Engineering Professor Shares Thoughts on Constitutional Law, Calls for Handgun Ban


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Engineering Professor Shares Thoughts on Constitutional Law, Calls for Handgun Ban

Fairfax, VA – -( In a recent piece for the Bangor Daily News ironically titled, “Why banning handguns makes sense,” Associate University of Maine Electrical Engineering Professor George Elliott struggled to argue why the tools of self-defense have no place in civilized society and are unworthy of constitutional protection. Unsurprisingly, some of the academic’s own statements refute his thesis.

At the outset of his case, the professor lamented, “The U.S. is awash in handguns. Their numbers have been steadily increasing from an estimated 65 million in 1994 to about 111 million in 2015, an increase of around 71 percent.” Elliot is right, there has been a significant increase in the number of handguns owned by civilians since 1994. However, his implication that this has fueled violent crime is wrong.

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting data, from 1994 to 2017, the murder rate declined by more than 40 percent. Over the same time period, the violent crime rate has decreased more than 45 percent. So America is more awash in guns than 1994 and experiences just about half as much violent crime.

Elliott went on to ponder, “Why so many handguns? My best guess is that many people believe that handguns provide some self-protection and they are readily accessible.” The professor later dismisses any utility handguns might provide, stating, “people need to ignore the NRA’s “stand-your-ground” and ‘only-a-good-guy-with-a-gun-can-stop-a-bad-guy-with-a gun’ nonsense and realize that during a hostile confrontation with another person, remaining non-aggressive and removing oneself from the situation is a much better way to remain safe than using a gun.”

The latter remark runs directly counter to the best evidence on the subject.

Many people believe that handguns provide some self-protection because they in fact do provide the means of self-protection. Earlier this year, Florida State University Professor of Criminology Gary Kleck analyzed the Centers for Disease Control’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data and found that Americans frequently use firearms for self-defense.

The data shows that the number of defensive gun uses per year is about 1 million. The figure dwarves that of firearm homicides and suicides.

Moreover, Kleck’s earlier research on violent encounters shows that the most effective means of resisting criminal assault is armed self-defense. In his book Armed: New Perspectives on Gun Control, Kleck analyzed survey data to find that “Victims who used guns were less likely to be injured than crime victims who did not resist…”

After a few clumsy applications of the typical anti-gun talking points, our cocksure electrical engineering professor was confident enough to fancy himself a constitutional scholar. According to the would-be jurist, the Supreme Court “erred” in ruling against Washington, D.C.’s handgun ban in the landmark Second Amendment case District of Columbia v. Heller.

Rather than grapple with the finer points of Justice Antonin Scalia’s opinion, Elliott exclaimed, “If it can be shown that handguns do not, in general, provide protection, then banning their private ownership is not a violation of the Second Amendment.”

As previously explained, it has not been shown that handguns do not provide protection “in general.” However, Elliott’s core misunderstanding seems to be with the nature of individual rights.

Of course, in Heller the Court found that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms for lawful purposes and that the purpose of self-defense was at the core of the Second Amendment protection. The test for respecting an individual right has never been a mere public policy argument over whether on balance an exercise of a particular right accrues more societal benefits than costs (however such benefits and costs might be defined and measured).

Interpretation of our founding document isn’t a battlefield of social scientists with competing theories. It is a careful deliberation of the text and history of the document under which Americans provide their continuing consent to be governed. Elliott’s statement attacks a fundamental legal concept whereby the rights of the individual are placed paramount, even if respect for that right may impose some cost to society.

We kindly ask that the electrical engineering professor spare the world his further musings on gun control. Otherwise we might be forced to unleash our unconsidered thoughts on electron-spin-resonance transistors for quantum computing in silicon-germanium heterostructures.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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Mack The Knife

Typical educated idiot or if you rather, liberal


Author: Robert Messmer
Both the vietcong and the American Patriots were vastly outgunned by the then greatest military in the world. Both were victorious.

