Falls Church Library Is Trying To Skirt Virginia Gun Laws

Falls Church Library Is Trying To Skirt Virginia Gun Laws
Falls Church Library Is Trying To Skirt Virginia Gun Laws

Virginia – -(AmmoLand.com)- As you know, it is perfectly legal to carry openly or concealed (with a CHP) in libraries run by local governments in Virginia because of Virginia’s firearms preemption law (15.2-915).

With that in mind, the Falls Church library has a rule that says, “8. No person may bring guns, knives, or any weapons into the library, except as permitted by law.”


Such a rule clearly has only one purpose: to confuse and discourage law-abiding gun owners from carrying in the library.

That is a despicable attempt to get around the state preemption law.

I have spoken to the Falls Church City Attorney about removing that unnecessary and confusing wording, but she advised me that the library administration refuses to change it. I’ve also been told that the library staff has a habit of calling the police whenever they see someone carrying. The police come, shake their heads, shrug, and leave (hats off to the Falls Church PD for doing so).


Libraries are all about education, so let’s do some educating. The Falls Church Library needs to be taught about the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, as protected by the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment and Article 1, Section 13 of the Virginia Constitution.

Virginia Citizens Defense League’s Week at the Falls Church Library will run from Sunday, December 9 to Saturday, December 15, 2018. Hopefully we will have a stream of gun owners, all exercising their rights while peacefully using the library’s facilities.

The library’s address is:

Mary Riley Styles Public Library
120 N. Virginia Ave.
Falls Church, VA 22046


Let there be no doubt in your mind that if we ever lose preemption, Falls Church, amongst other tyrannical localities, will implement a library ban and every other gun-control scheme you can think of in a heartbeat:

Virginia’s Dillon Rule Continues to Frustrate Falls Church on Gun Laws

***LOBBY DAY is on Monday, January 21, at 8 am at the General Assembly Building in Richmond.***

See you at the library next week!

Virginia Citizens Defense LeagueAbout Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

For more information, visit: www.vcdl.org.

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Edward Weber

“8. No person may bring guns, knives, or any weapons into the library, except as permitted by law.”

Folks,,,I don’t see any problem here. The last five words pretty much say it all. Evidently the law say that you are allowed. What are you complaining about?


Dave has made a few bucks today with all the comments against his stupid post. Note that I am not directing this at him because I do not want to contribute to his Soros or Bloomturd payroll. The asshat is saying this just to get a rise out of everyone and he and his buds are laughing at us pro gun people.


Wildbill…. “Merry Christmas to all, ‘except’ the the useful idiots and their sickosocialist handlers.”

Sounds a bit ‘HYPOCRITICAL.” Don’t ya think Bill? jeez. Such Christmas love. The first only applies to the chosen few. (the lying press comes to mind) The first amendment means nothing here. Can’t wait for another ‘educated’ reply. Ron

And, Merry Christmas to ALL…weather you celebrate it or not. Or what ever you may.

Good game today., Army vs. Navy. I was in the Army but I always go for Navy. My Dad was in the Navy in WW2 in the Pacific.


FCL should be charged for false reporting when appropriate and required to reimburse the PD for wasted resources.


They would need to charge the staff personally, assuming the library is a government institution, just shifting money from one pocket to another. A few days jail would also help motivate them.


What a ridiculous article, absurd website, and degenerate community. It’s frightening that people like you exist in our midst. I can’t wait for the Second Amendment to be repealed, among many other changes, and for us to finally become a fully developed nation.

Shame on all of you for endangering all of us because of your cowardice.


Your Worst Nightmare

What a ridiculous comment, absurd individual, and degenerate commie. It’s frightening that people like you exist in our midst. I can’t wait for the Second Amendment to be enforced on you, among many other changes, and for us to finally become a fully developed nation.

Shame on all of you for endangering all of us because of your cowardice.

NOT Dave

Richard L


Wild Bill

@Gentlemen, He is one of the same old, lower rung propagandists that have no interest in the topics here, except to post outrageous comments for the purpose of getting paid. He has merely adopted a different name. Merry Christmas to all, except the the useful idiots and their sickosocialist handlers.

Wild Bill

@RL and YWN, Don’t you just love these young people? They don’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to a jar of pickled herring, but they think that they are going to take our guns away. Just so that they can live in slavery.


Well, let’s do this the Democratic Party way then:
1. repeal the 1st admendment,;
2. shut down the libraries;
3. incarcerate anyone who opposes 1 or 2;
Now, Dave, please do not get overly excited about a plan such as this… I wouldn’t want you to wet yourself.


I think you have the wrong website – this is not the Huffington Post. Maybe come back when you grow up.

Dave in Fairfax

You are a disgrace to your name.


Well Dave, to agree or disagree with your beliefs is up to the readers. You are entitled to your opinion and It’s sure to cause a stir.


They not only exist in “our midst”, but Falls Church is a close suburb of Washington, DC. These people are the faceless bureaucrats that =actually= run our government.


Perhaps, rather than being a troll, hurling ad hominem attacks, you’d like to present some facts to back up your assertions? Hmm, let’s see where this one goes :). BTW, the Falls Church City Council was the same City Council, some years ago, that so feared law abiding citizens being armed that they used taxpayer funds to build a bullet resisting dias they could hide behind and THEN it took a FOIA request, which they denied, and the threat of legal action, before these cowards would disclose the thousands of tax payer dollars they wasted on themselves. They truly are… Read more »


Dave, in this country, because we have the right, you are entitled to and able to express your opinion. So am I. You’re an idiot!


You are one of the biggest milk-sops I’ve ever read!
Do you think I’d be a coward if I saved your pathetic self if someone was raping or robbing you at gun point, and I shot and killed that person?
Or would you want to bring me up on a murder charge for saving your pathetic milk-sop self?
Are you one of those pathetic people that still lives under your mommies skirt at 40+ years old?


It’s not Republican NRA members with MAGA hats shooting up the schools.
No matter how much you wish it were.
It is your kind, not mine, who are responsible for the “gun” violence in this country. You stuff yourselves full of bigotry, ignorance and hatred until you snap and murder innocent human beings.
And then it is my kind, not yours, who put a stop to it.

Jack Mac

Welcome, Dave, to the site of the in sight. A lot of good people carry guns for their protection and possibly that of others. Including yours. You do not have to carry firearms, you do not even have to like firearms, however you should not give up your right to firearms. The FCL is usurping the law. They provide less safety inside their doors than outside. If you live in Falls City, you might check to see if self righteous FLC is burning books that you may like.


f the fcl

Idaho Hiker

People still go to the library? With the whole Internet in your pocket and ebooks so prevalent, why go there?

Richard L

Why not? Not everyone has all that you have as you walk along.


Meet Women?

Phil in TX

Because the public library is (usually) a nice, quiet place to read, do research and simply hang out. Sounds like FCL is not one of those places.

Phil in TX
American by birth, Texan by choice, Southern by the grace of God.

Robert Messmer

You can go to the library and read books to find out how to build guns and the government can not check up on you (as long as you do your research there and don’t check the books out). Pretty much everything you do in the cyber world can be traced, recorded and/or hacked.

Nevada Carry

We had the same problem in Nevada with the Clark County library system. Case went to appeals court, they tried to change the law to add libraries to the school gun-free zone, and then they just changed the control of the state to a Democrat trifecta. Good bye preemption. Can’t win when they cheat, but is cheating really winning? Of course, Team Tyranny loses in the end, but that’s cold comfort in between.