NRA Statement on Bump Fire Stock Rule


NRA Statement on Bump Fire Stock Rule
NRA Statement on Bump Fire Stock Rule

Fairfax, VA – -( Last week, the Department of Justice announced that it would soon be releasing a final rule classifying “bump-stock-type-devices” as “machineguns” under the National Firearms Act.

These devices came to national attention in October 2017 after the horrific attack in Las Vegas.  As multiple media accounts correctly pointed to at the time, there was overwhelming legislative support for proposals that went far beyond these specific devices and some that could have potentially jeopardized all semiautomatic firearms. Rather than sit back and watch a legislative over-reaction, the NRA asked Congress to let ATF review its prior determinations on bump fire stocks.

Some have used our October 2017 statement to claim that NRA supports ATF’s final rule, but as NRA-ILA’s Executive Director Chris Cox noted only days after our statement was issued, “We don’t believe that bans have ever worked on anything.”

We also made this clear in our comments to ATF on the proposed rule earlier this year. In our comments, we further advised that ATF should at a minimum make an amnesty period available to deal with the fundamental inequity imposed on law-abiding gun owners who purchased their bump fire stocks in good faith reliance on prior ATF determinations. We continue to pursue the availability of a period of amnesty with the administration.

While there can be disagreement on legislative strategy, it’s important to remember that we will soon face a hostile, anti-gun Congress led by Nancy Pelosi. It’s critical that all gun owners unite and prevent the Bloomberg-bought Congress from dismantling our Second Amendment freedom.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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Shoosting Sticks

If it wasn’t for the NRA, most of us wouldn’t have the freedoms we currently enjoy, they would have been swallowed up by leftists years ago. We almost certainly would not have Right-to-Carry in all 50 states. As is so typical, many of you enjoy the fruits of their hard fought victories without ponying up, then you want to throw them under the bus when they make a bad call. Also a Life benefactor member, I am not happy with how they handled this whole bump-stock issue. But that doesn’t mean we throw them away. I do think new leadership… Read more »

Douglas G

Let’s remember too that the NRA-ILA is who handles all the legislative actions and is a separate organization from the NRA. Your dues and donations to the NRA go for training, education, competitions, magazines, salaries, outreach, lawsuits, etc. To support the lobbying, law writing, grading politicians, outreach, then you have to give to the ILA. By pulling your dues and donations you’re hurting the wrong organization, if this and other infringements are your concern. Not that I expect you sunny day Sally’s and armchair whiners to care.


The N R A Has Offered nothing but Lip Service at this point I don’t see the N R A on any Law suit filed currently in court !!! they are worried about Pelosi she did not put this rule into effect Trump the Clown emposed this REDO law first it is and then it isn’t David Copperfield The device is not a Machine Gun !! WHERE IS THE N R A Not in court that’s for sure I resigned from that do nothing Organization we need more than COMMENTS from them

Matthew Thacker

Just say no to confiscation without compensation. I could care less about the bump stock, unlawful confiscation of a product that was previously deemed legal is against the forth amendment. People should not lose money on items that we’re bought in good faith as legal. If they want them back they should have to compensate the people that own them. The President has opened pandoras box whether he knows it or not. If these law suits don’t go in our favor we are screwed. It will give any President executive order to ban whatever they want. Without any public imput.… Read more »

johon smith

we pay the nra to fight for are gun rights not to decide wich guns we should have and wich ones should be given up to me this is one of the worst moves Ive seen them make I believe leadership at NRA are only in it for a pay check now they have sold us out I have given money to nra almost every time ive been asked but until I see some real fight for are rights and a 180 degree change on bump stock issue I will not give them another dime no compromise on are 2nd… Read more »


The ATF ruled the stocks legal twice then reversed those decisions and now demands they be destroyed or surrendered without compensation. That is a clear violation of the “takings clause” of the Constitution; an act so egregious the Framers felt compelled to include it. This is a far larger issue than a simple accessory. If this ruling stands the framework of our laws itself is in grave peril.


It is my understanding that the ATF, has ruled in the past, & has prosecuted folks for guns with a broken sear!! Even .22’s!! With this info, how did the bump stock ever pass muster?

