Why Don’t Gun Owners Just Move From Where They Lose Their Rights?


Resistance Anti Gun Laws Protest
Why Don’t Gun Owners Just Move From Where They Lose Their Rights?

New York, USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- With the start of the new year less than a month away, many things will change as new members of state and the federal government are sworn in, and in some places, power changes hands.

In Washington the Democrats succeeded in taking back the House, meaning that we will now likely see a move towards never ending impeachment proceedings and investigations. In various states though, governors have been elected from opposite parties and here in New York, while the GOP failed to get out the vote to oust Andrew Cuomo, possibly worse than that is that the state senate, which has been held narrowly by a Republican majority, fell to the Democrats. Giving Cuomo complete and total control over the state electorate.

Right on cue one of the first priorities is new gun control legislation, as Cuomo has promised to make in his own words, New York state a model for “progressive” values to the rest of the nation.

Of course, this means more gun laws to come and with no one to stop him and his party, one can imagine that the GOP will offer their token resistance without much else, as gun owners get steamrolled once more.

Most of the gun laws are things we knew were coming, microstamping, safe storage acts, a new “red flag flaw”. Perhaps one of the most disturbing ideas was one no one expected, and that’s a new proposal by Brooklyn Senator Kevin Parker where it would require gun owners in New York to submit three years of social media history before you could purchase a gun and the same info to anyone who needs to renew their pistol permit. This proposal brings one to mind of the dreaded Thought Police from George Orwell’s 1984. Of course, when asked Parker said that had such a thing been in place the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter would have been stopped in his tracks before buying a gun.

Of course, blaming the innocent for the guilty has become a habit of those on the left and violating the rights of millions means nothing as long as it’s for the “greater good”. So many wrongs have been committed against the innocent throughout history because it has been for the “greater good.”

So while I was online today discussing the thought if new gun laws here in New York, I was told in no uncertain terms, I should move, and many who don’t live in this state or California or other repressive states often wonder why those of us here stay. The simple thing is, it is not all that easy to pack up and leave.

Leaving an oppressive state behind sounds like it would be the easiest thing in the world to do, and trust me I have thought of it. I have looked around and wondered which state to move to, but in this day and age, where to?

I once thought about moving to Vermont. At one time for gun owners it was perhaps the freest state in the northeast, but that is quickly changing as their Republican governor in essence sold the residents there down the river with new gun laws that now limits their magazines to ten rounds and raises the age to buy a gun to 21. Sadly I am willing to bet that Governor Scott isn’t finished caving into Democrats demands when it comes to gun laws if he bowed that quickly before, he will do it again.

Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey are completely untenable when it comes to gun rights, and they’re liable to have more laws as soon as they can run them through. I believe the last real holdout state in the Northeast is New Hampshire, but who knows how long that can last.

Gun laws are sweeping up and down the west coast as well with California of course in the lead, but now Oregon and Washington are cracking down on law-abiding gun owners in the heat to pass anything possible.

So many states narrowly missed swapping parties this election that could have spelled the beginning of new restrictions for gun owners. Florida and Georgia almost went Democrat, even the outgoing republican governor of Florida, Rick Scott signed new restrictive gun laws after the Parkland shooting.

There are now many experts that say so many states that were once Republican strongholds in the next decade may fall to Democrats. The fact is that in the state of Texas Senator Ted Cruz should have beaten his challenger Beto O’Rourke with ease and instead the race was very close right until the end. This trend could have dire consequences in the next couple of election cycles.

What this means is, where does someone move to when it appears the gun rights that you may have now could be in jeopardy in the next ten years and how far do you keep running?

The reality sadly is, the map is shrinking for gun owners, and while nothing might get passed federally with the Republicans in control of at least one half of Congress, the same can’t be said for individual states.

The other truth is that for many, it’s impractical if not impossible for someone to pack up and move from one state to another. Sure once someone is retired and their kids are grown and out of the house, that becomes a little easier, but if you’re still working, have a job and a spouse with a job, a pensions, kids in school, it’s just not that simple to put up a “For Sale” sign and get out of Dodge.

I have talked to many gun owners my age, who are middle-aged, are not young anymore but are a good ten years or more from being retired. They feel not only stuck in the middle but betrayed. I’ve seen them at gun shows talking with representatives from the NRA or other gun rights groups saying that more needs to be done. Not saying that the NRA isn’t doing something, but a lot of these people don’t see it. They say they don’t see the NRA actively campaigning here, and gunnies think they have been let down because New York consistently votes Democrat in every Presidential election. I have heard these complaints over and over again and sadly these people stay home in every critical election, one because they’re told that upstate New York, which is solid GOP territory, cannot beat New York City and its surrounding counties, which always goes blue. So they stay home, and they’re angry, and they feel lost.

