Racism Of The Modern Gun-Control Community


intolerance bigotry liberal hate speech racism race baiting
intolerance bigotry liberal hate speech racism race baiting

California – -(AmmoLand.com)- The local fairgrounds were discussing renewing gun shows or not. A friend of mine commented that over 80% of all shootings are gang and drug-related.  The response was a flat out racist comment, which we will not repeat, from the #Enough activists who want to ban guns.

To be honest, I’m not even sure where to start.  Calling someone “RACIST” has been so overdone that when you actually see racism there staring you in in fact is seem a bit unreal. A dozen or so aging hippies in their matching shirts, racists all!

But the anti-gun left doesn’t stop there.  ANYONE they disagree with must be destroyed.  I took my address off of a Friends of the NRA Facebook page after an anti-gun activist threatened to burn the building we were meeting into the ground with us in it.  At a Marriott where we were meeting a white pick up tried to run down a pair of FNRA event attendees in the parking lot while yelling F*** the NRA. Add to this the SWATings, false accusations and threats of violence (anonymous death threats are among the most common) and it all adds up.  You see an ever-escalating level of violence on the left. The fact is they’re going to get more people killed, but they just don’t seem to care.  There will come a time when they have gone too far, and the resulting pushback will be devastating.

Percentage of Shooting in Gun Free Zones
Percentage of Shooting in Gun Free Zones

The #Enough movement are Bloomberg funded activists, they’re the boots on the ground he needs to run for President.  They focus on suburban white women with a message of school shootings. The fact that 83% of ALL shooting are gang/drug related does not seem to matter. Two underage gang bangers get shot in a drug buy gone bad, and they count them as “babies killed by the NRA,” while it is, in fact, their own liberal policies that destroy inner cities.  A rapist breaks into a woman’s house, and she shoots him, they now count him as a victim of gun violence. Honesty and integrity have no place in these people’s hearts let alone vocabulary.

In order for their plan to work they need to focus on the .5% of shootings that fit their model. They need to ignore the estimated 50,000 rapes that owning guns prevent every year.  The concept of firearms for personal protection is continually discouraged. They proudly announce their goal is to end gun ownership in the U.S. They call it destroying the “gun culture.”  They’re noisy and active and the darlings of the Democrat party.

They ignore that with all the new gun laws in CA, gun deaths rose 18%.  The more laws they pass, the more people die. When your goal is political power, what’s a few more dead Mexicans?  You’ve got to get white women to vote for you! Gun control is rooted in racism, so too are the modern-day anti-gun activists.

These are the people who want to take away your rights.  Banning guns is not about reducing deaths, it is a political slogan they use to win votes from the uninformed.  They are liars, whose the only goal is power for themselves at the expense of others; at the expense of YOUR RIGHTS!

In a recent conversation, Professor Jon Lott commented that gun owners don’t seem to care about their gun rights as much as they use to. Is that true? Have you all given up? Are you resigned to give up your right to own a firearm? Have the cabals won?

I’d give you a lot of things to do, but I have to wonder if Professor Lott isn’t right.  Maybe you don’t care? Maybe you will just let them take away your guns.

So the decision is yours. Join the NRA or GAO or Guns for Jesus – if that is a thing, whatever. Pick a group and get active.  If not, then just pack up your guns and give them over now. The choice is yours.

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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“In a recent conversation, Professor Jon Lott commented that gun owners don’t seem to care about their gun rights as much as they use to. Is that true?”

they’re gonna pass what they’re gonna pass. and I’ll continue to ignore whatever they pass. molon labe.

I’m just waiting for them to set the penalties high enough to make it worthwhile to start mass-producing sten guns in my garage. I’ll hand em out like party favors.

The Revelator

How about grease guns instead of the Sten? Regardless, mark me down for one if that ever comes to be.


grease guns require more tooling…it’s 2 stamped halves. I can go to the local hardware store for most of a sten gun. but I suppose I could make ’em any caliber so long as the pressure doesn’t require a locked breech.

The Revelator


That explains it then, still hard to beat the modularity of the grease gun though being able to switch back and forth. Well, I like the .45 which is low pressure enough in standard form. Should just need a slightly stronger spring.

