Pelosi and Schumer Show Their Colors ~ VIDEO

U.S.A.-( Contrary to liberal media reporting, the Oval Office meeting with President Trump, Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was a win for Trump, both in substance and in tone.

The meeting gave people an opportunity to see who fears transparency, who's misrepresenting his/her position and who is being the aggressor in the border debate, and it's not Donald Trump.

Instead of listening to the media's version, watch the video. President Trump set the tone of the meeting, and it was decidedly cordial, saying it was a great honor to have Pelosi and Schumer there and acknowledging that they've worked very hard on various bipartisan initiatives, such as criminal justice reform and the farm bill.

Trump then turned to “the wall,” saying Republicans support it and he would like to avoid a government shutdown over the issue while acknowledging that it is a very difficult issue because Republicans and Democrats are “on very opposite sides.”

When Trump surrendered the floor to Pelosi, she immediately invoked the subject of a government shutdown, saying the American people recognize that we must keep the government open — as if that, and not border security, were the overriding issue — and warning, “You should not have a Trump shutdown.”

Notice the blatantly calculating way she spun this as a “Trump shutdown” rather than a possible impasse that could lead to a government shutdown. Also note: Pelosi drew first blood, and it was deliberate.

After a minor skirmish over whether Trump should initiate a bill in the House that would be sure to fail in the Senate, Pelosi, playing to the camera, said, “We're here to have a conversation in a prayerful way, so I don't think we should have a debate in front of the press.” Pelosi knows that a House bill could not survive a Democratic filibuster in the Senate, yet she continued to press Trump to offer a bill.

Schumer began his remarks by insulting Trump, saying The Washington Post gave him “a whole lot of Pinocchios” on the wall and stressing that Democrats have “a disagreement … not on border security but on the wall.” He chided Trump for calling for a shutdown 20 times, ignoring that Trump had specifically said in this meeting that he does not want that.

Then a frustrated Pelosi said they needed to call a halt to the discussion because they had come in to the meeting in good faith to discuss with Trump how they could keep the government open. Again, Trump was not the one talking about a shutdown; he was talking about the wall and border security, the former being indispensable to the latter. Like Pelosi, Schumer said they should “debate in private,” while Pelosi was insultingly mumbling, “We have taken this conversation to a place that is devoid, frankly, of fact.” In other words, “You're lying, President Trump, because you won't agree to our partisan version of reality.”

Schumer insisted that border security is possible without a wall and that experts say a wall would be wasteful — implying, with a straight face, that the Democratic leadership can get exercised over the expenditure of government money. Pelosi lamented again that they were having the debate in public after having come in to the meeting in good faith, and Trump rightly noted, “It's not bad, Nancy. It's called transparency.” So it was Nancy's “good-faith” expectation that Trump would just sit back and take their insults and not discuss the issue that could lead to the dreaded shutdown?

Pelosi responded, “It's not transparency when we're not stipulating to a set of facts.” Are you kidding me? Unless you agree with Democrats on the facts, the discussion can't be transparent? This is the same logic by which leftists ban expression of opinions that don't agree with theirs. I hope people are paying attention.

Just as the mood was beginning to soften, Schumer again turned to Trump and accused him of wanting to shut the government down, and again Trump denied it. It was only after repeated haranguing that Trump indicated he was tired of playing semantic games and said that if they want to put the shutdown on him, fine, he would be willing to shut down the government if he could not get the wall.

Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer
Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer

How can anyone believe that the Democrats support border security — wall or no wall — when they have repeatedly broken their promises to work with Republicans on it, when they demonize all opponents of illegal immigration and amnesty as racists, when they oppose all reasonable measures to guard the border, and when many of them actually advocate the elimination of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement?

After the meeting, Pelosi and Schumer continued vilifying Trump, with Schumer describing Trump's behavior in the meeting as a “temper tantrum” and Pelosi telling colleagues, “It goes to show you: You get into a tinkle contest with a skunk, you get tinkle all over you. … It's like a manhood thing for him — as if manhood could ever be associated with him.”

It's undeniable that Pelosi and Schumer initiated the aggressive exchanges, that they personally insulted Trump and were rude and condescending to him, that they openly objected to transparency, and that they misrepresented their own position on border security.

Say what you want about Trump, but he very honestly said that he was determined to get a border wall, that he preferred to have this discussion in front of the entire world and that he would be willing for the government to shut down over it. Pelosi and Schumer are just as willing to shut down the government over it but unwilling to be honest about it.

I applaud President Trump for bringing this issue front and center and exposing the fraudulent and reckless position of the Democratic leadership on border security.

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    1. @Oldmarine; Right on about don’t judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes, with life this is true, I tried different jobs out of my line of work several times and I found that being in their positions are not as easy as you think, I learned that as you would say the hard way!!!!!!!! In the Military as well as real life!!!!! Have A Good Holiday Season !!!!

