Devil Worship in the Name of Free Speech, What Happen to Discretion?


Illinois State Capital Rotunda’s “holiday display” this year features a “Satanic Temple Monument”
Illinois State Capital Rotunda’s “holiday display” this year features a “Satanic Temple Monument”

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Silence is the language of God. All else is a poor translation” ~ Rumi

Apple’s dimpled darling, Tim Cook, is the recipient of endless press accolades this week for a speech he delivered in NYC, where he insisted that the entire tech community get together to “ban hate speech” from social media.

Simultaneously, the Illinois State Capital Rotunda’s “holiday display” this year features a “Satanic Temple Monument” from a group that openly promotes evil in general, and particularly advocates violence against Christians and Christianity.

Of course in doing so, politicians piously claim to be promoting “Free Speech.”

I wonder how this thinly-veiled expression of hatred for Christianity can be so vigorously defended as “Freedom,” while articulate defenses of our Second Amendment are automatically classified as “hate speech” by liberals like Cook.

Is all speech outside of the Marxist/liberal agenda automatically “hate speech?”

“‘Politically correct’ language initiatives are misguided and harmful. They create highly-entitled professional ‘victims,’ who expect to be free from any offense, while they simultaneously engender a stifling atmosphere where all individuals walk on eggshells, lest they might commit a ‘linguistic capital crime.” ~ Gad Saad


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The problem is neither side is consistent. If you support free speech, that includes things that you disagree with or you may find offensive. There’s also the issue between the negative right to free speech and a broader concept of “open debate.” The negative right means people can’t use force to prevent you from speaking. Under this definition, most of what the left is doing is also free speech (i.e, protesting a speaker). It’s only when there is violence that it crosses the line. There’s another sense of free speech, which means something like “respect for the market place of… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Their website implies that they don’t believe in Satanism, so this group is just another Leftist organization that uses the word Satan to get noticed. This group apparently was formed to attempt to fight public displays of anything that they believe is even remotely religious. I don’t see them at the Veterans cemeteries where there are many religious symbols. I guess that wouldn’t get them the right attention. Ironically, Leftism is a form of religion, too. Those that are indoctrinated exhibit the same behaviors as religious people. Just as other religious believers, there is no reasoning with them, they just… Read more »

Sal Chichon

Hey, John, maybe you should read the very link article you wrote. Here are my thoughts:
A) That Satanic group has every much a right to be represented as do Christian groups. Deal with it, or get out of this country.
B) Do not LIE to us regarding the nature of that Satanic group. It is also not wise to slander that group, because they might come across your article.
C) I actually thought about taking your class, but now I will happily reconsider based on rather taking a class from somebody who values integrity.


I find it hilarious that good “Christians” even celebrate Christmas which was originally the Pagan winter solstice.
Which marks the return of the sun and days getting longer etc. (do some research).
A day that was hijacked by the Vatican and became Jesus birthday.
So when all you good Christians jump up and down about any disrespect of the day, Just remember that it didn’t even belong to you to start with.

John F

Your comment is filled with ridicule and hatred, a perfect example of exactly what this article is about. You just keep believing that the Vatican stole the holiday from the pagans….we’ll keep praying that you will see the love of God someday.


Hmm, so, a factual comment about the origin of a festival is “filled with ridicule and hatred”. I have studied many world religions and belief systems and the two that stand out as being the most hate filled, despite their origins of peace and love, are Islam and Christianity. Both of which were born out of the creators love for all things and then, unfortunately became perverted by corrupt MEN who thirsted for power and control. Sad really, that two concepts of such beauty could be perverted in this way. And if you really wanted to know the truth then… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Keith, interestingly, there is no historical data to directly prove the existence of either Buddha or Jesus, we are told through stories that each existed and must rely on “faith” to believe in their being. Your comment about Christianity and Islam being the most hate-filled religions is just Leftist propaganda that hates all religions. Ironically Leftists supposedly believe in moral relativism, except for when it does not agree with their perception of reality. Their beliefs turns Leftism into a form of militant religion, with factions willing to commit acts of violence against those with which they disagree, police, or anyone… Read more »


The truth is somewhere in between. It’s true there was a popular festival for the solace, so the Church decided to have it’s own holiday celebrating the birth of jesus as an alternative on a nearby date. The day was never meant to be the actual birth date of Jesus, rather a church holiday celebrating his birth. Over time, this distinction was forgotten by the general public.

Heed the Call-up

DaveK, from what I have read, the date, and other dates in March and April, were thought to be his birth date, but as early as 200-400 CE, December 25 was being used. Nothing I have read suggests that early adoption of that date was due to co-opting Pagan festival dates. There are many theories on how that date was adopted, one of which is due to Pagan festivals, but that is a later theory based on the fact that later on there was a co-opting of Pagan holidays and symbols. Look at the Catholics in Mexico as a good… Read more »


Did you even read the link you included to the “satanist” group?
They don’t worship or even believe in satan. They don’t promote evil, or violence against Christians or anyone else. It’s a metaphorical reference to the tree of knowledge and the pursuit of knowledge.
You’re just provoking baseless anger, and disharmony through blatant misrepresentation of something completely irrelevant.


I’m a Christian and agree with you completely in regards to your statement. Most don’t understand…


The church of satan doesnt preech violence of any sort or hste christians. It isnt even anti Christian but rather a celebration of self. Secondly i support all ammendments including the 1st or 2nd. I am not a religious man and honestly feel the same about Christianity as i do satanism or any other religion. Its not for me but ill protect its rights. The Liberals are hypocrites as is much of the right these days. We need new leaders and new parties bassed on pure personal freedoms and adherence to the constitution.

Missouri Born

If Lux Armiger feels he has belief in Satan then he should move to the south side of Chicago and see what hell is.


Tim Cook is a big time idiot for saying that, in America Timmy, speech is either protected under the first amendment or it isn’t; it’s black or white. That being said, he owns a private company, they can do what ever he wants unfortunately. In regards to the state of Illinois, well, tough break. They are a public entity and they have to comply with the first amendment even if it’s offensive for us or it caters to trolls. As far as the satanic temple promoting violence against Christians I had to look it up, from their website :DO YOU… Read more »


“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”
George Orwell

And we are being bombarded.

Lily Powell

I will DEFEND our freedom of speech and SECOUND amendment rights to the death …and no FACIST , COMMUNISTIC , GLOBALIST , SATANIC ORGANIZATION , will stop me form telling them to ALL GO STRAIGHT TO HELL !!!

Lily Powell

I personally will fight to my last breath to protect our Freedom of speech !! And no FACIST COMMUNIST GLOBALIST TERRORIST ORGANIZATION , will stop our freedom to tell them ALL TO GO STRAIGHT TO HELL !!!


Anything that goes against the liberal bent is considered ‘hate speech’. Anyone who utters it is some kind of racist, homophobic etc. and must be silenced in the liberal eye. Free speech is only for the elites.

Wild Bill

, Speech control is thought control in disguise.