Gun owners in states where Democrats also hold sway also have another reason to stay, they’re rebellious even if only in words. They stage large rallies like those following the Safe Act here in New York, often right on the front door at the Governor’s mansion. While it never changes any minds, it lets the powers that be know that they will not be ignored. I expect more of them, and they have always been peaceful.

If anything that’s the real reason we stay. Anyone who has never visited New York only thinks of it as New York City and nothing else. They don’t realize that most of the state is very rural with beautiful mountains and lakes. The smaller communities reminds one of The Waltons and a Norman Rockwell painting. It’s hard to want to leave a state where there is so much beauty. If it weren’t for the cities this state would be a downright garden of Eden.

So many of us, who can’t afford to leave, refer to ourselves as living in occupied territory or behind enemy lines. We know that one day the people will have had enough. You see it here in New York state now with a significant groundswell to separate New York City from the rest of the state, and the more laws that are passed here to restrict our rights will make those cries louder. One has to remember before there is freedom, one must have suffered tyranny.

2018 New York State Gubernatorial Election Results Map
2018 New York State Gubernatorial Election Results Map : Image:

So there it is, while many from other states tell us under the yolk of tyranny to scram, it’s not as easy as one makes it sound. Many of us would like to but are held here for one reason or another, be it a job, career, family, or the fact that many of us don’t want to see the places our families sweated over and lived in destroyed without putting up some a fight. We have been told these are insurmountable odds, we have been told it’s a lost cause. I am sure that another group of men some two hundred odd years back were told the same thing when they were oppressed. And while we won’t do so with violence, in this age of information the revolt is beginning, and those pushing will be pushed back upon by their constituents at the ballot box when they finally realize that they’ve had enough.

It’s just a matter of time before the powers that be step once too many on our rights.

David LaPell
David LaPell

About David LaPell

David LaPell has been a Corrections Officer with the local Sheriff’s Department for thirteen years. A collector of antique and vintage firearms for over twenty years and an avid hunter. David has been writing articles about firearms, hunting and western history for ten years. In addition to having a passion for vintage guns, he is also a fan of old trucks and has written articles on those as well.

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Big carmine

Ny used to be nice . Ever since that pos cuomo the homo got elected its gone to shit . Let me ask you , do you think people will really turn in , or register their guns? I wont . Matter of fact they are well hidden . They will never be found exept by me . Thats the bottom line. Move ? Not on your life i will never move . Cuomo the homo will never chase me . The voters will soooo fuck him , the safe act , and himself


You sure about that? If you were sleeping, google records all your locations you have with a cell phone or tablet logged into a gmail account. Usally people have cell phones linked to thier name. Then you got facebook that does the same thing. Thar pos cumbags is a bastard, he passed laws now that let the police look up your gun history at will, and let neighbors call the police on you just because they dont like you and say you have guns and scare them. So you are already a 2nd class citizen if you have guns, they… Read more »

willy d

@Terd; That is also what is now happening in Vt, Pa, and Va, the heavily populated areas are coming up with the votes to force their agenda down our throats, and the sad part is that the Demo-Rats won’t do a thing to punish their own, just look how no way will they work with Trump, and there is all kinds of proof against them and nothing has been done and nobody is in Jail on their side at all!!!!!! But as far as it goes look at how the Repubo-Rats and Rhino’s go after Trump also, the problem is… Read more »


I was born and raised in California, but I left 24 years ago. I had been thinking about it, but when a young hood started urinating in the entrance to my store, and had no fear or remorse when caught, that was it. I recognized that the hoods had no fear of punishment. I also realized that I could not protect myself in public against them. So I moved. At a point in time, you have to think that it is better to have less and be alive to enjoy it, and then react accordingly.

willy d

@GI-hadJoe; Moving is tough but there comes a time that you have to face that you can’t fight by yourself and you can’t get enough people to stand with you! I was born in N J, moved to Pa, with parents at 12, lived there until 2016 when my wife passed away, nobody holding me there, got a chance to retire to Mo, and took it. A buddy I met at the Reception Center at Ft Dix, took Basic and AIT there, went to Nam, came back to Ft Carson, finished up and got out but stayed in touch through… Read more »


I have stated about moving out of Jersey 30 yrs ago. My job was the main reason,+ pay$$$
Never looked back and yep,that NE. region is a virus. My Brother in law sold his house and is moving down here this week. (SC) It’s not running away. As you noted, it can be tough but it’s a good tough.


