Washington: Anti-Gun Group Announces 2019 Agenda


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Washington: Anti-Gun Group Announces 2019 Agenda

Fairfax, VA – -(Ammoland.com)- On December 5th, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, a group backed by out-of-state elites, announced it will pursue its most extreme anti-gun legislative agenda to date during the upcoming 2019 Washington Legislative Session.

This comes less than one month after the Alliance for Gun Responsibility and Seattle tech-billionaires spent millions to pass Initiative 1639, which made the state’s gun control laws amongst the worst in nation.

Some of the most egregious restrictions in the Alliance for Gun Responsibility’s 2019 agenda includes the following:

  • Standard Capacity Magazine Ban:  Targets commonly owned standard capacity ammunition magazines by arbitrarily branding them as “High Capacity Magazines,” and restricts access for self-defense purposes.
  • Government Mandated Training to Obtain CPL:  Would require all new applicants and renewing holders of a concealed pistol license show documentation they have completed a firearms safety course
  • Abolish State Preemption:  Washington’s state preemption statute, passed in 1983, helps keep firearm and ammunition laws consistent throughout the state by establishing that the State Legislature has full authority to regulate and create laws pertaining to firearms and ammunition.  These statutes help prevent a confusing patchwork of gun control laws which make it difficult for gun owners to ensure that they are following the law and also protects the Second Amendment rights of all Washingtonians, regardless of where they reside.
  • Remove Second Amendment Rights without due process:  Impose a firearm prohibition for any person who has been released from a 72-hour mental health evaluation. This type of legislation removes a constitutional right without any mental health adjudication or judicial determination, and without any due process of law.
  • Expand “Gun-Free Zones” to child care facilities and early learning centers:  This type of policy creates arbitrary boundaries around areas where law-abiding individuals are prohibited from carrying a firearm for self-defense.  These arbitrary boundaries do not deter criminals.
  • Firearm Destruction by Washington State Patrol:  Allows for the destruction of all firearms confiscated by or forfeited to the Washington State Patrol.  Like other seized items, these firearms should be sold by law-enforcement to generate revenue instead of spending money to have them destroyed.
  • Require Reporting of Lost or Stolen Firearms by setting a timeframe for when they must be reported under penalty of law:  Individuals should not be further victimized after experiencing a burglary or other loss.

Your NRA will continue to fight for the Second Amendment rights of Washingtonians and will be at the Capitol on a daily basis throughout the 2019 legislative session.  Your active participation is needed to help protect self-defense rights in the Evergreen state.Please sign up as an NRA Frontlines volunteer and get at least three fellow gun owners to also sign up to receive timely legislative alerts on firearm-related bills during this upcoming session.  Make plans to attend committee hearings on these bills in Olympia when NRA-ILA notifies you of the place and location.  Also, contact your state lawmakers before and during session urging them to OPPOSE these measures. 

Please stay tuned to your email inbox and www.nraila.com for further updates on pre-filed bills and ways to be involved when the legislature convenes on January 14th.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit: www.nra.org

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As an NRA member, you couldn’t be more wrong.

matthew hall

I’m a member too, and you’re just following blindly. If you’d actually open your ways and take of your blinders, you’d see the NRA has significantly declined their fights, and heavily increased their agenda towards money.

Matthew Hall

Great article, until you through in the NRA. They have proven time and time again the 2nd amendment is NOT their primary focus. The NRA is just another lobby group looking for money based in the false pretense of being pro gun.


They don’t want your guns or magazines to stop crime, they want them in order to control YOU. Look at Europe, disarmed and literally raped by Arabs. The state is importing anti-Americans by the thousands. They rape and kill anyone not of their ilk. So leftists are waging war against us and are working to subject us to a Communist State full of ignorant criminals. Unarmed they want us to be peons in our own land. People you either fight at the ballot box or in your own yard, if not then you may as well lay down and die.