Know what you mean though. I have a copy of a certain book written by P.A. Luty of the UK. It’s not exactly Sten quality though from that book.


you gotta admire Mr.Luty. he put his money where his mouth was.

The Revelator

That he did. Phillip was willing to stand. He had some brass.

Brian Chambers

The mass shootings have been from democratic back grounds, other than vegas and Tampa, the fact democratic party, is anti American, you wana give your right to own firearms, ok! But the 2nd amendment is not about deer hunting, it’s about securely keeping the U.S. constitution in its present form, complete! This is not the weapons fault, it the person behind the trigger fault, that means going all the way back to the 60s it’s the solution to blame the firearm, no you dont blame a hammer for a crooked board, ban hammers year right! Gun control leads to confiscation,… Read more »


sorry, but all you bad asses who like to write from behind your computer screens how the ‘leftist’ need to bring a lot of body bags are totally clueless to the real world — or perhaps it’s nothing more than a bunch of shill writer girly boys making these post in the comment sections. ‘our’ world is run by leftist who will stop at nothing to destroy the old america and bring in the nwo. it is happening now and it will not stop. your strumpet in the wh is not for any of you — he is out for… Read more »

The Revelator

Oh look. Green Watch Dog got a new handle.

Ladies and gentlemen, apparently the local insane asylum is giving out furloughs.

Original author’s comment now rated at 4 facepalms and an Air Biscuit.


martin? martin linstedt? is that you? did they let you out after molesting your kid AGAIN?

I like our numbers. obviously you are very bad at math.

directed energy weapons? really? like the ones that are as big as a 747 and got scrapped? that had a hard time poking holes in VERY thin aluminum?

if you’re claiming “DEWS BURNED CALIFORNIA” you need a physics class. although it may be WAY over your head. let me simplify this for you. which makes more sense, drones with LAYZORZ, or a guy with a cessna and a flaregun?

Roger V.Tranfaglia



I’ve done my research. what is your background in high-energy physics? or did you just watch an episode of star trek and figured “that’ll do”?

lasers, DEWS, ect do not work the way you think they do. they do not work the way the conspiracy-theory morons who prey on other morons like you say they do.

do YOUR OWN research for once. don’t rely on people who tell you they’re passing on “the secret truth”…because if it’s so secret..why are they breathing long enough to pass it on to you?

Roger V.Tranfaglia

Well…81 Union Street #6 Rockland, Maine 04841
NOW accepting Poisoned Packages and LETTER BOMBS!
Happy NOW JOE?


you’re in maine? LOL tell Ironhand from the 2nd Maine, Warhorse says HI and I haven’t seen him since the Sweeney Seige.


None of my comments ever get printed so I am putting ammoland.com into Block Site.
This has been going on for over a year.

Clifford Mechels

Lies, misleading information, and emotional manipulation is all the gun control people have to promote their agenda. Bloomberg has already proven he thinks like a dictator, banning 2 oz drinks and wants to ban fast food.


The gun confiscating communists better bring a large supply of body bags.


Here in Arizona we have the AzCDL,one of the best gun groups in the country. I am a member. I would urge any Arizona resident on this site to join up. The state Senate clears any gun bill that comes up with us because they know they can,and have caught hell from their constituents whenever a gun control measure is introduced. Which isn’t very often around here.


AZ does good, but sorry to see the sin-t**t got elected

James E

I wear my pro-gun T shirts rather often now. All I get is mostly compliments but occasionally looks from people that seem too afraid to say anything. Perhaps that’s because I give them back “the look.”


Rev. I try to voice the correct terminology every time I hear some one call us a democracy.
It really irritates me when I hear the democrats refer to us as a democracy because they know very well what they are saying.

Happy New Year to all Conservatives!!!
Progressives, oh well.

The Revelator

While I do not wish ill will to anyone regardless of party or belief, it does start to feel like a “One a Day” when someone ill informed or malicious states Democracy. Taking that vitamin helps keep away complacency though.


Rev. I try to voice the correct terminology every time I hear some one call us a democracy.
It really irritates me when I hear the democrats refer to us as a democracy because they know very well what they are saying.