Quite a bit of difference. The British wanted to win. Bad my opinion. (and offensive)


Author: A.x. Perez Comment: Exodus 22:2 : “If a thief is caught in the act of breaking into a house and is struck and killed in the process, the person who killed the thief is not guilty of murder. The Talmud: “If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first.” Luke 22:36: “But now,” he said, “take your money and a traveler’s bag. And if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one!” Be careful using ‘quotes’ from the Bible. There are many that just might not suit you. (and others) The Talmud should… Read more »


I’ve read that the more direct translation of “sword” in luke 22:36 is “hand weapon”. it didn’t have to be a sword, just any weapon that could be carried in the hand. which makes it even more appropriate.

The Revelator

Even more interesting is if you look at the historical context. If I remember something I researched long ago correctly, Roman law at the time forbade ownership of weapons for any people they had subjugated. The only individuals allowed to own weapons outside the army were Roman Citizens with full “Papers” Forgive my memory at the moment, as it has been a rough week since I lost a pet on Monday, but if accurate that puts luke 22:36 in an entirely different light. It means Jesus was telling a group of people who by and large would have to break… Read more »

The Revelator


The Bible is meant to be read as a whole. Unfortunately you have people who will cherry pick anything to try and justify their own desires. You need look no further than those who try to point to the word “Militia and “Well Regulated” in the second amendment, and they get angry when you don’t ignore the rest of what the amendment says. It’s the same situation.

Sadly, that is part of human nature.

A.x. Perez

One person made a comment about how sinful killing with a gun is. He even suggested that using force in self defense was sinful. I found relevant quotes to refute him.
I kind of get why some people feel they must not use force to defend themselves, they feel it is a testimony of faith to trust God to defend them. To me this is often (not always) an act of sinful presumption, expecting God to do a job He expects us to do for ourselves.

I therefor posted quotes where this is spelled out.

The Revelator

@A.x. Perez Killing is not a sin. MURDER is a sin. The fact that a sword, or a knife, a club, a rock, an arrow, and so forth can be used to kill does not change the outcome if they are used in place of a firearm. What the individual who brought that to you was doing was not based on Faith. It is a problem that is wide spread in church culture today thanks to ideas such as post modernism and social justice, and it attempts to rationalize and justify personal opinions while weaponizing faith into a tool to… Read more »


Looks like the good professor is book smart but street stupid.

phil morris

Mr Elliott is another shining example of our broken educational/indoctrinational system and its ability to educate far beyond ones intelligence level , it reminds me of the old saying “better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt” Einstein said “2 things are infinite , human stupidity and the universe and I,m not sure about the former” , America should purge such idiocy from our midst before its too late.


One more to add, it also pertains to a lot of comments seen on this forum. (one of my favorites)
“We are all born ignorant, But one must work hard to remain stupid”
Benjamin Franklin….

Heed the Call-up

Ron, you apparently mistook Franklin’s rebuke to be a life-long commitment to being stupid. Well, based on your posts, you probably don’t have to work hard at it.

Wild Bill

Don Bailey said, and I agree with him: “Don Bailey says: December 3, 2018 at 10:19 AM, My word Green Dog, you really enjoy drinking your happy juice don’t you.”

A.x. Perez

The right to keep and bear arms is intended as a safety switch on the government. No responsible engineer would suggest removing a safety switch from such a dangerous machine.


Excellent comment!!! And right on the money. If you’ll allow me, I’ll quote that elsewhere.

Fred Flintstone

Hand guns should be Outlawed !! I should know…I’m a Professor of BS..With a triple degree on Sewage in America undersigned by Hitlery herself. America does not understand how dangerous it is to being an Anti-Constitutionlist, a crooked Politician, or a Socialist, Rapist, or Child Molester. WE must stop this madness with guns, & protect the evil
in America !! This message is approved by the Demoncratic Party. *sarc*

The Green Watch Dog

As Don Bailey pointed out and I agree: We as proud gun activist do support the 2nd amendment. But, as stated we should go much further in accepting personal responsibility. We would not be divided by any political party. Republican, Democrat, Independent., etc. We, as the proud Americans we are, will be open to a sensible GCP. That is why we should work with what many call the left, democrats, etc. We are all in this together.