In order to “fight at the ballot box”, it will be necessary to get rid of all forms of electronic voting. It is INPERATIVE THAT WE GO BACK TO PAPER BALLOTS, ones that can be recounted and stored indefinitely. For years now, it has been possible for a hacker to rig a machine in less than 5 minutes. This was proven and demonstrated in front of congressional witnesses. But now, with NANO TECHNOLOGY, the new machines can be hacked remotely. The same hacker can now insert the code from miles away, and destroy it when ever they want, using a… Read more »

Anthony Payne

So they will in time win out, doing so by illegal means as they have been since the end of WWII. The thing is that they will do it with out shot fired as we head toward our final days. The prophecies are lining up. One I think is the key to watch is the temple being built in Israel and the nations alining together to war against Israel. The one world order and one ruler of this world will come to pass. The Bible has not been wrong those far.


@Anthony…The Bible is all about bloodlines, and who begot who, and DNA. And a Biblical passage that says that God, the Creator who breathes in and out of existence a never ending chain of universes throughout the endlessness of eternity, He went into the Real Estate business and gave the Holy Land to the descendants of Abraham. Now let’s not forget that Abraham had 2 sons, Isaac and Ishmael. And let’s not forget that 90% of the “Jews” who are today claiming that land are descendants of the Khazars, and have no Semitic DNA at all. There is something wrong… Read more »


Like the NRA is really going to do anything

Mark Ottinger

Violate our constitution and bill of rights and we have the right to shoot and hang the offenders. Anyone helping the tyrannical politicians like the nra will be hung as well.
We the people own this land we are the bill of rights. Enforce them on the spot.


Blame who you want, but the fact is gun owners fail to turn in their ballots. We cannot defeat the Sonsabitches if we do not turn in a PREPAID POSTAGE BALLOT. There are enough registered gun owners to defeat them if we will make an effort. Don’t believe me then look at your County’s turnout. It will shock the he’ll out of you.

Crash Fisted

It also came down to people voting based on one of the multiple things thrown into the single initiative. I was under the impression that the State only allowed a single item per. Instead 1639 was all over the place and people voted for it because it wasn’t something that affected them, yet, based on its current wording.


Maybe they are afraid of being labeled as gun owners ? Because then the goons will know where to go to confiscate the guns, and shoot them if they resist ? Maybe it’s better to keep the commie gun grabbers guessing as to how many guns there are ? And who has them ?


TRUE GUN CONTROL Gun control that would really work would be, if you use a gun for any crime, you go to prison for life! You’d get no visitors, TV, Magazines or books, radio, coffee, work out rooms, gyms, etc…, EVER! That’s just to name a few things you’d never get again, EVER! You’d be put in a stainless steel room and have the following options to take your own life! When finally left alone you could, #1. Self-inject poison into your veins, and you will be dead very soon! #2. Pull a chord and a pill will fall in… Read more »

Greg K

It amazed me when AG Fergusen was able to get the last ballot measure overturned in a week, but the Second Amendment Foundation takes months and years to get cases heard in the Supreme Court of Washington State. The Second Amendment Foundation is the only group legitimately fighting for our rights here in Washington. My suggestion is that you support their efforts, because what they are doing here in Washington is coming Federally. GOA is pretty good as well…”The Appeaser is the one who feeds the Alligator expecting to be eaten last.” Winston Churchill


Tired of ignorant to the subject people writing laws that do absolutely nothing but directly effect me, my family, and way of life.


Do not let them deceive you!!! NONE of the people writing these laws are ignorant in the least. No, these people are hardcore evil persons who are all about total control of we the people, and have chosen to begin the slavery by disarming us all if they can. WHY IS IT that these exact same restrictions are being brought to state legislatures all across the nation these days? And I find it “interesting” that these are the same ideas being heavily promoted by the little kiddies the Bloomie Armie have coopted. Read the laundry list of what THEY are… Read more »

Dave churbuck

The anti gunners are more dangerous to the population and create crime more than a few criminals with a gun who otherwise would be put down by a normal person with a gun. You only surrender your guns to your Enemy, in the process of becoming a prisoner. As a prisoner, it is no longer your country it is a concentration camp where you will do the bidding of your enemy for their benifit not yours. You are nothing more than a plow horse that has to supply everything at your cost feeding their system to be a plow horse.… Read more »


