New York State Demands Insurance.. for Me but Not for Thee

Albany NY SAFE Act Protester
Albany NY SAFE Act Protester

U.S.A. -( The New York Senate proposed that gun owners must have liability insurance. Only active duty law enforcement officers are exempt. The political justification was the 500 murders in NY last year. We don’t have statistics from every state, but where we do have reliable data we see that citizens who are licensed to carry a concealed firearms are the most law abiding and non-violent segment of society in the United States. Why are we taxing the people who obey the law to pay for the actions of drug gangs?

Will we have more of these honest gun owners after we tax them, or will we have less of them? We know the thugs shooting each other in Buffalo and Binghamton won’t buy this insurance. This proposed law is a tax imposed on a politically disfavored minority in New York State.

What does this law do?

Any gun owner in New York State would have to show that they carried a million dollars of liability insurance before they were allowed to own a gun. Failure to do so would revoke all the gun owner’s permits to own firearms. That prohibition lasts for life. This applies to every person who is listed as a gun owner. The insurance requirement applies to your 18 year old daughter who owns a target rifle. There are no age exemptions in the bill. The law applies to the older woman who inherited her grandmother’s shotgun.

The law holds you liable for any negligent damage you cause with your firearm. You are required to have insurance from before you buy your guns until after you sell them. You are liable for the actions of a thief who steals your gun until you report the firearm as stolen. After the fact, New York gets to determine if your gun was stored in a negligent manner. You get to fight that out in court and pay those court costs out of pocket.

This insurance does not protect a gun owner from the legal costs of owning a gun. In fact, New York is openly hostile to legal insurance for honest gun owners.

What doesn’t this law accomplish?

Police are more likely to shoot the wrong person than are ordinary citizens who have a license to carry a concealed firearm. That is not an issue of poor police training but more a nature of their job. Police deal with a large number of unknown people in an unfamiliar environment every day. The police can’t know who belongs and who is the uninvited intruder, though the police get very good at quickly figuring this out. At home and at work, you know things the police can’t know. You know that your nephew belongs in your home and that the robber doesn’t. Sometimes the police confuse the two.

This liability bill won’t pay for the mistakes made by the police. They are held harmless when they shoot the wrong person or their guns are stolen. The police are held harmless due to state statutes limiting their liability. In contrast, honest citizens are held liable. That is true today without passing this new liability insurance law.

You can call it insurance, but that doesn’t make it so. Paying this government fee doesn’t provide money to pay your legal bills when you’re sued by the robber you chased out of your house. This proposed insurance doesn’t pay your legal fees when your daughter shoots an attacker in her apartment. You get to pay those bills. This is a tax on honest gun owners in New York.

There are few exemptions listed in the senate bill. Retired law enforcement officers must buy insurance. Out of state law enforcement officers traveling through New York might need insurance as well.

There is no temporary grace period for people visiting New York for a short time. Out of state gun owners traveling through New York airports require insurance. Out of state gun owners need insurance as they drive between Scranton and their hunting camp near Manchester. There is no exemption for firearms named in probate proceedings as the family firearms are passed between generations. It is unclear if the law applies to air pistols owned in New York City.

There are no exemptions in the law for need. There is no exemption for the young woman who has a stalker and suddenly needs a gun for protection. There is no exemption for the recent rape victim who now wants a firearm to feel secure when she is home alone. The victim’s needs come second after the state has its fees.

Why was this law was proposed?

The excuse for this bill is that guns cause destruction and to pay the innocent victims. In fact, we know that carrying a firearm in public does not lead to higher rates of crime or violence. The rationale is laughable given the economic destruction caused by the policies coming out of Albany and New York City. We have fewer small businesses in New York after we taxed and regulated them. Now we’re taxing and regulating honest gun owners.

What is the real reason for this bill?

Looking at the sociological data, we see that gun owners tend to be politically conservative. This bill is nothing more than a way for New York Democrats to tax their political opponents. How ironic that the Democrat party talks about inclusion yet wants to drive law abiding citizens from New York State.

