First Set of California Ammunition Regulations are Here, More To Come

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First Set of California Ammunition Regulations are Here, More To Come

California – -( The biggest gun news of the week comes to us from our very own California Department of Justice. Round, one of the anticipated ammunition regulations, was just published, so check out the links we have to both the actual text, plus details on how and where to participate in the public comment process.

On Friday, November 14th, 2018, the California Department of Justice released what the first set of regulations governing ammunition registration is. Why is it evident that this is the first set? Because they fail to cover multiple aspects of how law-abiding citizens will be able to purchase ammunition from Licensed Ammunition Vendors in California.

The proposed regulations are the negative consequence of 2016’s Proposition 63 and SB 1235, both of which mandated limits on the sale of/registration of ammunition. Click here to read the full Department of Justice Regulations for Ammunition Purchases and Transfers.

As is required by law, the release of these regulations opens a period for written public comment between now and January 31, 2019. The Department has also scheduled two public hearings, in Los Angeles on January 29th, 2019, and in Sacramento on January 30th. During these hearings, the public will be allowed to comment on the proposed regulations but don’t be fooled into thinking there will be an open dialogue with the DOJ. Department officials do not respond verbally to questions in the hearings but are required to reply in writing. Gun Owners of California has attended many such hearings, and it is an exercise in frustration – most definitely something akin to an official Kabuki dance. For details on the public comment period for the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, click here. We encourage all interested parties to participate in this process. For information on public participation in the regulatory process, click here.

Gun Owners of California believes that such regulations place only minor speed bumps in the criminal acquisition of ammunition and will do so at the expense of the rights of lawful gun owners. More details will be forthcoming as our legal team deciphers the regulatory language.

Also worthy of note are two excellent studies – one that shows no relationship between CCW holders and violent crimes, and one from prominent researcher John Lott, who reveals interesting data on mass shootings outside the USA.

And, as Christmas and the New Year approaches, Gun Owners of California extends our heartiest wishes for a healthy, happy and blessed holiday season. It is our humble prayer that our weary world will, indeed, find the thrill of Hope that comes at Christmas.

Gun Owners of CaliforniaAbout Gun Owners of California:

Gun Owners of California is the toughest fighting pro-gun organization in California. We spend 100% of our time fighting for the Second Amendment at the Capitol and electing pro-gun members to the legislature. We do not compromise when it comes to promoting your gun rights!

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California gets what it has comming for voteing in the fuckin demacrats .

Jacob Mullins

What dumbasses they have it in their heads that they’re is a such thing as a law abiding criminal oh hey I got an idea let’s do the same thing that the democrats do every election bring people in from other states to vote instead of voting for a democrat vote republican.

aldo phillip caputo

Come on down to Florida,

Old timer

Make all government officials over the age of 65 should retire. Hold special elections too replace them. Then law abiding citizens can protect there families. I believe findstien should stop. Everyone knows that she. Has a conceal carry permit.

Old timer

U all should make all positions over the age of 65 retire.
That’s all who r making hard 4 law abiding gun owners to protect themself and family. Hope everyone knows that findstien is a cow card holder. She must b retired and her seat b voted for in a special election!! This so called comment is from old timer.

Jerry Quigley

Calif wants to tax us like England did back in the begining and now thye sound like Germany in the 1930 and 40 on gun control so join me and leave the state take your money and tax dollars that you would pay to them and lets move to a location that will be happy to let us join them

Reginald Parham

Leaving the state does nothing but give the Dems a stronger voter foot hold… Its better to stay in the State and become a thorn in the Democratic Legislature’s ass…lol

Rick Camacho

Your absolutely right

Big Jim

Time to join together and throw the politicians in the dumpster.


The law in calfornia was rigged! you were out voted by illegal aliens and voter fraud! Billionaires had initiatives that needed to be passed! Names like Henry Nicholas the drug dealer from broadcom passed marcys law and many other unconstitutional laws in your state! It says right there when you vote how much money was donated to pass the legislature and it also shows how much money was in opposition of that unconstitutional bill. Also Henry along with other shareholders paid to buss voters around by the thousands to the poles to vite for their initiatives.. Si whats wrong with… Read more »


More than DOUBLES the cost of buying one box of pistol ammo – for EVERY purchase. Bulk buying will be the only way to go. Of course then the law will be changed to limit sales to no more than 50 or 100 rounds/month – which, of course, will totally kill buying in bulk. How in the world is this NOT illegal under the 2A?