Happy New Year to all Conservatives!!!
Progressives, oh well.

Edward Weber

“gun owners don’t seem to care about their gun rights as much as they use to. Is that true?”

In my case it’s not true at all. However, I’m tired of repeating myself and I now say,,,let them erase the 2nd Amendment from the Bill of Rights. It will have no effect on me or my actions. The government did not give me the rights and therefor cannot take them away. I will stand my ground and say “Molon Labe”. Kinda like citizen nullification of whatever they say.

Debbie Venhaus

They want We The People’s guns ONLY the Democraps and power elites will keep their guns and the ignorant leftist don’t get it…..sad we have to witness this in our country Land of the Free or until antifa get their way then we will be land of the slaves.

The Revelator


I’d stand beside you front and center.

Maybe we can give them some advice too though. They may want to name the goons they send to get us “Safety Squads” instead of confiscation teams. That will sound much better to the public. Then they can give them neat shiny little pins with the initials of Safety Squad made out of silver to put on their collars or Shoulder Boards.


myself personally, i DON’T care what they will be WEARING OR CALL THEMSELVES, THEY DIE JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.
because when those LAWLESS COMMUNIST DEMORATS retake the house in a couple of days, they have already said they are coming for the GUNS, I SAY BRING IT ON SLUGS.
what i just said is NOT BRAG, just fact, i hate thieves and slug thugs.


Don’t stoop to their level and lose your backbone! Tell the effers to come right on over and bring the torches! They never show! When the lovely spokeswoman for the NRA got death threatened, I put out a public notice in the DC area to bring the violence on over to my house. I posted it with a pic of me dressed like an Italian gangster holding a real Serbu Super Short 12ga SBS. No one ever showed up. Hmm. Imagine THAT! lol


The socialist left loves to use illogical, unreasoned, emotion-driven arguments to get what they want. That’s why they use women. The same thing happened during the suffragette period in both England and America. And when the screaming and ranting doesn’t work, they get violent. I was reading the diary of E. Sylvia Pankhurst, an English suffragette writing in 1912-13, wherein she discussed the extreme radicalism of those women and men being manipulated by the socialist groups of the day. They not only damaged business fronts (sound familiar?) but burned down pavilions, race tracks, houses and mansions. They even planted and… Read more »

Douglas G

More people have lost more rights due to apathy than force. Take the writer’s point to heart. Don’t just join a 2nd Amendment group, get involved beyond just sending a check. Start or go to Rally’s, post on social media, share posts on s.m., write and call your State representatives (as they are your future federal representatives), VOTE for candidates who will or who have a history of support for 2A, Talk to people in an effective manner about why 2A is important to them- beyond the guns, give rides to other like voters, write letters to the editor of… Read more »


Just be prepared to use your LEAD on the keftist scum…..and do it with enjoyment.


I don’t want just an oath to our constitution where all they do is swear their oath. I want those we vote into office to sign a pledge when they sign up to run for political party. That pledge must state among other things, that if they vote for any law that circumvents the Bill of Rights they will be sited for sedition, and put before a firing squad. Also, if they vote on any law where there is knowingly a Conflict of Interest, they will be put in prison for 20 years. PERIOD !!! The greedy Bstrds of the… Read more »


Dam right!!!! Said perfect! All I have to say is grow some balls to the little bitch$ I dare some gun hating loser to burn my building down… grow up and stand up to the Democratic terrorist


Forearmed Please be aware we are not a democracy. We are a Constitutional REPUBLIC. The progressives such as Pelose, Chucky, Waters, hiLIARy refer to us a democracy because that is what they want us to become. People control.

The Revelator

Correct on the Constitutional Republic. Please repeat this often.

Good post.

The Revelator


Glad to see you are still around and writing, and that you have stuck to letting people decide their own organizations to support. Thank you

I wish you and your loved ones a happy and blessed new year. Stay safe.

The Revelator

Have to take back my own words sadly.

Don has devolved into full A-hat mode since the people refusing to budge on giving in to the demands of NRA whiners are considered too vocal and he wants them to shut up and get back in line.

Had hopes for him, but sadly it looks like he is back to his old habits.


