Steiner Predator AF Binoculars with Autofocus and C.A.T. Lens Coating

Steiner Predator AF Binoculars with Autofocus and C.A.T. Lens Coating
Steiner Predator AF Binoculars with Autofocus and C.A.T. Lens Coating

GREELEY, Colo.-( In a giant leap forward in binocular design and function Steiner Optics introduces the Predator AF Binocular line featuring autofocus and C.A.T. (Color Adjusted Transmission) lens coating technology. A revolutionary advancement in porro prism design provides the ultimate viewing solution for every hunting scenario from waterfowl to big game.

With Predator AF binoculars everything is always in focus eliminating the need for a center focus wheel and the hassle of chasing focus through thick cover, low light or moving objects. Dual diopter adjustment rings allow precise tuning to user’s eyes and advanced porro prims provide clear in focus viewing from 20 yards to infinity.

Color Adjusted Transmission lens coatings make sure deer and other game stand out by increasing contrast between brown fur coats and environmental colors. Ultra-bright Steiner glass ensures exceptional low-light capabilities. Ergonomic eyecups comfortably protect eyes from distracting sidelight, glare and wind.

Predator AFs are coated with nearly indestructible IPx4 rated rubber armor while an open-bridge design and textured surface provides a secure, non-slip grip. Compact and lightweight, the 19-ounce 8×30 bring powerful viewing capabilities to hunters in a small package. The slightly larger 30.3-ounce 10×42 are also easy to pack and offers 10x magnification for increased spotting capabilities at greater distances.

Each model comes with comfortable neck strap, neoprene outdoor carrying case and the popular Steiner Heritage Warranty – good for the life of the binoculars.

Steiner Predator AF binoculars carry a $344.99 MSRP for the 8×30 model and $459.99 for the 10×42.

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For over 70 years, Steiner has made trusted optics for life’s defining moments. The successful pursuit and capture of these moments demands the fast and precise detection, location and identification of a distant objective. Whether the objective is wildlife, a marine bearing, law enforcement suspect or military combatant, Steiner products enhance an individual’s most important sense, vision, so that on land or sea –– Nothing Escapes You. For more information, visit the company website at

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Steiner makes great optics with a great warranty. Their products are a little pricy but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. I bought their binoculars about 15 years ago and used them alot, they were definitely not in perfect condition. I packed them in my shooting bag at night to head out the next morning. In the am one of my german shepherd puppies brought them to me in bed basically destroyed. I sent them back to see if there was a chance they could be repaired and 2 weeks later a brand new pair… Read more »