Wisconsin’s New Governor Declares War on Your Gun Rights

Tony Evers Wins Wisconsin Governor’s Race
Tony Evers Wins Wisconsin Governor’s Race

Wisconsin – -(AmmoLand.com)- As you now know, Wisconsin has a new Governor in Tony Evers, and he is even more hostile to gun rights than the outgoing one.

Early yesterday morning, Democrat Tony Evers edged out Scott Walker in the Wisconsin governor’s race, while state republicans kept control of the assembly and state senate.

Tony Evers has said he will make it harder for people to get concealed carry permits and, like Scott Walker, opposes Constitutional Carry.

But what really worries me is Evers’ wishlist for gun control in Wisconsin:

  • Universal background checks (total control to deny you your right to purchase guns for any reason they invent)
  • State registry of firearms (gun owner registration list)
  • Ban on certain accessories like bump stocks and so-called “high-capacity” mags (“Evers Calls For Tougher Gun Laws In Wisconsin” wpr.org)

“I think we have to be pragmatic here, we have to start someplace,” Evers said. “We’ve had young people all across the country, people in high schools, saying, ‘Enough is enough, the adults have to stand up and do something.'”

“Do something.”

Those two chilling words have become code speak for, “Take the guns.”

Here’s the problem. Many gun owners will wrongly assume that a republican assembly and state senate will keep Evers’ extreme gun ban measures from reaching his desk.

If you believe that, I have a house to sell you.

You can bet that following the next “tragedy” Evers will push the state legislature to “do something,” and will label his extreme gun controls “reasonable restrictions.”

And that’s when republicans will cave and go along with public pressure.

Unless … UNLESS you and I and thousands of other WGO activists around Wisconsin keep republicans from selling out and compromising.

The greatest danger to our gun rights is right now.

It’s the perfect storm – a rabid anti-gun Governor and a legislature willing to sell you out in order to appear “reasonable.”

We’ll lose even more gun rights this session gradually … incrementally … and once a statewide registry of gun owners is in place, the next logical step will be (and always has been) gun confiscation.

Please take this threat seriously.

If your WGO membership is NOT active: Please join now. There is strength in numbers and we need your help now like never before. When you join, we’ll rush your NO COMPROMISE GUN RIGHTS PLEDGE in the mail.

Because the stakes are so high and we need you in the fight, we’ve reduced our membership levels:

Don’t be duped. Your gun rights are now on the chopping block. Please take action now.

Corey Graff
Executive Director

Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc.
PO Box 329
Waupaca, WI 54981

Wisconsin Gun Owners

About Wisconsin Gun Owners:

WGO works for grassroots gun owners, not politicians. While many gun lobbies fight for “reasonable gun control,” WGO sets a higher standard: Defining the terrain of pro-gun political battle. Sure, many groups claim they’re “pro-gun” – all the while they provide cover for anti-gun deals cut by politicians – but only WGO truly informs gun owners, remaining committed to a 100% pro-gun position. We oppose all gun control – regardless of the political party – and work tirelessly to restore the Second Amendment. Visit www.wisconsingunowners.org

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It’s becoming clearer that we will have another Un-Civil WAR! We will be SLAVES if they take our guns! FACT! I’m a 67 year old Viet Nam Veteran! I took an OATH to defend the Constitution from Foreign and Domestic Enemies! That OATH was for all times for me! People that want to take our RIGHTS are an ENEMY! I’m still willing to die for America, so it doesn’t become ameriKa! Are you willing to FIGHT TO REMAIN FREE? Are you willing to die for your FREEDOMS? If you are not, you are a milk-sop! Look it up for the… Read more »


I am pretty liberal but I do not agree with more gun control instead we needed better policing of black market dealers cause that’s where 9/10 violent offenders get their guns. ignorance is the issue with people like this man. people want guns just like alcohol in prohibition age they will find a way and it only makes us more endangered. history has taught us banning items never works. problem is a corrupt government thatto the paid off not to do the checks they meant to. problem is no one is holding the groups supposed to check backgrounds truly responsible.… Read more »

John R. PylesIII

the minute that pig fuc–r swears to uphold the Constitution arrest the litte pig squealer for perjury and treason for crimes against the people of these United Stated of America

Users mart

Hey bud, open the mind given to you as a human. Check the name of the author of the article . (COREY GRAFF) use the great tool the internet can be for knowledge, google and find cited course about him a licensed lobbyist paying the Republican Party to stand with the institution the lobbyist works for. THEYDONT STAND UP FOR GUNS THEYRE PAID OFF MAN. My god. The government gave us guns and can take them away. Use your head. This article is a paranoia tactic. It’s garbage for us to gawk at. Thousand and millions are being passed behind… Read more »


The government didn’t give me shit. My right to defend myself however I choose, against ANY offender, including the government, precedes any permission that you think was granted by some mystical entity with some kind of badge. You might want to reevaluate your thought process on this one. You sound like a sheep, ready for slaughter.


