous people all we need to do is to bypass the full due process of law and protection against unreasonable search and seizure whenever an individual deemed capable of making such a prediction reports that the person in question. Right there we can retroactively punish the accused for crimes they have not committed by depriving them of at least three Constitutionally protected natural rights. If you can’t see what’s wrong with this scenario then perhaps you should look for a place to live where the people have no ‘rights’ at all. Then at least your warped perception of your own natural rights will fit right in that society. In the meantime you live here and, for all that the will of the people matters in the US, the ‘will of the people isn’t sufficient to restrict the natural rights of any law abiding US citizen, least of which the ONLY right of the individual enumerated in the Bill of Rights that clearly states’ shall not be infringed.

            Ian: You need a civics class – BADLY.

            You may choose to not exercise any of your protected civil liberties, but you (meaning you and a majority of all but one – me) have no right, individualky or together, to dictate if or how I exercise MY civil liberties. Full stop.

            You should really take the time and effort to educate yourself on how your government is supposed to function, grasp a more complete understanding of your Constitution, your rights, and the limits of your governments powers. The Constitution of the United States of America is the Supreme law of the land here, and no government – local, state, or federal – has any right to infringe upon your natural rights. Because they have already endeavored to do so is no justification for interfering with your choice to exercise your Constitutionally protected natural rights. That is solely subject to your discretion.

            Should you support any infringement of your Constitutional rights by your government then you deserve whatever follows. Your children, who will inherit the fallout from your ignorance, deserve nothing of the kind. You go ahead and allow the government to confiscate those ‘scary looking’ guns of yours (I cay confiscate because it is impossible to ‘buy back’ something that never belonged to you) for dime-on-a-dollar compensation any time you like. You won’t see me in line to do the same. I understand my rights, I understand how they work, and I will exercise my rights whether or not my government condones my decision to do so. They work for me and their lowers are quite limited compared to mine.

            Regarding military action against US citizens in US soil – this is for I been under federal law. Furthermore, while you may not fully grasp your Constitution military personnel are sworn to protect the same, from enemies both foreign and domestic. That’s an oath not taken lightly (well, except for our representatives in Congress who all swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution). Much of the military will disobey any order that involves military action against their own fellow Americans, their neighbors, friends, and families. You can bet local law enforcement will decline to obey any order that involves dir to do confiscation of ANY legally purchased firearms in their own communities. Most understand that any such activity is likely to spark violent confrontation with folks who truly understand their rights.

            Knowledge is power. Educate yourself.

      6. And when you give up your guns, where do you think the people that violate our laws with firearms get theirs from. I can assure you it is not over the counter. Illegal guns have been an issue far before this and law abiding citizens giving up their firearms will not stop nor prevent this. It will only make you an easier target. I can assure you that even after you give up your second amendment rights, guns will still fall in the hands of those who lose their rights due to whatever reason. Something to think about. Not just your second amendment right and freedom, but your personal safety and the ability to protect and provide safety to those close to you as well.

    11. This is not a matter of opinion.Most opinions suck.That’s why we have something called The Ten Commandments & The Bill of Rights. Both works for EVERYONE. One opinion can not rule government. Don’t you know what that is? IN GOD WE TRUST

    12. Gun owner, gun rights advocate, liberal here. Why do you feel the need to use such divisive rhetoric? “Liberals get their dirty claws” and “snowflake Liberals” ect. You assume when your mother asks that question she is full of honest intentions and just misinformed but when an anti gunner asks they are savages coming to shred the constitution? Why demonize an entire half of the country just because they see things different from you?

      Sure maybe there are some who see gun control as a way to eat away at freedom but they are a tiny minority. Most people who support even extreme gun control measures just want less violence. They think getting rid of guns is the answer. They are wrong, but not evil. Why not engage and try to educate them? Do you really have this much hate for people with different views than you?

      You are right that we have no need to justify why we want ar15’s but your answer wont satisfy someone who doesn’t already agree with you. The logical next question will be: if something has great potential to harm others and you dont need it, why should you be allowed to have it? This is a question you should think deeply about and have a good answer to. The answer is either we DO “need” guns (which then you have to convince them about DGU, hunting, ect) or it is ok for something to be capable of harm and still legal. To me the latter is the stronger argument.

      1. Thank you for this. Being left of center and also believing in gun rights has made me feel like a man with no country these days. If someone asks me why I need an ar-15 I tell them because they’re fun to shoot…wanna try?