The law in calfornia was rigged! you were out voted by illegal aliens and voter fraud! Billionaires had initiatives that needed to be passed! Names like Henry Nicholas the drug dealer from broadcom passed marcys law and many other unconstitutional laws in your state! It says right there when you vote how much money was donated to pass the legislature and it also shows how much money was in opposition of that unconstitutional bill. Also Henry along with other shareholders paid to buss voters around by the thousands to the poles to vite for their initiatives.. Si whats wrong with… Read more »


Most people in California are from somewhere else.Im fourth generation dating back prior to the 1850’s.I want to say that the sports afield generation gas been gone since the 80’s.There are a few of us left.When the tradition dies so will your gun rights.I, for the most part, moved on to bowhunting in the mid 70’s and 80’s.I have a young son and wanted to familiarize him with firearms and I added to a small collection for him.Bought a long gun and a couple of shotguns.None of his peers have this experience aside from the son of a Sheriff. The… Read more »


I need to get the f*** out of California…


Yes you do.

James Lonergan

Not much better off in NJ or NY. At least you have sunshine and real blondes


Lol come to Mississippi, where it’s legal to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

Martin Sokolik

Walked into a Taco Bell on the Mississippi coast this past Sunday and observed one open carrier enter. Not a single parent complained or left the restaurant with kids in tow. just another day in the average 2nd Amendment day in the life of not only law abiding citizens but also house who understand the power of the people less not in the guns they carry but in the good judgment to use the as the tools guns are always meant to be, not something to be feared in the hands of law abiding citizens who legally exercise their constitutional… Read more »

Clark Kent

Open carry = ‘free gun zone’. All it takes is one suspect to distract and the other to hit the open carry idiot in the back of the head with a hammer. Now suspect has the firearm. BAD IDEA.


But, with everybody holding a phone booth in their hands (smart phone), they can have the Clark Kent app and push a button and Superman will appear and take the gun from the bad guys and fly both to the pokie.

Bob Shell

Again the voters are the assholes. They put these morons in office over & over. They get taxed to death and have their rights stripped but they continue to put these crooks in office. So this is what you get


It was voter fraud buddy.. No one would vote to increase prices against themselves. Just look up Michael bloomberg


The first paragraph needs some comma control. Has Calif ammo control dumped useless and confusing commas on this article?
Hopefully, this will be one time where the axiom of “As California goes, so goes the rest of the nation.” will be broken.

dava golino

state level the so called leaders are wallowing in the EU/UN Agenda delusion in the USA.EXAMPLE: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and female radical Muslims get elected in Minnesota,Democrats Rashida Tlaib in Michigan and Ilhan Omar in Minnesota the delusional that vote for THESE communists are the result of 45 years of treasonous education, and brain washing in American schools and colleges. WE can be angry at the Marxist politicians, but over 50 percent of the mid term votes show that lack of proper education of the young is what is the problem,not mention ballot harvesting and no ID REQUIRED VOTES. no leaders… Read more »


Yes, voter fraud. The only people that are being seriously looked at for this are republicans. No, or very little proof of any other serious voter fraudd except that lying president.


Another ignorant libtard they are like bugs they crawl from under rocks every chance they get!


Actually, this creates a boon for criminals and a new criminal enterprise…illegal ammunition sales to the hood-rats! You want ammo for dat gat? One dolla a round, homey.


And if your going to do it illegally why not do so better and make steelcore AP KopKillaz at that! Its going to be a boon for criminals across the state so good thing I don’t like e there.


Enforce Article VI.


CA. is run by dumby’s and will soon be over run with bad guys because they have taken all the guns and ammo from the good guys!