“The government gave us guns and can take them away.”
Yeah, dood… you’re right… I think the Constitution mentions that “Government can legally infringe on gun ownership for the safety of the worker.”
Far out, man.

Wild Bill

, Always making with the negative waves. Can not you dig the righteousness of being endowed with inalienable Rights by your Creator? Government had not even been invented, yet.


Time to give the Democraps the same respect they give Republicans …TIME TO RESIST!!!


You know what, fuck republicans and fuck the democrats. Both of your parties are shit, Phil Anderson was on the ticket yet you ignored him. He would have restored freedoms, and you ignored him. At least I can say my vote went to the cause, and the person most deserving of it. All you two party fucks are freedom haters.

Rational Human

And if you would have voted for Walker we might not be in danger of losing our gun rights.

K. Brown

Your enthusiasm is so not appreciated when you have to use vulgar language to demonstrate your testosterone level.

Crotalus Maxximus

That’s right on dude. You threw your vote in the trash by voting for a non-starter. As far as union voters go they are the useful idiots of the Marxist Movement. Voting away there freedom for a few more pieces of silver.

G man

Everyone forgets they took the oath to uphold the constitution now hold them to it or impeach them . They are not elected to press their agenda but to uphold the constitution and the law of the land

Dan Schwager

To Democrats they only OATH’s they take is to the Democrat Party….They really don’t believe in the Constitution.

K. Brown

People get the government they deserve. If you vote on feeling vs issues then this is what becomes the end result… Maybe WI will wise up and do a recall election.

Alan Falk

How about the new Governor establishes a Measurement of the Effectiveness of his New Laws, and if they don’t meet objective and “reasonable standards,” the new laws are immediately Sunsetted?

Put your beliefs to a real test, “Governor.”


Wisconsin you must make a stand we as Americans must not allow any , I repeat any government official to take anything away from us ! They work for us and we pay there salary with taxes ,taxes,taxes! They are our employee make them sorry they even consider this idea it’s our rights we are talking about! They have not been working for us for a long time why should they be ordering us ? Stop this insanity!our guns our rights !!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Smith

The recall battle over Walker was not being pushed by liberals. Walker attacked the middle class worker and the workers unions. That was Walkers biggest downfall. Walker showed he wasn’t for the working class, but was for the side of big business, by turning Wisconsin into a right to work state, following his brother in Florida. Then talk about privatising parks and turning our interstate system into a toll-way. Walker had to go and people screwed up by not following through with kicking him out when they had the chance. Voters would rather take a chance on Evers over dealing… Read more »

Big J

Spoken like a true brainwashed union liberal. Enjoy the new gas tax you voted into office

John Kapler

Governor Walker went after the Liberal socialist unions because there needed to be some deductions so those lucrative pensions you dumb asses receive could continue..


Walker’s privatization efforts, as well as the powers granted to his executive branch by the state legislature, were some of the major factors in his downfall. Even in the extremely conservative Waukesha, Ozaukee, and Washington counties, Evers got 32.5%, 36%, and 26% of the vote, respectively. Walker lost the entirety of SW Wisconsin because of his neglect of their infrastructure, and he lost far-north Wisconsin because of much bigger issues than guns.


Washington voters just voted for an PoS piece of gun control act that raises the age to buy semi-auto rifles to 21. It also requires an application to buy pistols and semi-auto rifles. By signing the application you agree to a medical records check by either the state Mental Health Authority or law enforcement, which means the application can be tuned down for any mental health diagnosis even if you are not a dangerous person.


Pay attention Wisconsin. We had a “pro gun” House Senate and Governor in Florida and following the high school shooting here they all went the route of “doing something” and passed SB 7026. Even when we gun owners went after them they all folded like a cheap suit and messed us over.

J. Grimes

This is to be expected whenever any useless Democrat is elected to ANY state or national office. Help the people? NO! Assume as. Much power as possible and keep the people under control? Hell yeah!


Minnesota, Wisconsin, and other states. Voters are so stupid it hurts to even watch them, look at them. Well, they will get what they voted for. But soon, I wager, a civil war will happen and then watch those voters run for cover. I just hope they do not make and get their asses handed to them.