      2. If we want less violence, then we need to attack to problem directly. The person commiting these crimes. If you will note ALL of these mass shootings have occurred in “Gun Free Zones”. Eliminate these in general public access areas e.i. restaurants, movie theaters etc. and even though this Will Not STOP some of the violence, it may minimize it. If we take a gun control stance on other mass acts of violence, then we need to outlaw backpacks like the one used in the Boston Marathon bombing. Home Depot 3/4 ton trucks like the one used to plow through the crowd in New York, or box trucks like the one used in Nice, France. I am not saying that we should be free to responsibly enjoy our right to bear arms. History proves that the first step in gaining complete unit contested power is to remove the people ability to contest this change or simply to protect themselves

      3. A dangerous tool is also a kitchen knife. Do we get rid of those as well? I don’t hate but I do believe education is needed. Look at Europe when they rid the people of guns. Stabbings went up. A firearm is not a weapon until you use it as such, or intend to cause harm. Anything can be a weapon, an neck tie can be used as a weapon to cause harm when someone decides to choke someone with it. Do we need those? Do we get rid of them? Stop looking at the tool used and start looking at the user. Harm will always come in different forms, there’s no stopping it. The tool used will always change as the circumstances do. Getting rid of guns will not stop that.

      1. Exactly. But that’s also why those turds don’t do that kind of B.S. in states with less restrictive gun laws.

      2. When you have a political “pundent” like Carlson whe preaches his rhetoric on a daily basis meaning to rile up tRumps base what do you expect will happen, when you have the Commander in chief doing the same thing at his ego stoking rally’s what do you expect will happen?

    13. Even after all that thought, you’re incapable of answering the question. The existential purpose of an AR15 is to kill a lot of people in a short period of time. It’s an extremely effective tool. We know this because it has demonstrated that effectiveness at Sandy Hook and countless other places across the United States.

      1. The need is there in case of having to overthrow an over bearing, tyrannical government. Literally the purpose the second amendment was written into the bill of rights was to protect citizens ability to do just that in the scenario they ever needed it.

      2. Exactly ” it is a tool ” it is also my right , as a law abiding citizen , to have it. I absolutely believe in our constitution , our 2nd Amendment , and the knowledge that my AR-15 and other gun’s are not going to grow a person & go on a shooting spree. It takes a person to use any weapon , I am well aware of how Lib’s & the left are fixated on taking our right to own any gun we have , leaving us defenseless. But with all of the criminals in the US having guns , it is my right to have the best defense available to me. My AR-15

      3. Actually, you’re incorrect. The ar15 has been used in two shootings and any gun can be used to kill people. Handguns are used 57% of the time in any shooting, mass or domestic.

        1. I agree, handguns are used in more homicides AND criminal acts then the ar15 will ever be! So tired of hearing assault weapons should be banned when people dont know the truth. List to Chicago police scanner one night. How many shootings? Too many! In my city we have had more the 300 hundred homicides a year for the past few years and on track to do it again. Guess how many were killed with an ar15? NONE!

      4. A firearms purpose, what they are designed to do is to launch a projectile down range. That’s it, thats all they do.
        The projectile may or may not be designed to inflict damage on a soft target.
        Its the operator of the firearm that determines what that target is.

    14. When someone asks why do you need a (whatever), what they mean is “Why should I give you permission to get a(whatever)?”
      The right answer is “What I do not need your permission to get a (whatever). Furthermore, I have a feeling that no reason I give you would be good enough for you to give me that permission, so thank God I don’t need it. Now, if you think you know of a gun that you think would meet my needs better tell me what it is and we can have a friendly conversation.

      1. The same “We the People…” in the Declaration of Independence is used in the second amendment, “right of the people to keep and bear arms..”

    15. So what’s wrong with house bill 2060? I am a gun owner and advocate but if a man beats a woman first you shouldn’t be allowed to walk the earth must less own firearms. They should be taken away. Lesson is control yourself or loose you rights.

      1. Maybe because not everyone is honest and a woman can just make up a false story and ruin a mans life with a domestic violence accusation (ive seen it happen). Another good reason is that these are only incremental steps towards gun confiscation. Same issue with all these red flag laws. I believe people should not have their rights stripped away unless they have been proven guilty of a crime.

    16. My answers is. Why not? The easiest answers is there just fun to shoot and most are very accurate even with cheap russkie ammo. And there just fun to shoot.

    17. The 2nd amendment needs a modernized reading, I’ll try. “A well regulated militia (is necessary for the security of a free state, professional , paid military), EVEN THOUGH we have that, the RIGHT of the PEOPLE (different group than the militia) to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

      I believe that it’s saying even though we have a militia /military, government can’t use that fact to deny the PEOPLE (citizens) the right to keep and bear arms. So that stops some democrat from saying “why do citizens need guns themselves when federal, state, and local governments have provided a militia/military/ and police force.