Robert Thomas

How do they expect to stop sales from border states? Im sure its “illegal” but how many Californians will ignore the law, and how many cops will turn a blind eye and not give a damn? Where I live, liquor is more heavily taxed than the neighboring State. As you can guess the border liquor stores parking lots are full of license plates from my State. My State has even insisted the tax must be paid by the residents upon their return. Never will happen, and unenforceable. It’s a joke. Inmates of the insane asylum that is Kalifornia will simply… Read more »


I’ve heard of dirty coppers prowling those car parks, taking note of the cars and number plates in the car parks, then falling in behind them a few miles up the road back inside California…. inventing some reason to “contact” the driver, light them up, and have a chat. copper KNOWS the car was at the liquor/amo store, so begins to ask nasty questions. Somehow, he manages to get one leg up on the poor sap driver and squeak out of him that yes he DID buy some ammo “back there”. Game over. The best way is for we who… Read more »

Clark Kent

You heard wrong. Provide examples you can verify or shut your big yap.

Vincent Brady

As soon as California goes gun free the State of Delaware will invade! We are the second smallest state and could use more land and sunshine. The snowflakes will run into the ocean like lemmings and we will live happily ever after!


Heh. Great comment to start my morning off. I love it.


You’re gonna have to beat Texas first,we’ll invade California first,just to get rid of the rifraf y’all can have it when we’re done.

Clark Kent

‘If I owned Texas and Hell I would rent out Texas and live in Hell’ – General William Tecumseh Sherman. ‘Nuff said.


Following this logic RI is smaller than DE, thus we have shot at CA!


Problem is most of the people in CA and NY are not gun owners, could care less about our rights.
That is why these same idiots get reelected and ‘promoted’ to higher offices in elections.

Douglas G

Actually, there are whole swaths of the population, in both states, who live in rural areas and gun ownership is a way of life. The problem, and why in national elections we use the electoral college method, is that the big city-liberal hubs have more voters and so those areas dictate how the laws go for the whole state. Just the coastal counties are all blue, the rest of the state is red and can never win by design (and some gerrymandering). Of course there are liberal loons throughout the state, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the cities where… Read more »

Joseph P Martin

On public lands there are areas set aside as “sacrifice areas” where impacts such as motorcycle races, off road vehicle climbs and other high impact activities can take place outside of standard environmental requirements. California needs to be made a 2nd Amendment “Sacrifice Area” and written off and become a gun-free area where the liberals can move to and live as long as possible till the gangs and criminals eventually kill them all off. Then it might be possible to go in and “rehabilitate” the state.


Fuck all demacrats

Clark Kent


Missouri Born

As long as people keep electing democrats to public office in states like California then they get what they deserve.
You should have worked hard to make sure gun friendly candidates were on the ballot and elected.

Webfoot Logger

What gives you this delusion that it is possible to elect non-democrats in the Democratic People’s Republic of California?


The stupidity and ignorance is limitless in the anti gun leftest. What about old ammunition, or ammunition purchased out of state, or mail order, (Cal. tried to ban mail order but was struck down by the courts) and what about reloaded ammo?

willy d

Why have all gun and ammo manufactures not ceased selling any guns or ammo to anybody in California, including federal, state, and local police departments, or as usual they are exempt one more time? They turn these idiot laws loose on the public but they continue to do business with the very same system that wants to destroy them?


Anyone for reloading equipment?


If y’all need some help moving, holla.


Attention drug cartels, a new product to smuggle and make millions from. Just as numerous laws have been enacted outlawing drugs failed so will these. Let the carnage begin idiot CA legislators.


Well as long as its libtards dying is not so bad overall.

Jose Alaverez

Murder rate in California will continue to climb. The fact that murder is done by people and not guns just can’t be absorbed by many. Google stabbings in London. Google “London Mayor wants to ban knives” Google London Mayor wants to ban vans and trucks in areas of the city. Go ahead, look it up. It’s people, sick people. Not guns, not knives, not trucks or Vans.
Ask yourself how many mass shootings could have been prevented if the FBI really wanted to prevent them.

Clark Kent

For your information, the FBI could have prevented ZERO shootings of any type at ANY TIME during the history of the organization. How old are you, twelve?