Ansel Hazen

Negative GWD. Remember the analogy of the cake? Nibble Nibble. Not one more fraction of an inch to commie gun grabbers.


NO. We patriotic gun-owners are NOT “open to ‘sensible’ gun control policies.” Because we gun-owners cannot trust you ignorant and asinine liberal clowns – and we certainly cannot trust your ridiculous version of “sensible.”


I don’t know a single firearms instructor, self defense advocate, or firearm user who doesn’t put first and foremost, “The best action in a confrontation is to remain calm, non-combative and leave the area” Everyone knows this and everyone agrees this is the best course of action.
However, if not allowed by your attacker to follow this course of action, then an effective means of self defense is the best next thing to do. So he’s correct, but not complete in his argument.


And an electrical engineer has become an expert in gun laws and the constitution how? he should go back to the indoctrination of his students as he was hired to do. You can bet this guy couldn’t hang Christmas lights, he got his degree and now feels entitled to preach to the rest of us ’cause he’s smarter.


Hand guns should be Outlawed !! I should know…I’m a Professor of BS..With a triple degree on Sewage in America undersigned by Hitlery herself. America does not understand how dangerous it is to being an Anti-Constitutionlist, a crooked Politician, or a Socialist, Rapist, or Child Molester. WE must stop this madness with guns, & protect the evil
in America !! This message is approved by the Demoncratic Party. *sarc*


Here is a better idea, ban all these professors that have become political activists. They take advantage of a free country to try to trash it. Oh well, another spoiled brat looking for an identity


How many people die from electrical shock? Maybe we should ban electricity.

Rick Majtenyi

An armed society is a polite society.

The Green Watch Dog

We certainly don’t want to see any ban on hand guns. It is our constitutional right. However, our society must be held more responsible for possession any firearm. Our exploding technology can be our peaceful friend! With facial recognitions, massive data bases, registrations, required training, and securement of weapons; we can make this country safer.

Flight Medic

To “The Green Watchdog”

I’m not sure who the “we” is that you refer to, but I hope they’re not as ignorant as you.


No doubt brother. I bet they are though.

Wild Bill

@Flight Medic, There is no silver in German Silver. There is no egg in Egg Roll. And there is no truth in TGWSocialist.


You gotta be kidding,right? Tongue in cheek kinda post.

Green Mtn. Boy

My hope it was a attempt at sarcasm,if not it has at the very least it has Fudd all over it.


what does “the British wanted to win” even mean in context?

Wild Bill

The Green Watch Socialist is just a low-level propagandist that is paid per response. That is why he is posting so many outrageous and deceitful things before Christmas. The hard core unemployable wants to take advantage of the sales to buy things for himself.

Wild Bill

@OV, Hey, you could be right! Bares watching.


Our Society is being held responsible just not to the lefts terms. We just need to enforce the laws on the books in every state.

Don Bailey

My word Green Dog, you really enjoy drinking your happy juice don’t you. It would be nice if we did live in a polite society, but we do not and therefore, we who support the 2nd Amendment, and will continue to so. Yes, there are many of us who carry because we all know that when you need a firearm to protect yourself, it will do you no good if you are waiting around for law enforcement to show up to protect you from harm.


Hmm, let me ponder this a nanosecond….my reply: you first in a personal 20 year experiment on the South Side of Chicago. Report back to us on how you made out.


“… more responsible” ??? More responsible than WHAT?

More responsible than the exercise of the other rights (free speech, religion, voting, etc.)? Why presume that some rights are constitutionally different – or should be treated differently under law?

More responsibly than liberals/Leftists’ attempts to change society by any means (certainly including violence) available or possible?

More responsibly … by whose definition of “responsible” ? Which of those four words “… shall… not… be… infringed…” are beyond your comprehension? Which of those words are outside your vocabulary?


yes, safer. All that is needed is to create a vast prison. Track, surveil , license, stamp, control, file, tax, prohibit, crush is just the ticket to a safer country. There will be no criminals in this utopia.


A FUDD normie opines.


