Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris & Craig Boddington Offer Leopard Hunting Opportunity

Donated by Jamy Traut Hunting Safari. All proceeds will benefit wildlife conservation and protecting the opportunity to hunt.

Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris & Craig Boddington Offer Leopard Hunting Opportunity
Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris & Craig Boddington Offer Leopard Hunting Opportunity

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Safari Club International, Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris and Craig Boddington have teamed-up to offer an unequaled leopard hunting opportunity.

Slated to be sold at the dinner auction on Saturday night at the upcoming Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nevada, Jan. 9-12, 2019, this spectacular safari is certain to be one of the most competitive auction items at the event.

Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris
Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris

The safari will take place in Namibia, either on the Waterberg Plateau or in Kaokoland, with the exact location to be determined by the results of extensive scouting. Both hunting areas have elegant safari camps, a professional chef and a full staff that will attend to every need.

Weatherby Award winner, author and media personality Craig Boddington will join in the hunt. Craig wrote the book, literally, on leopard hunting and has successfully paired with Jamy Traut on leopard hunts in the past. The combination of their expertise and personalities ensures the safari will be enjoyable in every respect!

For more information on Safari Club International’s upcoming convention, as well as their unequaled efforts to conserve wildlife and defend the opportunity to hunt, visit www.safariclub.org.

Can’t attend the Convention this year? Follow the auctions and bid online. Get approved to bid at https://auction.safariclub.org/auctionlist.aspx.

To register to attend, click here – www.showsci.org


About the SCI Hunters’ Convention:

Safari Club expects upwards of 24,000 worldwide hunters to visit Reno, Nevada, January 9-12, 2019.  The SCI Hunters’ Convention represents the largest and most successful event to raise money for advocacy to protect hunters’ rights. The 2019 Hunters’ Convention will be held at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center with over 452,000 square feet of exhibits and almost 1,100 exhibiting companies.

 Register and book rooms at www.showsci.org

 Becoming an SCI Member:

Joining Safari Club International is the best way to be an advocate for continuing our hunting heritage and supporting worldwide sustainable use conservation, wildlife education and humanitarian services.

JOIN NOW: www.joinsci.org

Safari Club International – First for Hunters is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. SCI has approximately 200 Chapters worldwide and its members represent all 50 of the United States as well as 106 other countries. SCI’s proactive leadership in a host of cooperative wildlife conservation, outdoor education and humanitarian programs empowers sportsmen to be contributing community members and participants in sound wildlife management and conservation. Visit the home page www.safariclub.org or call 520-620-1220 for more information.

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robert adams

I would also like to say that all hunters in general get a bad name because of this type of African big game hunting. It;s the same for killing the buck with the biggest rack here at home. It’s the my toy is bigger that yours mentality that makes us look bad here at home. Not to mention killing the best deer in the gene pool is not helping the remaining deer herd. Gun owners here in the USA are fighting for our very right to even own and bear arms. The young among us are being indoctrinated to hate… Read more »

Rafael J. Fanjul

Having spent 6 years in what is the republic of Namibia in my time German Sud West Africa, I hunted in both the greater Namibian Desert from the Angola border down and the Caprivi Strip, and in Botswana the Kalahari Maun Botswana etc. One thing I learned from my native African companions which accompanied me on most trips, is that when you kill animal you must consume its flesh, then at that moment the spirit of said animal will go to rest in peace. I never offended my companion and friend beliefs I always complied. I resided in the town… Read more »

robert adams

Rafael I thank you for your response. I believe that your native African companions approached the killing of food in the same way the native Americans did., that is to say, with reverence. I commend them and you for doing this. But I’ve never heard of anyone wanting to consume a leopard. Especially when there were larger, edible game about, like Kudos. The killing of such a beautiful animal has more to do with ego stroking. It’s more of a “Look what I have hanging on the wall” attitude. I’ve never seen a leopard in the wild but I’ve had… Read more »

robert adams

I’m a 2nd Amendment guy and I believe in legal open and concealed carry. I believe the people have the right to defend their families and home. I believe in hunting for food. BUT I detest the idea of hunting for trophies. Killing for the sake of bragging rights is a sin against the Creator. It’s not worth losing one’s soul.