President Trump Moves Forward with Bump Stock Ban

Donald Trump speaks to NRA
President Trump Moves Forward with Bump Stock Ban

Oregon – -( Today President Trump unveiled his finalized form of his “bump stock ban.” In doing so he created countless new felons out of gun owners who have committed no crime, hurt no one and constituted no danger to anyone.

You can read the entire document here.

Persons who purchased these devices lawfully must now destroy them or turn them into the nearest BATF office. ATF, the same folks who assured buyers that these accessories were legal.

The ruling states the following:

“The Department acknowledges comments on enforcement of and compliance with the rule. As stated in the NPRM, current possessors of bump-stock-type devices will be obligated to dispose of these devices. Acceptable methods of destruction include completely melting, shredding, or crushing the device. If the device is made of metal, an alternative acceptable method of destruction is using an oxy-acetylene torch to make three angled cuts that completely severs design features critical to the functionality of the bump-stock-type device. Each cut should remove at least ¼ inch of metal per cut. Any method of destruction must render the device so that it is not readily restorable to a firing condition or is otherwise reduced to scrap. However, as the majority of bump-stock-type 67 devices are made of plastic material, individuals may use a hammer to break them apart so that the device is not readily restorable to a firing condition or is otherwise reduced to scrap, and throw the pieces away.”

The estimated cost for this pointless theft of private property (including the closed businesses and fired employees) is estimated to be about 312 million dollars. That could build a nice stretch of wall.

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker said “We are faithfully following President Trump’s leadership by making clear that bump stocks, which turn semi-automatics into machine guns, are illegal, and we will continue to take illegal guns off of our streets,”

This ban, as with all gun control measures, will have no effect on crime or criminals except for creating many more of them. It is state sanctioned theft. Trump’s willingness to bypass Congress to put many good Americans, (many who no doubt voted for him) in the cross hairs of zealous law enforcement and prosecutors is frightening.

Legal action against the ban has been filed. See more here.

Oregon Firearms FederationAbout Oregon Firearms Federation:

The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit:

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Steven Sarasky


The Revelator

If you are going to do that, you need to add McConnel, Ryan, and most of the other mainstream republicans in leadership positions for the same. They drug their feet to keep things from being passed, especially McConnel.

Christmas gift for 2018 to all the people who attacked others over the last three years from trying to warn them that their candidate would do this to them, a commemorative “Told ya so!” Sticker.

Bob Sadtler

CRUZ 2020!
PAUL 2020!
JORDAN 2020!
GOWDY 2020!

The options are limitless. Kick the orange nightmare to the curb!


1st, tax breaks for the rich. 2nd, making felons out of law obiding citizens. 3rd, no reciprocity, 4th, constant assault on my rights. 5th, nra lining their pockets wtih hard working americans money and not doing a dam thing. Politicians getting away with things you and i would be locked up for. 7th the news media talking to me like i just arived in this country. I think i just woke up in a 3rd world country. It didnt take long for the don to show his true colors. I don’t know what to think or do anymore. Please dont… Read more »


Trump and Wayne not stupid, this will be in court.

This ban will fail by design once in the courts. They are using ‘the back door’ to change law that only Congress can do.
There is no auto sear in any semi automatic firearms.

You have a schematic of a full auto AR and a semi auto AR side by side, you don’t have to be a mechanical engineer to see there are parts missing from the semi auto rifle.

Ryan M Gould

Aren’t there federal statutes against Ex Post Facto laws where you can’t be prosecuted if something was legal yesterday but isn’t legal today? I think Trump may have just given his middle finger to his base again.

Wild Bill

I send pres. Trump an email every day “No bump stocks, now second term.” or No Second Amendment no second term. It would be easy and interesting to try to overwhelm their email system. Just for fun.
Merry Christmas, patriots, and a happy new gun.


Wild Bill – so far I have refrained commenting on the bump stocks issue since others have made all of the applicable legal points. Your email idea sparked an even better one: if a bunch of gun owners send in a pair of shoe laces to Mr. Whitaker (since he signed the ruling – which may or may not be within his purview) with a note saying something like “Sir, enclosed find one pair of shoelaces. I am submitting them to you for appropriate disposal since they are essentially the same as the dreaded bump stocks you are in the… Read more »

Wild Bill

, I like it. I have a stamp and an envelope for that. Can you get an address, please? And Merry Christmas patriots, and a Happy New shoe lace!