Handguns offer no protection. Police officers carry them simply as a counter weight for radios, pepper spray, handcuffs, and other things that may hang off their duty belt. That is why police officers always become non aggressive, and remove themselves from interaction with dangerous people, and old lady’s with hand guns protecting themselves from post hurricane looters.

Flight Medic

Sarcasm is awesome!!


I’m keeping my gun Fuck the anti gun laws. I’m military trained. I agree with right too bear arms.


You really think banning all handguns is gonna stop some asshole with murderous intentions from getting a gun under the table then think you just left a whole lot of innocent people theyre going to kill completly defenseless. If theyre not scared to commit criminal acts what in the hell you thinks gonna stop them from breaking the law and getting a gun anyway and all the good people will just follow the law. If anything, we need to look more at a persons mental stability before they purchase a gun.

Wild Bill

@J10940 Looking at a person’s mental stability is just a back door method of preventing gun purchases. The communists perfected this technique, years ago.

John F12

True. The flip side to that coin is that the Federal Government is looking to prevent former service members from being able to obtain/retain their firearms because of information in their health records. Those heath record entries can be open to wide interpretation.

Wild Bill

@JF12, Isn’t it odd how the federal government has once again made themselves the enemy of the American people?


They don’t want vets owing guns because they are trained to use them effectively. They want to stack the deck.


The second amendment is in place to protect the people from the government. Therefore handguns or any guns in general that can be used to resist mass oppression are protected. It’s irrelevant wheather or not they can be used in personal defense against non government threats. If this professor thought handguns ineffective, then he would have no reason to go out of his way to make an issue and write his article. He argues banning them because he himself(like many who make this argument) is afraid of them.

Tony Jackson

Sure they are ineffective! That is why every law enforcement agency and branch of military has been using them since the advent of gun powder. Maybe this professor got his brain caught between his power supply & transformer. And we wonder why the educational system is in the condition it is today.


While it’s true that the second amendment is in place to protect us from an oppressive government, this amendment was also written in a time when both the people and government had access to the same type of weapons, aka a muzzleloader. Nowadays, the people legally have access to AR-15s (in semiauto) and some of the same high powered rifles as the government (military), however, this arguement for the second amendment is a bit impractical when you think about how the government has access to unmanned drones which can unleash ballistic hell upon the people without ever having to see… Read more »

Jim Macklin

The government or any tyrant wants the nation intact. The armed citizen is a deterrent to ted tyrant because the tyrant doesn’t want a bombed out wasteland. Dead people don’t build cars or pay taxes. It is presumed that most of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and ALL the Marines would refuse any order to fire on the citizens. It is the palace guard, aka ATF and FBI we have to worry about. The entrench political machines in DC, Baltimore, NYC, NJ, Boston and Chicago are quite willing to have street crime and death because it instills fear… Read more »

Wild Bill

@JM, Yep, the elitists see ordinary people as assets just like factories or buildings or farm land. Funny how those elitists and their useful socialist idiots group up in the city.


Doubtful the government will ever come after guns directly. Instead, the left will continue to work on guys like you to convince you that “reasonable” gun control measures need to exist, nibbling away the 2A one bite at a time. (BTW, muzzleloaders were the weapons of war of their time). They will convince society that registering guns is “necessary”, then stigmatized gun ownership (sound familiar?). In short, using Alynsky’s “rules for radicals” to make gun ownership socially unacceptable and disarm society that way. Meanwhile, our wealthy citizens and politicians will still have armed security surrounding them. Any time someone starts… Read more »

Robert Messmer

Both the vietcong and the American Patriots were vastly outgunned by the then greatest military in the world. Both were victorious.


A FUDD normie opines.


Zack maybe you should read up on asymetric/4th gen warfare before offering your opinion on what you apparently think is an omnipotent government and then reflect on the size of the problem. Demographics, battle space, terrain, logistics etc.

Tracy Jordan

The guys a frigin idiot. Who don’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

Mike Nicholson

This country was founded with a gun and militia . Democracy only survives as long the citizens have a way of defending it . If the united states ever looses their guns . All will see the true nature of people in power. And law abiding citizens along with everyone else will loose what little freedom that is left . A gun can do nothing without a person loading it and firing it .