You are dreaming…WHAT CIVIL WAR??? Them against us?? And how are you going to identify them?? Do you think that they will have DEMS painted on their forehead? Do you think they are going to walk around waving a “BLUE” flag saying “here we are”? I live in MA and voted REP but we are outnumbered 5 to 1 so getting a RED government here is nigh impossible. Not all my neighbors are “rat-bags” and are cordial and nice, just some need a kick-in-the-pants…..I don’t see a “civil war” coming down the Pike..

BillyBob Texas

ANOTHER EXAMPLE –IF us gun nuts don’t get OUR voters out – we will be losing ALL. Even in my Beloved Texas – that Fake Hispanic Irish Guy ALMOST got elected….in TEXAS !!!???


Wisconsin doesn’t deserve this political anti-gun crap Wild Bill. This talk and proposed action is being pushed by the liberals in Madison and Milwaukee primarily. Harsh guns laws and eventual gun consfication is not the answer to the gun violence of the very few nut jobs out there. Background checks could be amped up within reason but reports of prior crimes by the mentally ill cannot be so easily dismissed and then regretted later in the aftermath of a tragedy involving firearms by these same people. Get tough on criminals early before all Hell breaks loose!


The anit-gunner will never let a good tragedy go to waste. Total control is the end goal. Like every dictatorship they must confiscate all the guns first. Gun control and government monopoly on health care, and the schools are the foundation of control for them.


The only political figure is US history that’s even close to a dictator is Trump and y’all worship that con man. Wake up! Sure, maybe his TV show antics excite you now, but if he has his way he’d remove all checks and balances from our democracy and follow the lead of Putin and North Korea, Trump worships other dictators. Then in ten years when he’s dead you’ll have another dictator that you had no choice to choose who’ll take all of your guns for sure and you’ll all be…. Duh, what just happened?


Obama was just as bad, he was smart enough to do it behind the scenes. Examples-Fast and Furious, IRS targeting conservatives, Operation choke point, appointing hundreds of liberal judges who have no compunction with legislating from the bench, weaponizing agencies to suit his agenda, the list goes on forever. If Trump is a dictator, he is a damn poor one, he can’t get anything accomplished because of resistors. That wouldn’t happen in a dictatorship. Resistors would simply ‘disappear’, kind of like detractors of the Clintons.

J. Grimes

Hey ARS, nice rant, but with no factual basis. Now is the time to leave this forum so you can worship your gods – Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Harris, and Booker.


Delusional much?…stop with Kool-Aid and start drinking beer, it’ll clear your head and make you feel better…


More Rights have been lost to apathy, than to force, the world over. In these turnover states, it’s mandatory that gun owners and supporters stay in contact with their legislators, they represent you, remember. Do more than join WGO or any state or national gun owner org, show up at rally’s, write letters, make calls, buy their products, talk to friends and neighbors about liberty, freedom and self preservation, support shooting sports, especially junior sports, help your kids get involved and do the same. Leftists have all the microphones and cameras. So we can no longer afford to be the… Read more »

Robert J. Lucas

Along with mental illness, and rebuilding the mental Health Care system.


Kansas, now Wisconsin, they are all falling for the ‘do something’ mantra. They say its for the kids but the kids are safer in school than on the streets. The people who got elected gov in these states won on the votes of city dwellers who have no skin in the game. They are not sportsmen and have not touched, much less fired a gun. In the city, gun ownership is only associated with crime, so the logic is get rid of the guns, get rid of the crime. Somehow mans propensity for violence is being overlooked.


Wisconsin is known for it’s cheese. Iveat a lot of cheese. Love the stuff. There are plenty of other pro second amendment states where cheese is produced. I will do my damnedest to purchase my cheese from one of those states! I think every other supporter of the second amendment should do the same. Hit them in their wallets!


Yankee Bill, I’d hope that you wouldn’t punish the WI dairy farmers for a state’s governor. Wisconsin is pretty much a Red state, with the exception of Madison and Milwaukee. When academics were taken over by liberals, the U of WI system gradually fell to that. Since our largest state university is in Madison, the town drifted left. Milwaukee…well, let’s just say that the “give me free stuff” crowd dominates there…and it is the largest city in the state, hence the largest voting block. As for the author’s claim that Gov Walker was “anti-gun”, he signed into law our concealed… Read more »


JDC. Sorry, but somebody in that state did the voting and let that varmint sonofabitch into the hen house.


Yankee Bill, Because the races are by popular vote, Madison and Miliwakee skewed the vote liberal. Just like in MO. Because of KC and St. Louis, we have to fight tooth and nail to elect Republicans. It is so democratic that 22 of 39 races didn’t even have a republican contender for State House seats, and in St.L. many city slots go uncontended too. It’s a disgrace. In national elections you see the same thing. Chicago, NY, LA and SF would have elected Hillary if it were a popular vote. It’s maddening to me to think that any major urban… Read more »

Wild Bill

Poor, poor, pitiful Wisconsin is going to get the government that it deserves.


