Trump Administration, Congress, on the Brink of a Major Accomplishment


Trump Administration, Congress, on the Brink of a Major Accomplishment

USA – -( Senate passage of the FIRST STEP Act on Tuesday was an important milestone to show the country that the Trump White House, Republicans, and Democrats can work together for the good of the country.

The bill sailed to passage with an overwhelmingly bipartisan 87-12 vote in the Senate. This could never have happened without the constant, steady leadership of Jared Kushner and his team in the White House; Republicans in the House and Senate; and the army of groups advocating for criminal justice reform such as Right on Crime, FreedomWorks, American Conservative Union, #cut50, and many others.

To be sure, this bill does not solve all of the problems in our federal prison system – there is still plenty of work to do – but it will bring about some important improvements which can lead to even more reforms, lower prison costs, and safer communities.

First, this bill will create a system by which federal inmates will be assessed for their risks and needs – both when they get to prison and throughout their sentences. These assessments will focus on determining the risk level that each inmate will recidivate – or commit more crimes upon his or her release. The assessments will also ascertain behavioral, health, educational, and other needs of inmates to address other potential problems. This could drastically reduce the national recidivism rate by helping more of our prisoners to actually rehabilitate while they are incarcerated.

Under the bill, the Second Chance Act will also be reauthorized, which provides grants for programs for drug treatment, vocational treatment, mentoring, and other re-entry and recidivism reduction initiatives.

Further, these changes will help the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) learn what programing works best for inmates on a system-wide basis. Inmates who qualify will be incentivized to complete these programs through a number of opportunities, most notably through earned time credits.

These credits will allow low and minimum risk inmates (who have not committed a disqualifying crime) to finish the remainder of their sentences in halfway houses, home confinement, or supervised release. The BOP and the Government Accountability Office will regularly track this system to ensure it is operating as the law intended.

Another aspect of this bill will fix well-intended but damaging decisions of the past. The so-called “three strikes” law will be changed so it applies only to serious drug felons and serious violent felons – rather than anyone charged with trafficking drugs. The mandatory minimum sentence enhancement for a “second strike” will be lowered from 20 years to 15 years, and the “third strike” will be reduced from a mandatory minimum of a life sentence to 25 years. Importantly, the bill will make the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 retroactive for those trapped by disproportionately high sentences related to crack cocaine.

These much-needed reforms have been debated and considered for more than a decade. They are now very close to becoming reality.

When President Trump signs the FIRST STEP Act into law – which he has pledged to do – it will be a very important day for his administration and all Americans.

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Newt Gingrich

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  • 10 thoughts on “Trump Administration, Congress, on the Brink of a Major Accomplishment

    1. taquiyya-bama’s dhimmi-crat dream for the mus (muslim united states)
      .let criminals out to resume their careers
      .outlaw self-defense for the law-abiding
      .what could go wrong?
      .thanks, you f**king a**holes

    2. Criminals are more important than law abiding citizens? Our representatives can only act for them? Republican Congress for what? Eight years? Republican president for two and so little for us.

    3. Our enlightened government is going to sponsor the “Coddle the Hardened Criminals Act” which releases
      violent felons and rapists right after trial for “duress of time served awaiting trial, without steak and lobster dinners every night”. When are they going to stop treating these goons like model citizens, and start outsourcing them to
      African Prisons? This would scare the crap out of them, and save us a pot-load of taxpayer money for
      domestic incarceration and upkeep.

    4. Some one mentioned a Libertarian Administration. That use to sound good, but after the last Libertarian Party offer for Vice-pres. threw a gift revolver into the trash, I decided not to join that group. Sad thing.

    5. This is another good reason to be able to keep and use our guns, if necessary. The more of these they let out of prison the more we need to protect ourselves and family. This was approved by our employees that live better than most of us do within their gated communities. They aren’t saving us any money by doing this, only redirecting it to give the druggie a free education. I can’t see it working very well.

    6. Everyone should review how much prison space, government and private, exist nation wide. It is a massive industry acquiring a massive amount of money. In order to maintain and increase income it needs prisoner, preferably non-violent criminal or not. It relies on the judiciary system and associated entities to supply people to imprison. Many politicians promote this for their own gains. It is now not only those that can not afford legal defense becomes the hapless. With the vast amount of resources dedicate by prosecutors to obtain their ends none of us can mount an equal defense.

      Keep in mind all the brand new felons involving plus 10 magazines and bump stocks. What a hay-day and a lot of law enforces might get to use all of their military equipment and military training every day. We should have enough prison space to house them and us too. If not, all can be crowed in somewhere until a final solution found.

    7. All about helping felons, it yet same administration from federal all the way down to local levels are passing such b.s. gun control measures that are making law abiding citizens future felons. Priorities are so messed up they will never be right again. I so wish we had a libertarian administration.

    8. Typical of Washington D.C. They are more concerned with doing something to benefit criminals (birds of a feather) than for the taxpaying public. Hot damn! Now the politicians, including the President, can sleep soundly and pat themselves on their collective backs, regardless of the fact it does nothing for the general public.

    9. Would all politicians voting for this, and bueracrats supporting this bill be willing to be executed in public if one of these “reformed” criminals cost an American life? Come on guys, put your money where your mouths are.

    10. This bill is another let down against the American public as it releases pedophiles and drug cartel members. It let’s serious offenders back into the public sphere. “…The so-called “three strikes” law will be changed so it applies only to serious drug felons and serious violent felons – rather than anyone charged with trafficking drugs…” So… trafficking drugs is ok now?…not as serious?…. Tell that to the parents who have lost children from illegal drugs; to the communities rift with drug abuse.
      CONgress has continually “lost” the wars on cancer, drugs and other nonmilitary “wars”. It doesn’t benefit the drug companies and cartels and all those raking in profits from the selling of recreational and so-called “medicinal” drugs. How many in CONgress are paid through lobbying and other undisclosed sources to keep the drugs coming in?
      This bill is filled with “pork” and stinks to high heaven.

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