The biggest problem we have is gun owners not getting involved. In the recent Illinois election the republicans only got 1.5 million votes but yet there are 2 million gun owners eligible to vote.

You can not win if you refuse to support your causes


What we need today is an Electoral College in each state for voting. Looking at the recent governors races in Georgia and Florida, you see most of the state’s counties are red. The large urban areas, where the majority of liberals congregate are blue. Yet these few areas will wind up controlling the state if something is not done. Each county would have 1 vote the way the county voted – red or blue. The only way to prevent small groups controlling the rest.

Tec's Dad

Absolutely! States with large urban areas are no different than small states with large urban areas…CT is screwed; we’ve had democrat majority for 50 years… if you live in Litchfield county your vote does not count.. it is what the progs call democracy…mob rules

GI-had Joe

I had lived in the SF Bay Area since I was 12. My fathers family was from Fresno since the 1910’s, my Mothers family from SF since the 1880’s. My parents, brothers, family and friends are still there. After 43 years we packed up and moved to Utah for a job opportunity that was too good to resist. I left my family home of 73 years for parts and people unknown. Our daughter, who attends school in Boston worries we are converting LDS (oh hell no). I miss the weather, family and friends, and the food. However, I do not,… Read more »


N.Y State was the same way. We have a CROOKED, CORRUPT “governor” that thinks he is a “KING” and all N.Y. residents are his “SUBJECTS” that must obey his every “royal decree” (that usually is done in the dead of night like the UNCONSTITUTIONAL “unsafe” act.) We “rural” residents are ALWAYS “outvoted ” by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS living in the cities, WELFARE “takers” and “CITY DWELLERS”. We need to split the state in two parts like Virginia did many years ago and founded West Virginia. Otherwise the “governor” will RULE like the CROOKED Dictator he has proved himself to be. Just… Read more »


I moved out of upstate NY about a decade ago. I now live in Florida where gun rights were pretty lax, but after Parkland, there is a major push to change that. Anyway, it’s too bad that laws are determined on a state level, particularly in states such as NY, California, and Illinois. All 3 of them are controlled by a population that lives in a relatively small area, and they determine the laws for the whole state, while most of them have no idea what the rest of the state needs. It may be time for people in rural… Read more »


Author: Wild Bill
Ron, I hate to criticize other Second Amendment supporters, but you seem to bring a lot of low level discord with you.

Well, thank you Bill. I appreciate your ‘upper level discord’. You, as the others will go with the flow.
Don’t know why but, kinda thought you were a step above all the PC bravado. My mistake. No body is perfect.(certainly not me)
And it’s more than just supporting the 2nd amnd. Keep em all in line now Bill. No popularity contest for me. Y’all win that. Be ‘talkin’ to ya’s. Ron

willy d

@wildbill; The statement about Pear Harbor remembering it today should be at the discussion to the point , it is that what they fought for was our country even though politicians got us to that point, and history has show it ! We have them to thank for our country that is what we have, to be able to still have a country to be proud of even if it is messed up we are still free thanks to them ! We have been pulled into 2 World Wars and countless Peace Keeping Missions by politicians, but we are still… Read more »

BWK from PA

I also frequent the gun range. I like to strike up conversation with members, family, and friends, to see what pro gun organizations they support. I have found out that most people that own guns do not contribute to any pro gun organizations, and many do not even vote. It’s sickening!!! Many own dozens of guns. They always have lame excuses for not supporting the fight to keep our 2A.


Author: Heed the Call-up Comment: Ron, are you piously trying to shame me? Your sad attempt is pitiful. Nothing new I stated is correct. I agreed with your statement about FDR etc. It is common knowledge what a traitor he was. Shame you?? I don’t have to do that. I will give ya some credit (no shame intended) you can sure babble a lot’a BS. At any rate, glad you recognized ‘Pearl Harbor Day’. No matter how reluctantly. I too am a Vet. It was just meant to be a reminder to all, no matter ‘who’s’ feathers it may have… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Ron, you not only can “babble a lot’a (sic) BS”, but show your talent for copy and paste. Reluctance at recognizing the day? Who does recognize the date? Well, maybe they don’t teach that in school anymore, but I am not young, so I don’t know…. I think most of us here are more likely to be aware of history than the average person. Many have lived it, some like me, just know it from school or other learning (probably self-directed, as in my case).