      1. I usually don’t get Into these arguments but, to correct you slightly. Every man woman and child in America is the militia. The reasoning behind this idea was our founder’s had just fought an invading force. Everyone focuses on corrupt Government but, if you look through history of this country you’ll find potential invaders refused to not due to the military but, due to the armed population. The Japanese said it best why they didn’t push forward into the nation after pearl harbor ” there is a rifle behind every blade of grass.” This is why I a veteran will hold on to mine. Americans live in a fairy land that most of the world begs for a gun to protect themselves. I love my country but, lack of war has made you oblivious as to the larger part of the world. I will gladly argue this point at any point politely so as to share further information and proper arguments. I appreciate the bulk of the left here for speaking intelligently so far as I read at this point. It shows that we can have intelligent conversations.

        1. No need to repeat “fake news” because the truth is enough.
          The Japanese did not avoid invading the USA because there was a rifle behind every blade of grass. The Japanese did not invade California because they did not have enough fuel to send ships all the way across the Pacific Ocean 8,000 miles. They also had no means to get enough troops and supplies here to cross the Rocky Mountains.
          As for using a 6 shot “enough” for home defense? Home invasion gangs can be a dozen armed thugs. In Texas the church shooter was armed with an AR. The guy that stopped him was also armed with an AR and was able to get into a car chase with enough ammo available. A 30 round magazine is more important to a defender who likely does not have web gear and a back pack with several guns and a dozen 10 round magazines.
          BTW on Japan, the atomic bombs saved a million American causalities and thousands of expect dead if the invasion had been necessary. They also save 5 million Japanese. Because the two bombs killed about 1/4 million instantly the living god Emperor ordered the Amy to surrender and the people to cooperate with the American military. In Germany until the Soviet Union [ Russia ] threatened Germany there was a armed resistance in Germany. The Berlin airlift ended the German resistance. No other invading army in the history of the world had fed and supplied food, fuel [coal for the heat].
          In the USA the potential of a militia opposing tyrants keeps the tyrants at bay. The National Guard is not the militia but most would align with the citizens unorganized militia. Certainly the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force can bomb and strafe with 20 and 30mm guns, 2,000 pound bombs and even nukes. But even our worst “communist” liberal tyrants want and need the people to operate the farms and factories and the homes and factories standing and undamaged. The millions of ARs, Ruger Mini 14/30, SKSs and AK47, 1903 Springfield and millions of handguns do deter the tyrant because they want a quick and simple surrender.

      2. On the milita note the Washington state constitution defines the milita in two ways. One the regular militia the national guard and the state patrol. Two the irregular militia as all able bodied men over 18. So as a militia member in the state you should not be able to limit the 2nd Amendment on me. I believe the wording of the irregular militia portion should be changed to read all able bodied people over 18.

    18. So i guess because i made a compelling argument, the comment was removed. Csuse i see the one before it and some after. Guess they meant to say leave a comment as long as your opinion doesnt offend [admin note] give us a break we are approving comments as quickly as possible.

      1. @SpAz130, It is a popular site and gets overwhelmed. I look forward to your compelling argument. What is going on in the Az senate race?

    19. Well you aren’t gonna win anyone over by calling them snowflake liberals. My politics lean mostly left, but I am a gun owner and collector. People like you leave me with nowhere to turn and IMO are a huge part of the problem. We aren’t ever going to find common ground by calling each other names. Toy want to drum up real discussion then try to understand the position of your enemies. Understand they are afraid and uneducated on the matter. Offer to teach them………Or you know, just keep calling them names and see how that works for ya.

      1. Regardless of how you feel about the gun issue, what matters is that politicians within the democratic party are pushing marxism/socialism and globalization. Their playbook is based on saul alinskys rules for radicals, so it might be wise for you to understand your partys stance and that you are being used as a pawn for their purpose. Maybe you need to reconsider who you vote for, please educate yourself and then get back to us.

      2. Yeah, no kidding. Let me make my argument about a very important issue by saying “LIBERALS LIBERALS DEMOCRATS want to shred the Constitution”. That’s not a real argument.

    20. It all falls to social control that’s it.when I think I am free I stop to think about the stupid little things that our government would happily put me in jail for things that 15 years ago would not have mattered at all. them trying to get our gun rights is nothing new and if ever they do we are in big trouble it’s all you see in the news today something about the AR-15.i have many guns but when they get the AR there not going to stop with it. it will be ever gun we have I’ll will fight with ever tool I have and hope that it doesn’t turn ugly but if it does I know I have a lot of brothers and sisters out there that would stand up and fight with me were not alone in this fight for our rights in this great country god bless the USA and all of you.