Charlie Foxtrot

Very simple, the ATF ruled TWICE that it did pass muster under President Obama, until the NRA and President Trump decided that the ATF was wrong on that decision!


Lou, “….the bump stock clearly does convert a semi-auto into a full auto….” You are truly full of it. Just because you make the illiterate remark (above) the communists have been repeating doesn’t make it so. Once more a manipulation of the English language by another Marxist. Guns are my right to own. Any firearm the scoundrels in government have those same weapons should be readily available to the citizenry. Perhaps you should be more concerned why Nidal Hassan, the moslem, US Army O-4 who murdered 13 Americans and attempted to murder 32 others at Fort Hood, Texas, 10 YEARS… Read more »


Hey Dan normally I’m on your side ~but one trigger pull =one bullet does not equal fully automaticNo matter how much you rock it


Sorry Dano / didn’t know you were quoting a commie !

Dennis Eagleberger

Right on

Jay Eimandoust

I am becoming more convinced, that these mass shootings could be staged by communist marxist antifa left wing fringe groups in the democrat party. The media is hacked and flooded with fake news these days. They can print these mass school shootings to generate hysteria and panic throughout the country, and then implement their slowly and steady destruction of the 2nd Amendment. They will be going down the list…1st bump stocks…then the AR15…then double barrel shotguns….then probably ANY type of rifle and eventually ALL firearms period. That is their ultimate goal. Those who seek to abolish the 2nd Amendment ,argue… Read more »

daryl bauer

the democrats who will soon be in control of the house and are letting bit’s and pieces of their proposed anti gun agenda out for public inspection ! little things like banning private person to person sales ( you must go thru a dealer for background ) ban sales a gun shows ! ban mail order ammo sales ! mag cap ban ( again ) !!! ban all semi auto firearms ! national waiting period 1 to 2 weeks ! enhanced background mental and even social media ! confiscate all black rifles ! background for ammo purchase ! national red… Read more »


Has anyone considered that the ATFE’s freely allowing a device which readily converts semi-autos to full autos was almost certainly a scheme by Obama to increase the likelihood of a mass shooting involving a so-called Assault Weapon? Yet another opportunity to inflict an assault weapons ban on the US? I’m deeply resentful of the Federal Firearms Act that forms the basis of innocuous rules, regulations, and paper work that the ATFE justifies it’s existence enforcing. Much of what’s in it is nonsense. This said, the bump stock clearly does convert a semi-auto into a full auto in the hands of… Read more »

Roy D.

Apparently you are not aware of or are incapable of understanding the definition of “machinegun” in US law. A “bumpstock” in no way meets that definition. As far as the NRA goes, I agree with you and have for some time now.


Having fired numerous full auto weapons I think that I do understand the definition of a Machinegun. ATFE has traditionally banned, or required registration of virtually everything which effectively allows a semi-auto to fire anything like a full auto. Even “Shoe Stringing”, which is the use of a piece of string to rig the trigger of a semi auto to discharge the weapon when the bolt reaches the fully closed position is determined to be illegal by ATFE, I never said that I agree with ATFE Determinations or Enforcement. What I said was that them allowing bump stocks in the… Read more »

Charles Barnette

Well if they want to infringe on our 2nd then why don’t we push for infringement on their 1st and tell them to shut the Hell up?

Dennis Eagleberger

Because most of us just sit in our hands. I’m with You Brother.

Dennis Eagleberger

Because most of us just sit on our hands. I’m with You Brother.

Douglas G

Turning against the NRA is exactly what the leftists and Democrats want. “Divide and Conquer”, marginalize the demonize, as Alinsky suggested. Talk about sheepeople! Say goodbye to even more of my Rights, if you keep this up.

Randy Phillips

NRA must be ran like DNC , but you people continue to give? has anyone filed suit against NRA for false representation?


I don’t like it myself that the NRA went along with banning bump stocks but we ALL need to unite and keep our membership with them plus join GOA and SAF! For less than $100 a year we can join all three organizations. I still think the NRA puts fear into those anti gunners candidates running for office! Like I said, it got under my skin also when the NRA went along with those wishing to ban bump stocks but it will only get worse for us gun owners if we don’t support all three organizations.