The Revelator

@Wild Bill and GomeznSA

Wait, wait….. We have got to distinguish between flat and round shoelaces here! Those wide flat ones have less stretch and make tougher knots. We need to make sure we designate them as Assault Shoelaces to insure the proper restrictions. Also, shoelaces are not detectable since they have no metal.. We should be outraged and demand that all shoelaces contain metal cores because they are so hazardous and deadly!!!!

Roy D.

Trump will find out that actions, like elections, have consequences.

Green Mtn. Boy

Trump and Negotiating Rights Away just lost a sizable percentage of their base.

p. s. I don’t give a Eff what king of chess game Trump is or isn’t playing/


If it feels good. Really.
Cutting off your nose to spite your face?
How about choosing carefully which hill you want to die on.
We need the NRA and every other pro gun organization. Let your voice be heard but remain calm and determined. All pro gun individuals will not agree on everything, but if we divide ourselves, we will fall. An you will not like it.
Civility, respect, and careful thought will go much further to show the nation that gun owners and sports shooters are united and will not go down without a fight.

George Clark

i agree. show them they are not dealing with bumpkins that just fell off the turnip wagon. give them something to think about besides more ways to steal our rights.


How do we really know if bump stocks were actually used in the Vegas shooting. Like the feds never lied to us before.

Sgt. Charles Treadway

The NRA has become a Lilly-Livered watchdog for the Government, They don’t really care about gun right’s, only the money they get from the members. This is why I no longer support the NRA, I have switched membership to the GOA, they actually fight for gun owners right’s. Also, this little anti-gun play can be very easley nullified under the 10th Amendment and Article V of the Constitution, as the Constitution does NOT delegate to the Federal Government the authority to make laws against the “Bill of Right’s”. Remember the “Bill of Right’s” is NOT just a suggestion for the… Read more »


As an over 4 decade Life Member of the NRA and a Life Long Republican my response to this is a simple one! I stopped financial supporting the NRA when they offered up the stocks and now that a Republican Administration has created a ban I will no longer financially support this party or it’s Pacs as my extra funds will now all be going to those organizations conducting the law suits against this new stock rule. Hard for me to believe this is happening in America the Land of the free!

Rob Driggs

traiter Trump has always been a demo- rat posing as a conservative and now this chameleons true colors are showing. Old bone spur is a coward and always has been . Now you people get to see the true peice e of shit you supported . Hope you all learned something and quit supporting the criminals in both parties.

William Weddendorf

Trump’s next campaign should be for the governor of New Jersey.

Wilhelm Flatz

Trump apparently has sold out, and wants to be a one-term President. So be it. The only thing worse than a sellout President is a rabidly antigun Congress, POTUS, and SCOTUS. PREPARE FOR A 2ND AMERICAN REVOLUTION!!!


Though I lump bump stocks among children’s toys, I see any attack on them as an infringement on the Second. I’m now less concerned about Trump being indicted for campaign fraud with Russia or being impeached. In fact, he should be impeached for breach of contract with America, though that also follows for every government employee who’s taken the oath and discarded it at whim, beginning in the Senate and House.

My new motto: Piss on Trump and this country’s dot gov cunts.


I will not vote again for a ‘SELLOUT’ TRAITOR’!
Is Trump turning back to his DemoTARD days?
Fool me once, SHAME on you!
Fool me twice, SHAME on me!
One way or another, when I die, it will be as a ‘FREE MAN’!
I took an OATH to defend the Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic, when I was in the Military!
That OATH DIES when I DIE!
Are you willing to die for America? I still am!
Or are you waiting for America, to become ameriKa? eLLo Comrades!

Jack Mac

It is not the time for people like you to die.

Wild Bill

, we don’t want that. We need his vote. He is just venting. Merry Christmas and a Happy New email to the president about not banning bump stocks or any other gun parts!


One of Trumps cheer leaders (Alex Jones) claims the NRA told Trump bump-stocks are a joke and do not matter. So he banned them.

Wilhelm Flatz

I presume there is video evidence on YouTube or elsewhere that Alex Jones ACTUALLY SAID THAT. If so, post the URL here. If not, sod off and go to Hell!


During the Tuesday 12-18-2018 show at the 1 hour and 49 minute mark Alex said Trump contacted the NRA and they told him Bump Stocks were garbage, so Trump banned them

The Revelator

You also have to remember that Alex Jones is a joke himself and got his start as a 9/11 Truther, you know one of the people who claims the CIA destroyed the towers. Or his theory that the government has a master plan to medicate water to turn frogs gay……..

That being said, the NRA has a well documented and illustrious history of helping to barter away our rights and betraying the second amendment. After all, it keeps them in business as long as they can fool enough people.