Why the F**k do you think I deserve this traitorous asshat? I’m a gun dealer since 2003 in WI and have fught the dems all along. Vociferously. madison and milwaukee control a LOT of crap in this state simply by the amount of mentally diseased being able to vote along with the dead and illegals, ALL known as liberal pieces of shit.


Absolutely right there Wild Bill. How many gun owners voted only how their Union told them to? How many gun owners voted Democrat? How many gun owners didn’t even get off their Butts and go vote?
I was absolutely dismayed even here in Texas. An avowed Communist who didn’t even know his ethnicity almost walked away with our senate election. Folks better start voting, voting for only pro-gun candidates and only vote Republican, or otherwise we and the America we love, will go the way of the Dinosaurs. Just saying…


Don’t lump all union members in your response. I am in a union and I didn’t vote for that POS. There were others I work with did the same. So we are out there. Unfortunately the unions do “empathize “ voting for democrats. I didn’t particularly care for Walker either. Another unfortunate thing is no “Electoral College” in state elections. So the big cities will always rule in the majority of state elections. The county I live in, Republicans won hands down. Maybe having the system for presidential elections should be enacted for state elections? Wonder how that would work?… Read more »


Rural conservative democrats have kept things like universal background checks, extreme violence restraining orders and raising the age to buy semi-auto rifles to 21 from passing in WA.


Nobody deserves Tony Evers or the Commie-crats in Madison.


Sad. They wanted this, obviously. Now they have it. Why didn’t gun owners work harder? Don’t know. Guess they didn’t care enough to “do something”.

David Stolte

Wild Bill, we have been fighting this battle for decades with the dimocats moving here from illinoise and bringing the dumb ideas with them. Do you know how close the election was,1.1 percent. If it was less than 1 percent Walker could have called for a recount.AS Texdan said you should keep a sharp watch on who is moving to your area .I’ve been trying to get Tammy Baldwin out of the senate for forever.And as for not buying cheese from Wi. thats alright thanks to president Trump opening the Canuk market to our farmers.And yes it sucks, we will… Read more »

John Pharo

Stop your bitching, if you are a true sportsman and truly care about our HUNTING HERITAGE. There is nothing wrong with making sure that all firearms are registered and owners held fully responsible. Stop with the damn politics, Republicans, Democrats and independents need to understand that there needs to be more accountability as far as gun ownership goes. I have owned firearms for 45 yrs. Wake up.


John, John, John. Hunting is not a protected Right. Do you have to register your religion? Do you have to ask government permission to write on the internet? Do you pay a fee in order to receive Due Process? Do you think that someone intent on a criminal act is going to register their gun so it can be traced back to them after the crime? Lawful gun owners are responsible and accountable. Only criminals wouldn’t report a stolen gun. Only criminals misuse guns and only criminals will not be hindered by all 20,000 laws already on the books. What… Read more »

K. Brown

And you being a responsible person did not need any laws to understand the accountability that comes with gun ownership. Sadly there are too many that do not have the same mindset.

John Pharo

So glad to rid this state of walker. He has totally destroyed the DNR.

K. Brown

I did my 27 years 6 months and 29 days in uniform making “janitors” out of libbies because they would not have your back in a hot zone. What is really sad is you get these kids in the armed services many of which decided to give the military a whirl and they show up expecting to be waited on hand and foot! So we start there teaching them all about the chain of command that they should have grasped in boot camp! Next you deal with the I don’t wannas. As in I don’t wanna do this or do… Read more »

K. Brown

Noted you not bother to elaborate how he destroyed the DNR or any recommendations for the new Gov. to heed and possibly implement…. Just toss out a Phart bomb and depart…. That is better known as trolling or parroting.


Who the hell cares about another gov’t entity…DNR.= dept of no results..our freedoms are a hell of a lot more important than the dnr….


I honestly disagree with both sides. Freedom is important but without intelligent limits freedom isn’t freedom it becomes Chaos and anarchy. while on paper anarchy has merits in reality it don’t wiork cause of 1 major flaw people are assholes and will abuse it. What we need is to stop being so black and white on both sides and recognize people want to have protection guns cause the world aint a safe nice place. and that we need some limits on what guns can be allowed and what are just plain too high powered and no logical value to anyone… Read more »


The DNR sucks… They mess up more than they fix. Now you have a gun grabbing Lefty as Governor…