Yours is a voice of reason and should be heeded. I would just add that there must be a way to get rid of bump stocks without completely bastardizing the definition of a machine gun and putting the ownership of all semi-autos in jeopardy. This feels like throwing out the baby with the bath water.

Ansel Hazen

Politicians aren’t listening any more. These organizations can throw the money possible at them trying to sway opinion but all that will come of it is the figurative knife in the back.

It’s time for them to change focus and put that money towards the creation and growth of militias in every state.


The exercise of a Constitutional Right does not require explaining a need (to anyone, especially self serving public servants) prior to the exercise thereof.

Jack Mac

Your thinking needs to be disseminated world wide, again.


The NRA told Trump Bump Stocks were garbage so he banned them. We do not need to be supporting the NRA or Trump over this issue.

i say dump the NRA and join GOA. GOA is growing in size and they are fighting the Bump stock ban. We at least need to support GOA in their legal fight. Just a few dollars from us would go a long way to stopping this ban in court.


I am an NRA lifer (regrettably) and a GOA lifer (just made my last payment). I readily endorse membership to GOA. They are proactive supporting firearms rights while NRA keeps bending over and grabbing their ankles.

Merry Christmas everyone !

M. Maus

Not one cent! Not another year of membership!
I’ve had it with the NRA! Started in ’85-86. When they turned on “Legal” M.G.’s and that piece of , well you know what. Now it’s just a matter of how much money can they get from you. We are the good guys,. They tell us. Never give up the fight for the second amendment, they said….. Yep, I have 50 Acer’s of prime ocean view for sale too!
Wane time for you and your type to get lost.. Just another trader RINO just go away!

Pete Alves

Now the NRA is back peddling. They turned that proverbial slippery slope into a sheer cliff with this. I’m done with them. Glad I wasn’t a lifetime member. There are organizations that I will consider. I guess K Street got them as well. There some contact info on their website that people can contact them,,, but like I said,,, I’m done with them.


You guys aren’t seeing the bigger much more frightening picture here. This isn’t just about the “Negotiating Rights Away” or the ATF. This creates the extremely dangerous legal precedent that, if it stands in court, anytime a regulatory division of the executive branch is tasked to do something by POTUS, it can just change the wording and intent of an existing law to say or mean anything it wants! This leaves Congress (the People) out of the lawmaking loop. Anytime a POTUS decides to become King, he can just direct the various executive branch regulatory agencies to make up regulations… Read more »


It is looking like NRA is siding with the liberal left because they think when the new house takes over it will start gun control and the NRA memberships will take a huge increase and Wayne and Chris are just ringing their hands to get their share of the new proceeds. In otherewords, they see a raise coming. All this will be at our expense and I don’t think the NRA is any better than congress at defending our rights. They have turned into politicians, and that is a dirty word.


The NRA is useless and compromised money always talks as middle income people we know that better then anybody else you can bet on one thing you won’t hear nothing from the NRA if somebody pulls a red flag on you or they pass HR 2115 As fat cat citizens we have BECOME lazy and didn’t realize it /we depend on each other for safety -security to enforce the constitution /there’s not a cop on every street corner ,,nor do we need one

Dr Michael

I’ve belonged to the NRA several times, now I don’t. Every time I have joined the renewal notices and “money begging mail” always starts before I ever receive my membership card. They don’t even give the option to opt out. I would join forever if I could become a member and never receive all that other crap.

Paul Fitch

If this was a “Tampon Ban”, it would be manifestly illegal under so much of the Constitution. 1. The 2nd Amendment say “shall not be infringed”. This isn’t written into the Constitution, but I’m betting that nobody will actively campaign on a “Tampon Ban”. 2. Amendment V “…nor deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” 3. Amendment IX “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” 4. Amendment X “The powers… Read more »

All American

The NRA is obviously not the force that is going to insure the second part of the 2nd Amendment. The force that is necessary to the security of a free State is the teeth to the 2nd Amendment. That is why it is at the beginning of the 2nd Amendment. Strong united Militia’s (armed citizenry) in every place that there is a form of government (city, county, state, federal) is the only sure way of keeping the second part of the 2nd Amendment. Get ORGANIZED! Train, and Be Ready!