It would be great if you could provide links to supporting documentation of the numbers you cite. One of the problems I have with family and friends I try to discuss these issues with is that they argue that pro-gun sites skew the facts. Without the supporting original documentation, it devolves into a “he said-s/he said” argument and very non-productive.


I’ve tried that route. They will not look nor research any info that you may give them. They will give you that dull cow eyed look because it does not assimilate into their man-made realities.


Check out John Lott’s excellent work. He bases most of his calculations on US government data from the Ceentre for Disease Control.

There is also the guy who wrote “More Guns Less Crime, an excellent book. Might be Lott, but I think someone else. Hardback boook, excelllent well researched data and ana lisis. Hard to refute, though some Blooming Itiot types try every once in a while, and always come up egg on face.

bill craig

That was Lott “more guns less crime”

bill craig
The Revelator


Thanks for the link. If I remember right John Lott has a few interviews on there that are worth looking up where he talks about the back and forth he has had with Gary Kleck. Worth the read, and I recommend those that haven’t seen them look them up.


Can’t fix STUPID!


That is ABSOLUTELY correct! Also if you’re not stupid or insane you cannot try to make sense of it. That’s why it’s called stupidity and insanity because there is not any possibility of reconciliation of motive or reason.

Dave in Fairfax

The ignored possibility is that people have become tired of, and disillusioned with, the possibility of useful change through reasoned discussion and voting. They *might* be storing supplies, training and waiting for the deluge. Your guess is as good as anyone else’s.


Considering that a huge and growing number of “voters” are illegal aliens, and that the chances of electing true second amendment supporting politicians are falling precipitously, free speech is being closed down and conservative voices are being shut up at more and more venues, yes, I’d say that optimism of gun owners is at an all-time low and falling. It appears that the only way out of this is not pretty, not civil and not avoidable.


No matter the topic, it is now very common to see and hear more support for those that prefer to do wrong. To agree with the “right is wrong and wrong is right” group is the “thing” now in politics as well. All of this is no surprise because you were forewarned centuries ago. Yes you were! Read it and weep, so to say. You doubt me? Fine, but take a look at Romans, chapter 1, and Matthew, chapter 24. Well? It will get much worse no matter the effort against it. Educate yourself further by reading the word of… Read more »

The Revelator

There is a name for the political and social view you describe John.

Its called Post Modernism. it’s the active and dedicated effort of destroying reason and any system built upon it. It’s whole sale chaos as the goal. Sounds closer to Revelations than Romans if you ask me.


Yes. I agree that Revelations is connected to the scriptures I named. The book of Ecclesiastes points out the failure of man’s logic and reasoning; it has never solved any problem completely. “All is vanity”. Glad to know you read the word, which seems to be neglected these days.

The Revelator

Study it quite a bit. I think that is part of why I have become what used to be called a Firebrand in how I handle people here, though others may have names much more colorful to describe me.

Stay safe and never stop seeking the truth, either spiritual or historical.


I understand. It seems that I have been called every name but ‘child of God’. It is truly a sad state the world has progressed to. Not long now before it appears that God will judge the world and find it wanting greatly. Tag me sometime at [email protected].


Hard facts don’t matter to the slobbering fools who don’t care to investigate them. They only believe the agenda fed to them. And it doesn’t apply only to gun control, its anything that will feed the outrage machine that keep the antis going.


These are the results of not properly researching (objectively) American & World History. We get a nation of fools that bear no REAL knowledge that become lifeless-like puppets without will or souls controlled by puppeteers pulling strings and mimicking gestures of false humanity leading them all to their own doom and destruction.

Cities and suburban areas haves always been a cancer to the nation state and the freedoms of the people as they corralled like sheep and cattle as they are to the slaughter.

Green Mtn. Boy

The left and in particular the Commiecrat party are the home of racists going back to the KKK and Jim Crow,so why would one think that had or may change in their future.

Ansel Hazen



It requires little logic to understand that the present circumstances in this country are setting things up for a “Lexington Moment”. Once that occurs sides will be chosen and full civil war will ensue. No right thinking person wants such a scenario but it is imminent and will be horrible. Worse yet, it will at some point go racial. The liberal gun grabbers have not thought this out or they would be running from the concept.