Gun-Control Fails in California… and We All Lose

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Gun-Control Fails in California… and We All Lose

U.S.A. -( Sociologists and criminologists rendered their verdict. Gun-control in California doesn’t work. That should have been obvious in hindsight. Unfortunately, these failed laws will probably not be rescinded by lawmakers nor be overturned by judges. Since Californians won’t change things at the ballot box, they are going to have to vote with their feet to restore their rights.

What we now know about gun-control-

This recent report was issued by a number of academics, including the researcher funded by the state of California in their Violence Prevention Research Program. This is hardly a right wing policy piece purchased by gun manufacturers. The report compared data from California with data from other states that did not impose gun-control laws. Rates of homicide with a gun and suicide did not decrease compared to those other states used as a control group. There was no significant change despite the gun-control laws being in place for more than a quarter century. Mandated background checks for all firearms purchases didn’t reduce crime or suicide. Prohibiting people with misdemeanor offenses from buying guns didn’t reduce crime or suicide in California.

California also has mandatory firearms safety training, 10 day waiting periods, magazine capacity restrictions, and one-gun-a-month purchase restrictions. Most people can’t get a concealed carry license in California. There are obvious reasons these gun-control laws don’t work despite the political promises made in press releases.

What we thought would happen and why gun-control failed-

California politicians said that criminals wouldn’t use guns if we regulated law abiding people. In most cases, the criminals simply got their guns illegally. If guns were in short supply, then criminals shared guns rather than each criminal having a gun of his own. For the few criminals that were inconvenienced by these gun-control laws, the criminal simply used another tool of intimidation rather than using a firearm.

Lady Liberty Justice
Lady Liberty Justice

That analysis only looks at part of the balance between criminals and crime victims. It has to be true that  some criminals somewhere were inconvenienced by California’s gun-control regulations. Unfortunately, all of the law abiding California gun owners were also inconvenienced by these laws. Many honest citizens were disarmed. Rather than make crime harder, California’s gun-control laws made crime easier. The effect of disarming a few criminals was overwhelmed by disarming so many of the intended victims of crime. Guns save lives when they are in the hands of law abiding citizens as well as take lives when they are in the hands of criminals.

This study shows that criminals ignore gun laws and the burden falls on honest gun owners. That is true for every gun-control law. Unfortunately, California politicians and judges don’t care. There is a reason why.

We are the only ones who care if gun-control fails-

California’s gun-control laws clearly infringe on our natural right of self-defense. These laws also disproportionately disarm the poor and minority segments of our society. Gun-control leaves the most vulnerable segments of society at greater risk. Shouldn’t lawmakers and judges care about that?

California’s gun-control laws don’t apply to California politicians. They can buy the guns they want and carry them at times and places where you can’t. California judges get concealed carry permits in counties where ordinary citizens are denied a permit. California politicians can continue to rake in campaign contributions in support of gun-control even though the gun-control laws don’t work.

In short, gun-control works for California’s elites. They won’t work to change a system that works for them. What is shocking to me is that federal court judges agree with the California politicians and lower court judges. That means we can’t look to politicians or judges for help.

Changing things is up to us.

Slow Facts

About Rob Morse

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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California politicians have no fear of the federal government or SCOTUS. The politicians think they have enough economic clout within our monetary system that they can do as they please with no repercussions. They also view the Constitution as a living document and should be changed as the country “evolves”. All of the problems caused by one state leads to the question: is California worth saving? Give it some thought before answering.


The real criminals are the politicians in California who undermine the voting system, lie to get elected, make laws that violate federal laws, and allow 20 million immigrants into the state for uneducated votes and more electoral votes for the sate of fornication. The only reason the politicians don’t want us to have guns is because they know we are being bankrupted and when we go broke they are very afraid. Guns are the only reason the government fears the people. And the main reason for the 2nd amendment was for there to be a government who respected and feared… Read more »


For those that had concerns about the elections in Californian, that are not secure. Judicial Watch sued California and Los Angeles County Over Dirty Voter Registration Rolls. “Eleven of California’s 58 counties have registration rates exceeding 100% of the age-eligible citizenry.”

Furthermore, “California has the highest rate of inactive registrations of any state in the country. Los Angeles County has the highest number of inactive registrations of any single county in the country”.

Therefore, you can never vote them out. It’s fixed.

your worst nightmare

Well then if those gun control laws didn’t work it means they need more. As usual you twunts don’t read the article:

“Incomplete and missing records for background checks, incomplete compliance and enforcement, and narrowly constructed prohibitions may be among the reasons for these null findings.”

this means more funding is necessary to enforce laws with extreme prejudice, and toss miscreants into prison immediately.

“Narrowly constructed prohibitions” means MORE GUN CONTROL, not less.

Ralph W Glorioso

A few years ago, I read a shocking statistic. Before I repeated it, I searched federal data and verified it was true for that year, 2016; California has 12% of the US population and pays 32% of all welfare paid in the entire USA. I worked 29 years for a county health system and the illegals and their many offspring as well as druggies spooned up benefits as fast as they could. No attempts were made to collect from them for their medical services. 38% of our county jail’s inmate population was illegal (in the latter 1990s when I worked… Read more »

your worst nightmare

Idiotic post-comparing California to the other states in the country, especially the red states is stupid,.