Harold Greenleaf

I am an Endorsing Life Member.

As to the extremely high salaries of top NRA officials, I suspect all the top leadership are not middle class folks. I suggest that the NRA adopt salary policies of the “American Legion.” The top dogs do not take any salary, I do suspect they are paid for travel, etc. which is reasonable. Maybe the NRA could find some fair middle ground on salary that would be fair the them and fair to the membership.

Not sure I would go any higher in membership until/unless big changes are made to the NRA.


I am a Benefactor Life Member in NRA. However, when I learned that LaPierre makes $1,000,000/yr + maybe 50% benefits; (and, we still can’t get a warm, engaging smile…only that Socialist activist frown and comb over behind wire rims…) and, they paid Ted Nugent (AN NRA DIRECTOR!!!) $50,000 plus expenses to twang his guitar and preach to the choir of under 2,000 members for an hour at the Annual NRA Convention….and, $60,000/yr to sign 1200 guitars for Friends of NRA; I stopped contributing to NRA. I send my money to GOA, Second Amendment Foundation, et el.

Philip Conrad

No organization- NRA included, comes near to being perfect. It may very well be true they need a serious overhaul. But to abandon them completely seems foolhardy. Regardless of their perceived faults, they are still a positive force for the 2nd amendment. It seems likely to me the bump stock issue will escalate into an all semi automatic one. I expect soon to see videos appear showing how to simulate any semi auto rifle to “ bump fire” using a wooden dowel held firmly inside the triggerguard. The fight for gun rights is probably going to get a lot more… Read more »


Well I am a life member and I don’t receive hardly any mail from the NRA, btw you do know what file 13 is ?

Douglas G

A bunch of sunny day susan’s, jump ship on the first wave (I know some will say this isn’t the first wave, but then they’re knuckleheads to argue with a metaphor). I’m a Life Member Benefactor, I get mail from them 70:30% asking for money and offering stuff, the only thing I keep and look at are my magazines, no big deal. What these myopic people fail to realize is that the NRA is a national organization, not their local whipping boy for every single bad gun law in every county and state. They physically cannot fight every battle. There… Read more »


It seems to me #Dougie you are the sunny day what ever this IS NOT A COUNTY, STATE OR LOCAL ISSUE IT IS FEDRAL YOU UNDERSTAND FEDERAL MEANS ALL OF THE U.S.?!! Also look at the new bills coming before congress to not being able to buy any parts for AR-15 or AK-47 and no 80% receivers, and next it will be ALL SEMI AUTOS INCLUDING PISTOLS AND ANY RIFLE SUCH AS .22 CAL. SO EDUCATE YOURSELF WE ALL HAVE THE INTERNENT AND LAZY PEOPLE LET THIER ALLIGATOR MOUTH OVERLOAD YOUR MOCKING BIRD ASS!! So when you start the DEMONCRAP… Read more »

Bob Koceja

I’m a life member, but they will get no more money from me until things start changing real quick.
NRA leadership has been living “high off the hog” long enough. I don’t need a bump-stock, but I don’t want to stop the next guy from having one. It is really sad that the phrase “From my cold dead hands” is the only alternative to gun
control. Our Government wants to turn us into felons, so they can have power over us. We are not really living in a free country ,we’ve become “subjects” .


john gault? where you going

Vic Harmon

Where is John Galt?


I do not believe it to be a positive move to abandon the NRA ship because some of her officer as gone adrift. They are aware of knee-jerk voters and power hungry bureaucracy. However, I do not think they foresaw the impromptu criminalization of thousands of citizens by single action. Our NRA should make an extortionary effort to get Pres.Trump to nullify this illegal ban imposed by a bureaucratic. This entire situation has become hairy scary.


I wonder where this leaves the gloom and doomers on this site. Oh the NRA left us in the cold. Maybe they will wake up, but I won’t hold my breath.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!

