Tragedy & Farce, The Only Thing Guaranteed by Socialism


Capitalism vs. Socialism

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Politicians, the rich and famous, their bodyguards, and criminal gangs, still have their guns. Everyone else (forcible disarmed since 2013) lives in fear. Mothers and fathers are unable to protect their families.” ~ Gabby Franco, a recent immigrant from Venezuela

Listening to seductive propaganda, flowing from the mouths of smooth-tongued socialist tricksters, Venezuelans made the mistake of naively believing such a scenario would never happen. Now it has, and it is irreversible, short of a revolution.

Contrary to polished socialist lies, the rate of violent crime is Venezuela has not gone down since ecumenical gun confiscation. Instead, it has soared. The vast majority of murders (upwards of ninety percent) are never solved. Few are now even investigated. We should take note that, when Maduro (Venezuela’s current socialist president) in 2013 announced his program of forced elimination of all guns in private hands, it was loudly cheered by virtually every single Democrat politician in the USA.

Two generations ago, Democrats and media liberals cheered in the same exact way as when Castro took over in Cuba.

Has everyone forgotten?

Maduro has recently announced that “loyalists” (his supporters) are now to be re-armed.

“A gun for every militiaman,” he said.

His armed supporters will be, of course, expected to use their guns to terrorize what few “non-loyalists” there are left. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, et al. all did the same thing. The preceding is the “True Face of Socialism.” Nothing ever changes. I can’t imagine why anyone is surprised.

Leftists/socialists/Communists have always relied on naive, self-indulgent populations who naively, foolishly, arrogantly resist studying history.

“History repeats itself- first as tragedy, then as farce.” ~ Karl Marx


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Michael Motta

Socialism has nothing to do with guns/no guns — it’s merely the workers’ control of the means of production.

henry bowman

..And just like that you prove the article right.

Robert Lucas

Socialism>Communism>Gun Control=Disarmament=Extermination… The Impoverished Deadly Agenda… “Seemingly utopian pacifists are free to profess their love of a weapon-free world, but they must start by disarming the evil, criminal and tyrannical. Disarming the public is a vent for their twisted fear and hatred, a grotesque affront to freedom, and unacceptable. Disarming an innocent person is an act of violence.” “Guns save lives. Guns stop crime. Guns are why America is still free.” “The right of decent private citizens to personally possess, transport, and responsibly use arms without government interference is the ultimate freedom and the main pillar supporting all other liberties.”… Read more »


Robert Lucas Good post and very accurate. They hate our position on a free life because they live in the dark and can’t stand the light that freedom gives us through the 2A.


Dig out Sen. McCarthy NOW !

Michael J

If those uneducated wannabe socialists want something free, how about a vacation to Venezuela?

Jack Mac

Those who promote socialism use history as a guide to power. They have no use for the future, only power for the present is desired.


how does it go,those who forget history are failed to repeat it. well here we go again!!

Robert Lucas

Happy New Year, Good Luck and God Bless you all, that Believe…


Absolutely correct brother. Please read Romans chapter 1, and Matthew chapter 24. GOD’S word is not in vain.

Herb T

Parents stop parenting, colleges peddle socialism BS, MSM peddles socialism BS, Bernie Sanders wants free everything for everybody that isn’t rich. The rich can be taxed to provide for the free ride ignorant college-age kids want. Gee, what a surprise socialism is winning with the young and ignorant.

Wild Bill

@Herb T, the socialists have empty promises, and the young have empty heads. Both guarantee poverty.


@ Herb T and Wild Bill But they think it will be different here. Afterall, this is America and the money well won’t go dry regardless how much free stuff the government gives away. The government has nothing to give away because they have no way to earn any money.They are too stupid to realize that we will become another Venezuela, only of a larger size if this stuff keeps up. Once the money makers are broke from excess taxes they will be begging for a piece of toilet paper like the people south of us have to do. I… Read more »


The idiots seeking free stuff continue to rally behind the socialists, turning a blind eye to current events as well as past history detailing the horrors of socialism. It simply doesn’t work and has cost millions their lives seeking the nirvana promised by the elite hucksters promoting it.