      1. That’s right. For example, a ‘military style weapons… might that evolve to any device that can fire a projectile? And what the heck is a “bullet button”? A buzz word created by politicians to frighten uninformed citizens? I sent two messages to the CA DOJ asking whether a bullet button and magazine latch release are one and the same (to see if I was required to register my AR-15 and they never replied.

    21. ALL so-called gun laws instituted since as far back as 1934 are completely ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Some would say that we need some gun laws to keep the guns out of the hands of criminals. I say, “Don’t criminals acquire them regardless, be it through theft or otherwise?!” I’m not really concerned about the idea that everyone may or may not be armed, as I would myself prefer (for everyone to be armed, that is). The remedy to crime would be to punish the criminal, not the “Just Citizen.” As to what the author is stating in regards to the question, “Why do we need ANY type of firearm ever made?” It’s NOT about a need, it’s about a RIGHT to have. What most folks don’t understand, is that firearm ownership is a GOD given Right. That, in and of itself is one of the main reasons that it’s written into the constitution. I for one, am go take advantage of that Right for sure.

      1. I agree with your statements. The wild west comes to my mind when this is spoken. Criminals get off to easy when they mean to do harm. Then terms like mental illness gets thrown around to lessing a sentance. 3rd and 4th chances are giving to criminals. I hate to say this, maybe im not sane to say this or just free to say . This has to change if we want to get rid of voilence we go strict on criminals. Our courts are used in wrong manors.. for traffic violations for example. If cops was protecting gun free zones and not the highways there would be less shootings in those areas. I would love to have our military support this but as most of you know thats consider overreaching federal government. Bonus if you can tell me why it was put in place.

    22. Here is my counter to this question. Why do you need your car, specifically since all vehicles are designed by the manufacturer to break the law and drive faster than the posted safe speed limit. I have a right to my firearms. There is no right in the Constitution to your luxury of having a vehicle, let alone ones that are able to break the law. If you will get legislation passed to where no vehicle produced will be able to break the speed law, and all current vehicles that can either be registered and non transferrable without serious regulation, modified to comply with the new law or simply confiscated and destroyed. Then, and only then would I ever agree to any such action against what I “want”.

      1. Your an idiot. I got a “Meat Axe” that says your full of shit. Care to put a wager on that sweet little uninformed ass?!

    23. An ar15 has never been a weapon of war. The weapon of war is the M16 ,which is a fully automatic shoulder fired rifle. The ar15 is a semi automatic and has no history of being used in combat by any US military because the military only is armed with the M16. Get it right once and for all !!!!!

      1. Andrew, I agree with most of what you say but I can attest to the fact that not all military rifles of the m-16 variety were full autos. When I was a paratrooper in the late 70 s, ( this was the m-16a1 and steel pot era) air Force combat control teams were sporting semi auto xm-177 like rifles. They made parachute jumps with us 82 nd guys on a regular basis. I was always intrigued with thier rifles as they were like 10 times cooler than our m-16 a1. When you’re a young paratrooper “cool facter” was a big deal.

      2. I’m not trying to sound like a know- it- all. I’m just trying to help out. My experience, 5.5 years in the US Army Infantry. 2 tours to Iraq and a shit ton of ammo shot/ wasted. The M16 has 4 variants. M16A1-4. I don’t know year’s active or differences except the M16A1 is the only one of those that is full auto unless a person is a spec ops personnel. At some point in time they switched us over to the M4. That has a safe, semi, and 3 round burst selector switch. Once again Spec Ops get the awesome full auto.

    24. The constitution just re-iterates our natural/god given right to DEFEND ourselves against ANYONE. The people who question why we need ar15’s most likely never paid any attention to history lessons nor have they read any history books ever. If they did they would have read about NUMEROUS cases where government became a problem and what happened when the people had nothing to defend themselves. (Hitler, Stalin, Mao,…..)
      They are too stupid to think about the past and somehow believe themselves that will never happen here. They are fools of the biggest kinds living in a dream land. We need even MORE than AR15’s to be safe against tyranny. The left wing cuks are out to disarm us. They’re next step is to force us into slavery (more taxes, more rules, more regulations,etc) We ALL KNOW where that ends up. No thanks. From my cold dead hands.
      Government works FOR US. We don’t work for the government.

    25. Hello All: Let’s be clear – my “gun control” position is very limited in scope. I argue against the theory that the 2A protects civilian ownership of military grade semi-auto assault rifles (such as the AR15, the classic example). We all know the types of weapons I’m talking about, so lets not get bogged down with ballistics. Like some one once said about porn – “I don’t know how to define it, but I know it when I see it.” I am a gun owner. Just recently purchased a Remington 596 (.22 cal) for my teen-age son to use under supervision, to introduce him to the wonderful and fun world of responsible gun ownership. If my position on semi-auto assault rifles makes me a left wing commie Libtard snowflake, then so be it.