    2. Piglosi did us all a favor with her on-camera pouty, childish “we are the FIRST branch of government” declaration, claiming that they were THE BOSS and the President had to go along with what THEY said and what THEY passed. Uh, no, he can veto whatever they pass and there is NO WAY that they have the votes to overturn a veto (their vote fraud won’t work quite as well on the House floor!).

    3. What an asinine, unbelievably childlike attempt at a conversation. All three of them, guilty of browbeating, over-talking, or just disengaged, like Schumer, who literally turned his back on Trump. Then damn, Trump’s habit of repeating himself, that alone is irritating and disconcerting as hell. He is not articulate, and that sets him up for much of the criticism he gets. I’d expect by now that he would see it helpful to modify his public comments and statements to be more cohesive and to the point. I just don’t get that. He’s intelligent and perceptive, but doesn’t talk like it. The result: 20 minutes of nervous, fitful talking, and in the end, no result. A very frustrating thing to watch.
      All the ballyhoo about Trump having “shown them”, while technically correct, is B.S., because what he did was commandeer the conversation, and browbeat mostly Pelosi with his insistence that he has the House votes. I doubt that, actually. It would have helped to leave that topic alone, because it made him look like a bully. Under different circumstances, shutting Pelosi’s slick mouthfuls of political doublespeak would be wonderful. This engagement only succeeded partway. And, it remains to be seen if Trump will carry out his intent to get the wall, or be hamstrung by an evidently hateful pair of deeply biased Leftwing politicians.

      1. Both of them( the Sea Hag and the Penguin form Batman) put the green light on themselves with no assistance from anybody else. Give em enough rope and……………………………………..

    4. Pelosi ran her big mouth and didn’t say anything except she showed her hand as being one of the Soros no border troops. Slimey Chucky sat there very concerned and squirming all the time because he was being seen as he really is, a Soros trooper. Will these two never be sent out of congress or will they be like granny Ginsburg and just hold on till they take their last breath. Bad for the country and fooled by their handler.

      1. Hang on there, Cat. Pelosi DID say several months ago that we could, “cut the grass” at the border, so the illegals can’t hide as well in the tall grass. So there ARE other solutions on the table other than the wall. Once again, Trump appears to be the only one in Washington trying to make the country safe. With little to no support from his own party in this, and just about every other meaningful thing he’s tried to do. I’ve never liked the brash, arrogant son of a gun (I hold him personally responsible for breaking up the USFL). And about the juvenile tweets, I could talk for days. The career polits can’t fathom actually saying what you’re thinking (especially in front of a camera of all places)—this is anathema to them. They don’t comprehend anyone who does that. This guy is a leader. After the last 2 years, he has my respect, my loyalty, my confidence, and most certainly my vote.

        1. Oldmarine >>> ChiptheBarber
          Walls do work, better than anything for protecting any area, Lights and Security fences rate second but need direct coverage with weapons that kill, like prison fences. That is why during wars prison camps used them with weapons to enforce the fence.
          Walls work best, if you don’t believe this do your history research. By the way there are lots of walls in many European and South and Central America. Walls work best because less weapons needed to defend the walls. History has always seen walls that work. Most Castles and Forts used them with great effect. There are Thousands of walls in the world if not more. Defense can be complicated more so than an offense because you never want it to fail. You know that the best defense is a good offense but now days ignorance of walls can get you killed. Nothing is perfect but a wall works very good. The only wall that is 100% effective is a wall of thrown lead. Marines proved that in Guadalcanal in WWII. Actions speak louder than words, but these works of warriors ready to kill to protect those who can not fight for their selves. Marines were caged and suppressed in Vietnam and not allowed to purchase Booz or beer from the PX’s because the higher ups were fearfull of the the ready to fight attitude of the Marines. All other services had NO restriction. Thirty Marines could solve the border problem but would entail a lot of blood. That is why Trump wants to use the wall “OORAH, Semper Fi , Do or Die

    5. Go study how much of the wall has actually been built. Thrump lies lies both in the front and the back of his hinny He has repeatedly claimed that much of his wall has been built, even though none of it has. Only fencing. If he did get his wall, then expect his name to be on it every 100 yards.

      1. Oldmarine >>> The Green Watch Dog
        You seem to be completely oblivious to real life. Trump is but a man and when fighting the Democrats and even many Republicans to serve the citizens. He is not perfect but he is the best President other than Truman. Why Truman?, because he made the most important decision in the history of mankind. I challenge you , if you think you could do better than run for President. What no guts. Trump is fighting with the only weapons he has available. Before downing a person you need to do as the American Indians suggest “Walk a mile in his shoes” you will find more than you bargained for in that effort and probably fail miserably. There are many ways to look at Trump (minimum of 8 ways ) but I seem him now as our last hope that the Republic can stop any chance of a civil war. Americans are divided , not between parties but between Rational and irrational people. Lives hang in the balance now days because of those emotional ones with one a outlook on life and it is just for their self and want others to bow to their point of view. I feel somewhat sorry , nope not sorry, more critical of those who wish to control my thoughts. Emotional people are not survivors and become natures forgotten. Someday all this will come to an end in America, with the emotional and power greedy being brought to overpowering defeat and reduction in their ranks. The Nation must survive and the Constitution is the only thing that will save us from tyranny and injustice. Remember that “Actions speak louder than words” So get off you buts and start by charging politicians for violating their Oath of Office. The easiest and most effective way to head off violations of the Constitution which are easy to prove. Any citizen can charge them and won’t cost you a penny. proof is more than abundant that we have traitors among us. AS a Marine I have the drive to never give up but to adapt and overcome. The enemy must fear me for my logic, determination and the violence that I am capable of. I would rather die standing than on my knees. OORAH