Ton E

“Without the NRA we wouldn’t have a 2nd amendment!” – Every NRA apologist ever

Dennis Eagleberger

The left makes noise, we remain silent. The NRA needs to call for a mass march on Washington, let them see truly how many of Us there are We will dwarf the left, the little trolls…… STAND UP And Be MEN

Dave Mack

Your right. No more silent retreat. It is past the time when we should stop being the sheep and become tha wolves. Somebody/ national group must step up on the right and show leadership that “We, the people” on the right can orginize with and start to counter the relentless arrack from the left. Must be done asap or the lib. dems are going to whip our butts in the coming year. Trump needs to slow down all around and get in step with his pro-gun base, and stop this one person issued slide fire ban. If the NRA is… Read more »

Terry Sampley

I don’t really care what the NRA or Nancy Pelosi says I’m not giving up anything.

Vietnam Brown Water Veteran

Needs more than 99,000 signatures, and only 137 people have signed. What do you expect from that?

Newell Anderson

If that’s true, don’t post it anywhere!! Descreton is the better part of Valor!! If you will notice more people are going to jail for talking than commuting crimes!!


It seems the NRA has started using the same psycho-manipulative word games that the left uses. Now, the 2nd Amendment is a “freedom”, next, it’ll beWell, sorry, but you have to give up your semiautos(rifles, pistols, etc.). We’ll end up with hnting rifles, and the globalists will hae won. Get ready for full on communism at that point.


Never ever “compromise” at all. Give them an inch they’ll take a mile. Instead we should be demanding ever more a restoration of our Second Amendment rights. The anti-gun forces should be the ones to “compromise”.

All American

You compromise on a right, you lose – PERIOD! I’m a lifetime Patriot Benefactor member of the NRA but they will no longer be getting funding from me (and haven’t been since the Las Vegas ordeal) . I wish I had given all the money to foundations that hold true and firm, like the 2nd Amendment foundation or some other organization like that.

Robbie Smith

NRA, what part of “Shall not be Infringed” do you not understand. Stop lobbying to hurt the law abiding citizens. Gun control does not nor has it ever worked. If it did then criminals would not have guns.


NRA needs to compromise on bump stocks-its very hard to justify such a high rate of fire that has no real value in shooting sports.Because its possible does not mean that we forget reason and responsibility and acting surprised when government strikes.We should not waste resources on a small undefendable hotbutton item,work smart not hard.There’s bigger battles coming!


COMPROMISE? Ok liberal jagwad. Then we compromise on mag capacity, then semi autos then…. #NOCOMPROMISE #SHALLNOTBEINFRINGED The nra ALREADY compromised when they agreed it should be re-evaluated! They lost my money and support THEN forever!


Here, here! Well said.

Matt in Oklahoma

@Dirty Larry there is no compromise. Why’s need got to do with anything? You don’t need a device to type this on, you don’t need a vehicle that runs over 70, you don’t need a lot of things. The 2A isn’t about need it’s about rights.
Take your liberal attitude and go


This isn’t a compromise, it’s capitulation. There has never been a ‘compromise’ on the agenda, it’s always surrendering more rights. By ‘compromising’ we just embolden them to take more. The NRA is trying to do some serious back peddling on this one and has a lot of members upset. I just got an email from them soliciting donations with an endorsement of ‘red flag laws’ which I view as one of the worst pieces of legislation to come down the pike for gun owners. The NRA can count me out on any further donations or re upping my membership. My… Read more »


Where is there a compromise? Merriam-Webster definition: Something intermediate between or blending qualities of two different things. Where is the compromise on bump stocks, border wall, tax cuts, on anything that Trump tries to get passed?!! The rinos give away everything to the liberal left wing communist and they want more. That is what is wrong with our congress and also with out country! Everyone wants compromise but their definition of that word COMPROMISE differs in 360 degrees from what the actual definition is in other words YOU ON THE RIGHT GET NOTHING WHILE THE LEFT GETS EVERTHING THAT IS… Read more »


Wade, When did the commie gun grabbers ever compromise on anything? NEVER! They have never had to give up ANYTHING, NADA, ZERO, ZIPP! Compromise means that both sides are giving up something, but they have never give up anything. They have nothing to give up, specially nothing we want. They only call it compromise when gun owners give up something. They want EVERYTHING and claim that there needs to be common sense gun laws, but if they had any common sense they would realize that fewer guns = more violent crime. I think they do realize this but will never… Read more »

Charles Moore

What does the 2nd Amendment have to do with “shooting sports?” They are merely a recreational offshoot/skills building exercise of a serious discipline. Don’t fall into the trap of “sporting purposes” and other poisonous-to-freedom trash.