      I’ve read the many counter arguments on this string. They range from the well-out thought out with valid points to fantasy based lunacy (I think most know which is which). The most valid argument for the continued protection of the AR-15 is the classic “slippery slope” – once they get they AR15 types, what will ‘they” come after next. I have this fear as well. Nonetheless, I’m fully prepared to give up my so-called “right” to the AR15 types. When and if “they” then want to ban my newly purchased 596, I’ll join my voice to yours.

      These weapons should not be in the hands of the citizen/civilian population, no more than the M2 .50 cal. The NFA effectively took full autos out of the general population’s hands. Our democracy did not collapse. Our Union somehow has manged to live on. The NFA has been deemed a constitutional restriction. Can anyone doubt that the “banning” of the full auto Mac-10 hasn’t saved lives – the lives of law enforcement and civilians. Is there a police department in America that would support lifting the ban on full auto Mac-10s? Are these police departments all run by snowflakes, or is it that such a ban is just common sense?

      I merely believe that the AR15 types should be included in the “NFA items.” Our democracy will continue. People were able to effectively defend themselves and their homes prior to the availability of the AR15 types and will still be able to do so if such weapons are banned. I’m sure most people on this string can name dozens of alternative firearms that would be extremely effective for that goal.

      This is not about blaming the tool and relieving the person of responsibility. This is not about the elimination of murder or even mass murder. I saw a reference to Cain and Abel – the murder weapon is never identified, but it is safe to assume it was not an AR15. What this is about is a common sense rule(s) that would make mass murders “harder.” Don’t we owe it to the piles of dead children (and adults) to at least try and make it “harder” for the next person. If a person wanted to kill theater full of people and could chose between the AR15 and the M1, they would chose the AR15, for the obvious reasons. If one wanted to kill as many as possible, as fast as possible they would chose the AR15 over the M1, the M1 over a knife, the knife over the stone, the stone over the stick, the stick over a wet clump of hair. Everyone of my examples, including the wet clump of hair, can be used to snuff out a life. It is not about elimination. It is about placing reasonable restrictions that WILL save lives.

      I say, add the AR15 and its ilk to the list of NFA items. It is a reasonable restriction on our second amendment rights, no different than banning land mines. (Imagine a world where people could buy a landmine as easily as I purchased the 596 – is that not a scary world?). We already draw lines when it comes to arms and the Second. We need to draw another. Everyone will live, some longer than they would otherwise.

      1. You are correct, your position on gun control is limited , and very weak. First of all, the 2nd Amendment does protect the rights of citizens to own military type weapons. The 2nd Amendment was written at a time when there was no standing army, only the militia, who were required to provide their own weapons were the defenders of our nation when called to serve. They did not show up at the Armory and draw a weapon, they had to bring their own rifle with sixty rounds of powder and ball plus five days rations. This was a requirement to be in the Minutemen that now stands as the symbol for the Army National Guard. As for the idea that the 2nd Amendment does not cover military type weapons, try holding your ground against an invader with an AK-47.

        The NFA did not ban civilian ownership of fully automatic M-2’s and Mac-10’s. The NFA only required that they be licensed ( a $200 fee) and be registered by the Federal Government. Anyone who can pay the fee and pass a background check can own a fully automatic machinegun or submachine gun. There are a few gun stores that specialize in full auto or class III firearms. I know several people who legally own full autos including Mac-10’s, MP5’s and Usi’s.
        Even the BATFE has stated the AR-15 with a bump stock added is not by it’s own definition a machinegun.

        Our fore fathers also believed there was the possibility that someday the government could turn against it’s own citizens and there fore must be able to defend themselves and if necessary replace the government with one that is of, by and for the people. If you do not believe this then you only have to look at the history of the last century when Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were responsible for the murder of 100 million people, yes 100 million, all in the name of Socialism (Communism).

        The goal of the left is not only to ban the AR-15, this is just a stepping stone. The goal is to ban private ownership of all guns including your newly purchased 596, to confiscate all private land ownership as Elizabeth Warren has said, and to subjugate the nations citizens. Why do you think every time a mass shooting happens the emphasis is placing restrictions on the people that had nothing to do with the incident. The left wants to punish everyone for the actions of one guilty person, why? Punish the gun owners, blame the gun not the shooter. It’s like the batter blaming the ball for striking out.

        As for the left wing commie Libtard snowflake, those are your words.