California has such a high GDP it’s ridiculous to try to make such simple comparisons.

California also pays more by far into the Federal Treasury than it takes, essential funding the ability of whiners like you to drive on the interstates.

it makes your facile and specious observations those of a high school drop out.


And the people in California continue to vote for all of this. Leftist philosophy is ultimately suicidal to the common citizen, but that seems to be okay with so many of them, as long as it controls, subjugates, and destroys other citizens first, and after that, it might affect them personally. Makes no sense, but roughly half of the country now seems to want this. And they call their attitudes “inclusiveness.” Only of their ilk, of course.

Ansel Hazen

Given all I have seen in the news I am not convinced that our election process is secure and valid. It seems totally beyond comprehension that so many are this deluded. It would not surprise me to find that audits of elections in these moonbat areas turn up massive ongoing fraud.

your worst nightmare

Projection of a deluded mind. You do know what projection is don’t you?

sure the election process isn’t secure and valid-in Red States or in the hands of the GOP to manage.

what you mean to say is that “our Jim Crow voting laws are loosing ground, we’re in trouble!”


Missouri Born You would have to say that commiefornia politicians have it a$$ Backwards wouldn’t you. The last I knew illegals and druggies do not pay taxes so the working sheeples have to support all this,

Clifford Ishii

Circumvent gun control, the politicians, and the courts by having and carrying a Jo staff as a weapon


Dammit..everyone talks the talk…it is time to walk the walk…at some point, enough is a ‘nuff…everyone will wait until they are knocking on YOUR door..


The real travesty is that the liberal voters of areas like California, who flee the result of their voting, will bring the misguided results over time to the states they flee to. If they can’t see the error and vote the Democrats out in Cali, they are just going to destroy other areas of the country as they continue to repeat the mistakes of the past.


In as much as voting out the ignorant unconstitutional politicians, “it is up to us”. Otherwise, it is up to the Supreme Court to force it’s decisions on the lower courts. How a mechanism like that would work, I don’t know. The best we/they have is by taking 2nd A cases from these rogue Circuit Courts and reversing them, not sending them back to be re-tried. Now that pro-constitutional judges are in the majority on SCOTUS, let’s hope that that will happen, soon!

Jack Mac

Your politicians are not ignorant. They are dangerously intelligent anti-constitution. Make them not want to be where they are. I wish you good hunting.


The tyrants in the courts behind the anti-gun laws need to be stopped!

eamon kelly jr

Californis leavin
I to have finally become discusted with the stupid politics of a 1-party state
we have left for Arizona where people are much more in tune with the constution
and bill of rights. We too won’t buy anything from california and are also extracting from
our california investments Just got my Arizona car plates an d am so happy to see them on our cars !!

your worst nightmare

do you also hear voices? See people who aren’t rally there? I don’t see anybody “fleeing” California, except possibly loosers like you who can’t make it in a modern economy . All the richest and brightest are moving there and show no sign of wanting to leave.

your worst nightmare

Moved to Arizona huh? Real smart move

Out of the frying pan and into the fire-typical gun nut. Too much lead in your diet cause loss of brain cells. what few gray cells you have left are going to broil in that Arizona sun.


It’s not obvious that high court judges are numbered among Kale-ee-porn-ee-ya’s elite? They see no feces in the streets, no drug litter, and no crime because they live in gated communities with armed guards, isolated and protected from the results of their rulings

Ralph W Glorioso

Last June, my wife and I, ages 75 and 81, sold our Oceanside CA home and moved to Texas. We had lived in CA for over 45 years. I now have 6 months continuous residency in TX and am eligible to apply for and receive my Concealed Handgun License. This is something I could never have in CA, despite my having 2 Honorable Discharges from the Marine Corps, retired from UCLA and Sonoma County Mental Health and having worked at the County Jail, which required me to have the same background checks as law enforcement officers. Certainly, no criminal history.… Read more »


BRAVO… I did too, went to Oregon,,,, about to leave here for Florida OR Texas…… same age as you……….BRAVO TO YOU.


Kudos on ‘getting out!’ Caveat to that move being, that you had a ‘true’ epiphany and left EVERY scintilla of that mindless mind (non)think that has ruined what once was “The Golden State!” Too many escape for whatever reasons, unaffordable housing, onerous taxes,; and bring with them the same ‘beliefs’ that foster decay and decline. The states these people move to soon begin electing those same mindless Nirvana, do gooders, and start the CA experience – just note how many “sanctuary cities/states” have risen and had their ‘demographics’ changed!

Jack Mac

Welcome to Texas, please help us see that we remain Texan and American.


True story.


And with the blessing of the “Free Press”, this situation is immortalized. Imagine the public response if the MSM again became the muckraking press of 100-150 years ago. San Francscans cannot be expected to care what the Washington Post or New York Times say about California politics occasionally. But imagine the Los Angeles Times really going after, for an extended period, any political issue in California.

Missouri Born

Criminals will always be able to find guns for their crimes and all the gun laws in the world will not stop them yet the liberal know it all politicians keep the honest citizen from obtaining guns with all these stupid laws and court rulings. What is amazing is California is a sanctuary state who allows anyone across the border, allows drug users to use their drugs and camp out on the streets leaving litter, feces, and used needles. But penalize honest citizens who enjoy firearms and the protection they give the owners, but allow criminals to run loose on… Read more »