The bump-bang ban is another example of law makers regulating based on knee-jerk reaction. Not so much from their knee-jerks, but they want the knee-jerk voters. We should not be suppressed with laws made without serious consideration of real need and consequences. This “hotbutton” needs to be attacked, the best defense, using all the Roman Numeral rights. This along with similar magazines bans are an attack against all non jerk-knee citizens. The best way to stop people voting for someone else is to remove them. What better way then making them felons. Reducing them form citizens to second or third… Read more »

John Galt

A demoncrap congress is exactly what nra wants. Another obongo would be their wet dream. I see every mailer for the next two years with shumer and pelosi’s picture on it. As 2018 sets and we have been screwed on reciprocity and silencers. The senate has thrown away opportunities that will never come again. Our “friends” at the nra are wringing their hands for the fundraising opportunities they will exploit. We have been royally screwed this year and we are not likely to have these opportunities again in any of our lifetimes. Everything for criminals and illegals, nothing for the… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

Agree John. When cheaters and liars are allowed to get away with what they do we can no longer save this country at the ballot box. HeedTheCallUp. Join your states militia.

Richard Pilny

I no longer will make any additional donations to the NRA other than my once only annual membership fee. There should no compromise nor negotiations regarding our 2nd amendment rights. Just the idea to make honest law abiding citizens turn into felons is absurd. From now on I will contribute to local and other organizations because we have to do something and not just talk about our rights.


As Chicago, IL controls the entire state when it comes to rules, regulations, and law all the while having NO idea what the rest of the state wants, is doing, or cares. Many, including myself, believe Chicago should become an entity of itself, STATE OF CHICAGO and let the rest of the state have its government, STATE OF ILLINOIS. Our government seems to have similar ideas by making all these rules and regulations according to what is happening in the East, Bloomberg is a perfect example. How is it if you are rich but stupid, people still listen to you?… Read more »

Joseph P Martin

Obviously, LaPierre is still there and running the place. Business as usual.

The Old Shooter

Perfect example of Wayne’s NRA stirring the pot of Gun Control issues to extract more funds from NRA members?
Until Wayne retires I will put my full support behind none sell out organizations like GOA & SAF!

William Fender

NRA all b/s and very little action. Oh look at our new building and all the machine guns in our museum and the nice lifestyle we live at your expense. To bad you can’t have something like this. Showboaters. GOA and other gun rights orgs very little B/S and a lot more action that’s where my money will go. Keep your museum NRA and stay out of politics you duck at it.


Over the years the NRA has done an admirable job of helping “dismantle out Second Amendment freedoms”. With friends like these, who needs enemies?


The Second Amendment is NOT a”freedom”, it is, plain and simply a RIGHT. Whos side are you really on, NRA?

Jim Dowdell

As a Life Member of the NRA since the early 1980’s and now a Benefactor Member, I am profoundly aggravated with the NRA leadership. Just as the Brady Law became law with some back room dealing by the NRA leadership at that time, we now have a similar “Retreat From the Forces of Freedom” within he NRA. I will continue to support the NRA but will no longer support the current leadership. It is time to drain the swamp within the NRA. Vote for Director candidates who will commit to replacing the current leadership of the NRA!!

Thomas J

Negotiating Rights Away


This isnt England France Germany or Spain you can’t negotiate our guns away ,,if we don’t give them up ,out of our cold dead hands /Because they have everything to gain and we have everything to lose -what else do you need?,, a Commie paratrooper dropping down in your backyard with an AK 47/If not now ,then when -if not us ,then who Sherlock Holmes??