      2. @Paul, I could kill more faster with a half a gallon of gasoline. Go ban gasoline. Your view of the Second Amendment is judicially wrong.
        Lots of people have full auto, and we all have a Civil Right to full auto.
        Why do you get to be the judge of what is lunacy.
        I doubt that you are a gun owner. Those “drawn lines” only exist because the power elites ignore our Constitution. You think that you are going to be an elite, but you are just a temporarily useful tool.
        You are no one to decide what we can and can not have.

        1. You’re wrong the civilian population can still purchase transferable machine guns and silencers do your research please

      3. Paul, recently at a gunshow up in Virginia, I came across a teeshirt with the logo “no sovereign but God and no king but Jesus”. It was evidently a common Revolutionary War slogan. I think the question becomes why should Americans feel obligated to except really any of the gun control regulations, maybe in the case of existing ones, one could argue precedent, but certainly I would argue we should feel no obligation to allow things to go any further. In otherwords disobedience. Unless someone can make a good argument that God doesn’t want civilians possessing AR-15s, I think I will be keeping mine, unregistered, regardless of what laws get passed. And should I ever be called for Jury duty for such a case, I think I will be voting not guilty. Jury nullification they call it.

      4. Paul, I NEED AR15’s because nothing else pisses off arrogant snowflakes like you more than a scary black rifle does. It’s a good thing I don’t need your permission to get one, or you don’t need my permission to write your idiotic thoughts. Turn in your guns, sheeps have no use for them.

      5. Yes you are a snowflake Paul !! I think you need to educate yourself on the constitution. You are eigther for our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Or you are truly dilluded about what this right means. It is not debatable. As for automatic weapons , they should not be available to only the wealthy of this great country. Wake up , lest you find your party’s true agenda. To relieve all citizens , of all guns. Yours included. And forget teaching your son the joy of shooting sports. They want all of our guns. Also do some research on exactly how many AR style rifles have been used to commit heinous crimes , vs how many pistols used. Oh the scary AR-15 it shoots fully , semi automatically , 1,000s of bullets a minute right ??

      6. Paul, your scope is not limited at all. What you propose would ban most all semiautomatic by definition alone. Including your 596. Legally defining the AR will include any other firearm that functions like it. And we all know that is the end game they play. Thankfully, 80% receivers, ghostgunner cnc machines, etc. make any argument you make a moot point. Good luck with that.

    26. My question is since the ar-15 is most widley used gun in mass shooting because of how tacticle and militant it appears, why not make is nesecarry to require a higher form of clearence like with full auto? Make it harder to get ahold of? Yes i understand that if i school shooter wants it bad enough they will find a way of getting it. But why cant we make it harder? If you as a gun collector and enthusiast are in the right frame of mind to own a gun, then it shouldnt be that much harder. I personally would love to get a 30-30 and go hunting, but i am not allowed because i was charged with a misdemeanor simple assault at 18 and it was filed as a domestic case. But i dont see how any 18 year old who may have bipolar or some other mental and emotional issues should be able to legally go buy a gun. My nephew who has a history of violence is 10 now. I dont wanna see him get a gun legally or otherwise and one day make a bad decision just cause another kid pissed him off.
      And if your argument is home defense, why an ar? Why not a semi-auto shotgun? Orany shotgun? Hell a .22 long rifle round can still kill an intruder or stop them. Why a .15 calibure semi auto rifle? Its unsportsman like for hunting. At the range it still looks stupid to most experienced older guys.
      And yeah i understand it is the closest thing to what guys and gals in the army have used, buteven friends of mine who served say they are highly unnessecary for civilians. You wouldnt take a f1 on the freeway to work right? Sure itd be fun and i want one, but its not legal and people arent bitching about those laws?

      1. An AR-15 is not a .15 caliber firearm. As far as not driving an F1 on the highway to get to work… Hell yeah, I would if I could!

      2. Please do a little more research and you’ll find out that AR-15s are not the most widely used in mass shootings. In fact rifles in general are the minority when it comes to firearms used.

