Broken Arrow PD Purchase RISE Armament Watchman Rifles for Special Ops Team

Broken Arrow PD Purchase RISE Armament  Watchman Rifles for Special Ops Team
Broken Arrow PD Purchase RISE Armament Watchman Rifles for Special Ops Team

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma-( RISE Armament, a premier manufacturer and supplier of AR firearms and components, is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Police Department.

The Broken Arrow Police Department purchased RISE Armament’s new Watchman™ law enforcement rifles for its Special Operations Team.

“We’re proud to provide our officers with RISE Armament rifles,” said Sergeant Brad Klingenberg, Broken Arrow Police Department Special Operations Team Commander. “We are impressed with the rifles’ quality and the engineering behind them. They’re real tack drivers, and the price makes them an incredible value.”

The Watchman rifle from RISE Armament combines the best in functionality, accuracy, dependability, and affordability. From a squad car to an entry team, it’s duty ready. The Watchman is chambered .223 Wylde, which is highly accurate with both .223 and 5.56 ammunition. The Watchman is a feature-rich, yet affordable, firearm that is ready to meet all the demands of our law enforcement members.

“RISE Armament’s number-one mission is to make a lasting difference,” said Chris Stratton, Sales Director at RISE Armament. “We launched our law enforcement division to make sure officers and citizens are better protected, so we’re honored we’re able to make that impact so quickly in Broken Arrow, our own community.”

The Watchman rifle is the springboard product for RISE’s new law enforcement division, RISE LE, which focuses on designing, engineering, and manufacturing firearms and other products that meet the specific demands of law enforcement units across the country.

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But that is one of those scary black assault guns. How can they justify buying them over a single shot 22 short. (Sarc.)

Matt in Oklahoma

It makes sense to buy locally and support business.