Gun Control – Do Facts Matter To Politicians & Judges?


Do guns make us less safe?

U.S.A. -( The people with the greatest need for self-protection are denied the tools they need to keep their family safe. That is the real face of gun-control, but that isn’t what we were sold by politicians. That isn’t what judges tell us. We’re told that disarming you and leaving guns in the hands of criminals is acceptable as long as politicians meant well. Do facts matter anymore?


You’re welcome to your own opinion, but let’s look at what we know. We were told that gun-control saves lives, but that isn’t what we see. Sociologists and criminologists published a report in the Annals of Epidemiology They said mandatory background checks and firearms prohibition for misdemeanor crimes failed to lower gun homicide and suicide in California. No other state does gun-control as much and as hard as California, and gun-control isn’t disarming the criminals.

California has an “A” rating from the Giffords gun-control group. California is rated the first in the nation for gun control.

The homicide rate in California increased by 18 percent from 2014 to 2016. Rather than saving lives, disarming honest people with gun-control is getting us killed.

More of us want a firearm to protect ourselves and our families from crime. My friends in law enforcement told me I should learn to use a gun and carry it. In contrast, anti-rights politicians say civilians don’t know how to defend themselves. An article published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons came to a very different conclusion.

They looked at violent crime and murder in every state over the last 30 years. Concealed carry and constitutional carry laws did not lead to an increase in murder or other violent crimes.


The best bodyguards don’t wear a suit and tie.

That is consistent with other information we’ve collected. Some states provide data on people who have a concealed carry permit and are then convicted of a violent crime. From what we can tell, people who get their concealed carry license are unusual. They are the most law-abiding and non-violent segment of our society. Concealed carriers are among the most law-abiding and non-violent group of people on the planet.

Why are anti-gun politicians against you having a permit to carry given that you are so extraordinarily law-abiding?


If gun-control isn’t taking guns from criminals, then who are we disarming? Women and minorities are the most likely to be denied concealed carry permits. That data is from Los Angeles County, and LA is known as a multicultural melting pot. When your sheriff has a choice of who to arm, he chooses his friends. That means politicians and judges get their permits, but you don’t.

Gun-control laws limit who may be armed. They also limit when and where people may have a personal firearm. Honest gun owners follow those laws. Criminals don’t, and almost all mass murders happen in gun-free zones where the victims are disarmed. If facts matter, then why do gun-control politicians want more gun-free zones?

Gun-control politicians pass more laws because they want us disarmed. Gun prohibition only applies to the little people like us, not to politicians, judges, and law enforcement. Gun-control laws have exceptions for the elites. These elite members of our society also have armed men guarding them.

Those are the facts that matter. That is why politicians, sheriffs, and judges won’t end gun control. Don’t expect our laws to change until gun laws apply to all of us, everywhere, and all the time.

Slow Facts

About Rob Morse

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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1. A person with a gun is a CITIZEN!
2. A person without a gun is a ‘SUBJECT’!

Which is your preference? Number 1 or 2?

Ronald Nuxon

I have said this so many times that I am almost blue in the face: Gun restrictions (gun control) allow the elitists who oppose strict law enforcement, mandatory long sentences for felonies, capital punishment, treating hardened criminals the way we’re supposed to etc., to pretend they are doing something against crime. Furthermore, the anointed don’t like it when the hoi polloi have control over their own destinies.


Yes facts matter to politicians, in this sense.
Guns make THEM less safe.
Why would they want the people they are taking advantage of to be capable of removing them with force? The “us” they are speaking of is corrupt politicians and their affiliates, not “us” as in the entire US population..

Like in the second amendment, necessary to the security of a free State.
Liberals want to say it’s all about the State, as in Ohio, Indiana, etc not your present State, as in, not in jail, free to live, a state of being free.


An armed citizenry will never be unwillingly forced into railroad boxcars at gunpoint.

rich z

Maybe these people should read , the book , 1984 . I only hope these people still know HOW to read.


They do not know how to read they never learned case in point ALEXANCOMMIE CRAZYBUTT THE NEWLY ELECTED (and she thought inaugurated diEdn’t read about that did she) the leftist politicians and rinos only govern on EMOTION! That is how they live their lives and expect everyone else to follow suite or it’s racism or some other type of and “ISM” THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO RULE THEY THINK EMOTION AND IDENTIY POLITICS WHICH IS ALSO EMOTION DRIVEN!!


1984 ,today, is considered HISTORY , and they don’t teach history anymore.


Rich Z I agree with you when it comes to the book 1984. Orwell got so much right that is happening today even down to the government control of everything you do. That must be required reading for the progressive rats.


If anyone fears MY guns it means they have something insidious in the works.


Not one damn bit. Facts mean little today to most people, as long as they get what they want.


Politicians only care about votes. Selling safety gets votes whether based in fact or not.

Wallace Freeman

Do Facts Matter To Politicians & Judges? Is the Pope Zoroastrian? Does a bear shit in the stratosphere?

Wild Bill

@Wallace Freeman, Excellent humor, patriot. Merry Christmas and a Happy New shiny pile of ammunition!

Green Mtn. Boy

Gun Control – Do Facts Matter To Politicians & Judges?

Seriously you jest with your question,facts and truth mean little to the Leftists of either party.