Chad R

It seems to me, that yes he is uninformed and in educated in these subject, but that it self is the problem we have in America today, my great grandfather fought In ww1, my grandfather in ww2 my dad in Vietnam and my brother and I iraq and Afghanistan. My family and many others have fought and died for our rights to own a weapon, speak freely, and worship the way we choose, back to the subject we need to educate our children so they know how and when to use a firearm. These man expressed his opinion, that’s his… Read more »

Shane Shoemaker

You assume he is willing to be educated.

Eric Codding

When I was 18 I was robbed working at a gas station. One guy distracted me the other guy put me in a rear naked choke. He told me if I moved I was dead. It took the police 10 minutes to respond. About a decade later one morning at about 430 am. I had to stop at a gas station to wash my windows. Not the best area. I was approached by an angry crackhead. He thought I was someone else apparently. Well he noticed me open carrying my 1911. His exact words “I see you got a gun… Read more »

Joe Smith

Thank you for your lack of common sense Prof. George Idiot


This article is totally wrong. If a serial killer with a gun breaks into my house and is about to kill my family, the only way to stop him is to not resist and try and reason with him. If I shot him, that would be gun violence, which is biblically proven to be the most sinful kind of violence. The serial killer would take my lack of resistance as a sign that I am a good person and that he shouldn’t kill me. The pen is always more powerful than the sword, or in this case, handgun!


Either you have extremely deep humor and therefore are a master of sarcasm, or are one of the most delusional people I’ve ever seen. And it’s aggravating that I’m not sure which.


So Juan, state please the source of your assertion about biblical admonitions regarding guns. I must have missed that in Sunday school. The only weaponry I recall Jesus discussing in scripture was swords…


Thow Shall not g*n murder


The old testiment says if ye smite a man and cause him to die ye shall also die, and by man your blood shall be shed. In the new testiment Jesus says I have not come to undo the law of Moses, but it shall not be with vengence in your heart,

Jim Macklin

The Bible has been written, copied, edited and the words and intent has been changed to appease Kings, priests and goat ropers.
I the commandment it says “Thou shalt not murder” but some body decided it said “shall not kill.”
In other places killing a thief in the night is approved.
In other places Jesus says to trade your property for a sword. I don’t think He intended the sword was to be used to trim the hedges.


Bob, we live under New Testament times. The Old Law was nailed to the Cross. Have you sacrificed any animals lately? Jesus told the apostles in Luke 22 to sell their cloak and buy a sword, the most common personal protection of the time. Swords aren’t used for fishing or hunting. They were used for personal protection. And in the Ten Commandments “thou shall not kill”, was mistranslated, it should be, “thou shall not murder”. Big difference.


I’ll go off on a limb and say you’re likely being sarcastic, otherwise, you’re out of your mind and should stop drinking the koolaid.


Juan, you forgot to follow your post with the (/sarc”) notification. You do not know the law, nor do you know the bible. YOU find where this is on your own, then read it yourself: if a stranger breaks into your house in the night, and you strike him that he die, there shall be no bloodguilt upon you. In other words, a B&E in the middle of the night justifes, prima facie, lethal force being brought to bear upon the intruder. Yet you (falsely) claim thatsuch action is “biblically proven to be the most sinful kind of violence”. Please… Read more »

Tony Macey

Hey Juan, what if he is a them, and they want to start raping your wife, daughter or sodomizing your son… Do you think being passive will stop them?


I believe what Juan is trying to say is that according to the report/professor, those will be the right answers. That’s why Juan started his post saying the report is wrong and after that he went crazy with nonsense talk. I mean, I believe that’s what he was trying to express and really hope to be right cause if not then Juan is really out there…


Wow these fucking idiots actually can’t understand very obvious sarcasm, that is quite sad…

Lady Bird

Hahahaha…! All I can muster is a good laugh at this comment.