Not surprising. The DemocRATic communist/muslem/mex/nwo cabal is trying their best to DISARM LEGAL LAW ABIDING Americans however they can. The communist in Maryland have already passed the “red line” law where PRIVATE PROPERTY can be ABSCONDED when ANYONE states “This person is a danger to themselves or others”. Then the LEGAL LAW ABIDING American MUST go to court $$$$$$$$ and SUE the government to try and get Ones’ PRIVATE PROPERTY back!!!!!

Mr. Walkker

Too Late. West Coast is now a nearly captured Geo Region. Conquered by the Communist Left wing Wack Jobs. Nearly Disarmed you say? How about massive Choke Hold on our Constitutional State Rights. The WA. State AG Bob Ferguson, announced this morning ( 12-10-2018 in the Daily NP The Everett Herald ) that he was extremely disappointing that the recent “Established Firearm Task Force”, made up of Law Makers, Educators, Mental Health Pros, Top LEO, all concluded that high capacity Mags (10+ Rounds) are not the problem. Even Top LEO is against this. Our County Sheriff is against this CRAP.… Read more »


Rigged voting machines. Got to get rid of electronic voting in all its forms. The Black Hats are manufacturing machines that can be accessed remotely, electronic code inserted after they have been inspected and certified, the code flips the vote to the desired outcome, and then the ERASER program or similar wipes the disk clean so no trace of the program can be found. All of this can now be done from a remote location far removed from the targeted machine itself. It is imperative that only paper ballots be used in all voting. Paper ballots that can be recounted… Read more »

Joseph P Martin

Seattle, Portland & California are all the same. When the population centers of states dictate the agenda for the entire state, even when the majority of the state lives outside those areas, it’s time to establish electoral colleges for the states similar to the one that exists for the Federal government.


Spot on. Arizona and Nevada are now Blue thanks to Phoenix, Tucson, Vegas and Reno. Look at the huge territory in these states that is reliably red and you get a very clear picture of what needs to be done.

Jack Mac

Good thought. Might work.

George Neal

Demand your congress critters REPEAL the NFA !!!


Those worms are all 100% WORTHLESS.

George Neal

Demand repeal of the failed, illegal, and unconstitutional 1934 NFA along with every one of its anti-2A offspring, every one of ’em also failed, also illegal, and also every bit as unconstitutional …
I want back my freedom in these USA.


Jack Mac

Yes, repeal all, do away with the ATF&E, or at least separate the F, owning a gun is not s sin. Misdemeanor family violence use as a cause to deny firearm ownership should be done away with. This law is to easily abused. No sound thinking politician will not loose votes doing away with it. The people that support it did not and will not vote for them anyway.


Well, KISS MY A$$ comes to mind…
Just say’n… JP …


We can only hope that our reps in congress have the nerve to stand up to these attempts and represent the population that elected them, rather than kneel down to get some votes.


Right now in this country the biggest threat to the populace Is Uninformed politicians who vote on things they themselves have never actually been involved in or have never tried, just because they have never been assaulted by someone else or have never been a life threatening situation they think that the rest of the world is the same for everyone! There seems to be a total disconnect between politicians and reality .. maybe if their caught lying they should loose their first and 14th amendment rights then it should change some minds about the constitution !!!


These politicians vote on bills that contain thousands of pages without ever reading em.
It’s no wonder they are uninformed. They choose to be in a lot of cases.
Then they pass a whole bill just to get one or two perks.


Lets jest put hittler in to run the fucking state.


Hitler learned most of his legal tricks from the Democrat party’s apparent successes in the south in the early 1900’s. His “Brown Shirts” gangsters were fashioned after the KKK. Evil follows evil, and the Demon-Rats are trying the same again,just different tactics. Make guns illegal, disarm the populous, jail or segregate the trouble makers. You can guess what comes next. We can’t let that happen again. Ever.