I grew up in WNY. I moved, not due to the gun laws – and yes they WERE draconian 20 years ago – but for economic reasons. Before I moved I was involved in local politics. The county always complained about state mandated spending and taxes. I advocated resistance. “Tell them if they want to mandate something they can damn well pay for it!”. I was not alone. We talked of and dreamed about seceding from the state. There was zero momentum at the time. I now live further south and the laws are a breath of fresh air but… Read more »


Author: Jr
I remembered and talked to my brother in law about it today and said a prayer, but this article got me so steamed it slipped from my tired mind. God Bless our vets and on this day especially those from Pearl Harbor Dec 7. Great folks all. And faced a tough 4 years ahead.

Good for you Jr. At least it has been bought up and a good response from you.


Author: Heed the Call-up Comment: Ron, because that was not the topic of the story, and most of us stay on topic when discussing the subject matter. Calling us out for not mentioning FDR’s deceit and allowing the attack to occur when it isn’t on topic doesn’t contribute to the discussion of the topic that we are discussing. Why didn’t we declare war on Japan first – the country that attacked us? No, we declared war on Germany, then once in a state of war, declared war on Japan because they allied with Japan. Nothing new with what you state.… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Ron, are you piously trying to shame me? Your sad attempt is pitiful. Nothing new I stated is correct. It also doesn’t make it wrong. I don’t give a damn what you think or believe, you have the right to post, think and believe whatever you want, just as I do. Did I think about FDR’s Day of Infamy today? Yes. Does it matter what my or your opinion is of that? No. The bigger question is why you chose this story to complain about FDR’s Day of Infamy and whether or not we thought about the date. Many here… Read more »


Author: Philip Piscatella Jr.
Just because it wasn’t mentioned doesn’t mean it was forgotten!

Glad to have reminded you. So…why no mention if everyone ‘remembered’ ?

Heed the Call-up

Ron, because that was not the topic of the story, and most of us stay on topic when discussing the subject matter. Calling us out for not mentioning FDR’s deceit and allowing the attack to occur when it isn’t on topic doesn’t contribute to the discussion of the topic that we are discussing. Why didn’t we declare war on Japan first – the country that attacked us? No, we declared war on Germany, then once in a state of war, declared war on Japan because they allied with Japan.

Wild Bill

Ron, I hate to criticize other Second Amendment supporters, but you seem to bring a lot of low level discord with you.


Really sad. I live in a democratic town in a democratic county with a democratic US Rep. So I can write all the letters I want (and I do) but I know they go straight into the electronic dust bin. Very very frustrating. Unless I am Al Capone, and vote early and often, my single vote is lost in the swamp of liberal anti-gun voters and soon all of the illegals and felons who I’m sure will be legally voting within 10 years. And even the so-called republicans are now selling honest gun owning citizens out. It just boggles my… Read more »


Imagine……All these fine ‘Patriotic’ keep my guns, stand and fight etc. people here and not one (that I have seen) comment or article from Ammoland about today. Today is ‘Pearle Harbor Day. 12/7/41
I’ll bet y’all forgot. Didn’tcha?

Philip Piscatella Jr.

Just because it wasn’t mentioned doesn’t mean it was forgotten!


I remembered and talked to my brother in law about it today and said a prayer, but this article got me so steamed it slipped from my tired mind. God Bless our vets and on this day especially those from Pearl Harbor Dec 7. Great folks all. And faced a tough 4 years ahead.

Adam Hand

It flat out won’t happen. Why? Because we are the weakest Americans in the history of America. If this garbage had happened 200 years ago, these sonsabitches would be swinging for treason. It wont happen today because the second it started we would be made out to be a bunch of crazies and nobody wants to be affiliated with that. If the roundups start, this will become a country of ostriches. “This can’t be real” or “It’s not happening here” will be the rationalizing and pervading thought. No, not everyone will go peacefully. But mark my words, the populace will… Read more »

Philip Piscatella

As a life long NYS resident living in the down state area I cannot move as much as I would like to. I am a 70 year old Viet Nam veteran and now retired with all my children and grand children living around me. I am not about to give up all I have worked for at this stage in my life. I will stand my ground and fight this leftist onslaught of our 2A rights through the NRA, NYSRPA, and other pro gun organizations I belong to. We just have to keep at it and get all the pro… Read more »

Ronald Nuxon

For the forseeable future, in my view, citizen residents of Pennsylvania need not fear erosion of their great gun rights, which are better than Florida’s and as good as Texas’. The Keystone State has 2nd Ammendment enshrined in the state constitution and there is a strong preemption law which prevents municipalities from enacting their own gun laws. Too bad for those seeking same rights across in NY and NJ. Pennsylvania, moreover has outstanding 2A supporters. You have to see the turnout at their many gun shows.

