Governor-Elect Kemp Commits To Rebuild South Georgia, Keep Agriculture No. 1

Governor-Elect Kemp At 2018 Ga Farm Bureau Convention
Governor-Elect Kemp At 2018 Ga Farm Bureau Convention

Atlanta, GA – -( Today, Georgia’s Governor-elect Brian Kemp reaffirmed his commitment to Georgia’s agriculture industry during the Georgia Farm Bureau’s annual conference on Jekyll Island. In his remarks, Kemp expressed continued support for farm families and agri-businesses impacted by Hurricane Michael, and outlined policy initiatives that will keep Georgia growing.

From the Governor-elect’s address:

On Hurricane Michael:

“In October, Hurricane Michael ripped through Southwest Georgia. The powerful storm destroyed family farms, local businesses, and communities – generating billions of losses throughout the region.

“But our farmers – many in this room – remained strong and resolute. You rolled up your sleeves and went back to work. You didn’t complain. You kept the faith and started the long journey to recovery…I’ll make it my mission to rebuild what was lost and help South Georgia emerge stronger than ever.”

In detailing his first-term agenda based on the Four-Point Plan:

“The campaign is over but my promises remain. I have every intention to implement these policies. I will work around the clock to put hardworking Georgians first.”

On Georgia agriculture’s future:

“…I cut my teeth in agriculture as a teenager – working on a family farm during the summers.

“I majored in Agriculture at the University of Georgia. I farm and have several investments in ag and agri-business. I don’t see agriculture as an industry of the past. Agriculture is part of Georgia’s future.

“To make Georgia #1 for small business, we must continue to stand with our farmers, agri-business leaders, and agritourism pioneers.”

Strengthening rural Georgia:

“Your zip code shouldn’t determine your potential. Every Georgian – no matter where they live – should have access to good schools, healthcare, and jobs.

“By expanding access to High Speed Internet, we can grow virtual learning, expand tele-medicine, and improve e-commerce for local businesses.

“My plan to raise the rural hospital tax credit program, embrace Association Healthcare Plans, grow the number of primary care resident slots, and improve incentives for rural physicians will ensure that all Georgians have access to quality, affordable healthcare in their community.”

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Thank God the ‘all you can eat buffet inspector’didnt crook her way in..Wegot someone that actually cares about Georgia,instead of stuffing her face and big fat gut,and oh yeah :paying all her back due credit card and tax bills….whew ,close one!can you believe people are stupid enough to vote for her???

Wild Bill

@ae, congratulations and many thanks to the patriots of Georgia!