      3. For home defence in my family we have a saying “If you need more than 6 shots you are doing something wrong or need to work on your aim.” So my family all opt for buying revolvers or pistols. My dad a State highway patrol officer has his 1911, my Grandpa (state highway and veteran) has a couple of revolvers hidden for quick access and made each and everyone of us learn gun safety from the age of about 10-14, I own a Judge, and my sister’s husband a marine owns a couple of pistols. One big mistake that a lot of people make is the right gun for the right place I saw a guy trying to buy a shotgun for home defence me and the Gunsmith were talking and wandered over to him aaking him some questions about where he lived around here since this is more condos and housing developments and told us where and I recognised the condo he lives at And told the gunsmith and we go and grab this 9mm P320 and tell him this is all you need any more and you risk shooting your neighbor we say while laughing and explained why the shotgun wasn’t the best choice most definitely not a 12G and explain how in a more separated housing if he wants one a 20g bird shot is all he needs I won’t force my family’s teaching on others but I will if someone makes a mistake that may endanger someone else and he thanked us for the advice and took it to heart and bought what we recommended. And I agree if someone wants something bad enough they WILL find a way to get it whether it be guns, a license, drugs, or even a bomb I mean if used right household products can make an explosive. I like guns it’s one of the biggest ways me and my grandpa have always connected western films and guns we both love to watch John Wayne films in his gun room as we polish, clean, reload ammo and such and we have debated over gun preferences but in the end we have fun and now his health is going we can’t shoot or do as much but we still sit in that gun room and watch those films and it makes us happy. 🙂 And I agree it’s the managment of who and how the guns are acquired that make all the difference also sorry to hear about the charges that are held over your head and restrict you I have a friend that’s the same he went out drinking the first time turns out the poor sod is a complete light weight (I’m not a fan of alcohol so I’m the DD) and had 1 beer and told the guys I’d bring him back turns out his neighbour was a quick to anger guy and the drunk fool on my shoulder said something about the guys GF who left him like 2 hours before(we had no idea and he was just asking since they are usually out together on Saturday nights) and punched my friend in the face and me in the gut I got a cracked rib and my friend a broken nose my friend thought it would be a good idea to fight back and gave him 2 good punches that lead only to 2 bruises (dude was massive) my friend got charged with a couple of thing I can’t remember, I got nothing except some compensation money from sueing the guy as I didn’t fight back and called 911 and the other guy had it worse due to a list of prior offenses. Well if you want to hunt ask around in case a friend goes and and go with him or try bow hunting as I don’t think you need to get a Background check for that. 🙂 Enjoy and have a nice day.

    27. Washington recently “voted” and passes initiative 1639 which raises the age to 21 for purchasing rifles, defines assault rifles… again, now any semi auto. Requirements to secure all firearms AND ammunition (class c felony if not done) and in addition to background checks, in order to purchase the newly defined assault rifles, you will be required to go through a state approved safety course within the last 3 years, and pay the sherriff 25$ for their approval as well. This means that you can pass the background check, have the safety training and the sherriff could say “meh, I dont think so” keeping the 25$.
      This was “voted” on and approved! The fight isn’t just at the ballot anymore. The fight is against the constant brainwashing and adds and celebrities, teachers, newscasters, (tv in general) all coming together on platforms that we all stare at and a constant bombardment saying that guns are bad, evil, child killing machines that we all need to fear all guns. This is a battle we are all losing and have been losing since it was started years ago. There doesn’t have to be a “civil war” to get rid of guns, just an indoctrination of youth to all know that guns are evil and must be destroyed. They are the next wave of voters to pass 2020 and 1639’s initiatives. The government knows there doesn’t have to be this big dramatic battle to fight the guns out of our hands, not when the battle can be fought with a simple bug planted in the ear saying the same thing over ” guns are bad.”

      1. The first step librards should push is eliminating all post 1861 firearms from all movies, tv shows, and games. I’m sure the entertainment industry would love having nothing but musicals and animation as sources of income.

      2. The courts can still throw the initiative out and deem it unlawful before it is signed into law. The battle is not over yet.

    28. I get asked “Why do you need a weapon of war.”
      I reply “War”
      Weapons of war is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind.

    29. One could ask “why do you need a fire extinguisher in your house?” My answer would be the same: ” hopefully, I won’t “. People own these because we refer to the first 10 amendments as a Bill of Rights not a Bill of Needs. Plain and simple.

      1. Exactly. Why do I need is not the proper question. Also this is supposed to be a free country. Why do I need a Porsche? I don’t, but I have one because I earned it and should be able to enjoy it.

    30. Since the invention of firearms, every wanna-be tyrant or despot has attempted to deny or restrict them to those they wanted to subjugate or control. The Founding Fathers were perfectly aware of this, and wrote the Second Amendment as a guarantee that citizens could protect themselves against government tyranny:
      “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered Eastern peoples to have arms. History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so.” —Adolf Hitler
      “The measures adopted to restore public order are: First of all, the elimination of the so-called subversive elements …. They were elements of disorder and subversion. On the morrow of each conflict I gave the categorical order to confiscate the largest possible number of weapons of every sort and kind. This confiscation, which continues with the utmost energy, has given satisfactory results.” – Benito Mussolini
      A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the
      bourgeoisie. – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
      “The revolution is now over, and all good revolutionaries must turn in their firearms” – Fidel Castro
      “I just want you to know that we are working on [gun control]. We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.” –Barack Obama

    31. My answer to people who ask that question is always the same. Because we have a “Bill of Rights” as the foundation of this great country, not a “Bill of Needs”.