Idaho Hiker

You stay and fight. Moving is retreating. They, the lefty liberals, want people that don’t agree with their agenda to move. That makes them stronger. These people don’t support the constitution of the United States or the Stars and Stripes, whose colors don’t run.


Amazing how much liberals hate the flag and what it stands for.


People who say “just move” are being short sighted and naive. All of the stuff you see happening in New York and California is going to be passed Federally should a Democrat President come to power with both a Democrat majority house and senate.


Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone in my quest to defeat these a-holes in other states that are causing the erosion of my God given and constitutional rights. I can’t understand how these politicians take an oath to defend the Constitution and remain in office for so many years after constantly attacking it. I make it a point to not do ANY business with these traitors. I wish I could convince everyone else to do this. This should include businesses continuing to support the TAX BASE of these rogue states. I’m assuming that gun friendly states would gladly offer… Read more »


No where to run to. Watch what will happen in Colorado this coming spring–super liberal off base new governor, and now all Democrat arty house and senate–refugees from California. Colorado gun owners are toast from what is coming.

Michael Enderle

Colorado is utterly screwed as it it stands. Let’s run a recall the day after seats change. Seriously, post election motivation lies with conservatives. If we can swap 2 house seats, the trifecta is broken.

But I’m off to Montana until I get chased outta there. We’re running out of sane places to live life. Resistance starts today, deciding not to follow unjust laws.

Crotalus Maxximus

You are correct. Montana will fall to the Libitards. Missoula will over come the rural vote. Tester’s reelection will not go unpunished.

Scott A Wimmer

One other impediment to moving to a different state is occupational licensing. I have licenses in engineering in my state (which was a good place to land for this gun-owner), and would have to jump through hoops to get licensed in another state, through “reciprocity”, which they make sound easy, but is not. And Florida is even worse; they’d make me take the tests again!

dava golino

PRETTY SOON THERE WILL BE NO WERE TO RUN?WAIT TILL YOU SEE WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN NEVADA. WE USED TO BE A PRO 2nd AMENDMENT State. A good place for an FFL business and sport shooting. a home of the Shot Show. kiss it all good bye. the California Marxists, EU,UN sellouts through the unions and illegals are now in office and the threat is being bragged about. Las Vegas tourism will take a dump because of these communists, Sisolak and Jacky Rosen. The strip will become a poop filled camp like LA, of course we are getting… Read more »


@dava golino. Dont ever be sorry for speaking the truth. I to feel your pain. Sisolak and Rosen are Brown/Pelosi clones, financed by Mexicalistan democraps. Nevadans better wake up next elections or the California shi* storm will hanging over navada for ever. Buy em cheap and stack em deep while you can, i feel a storm coming!


Yes, Sisolak has made it a campaign promise, and again reinterated on Nov 30th that he pledges to ban “Assault Rifles”, standard capacity magazines, and suppressors (or which not single legally-owned suppressor has ever been used in a crime in NV out of ~220,000 owned in the state). With a Blue Governor, Blue AG, Blue super-majority in the assembly there is only a single seat in the NV state senate to keep these wanks from passing whatever lunacy they want. Given the recent history of Republicans in NV, I don’t see that single seat holding the line. They will negotiate… Read more »


One thing is to correct the way we view ourselves and our form of government. They aren’t “our leaders” they should be viewed and dealt with as our REPRESENTATIVES. Another term which should be shirked is “taxpayer” or “tax base”. We are not revenue generators to be exploited nor are the fruits of OUR labors to be harvested. (I detest the term “human resources” as well) The answer, friends, isn’t to pick up and move but to become more active. That means losing some free time usually spent watching the Pittsburgh Kneelers et al, or rooting around the bottom of… Read more »


Moving away isn’t so easy. I assume you have a job you like, a house you like, your kids are in school, friends and neighbors that you associate with. It’s hard to abandon all that just to keep your guns. Better to try and change your surroundings, tough as it may seem.