    6. They’re like cockroaches. They want to scurry back to their holes as soon as the light is shown on them.

    7. Oldmarine >>> All
      According to the Constitution and their Oath of Office, both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are both Criminals and maybe traitors. Out and Out criminals and enemies of the US. Both in actions and words they ave convicted their selves before the whole nation. Why aren’t they under Investigation now??? I wonder why. I would like to face both with their very traitorous actions and words. If this were the 50’s both would be in prison and considered scum from a poison pond/swamp. “BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE” OORAH

      1. “… under investigation…” ?? Why the hell haven’t they already been tried and publicly hung??

    8. “Pelosi and Schumer Show Their Colors” LOL! Both of these whacks have been in some form of government office since 1981 – 37 YEARS! Anyone not knowing what “their colors” are, and have been over the decades, have suffered a lobotomy performed by someone using an electric ‘hammer drill!’

    9. Next time Nancy sees a plastic surgeon he needs to give her a new face–one without a mouth.

    10. Frankly, I find the prospect of 30% less Government quite refreshing. 30% less intrusion, 30% less frivolous spending, etc.

      1. @ac4gators, and recall, too! Don’t forget the right of recall for betrayers! Merry Christmas to all patriots and to all double crossing politicians, propagandists, useful idiots, and hard core socialist unemployables a permanent good night.

    11. I don’t understand why Nancy and Chuck walked away from this meeting, thinking they had a “win” under their belts. Because they hurled all the insults, maybe? BUILD THAT WALL, PRESIDENT TRUMP! Because the fence isn’t working!

      1. I partially disagree, They are definitely showing how Red they are, but lack White and Blue! ;–)

    12. I strongly believe it is time to clean our Government out. What I mean by that is take and clean out all the socialist, and the all the communist. Our founding fathers never wanted this for our country. Also our founding fathers wound have never aloud our Congress men, women. And our senators to do no more than a 2 (two) term limits. If we don’t do something about this now we will be in a world of hurt by 2020.

    13. I saw that interaction amongst the President, Crazy Nancy and Slimy Schumer. Hard to tell whether Crazy Nancy was actually speaking orally or using semaphore as her hands were so damn busy. Bottom line though, the President punked them. Absolutely punked them.

    14. Yes No truer colors were shown by Pelosi and Schumer, they have in the past wanted a wall but turned it to not because of Trump, he is getting things done and proving it, they don’t want to give him the money because they don’t want to give him another chance of rubbing their noses in something one more time, they don’t like the smell of their own SHIT that they have been dumping on us for years !!!!!!!!! The worst part is that the useless Demo-Rats keep putting them back in office like lost sheep !!!!!!! Or as I say they are to afraid to loose their hand-outs and freebies and have to go out and work for it !!!!!!!

    15. Obviously people are not paying attention to what their politicians say or do or there would be far fewer lying democrats / socialists / communists / progressives elected. If those that elected democrats were paying attention, it is hard to imagine that many people being so incredibly stupid.

    16. They did not like being outed one bit. I loved watching do nothing Schumer squirm on camera. Schumer loves the camera dont ever get between him and a TV camera’ except this time it was beautiful to watch

    17. STINKIN’ CUNT MOUTH VAGINA HEAD PELOSI was exposed, and wanted the meeting behind closed doors! That way COCKSUCKING Schumer and her would not have been exposed!
      Just like OBAMACUMJUICECARE was passed behind closed doors!
      Remember Pelosi said, “We need to pass this to find out what’s in it! Meaning Obama Care! Duh, aren’t you suppose to read it, so you know what’s in it, before voting on it! Her stinkin’ CUNT on her face is still just that, STANKY!

      1. I would ask who is the skunk?!! But that would be an insult to skunks to say peloidiot and shoebutt are skunks!! They are COMMUNIST and peloidiot is really an IDIOT I am from South Texas raised in the country I HAVE NEVER HEARD THE PHRASE SKUNKS PISSING ON YOU I AM HERE TO TELL YOU THEY DO NOT PEE ON YOU IT IS MUCH MUCH WORSE THAN THAT KIND OF LIKE WHAT THE DEMONCRAPS DO TO YOU THEY SPRAY YOU AN EVIL SMELLING SPRAY THAT YOU CAN NOT WASH OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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