    32. A nation devided will not prosper. This being America right now we all should be working. I am a gun ower and as a veteran feel it is my right to portect my family from any threat including our own government.I believe that was the intent of this countries founding fathers. Anyone attempting to disarm the citizens of this country without just cause is in for a great big surprise I hope to never see. Our division is more a matter of personal opinion and choice which now seems to be a big issue with the more liberally minded individuals in this country and around the world. We here in America are a free nation not subject
      to the wishes or whims of any other nation. Until the law of the land is changed by repealing the Second amendment I will stand for my right to bare arms against any and all entities trying to infringe on that right I am concerned that one segment of our population feel that a duly elected official should be the target of outright ridicule because their canidate lost their bid at office. So sad America this is where we will fall from within when we or some trying to control this nation from within . Take a good look in the mirror citizen judge yourself before judging those who who truly feel afraid for their safety and the safety of their loved ones.
      Vietnam veteran

      1. No, Dom…

        The 2nd Amendment does NOT confer, grant, or issue the right to self-defense (which is God-given). The 2nd Amendment merely prohibits the government from interfering with that natural right. Even if the 2nd is repealed, the natural right remains… it still exists… and such a repeal simply means that We the People must prohibit the government from interfering.

        The Founding Fathers were adamant that citizens must have access to arms “suitable for war.” The Federalist Papers clearly proved that.

    33. I love the AR platform in the many calibers they can be built in. They have come a long ways in the past fifty years and that is why I need them. Furthermore, I’ve heard all of the questions, but long ago it was, “Why do you need so many guns?” My response has always been the same, that is a collector collects what they want. A stamp collector or a coin collector may have hundreds in their collection and it is the same with other types of collections. You study and research every aspect of your interests. While I was in the military, my first loves were the M-1 and M-14. Absolutely could not stand the toy rifle nomeclatured M-16. But times do change.

      1. Know what you mean about the AR platform ( toy gun) several times Vietnam 1967 I would have given my left nut so to speak for my M-14 from basic.

    34. You are wrong about Obama October 2 2015 he praised the Australian gun by back witch was not voluntary and he praiesd Great Britain gun confisication. Obama and other gun grabbers would like for you to think that they only want comansence gun control. Will know they call it gunsaftey but that is far from the truth they want out right out confiscation so the can no longer can be held accountable to the american people all you have to due is search thier speaches and actually read what they at saying if gun control work why is places like Chicago so unsafe to live in and why places like Dallas where thier is less crime where people have the ability to protect them selves and why does mass shootings only happen in gun free zones and why if just puting up signs and puting words on Paper or laws work why do we have any crime thier should be none at all by your thinking. ALLl and by the way Obama was great for gun sales because he kept trying to restrict and take them a way and gun owners was not having it its not that we don’t agree that murder is notable or crime against any one should not happen. I just won’t allow my self to be dependent on some one else for my or my family safety and I understand that evil exist and signs and words does not stop it

      1. Commonsense gun control is about taking very small steps to erode gun owners rights under the Constitution of the United States with the end being confiscation of guns from lay abiding citizens.

      2. Amen to your last sentence. I’m getting too dann old to go head-to-head with some of those folks who wish us harm. They are taking away our gun show down here cause after 20 sum years this area is starting to see snowflakes,

    35. I was born in a communist country in early 1960’s, and I do remember the fear people had of being arrested for being the enemy of the state. For decades I heard all the the arbitrary arguments that I don’t need a gun. My preference is for the government to be afraid of me instead of me being afraid of the government. I have a god given right to defend my family, life, property, my country from a rogue government, criminals, terrorists, gangs, drug traffickers, burglars, foreign invasion, carjacking, etc… This is not negotiable, it is a sacred right. Do we need permits for other constitutional amendments? A gun is a tool essential for good people to defend themselves from bad people.

      1. A gun is a tool , an AR-15 is one of the best home defense tool’s we are able to own. It is our constitutional right to protect ourselves , and our loved ones. The Right to keep and bear arms , is not hard to understand. The left and Lib’s want to shred our constitution , bit by bit , piece by piece , I say nay , they shall not infringe on my rights.

    36. fast food kills. High cholesterol diabetes obesity. How many people each year died from illnesses related two the above. Drunk drivers kill or Maim thousands of people each year. There is no waiting period To buy a new car.

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