This law is more than a tax. New York also regulates insurance companies. The company that provides this insurance must obtain and maintain state permits to operate. New York politicians can turn law abiding gun owners into criminals the moment they interrupt insurance coverage.

Why propose this bill now?

We resent intrusive government. New York is called the most oppressive state in the US. We are voting with our feet, and New York lost almost one percent of its population last year. The state is in the bottom half of states for violent crime. The Democrats who control New York politics need someone to blame in the media and gun owners are a convenient scapegoat. New York politicians also get more campaign donations when they propose “gun-control”.

Gun owners are a politically disfavored minority. The more gun owners the politicians drive out of New York, the longer the politicians can stay in power.

Slow Facts

About Rob Morse

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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rocket 88

Where the hell is the NRA when you need them? I want them to bring a legal action immediately to the 7th District Court.. Lets test the Constitutionality of this law. This law is simply unconstitutional. Driving a car is a privilege not protected by the Constitution. Gun ownership is a Constitutional right not a NYS privilege. Encumbering such rights by placing unattainable demands upon a person is no different than assigning a voting district 100 miles away from only those people who don’t drive. This gun law is insanity and the NRA should immediately act or if they don’t… Read more »

The Gree Watch Dog

Move to where Truth-Hamer? Remember, its the vote of the people that determines what new laws, ordinances, etc. are enacted. For example, I cannot afford to move that my state makes it illegal for my dog to wear a red collar. Get involved in what candidates you support in upcoming elections!


Simple, stay out of shit-show Stasi states like NY, NJ, MD, et al.


As a competitive shooter & a visitor to NY, now Cuomoistan, this Senate bill will invaribly pass and permanently exclude me from NY.
Even travelling through or a day visit in Cuomoistan will bring the lawful & uninsured into violation. And probably with concomitant penalties, confications, making Cuomoistan a prohibited destination.
How can the millions of gun owner voters in NYSTATE let Cuomo democrats own the house & the senate outright?


I would say just stay the h out of NY or NJ. They are lost causes and the people don’t care enough to go to the polls to vote the rats out so they will turn these states into another 3d world California. Look out everyone, regardless where you live, it is coming your way because there is a petty dictator born every minute.

Green Mtn. Boy

So the Marxists can further infringe on that which Shall Not Be Infringed,Harassment of people who chose to avail themselves of a right.


the scumbag lawyers are at it again.

Douglas G

Thanks to the ruling on Obamacare, a forced “tax” can be levied on we the people. This is what happens when we gun owners don’t pay attention to the bigger picture. “I don’t own a bumpstock so I don’t care if they get banned.” Now they’re getting banned and it could include every semi-auto firearm! “I have my employers insurance so I don’t care if others get “taxed” and forced to buy some.” NY forces insurance on gun owners. Surprise, surprise. Apathy is the quickest route to losing your freedoms. All these new “common sense gun safety or public safety”… Read more »


Never in my 58 years have I ever seen a TYRANT such as CUOMO allowed to do the things he has done. 1st off it is against everything in our constitution to force legal citizens to do anything that is unconstitutional. Requiring a gun owner who has never committed a crime to carry additional insurance to own a gun is unconstitutional and can not be done legally. If he does get it passed it will be illegal and I will not comply. I will never turn my weapons in. As a veteran I have earned the right to possess and… Read more »


But the elites don’t carry guns, their minions do. Their multi million $ security guards do.

Remember, they are all about do as I say not as I do. The rules only apply to the masses and not for the asses.


I’m surprised no one has yet called this proposed legislation for what it (also) is…racist. The minority’s in NYC are overwhelmingly black and are unlikely to be able to afford a million dollar insurance policy, if they could even qualify for one. This legislation is an extension of the Saturday Night Special laws that were passed to disarm poor blacks. Cuomo is such a controlling a-hole, and where is the republican party in finding an electable opponent? I know the election results are dictated by NYC and Albany voters but I still find it hard to believe the dems accept… Read more »

The Green Watch Dog

I see it as not being required, but simply an option the gun owner. If when registering your weapon, one could choose whether or not to opt out. The NRA has for quite some time, provided insurance with liability protection. Not only liability, but monetary coverage for your weapons, coverage for legal defenses for yourself should you be a victim of a crime. There are numerous cases where the gun owner was himself charged. It can and will happen.


f cu-homo and the non-patriot commies of ny

Joseph P Martin

Obama care was just declared unconstitutional. Any insurance that is required by law is unconstitutional unless the government provides the insurance. When any government (state, local or national) requires citizens to purchase a product or service from a private business under penalty of law, it is unconstitutional. I guarantee such a requirement, as Obamacare, is fully backed and paid for (bribes) by the insurance industry, including this NY insurance scam.