Dr. Strangelove

I’m a life member of the NRA, and I believe that they still have a function, as many politicians will vote to keep their good rating with the group. Harry Reid is a good example. However, these days any donations I make go to the SAF, GOA, FPC and the NAGR, as well as my local groups like the Iowa Firearms Coalition. These are the ones who are not capitulating in any way and are working the hardest to maintain our 2A rights. Let’s face it, the NRA has become so big that it’s mired in its own bureaucracy.


Support your local grassroots 2A organizations. Your $$$ can have the greatest impact there.


There are good reasons for organizations to internally revamp in order to strengthen. Disassociating form the NRA is showing a weakness in our foundation that is vulnerable. Don’t do that. If you desire join any and all other similar groups then do so, but don’t turn them against each other. Remember there are military theories involving dividing. Be aware the opposition has immense resources, including our taxes, to hire tacticians and all their minions they want. I am a Life-Plus member that is a little annoyed with the NRA’s mass market solicitations of members only. Definitely disappointed with its association… Read more »


Poobah NRA! Self serving public servants advocate amnesty for illegal aliens – NRA advocates amnesty for the law abiding Sovereign (who refuse to commit crimes) when they in good faith engagied in lawful commerce, now considered criminal (after the fact) by those very same self serving public servants. There is a reason Congress has an 8% approval rating – NRA just placed itself in that same category or lower. Poobah NRA!

phil morris

oh noooo , the NRA has just publicly ” shot themselves in the foot again ” , I was an NRA member for most of my life (I,m 60) and have lost faith in our government as well as the NRA , you cant fix stupid ! 🙁

Rick Nemcik

What a lot of bullshit.The NRA remains the premier gun rights organization. I donate and will continue to do so indefinitely. I don’t expect perfection, just positive action.

M. Maus

Well I’m “Positive” the NRA has sold out we the people several times. The safety classes and support for Law enforcement not with standing. The NRA has been letting several segments of the US gun cultural down. “We all stand together or swing separately”


You can’t have youe cake and eat it too. If it wasn’t for the NRA you’d be turning in your Flintlocks!

Larry Griffith

I have to agree with you Frank. I’m a life member of the NRA and AZCDL. The AZCDL is a state organization and that’s where my donations go. To each his own and although there seems to be those that disagree with how the NRA is handling the issue with bump stocks, they have that right afforded to them by the 1st amendment. With that being said, I’m not a fan of bump stocks but I respect the opinion of those that are.

Pete Alves

Well Frank, we can count on it now. No ands IFs or buts about whats’s going to happen because of this. What planet do you live on????

daryl bauer

left the nra in the clinton 90’s ! joined other real second amendment groups ! nra said ban s never work !!!! then why the hell does the nra support them ?? mag ban ,bump ban ,assault ban all have or will fail ! yet the nra continues to support them and the atf !!! perhaps the only ban that will work is to ban your money from the nra !!! but please join some other pro second group ! contact you stat and local reps ( i wear mine out ) ! stay vigilant ! stay active ! maybe… Read more »

Stephen Short

More attempted damage control from the barrel of money-grubbing snakes that helped give us such wonderful gifts as the GCA, NFA, and FOPA. This bullshit is why they haven’t gotten a nickle from me since 1986.


It’s critical that all gun owners unite and prevent the Bloomberg-bought Congress from dismantling our Second Amendment freedom.” It’s to bad the NRA is being selective on what it deems important enough to “stand together” on our rights. They should have never agreed or endorsed the Bump Stock Ban.


ricosuave: it’s not a “freedom”, it’s a right and a responsibility.
Please don’t let the NRA or anyone else change the language of the Constitution. I consider the use of the word “freedom” to be an amelioration of the intent of the original wording. Nothing personal at all, I’m just so irritated with the NRA right now. Time to wipe that slate clean and start over with leadership that truly understands the 2nd Amenment.

scott pratka

NRA has gotten way to soft in fighting this wave of new gun laws that is sweeping our nation. I live in Washington state where we now have the the toughest gun regulations in the country and I’ve heard basically nothing from the NRA there just falling in line like good little sheep.