Rustty shepard

I find it amusing to read artickes on the cinstitution and everyones take on what it means to them. I to have an opinion bear with me please as a dissabled combat vet i to feel entitled ti share my views. Lol the phrase in order to form a well armed miltia to me doesnt mean our govt regulated military to me it means its the right of the people to be as well armed as their govt counter part incase afore said govt should become so corrupt the citizens needs to rise up and stand agaimst said tyrany our… Read more »



Hugo Meza


A.x. Perez

Exodus 22:2 : “If a thief is caught in the act of breaking into a house and is struck and killed in the process, the person who killed the thief is not guilty of murder. The Talmud: “If someone comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first.” Luke 22:36: “But now,” he said, “take your money and a traveler’s bag. And if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one!” Guns are the modern equivalent of swords. God does not command us to surrender to be murdered. In fact, rather the opposite. Now, blessed be… Read more »


I call to ban this snowflake professor from the united states. Is this a cold war or a hot war?


I have to agree with the guy with deescalting the situation peacefully rather than resorting to deadly force with a handgun. That is what everyone who is sane wants. So what happens when the time comes, when someone isn’t interested in letting another person walk away and an attack is inevitable? I would have to resort to my sidearm for my safety. The only reason to carry a sidearm is to fight your way to a rifle, if TSHTF and there is a nut shooting up a school yard, church, or some other soft target (gun-free, victim enriched area). Everyone… Read more »


Amen to that!


Hard times make hard men
Hard men make good times
Good times make weak men
Weak men make hard times

Yall better harden the f*** up, hard times are coming.

We protect money with guns because of its value, im carrying precious cargo with me at all times, my mom gave it to me, its my life. I aim to keep it.


Best overall rationalizing yet. Thanks.
Army trained me. Did my service time. A valuable experience for sure. Others go to qualified certified instructors.


Why would I ever take constitutional law opinion from an engineer. That’s like going to my accountant for cancer treatment. I’ll listen to both equally.

Todd S.

Most comments are missing the point here I believe.
Who interviews an electrical engineer on the topic of constitutional law?
Asking for a friend.

Heartland Patriot

But, he’s a “PROFESSOR!!!” And, in the eyes of the giant, monobloc leftist mass news media propaganda machine, anything stated by someone in ivory-tower academia is automatically taken as perfect in every way. Also, anyone who disagrees is a knuckle-dragging, flyover-country deplorable. Those reasons there are why I am fed up with both academia and the news media because they are mostly anti-American a**holes who are, of course, full of sh*t.


Just another over-educated, elitist idiot. Here’s an offer, Professor – how about I drop you off unarmed in East St. Louis or south Chicago some evening. If you survive, I’ll let you give me your opinion. Til then, how about you stick to subjects in which you actually have some knowledge?

Tom Rubino

Tell him to put his degree where the sun don’t shine .


Shall not be infringe.
End of story.


What people like him do not realize is you can ban all guns but that will never keep a criminal from getting one only will keep a honest person from having one.


Nor will it keep anyone from using any of the other tools to kill/maim, and do so many times mor eoften than guns are used for the same purpose.

Knives, carpenter’s claw hammers, baseball bats, clubs and other blunt objects, eve bare hands and feet…… EACH are used many more times than guns every year

Jim Macklin

Justice Scalia got HELLER correctly but he was mistaken that the Core principle of the Second Amendment is self-defense. Self-defense is a basic human right right, God given if you prefer. But the core of the Second Amendment is control of the government and deterrence of tyrants. To put it easy to understand cause and effect and action consider this time line. 1773 The Boston Tea Party and King George send the Army to occupy Boston. There were about 2 or 3 soldiers for each Boston resident, a huge occupational fore that was housed in private homes. In 1775 the… Read more »


“God given” to self defense rights are a fantasy. Good luck if in Canada you need to defend with a broom handle,.

Larry Davis

Very well said, sir!