That farmer

It’s less about the tax than about registering the owners. This is the golden star for everyone with a gun. The pistol permit has already marked the owners of handguns and placed them all on the knife edge where one change in registration, address, and all gun rights are lost.


Absolutely right. Guns that were never registered or came thru the family or sold between friends would finally be registered……and you know damn well that King Andy would require the insurance companies to give up their list of owners. Even worse, if the proposed law was to require a description of each gun owned, not just a firearm liability policy, Cuomo and the dems would be drooling to get that list.


A good way to protect ourselves from murderers is to give up our guns because the insurance is not affordable by many. We don’t need insurance to shoot criminals and defend our homes and families. Criminals need insurance when they mess with law biding armed citizens. Cuomo has proven he is working for the deep state who want Americans disarmed so they can have their new world order and enslave the people. Ignore his laws…he is lucky if the people don’t throw him out of office and make an example of him.

Sara Russo

As much as I am very glad that I don’t live in NY, (I’m going to say ) depending on your insurance company, even a million dollar rider in pennies on the dollar. Maybe 10$ a year/month., again depending on the insurance company. I have several of them for items that would cost me colse to a million dollars to try to replace and several items that I can’t. And both add to my home owners around 20$a year. And the firearm insurance for 5 firearms 4 handguns and 1 rifle ads just under 5$ a year. So guessing to… Read more »

it's just Boris

Presumably your insurance covers loss, theft, etc.

The proposed insurance is likely to be much more like auto liability insurance, a whole different kettle of fish.

That farmer

Regretfully I do live in NY. While Sara Russo is correct that having this type of insurance makes sense, she is wrong that it is available or legal I NY. Carry guard was outlawed as well as the competing firearms use insurance.

If you live in a state where it is common to purchase membership with emergency helicopter service or EMS providers, please know those memberships are also illegal to participate with in NY.


you are SO naif….. Here we have a corrupt government MANDATING a certain type of unsurance. Your riders are optional, thus exist in an open competitive market. Actuarial tables help them determine your risk to them, and thus the premiums they demand. Change all that to a mandated type of coverage for a specific risk associated with an object that is hated and demonised, skewed statistics (the bases for the “actuarial tables WILL include all those gang banger shootings, and YOU will pay the premium as if YOU are included in the class of clients whose actions incur losses they… Read more »


Please give us your address so we can forward all of our bills to you. Thank you. You seem to be missing the point here sadly.


A million dollars of business insurance was 550 a month. Not sure how you are adding this up.


You don’t know what you are talking about. NO insurance company writes or would write this fictional “insurance policy”. It does not insure or protect the gun owner or policy holder. It does not and will not exist. This is not offered as a rider on any existing policy. It is a tax designed to punish and drive out gun owners period. It violates the basic tenets of any insurance policy or insuring agreement.

Greg Orall

If you would be so kind as to remove your cranium from your rectal cavity, please allow yourself to see that it’s not the cost of the policy, it’s simply one more way to regulate the law abiding citizen and his/her firearms. An insurance policy provides coverage of some type for the policy holder, this does not. It’s a tax! And if the articles author is correct, and I am traveling and have a lay over at a new york airport and my checked firearm is being transferred to a second aircraft and I have absolutely no access to it,… Read more »

Wilhelm Flatz

Requiring insurance is just one of the hundreds (thousands??) of ways that the Left is going to administratively “tax” gunowners into oblivion. OK, people, get ready for a 2nd American Revolution. It’s coming as surely as the other side is, to take your guns!