Typical engineer works on paper I have worked with many of them and haven’t found one with any common sence yet


Well said


Maybe it a self defense situation arisies for this guy.. He can bake some cookies while the bad guy may be raping his wife or daughter or trying to murder one of them… God fobid… I don’t want to see that happen to anyone…. But this guy has zero clue what he is talking about…. Until a situation happens to him he will never understand that you can’t always just try to talk your way out of these kinds of situations


A woman came to my door one night pounding on my door 2 men were trying to rape her all I had was a butcher knife. I let the woman in the perps pounded on my door. I called 911 45 minutes later here came car 54. They explained theircslow response that we were on the wrong side of the street one side was Kansas City the other side was Raytown MO they were unsure of jurisdiction. I realized at that point I couldn’t count on keystone cops. I went out the next day and bought a 12 gauge.

Jim Macklin

You’re lucky the woman wasn’t part of a home invasion gang. “Help me” she cries and you let her in.


higher education institutions are chock full of socialist minded professors and faculty, everyone that disagrees with them is labeled a redneck or dumb, they’re no longer interested in teaching and preparing younger generations for real life, hate to say it, but America is doomed to become a third world country.

shane whyte

The teachers of our children are laying this anti gun anti American garbage shaping our future through our kids I disagree totally with what the other guy said about opinions he has his rights yes but leave our kids out of it. Yes fire this guy he has no right teaching kids his ideas.stick to what you know and leave our rights to us.


And this so called engineer probably does carry one for self protection but doesn’t want anyone else too like most anti gun jerks, Bloomberg, Feinstein, to name a few

James Burns

Looks like a ban on engineering professors wood be moore logical! This country is run by the constitution and only the constitution, not dumbass professors!


He has to be a Democrat. He’s all fucked up and dosen’t know what he’s even saying. Just another drunk Democrat

Greg Brown

Yea I’d love to see his negotiating skills when a KILLER has a gun held to his head! I choose to do it my way VS his let the SIG do the negotiating


You can Get “Data “ to show ,proof What ever you want to tell to opposite side .The Fact that you are an engineer does Not Mean Shit .If you want to give your Gun Rights Up or any other Right in this country do it ,But do not use your stupid title as an engineer to portray yourself as All Knowing . Engineering Professor stick to teaching and Shut Up ,you are all prowerful in front of your Class leave Gun Rights to those of Us that do Cherish .

Tony Macey

Just goes to prove, professors teaching in our colleges today use their positions to push personal liberal beliefs. Using a false narrative, ignoring factual data, and not fully understanding the intent of which the Constitution was written, only shows the failure of our pre college school systems. Unintentional or blatant, it’s a disgrace.

Jeff Cluster

Exactly. I guess he was so concerned and wrapped up in his career that he doesn’t realize that if hand guns were banned here, the black market will go bananas! Every half industrialized country on the planet would flood the underground and obtaining a handgun would be easier than going to your neighborhood market and buying milk! Drugs here are the perfect example.


I’m sick of all these anti gun losers, there are bigger problems in America and the main one is driving in America. But that poor liberal he’s just dumb he can’t help it.

Christopher Coulman

So much for fact based arguments. Let emotional views take President. Facts rule, not emotion! This person is wrong.


I bet when his safety is being threatened he’ll be the first one to call a guy with a gun to protect his ass. No man should EVER relie on another man to protect his family.


come and get it, d-sucker

Clark Kent

Funny how the liberals claim ‘if you don’t approve of abortion don’t have one’ but can’t get behind ‘if you don’t approve of guns don’t own one’.


I don’t always agree with you Clark Kent, but you just summed up the most concise response posted!!!!!

Ansel Hazen

Don’t “kindly ask”. Rip him a new one and demand his resignation.

Mike S.

YES on ripping a new one with facts supported by laws supported by traditions, NO on trying to get him fired for expressing an opinion – however idiotic it may be. This tit for tat of getting people fired and ruining their careers over opinions needs to stop. He didn’t dox anyone, didn’t come out swinging with bike locks, didn’t do anything but reveal how ill-informed he is on this subject.

I disagree in the extreme with this guy’s opinion but he’s just as much right to write it as we do here to comment on how dumb he is.

Ansel Hazen

Opinions should have consequences and the time for simply turning the other cheek is long gone. I suggest his removal because this turd will continue to use his position to further corrupt the minds of our youth.