Liberty \Lib”er*ty\ (l[i^]b”[~e]r*t[y^]), n.; pl. {Liberties}
(-t[i^]z). [OE. liberte, F. libert[‘e], fr. L. libertas, fr.
liber free. *See {Liberal}.]*
1. The state of a free person; exemption from subjection to
the will of another claiming ownership of the person or
services; freedom; — opposed to slavery, serfdom,
bondage, or subjection.

Liberal \Lib”er*al\ (l[i^]b”[~e]r*al), a. [F. lib[‘e]ral, L.
liberalis, from liber free; perh. akin to libet, lubet, it
pleases, E. lief. Cf. {Deliver}.]
1. Free by birth; hence, *befitting a freeman* or gentleman;
refined; noble; independent; free; not servile or mean;
Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Heed the Call-up

Goat, yes, “Liberal” Democrats do not believe in liberty. They just co-opted the word to confuse the ignorant. They are as liberal as gays are happy – haven’t met a happy “gay” yet.


Goat, It seems to me the definition of Liberty you quote has little to do with 2nd Amendment rights or current restrictions/impediments to gun ownership. Especially when seen in the context of the loss of liberty in regards to Corporate control of politicians and the rights and few options available to Employees in regards to pay rates, Sick leave, vacation pay, maternity Pay and other basic rights enjoyed by workers in most other advanced Western Countries versus those of the majority of American Workers. In fact, an Employee’s Liberty is greatly reduced by the fact that Employers pay Health Insurance… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Loomy, the Bill of Rights, nor any other Constitutional right does not give you the right to work, pay, or any of your “rights” listed. Your liberty in regard to work is you may work for yourself or be employed by someone else. If you decide you don’t like the employment conditions, you have the right to leave that employment. The government doesn’t choose what work you do or who to work for. If you find working conditions so much better elsewhere, you have the right to seek employment elsewhere. You might not be allowed to move to one of… Read more »


Liberal \Lib”er*al\ (l[i^]b”[~e]r*al), a. [F. lib[‘e]ral, L.
liberalis, from liber free; perh. akin to libet, lubet, it
pleases, E. lief. Cf. {Deliver}.]
1. Free by birth; hence, *befitting a freeman* or gentleman;
refined; noble; independent; free; not servile or mean;
Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Jackwagon Jimmy

Moving from these laws is similar to walking away from a raging large wildfire – eventually it catches up and consumes you. The truth is that several state governments need to be wiped out to the last person to show that this type of tyranny and disregard for the constitution is not acceptable at any level. No one will miss them and they won’t be able to stop it once it starts anyway.

Ramsey Crooks

I live in a downstate suburb of NYC. Up until passage of the SAFE Act, excluding pistol permitting, NY State firearm laws were not great, but not horrible. A person could buy any pre-ban or post-ban rifle, along with any capacity magazine. The SAFE Act changed everything. And its only going to get worse. A person has three choices. #1 – everyone stands up on the same day and solves the problem in one day. Downside is if they don’t do it together, they are all in Super-Max for the rest of their lives. #2 – move to a free… Read more »


George Orwell wrote ‘1984’ as a warning.
Anti-American communist democrats use it as a ‘how to’ manual.


Agreed…But we will stop them..


Good article. Well said. I would add that one does not have to be an “Up-Stater” to share most of the sentiments expressed. This “Down-Stater” adds: i) most of the worst “New Yorkers” come from other states to “prove something”, that they just “know better”, having watched too many movies suggesting one need be obnoxious, arrogant … er “ super focused”; ii) mobility is not a virtue, it is an excuse to avoid conflict – some may say its “seeking greener pastures” (it’s common to assume one “can’t fight city hall”; “I’ll vote with my feet”; consider all those immigrants… Read more »

willy d

The bad part is that the Northeast is that from Md to Maine has a severe virus and is starting to infect Pa, Vt, and Va with no sign of it being disposed of everybody involved if you are in a rural area the large cities rule over the rural areas. Pa has been turning lately and getting worse, glad I moved !!!!!!!! It also is happening on the West Coast, Wa, Or, Calf, and Nev, is on a steep slide


I got my first 22 when I was 7! I already had been hunting awhile before that with my dad and proved my saftey to him . He was really critical about gun saftey and my whole family on both sides were all war veterans and or hunters but everyone had guns. There just wasn’t as many people and no internet! Society doesn’t need to be so connected all the time! People should respect each other but first respect our tradition as a nation. The internet, the diverse population , and lack of morals are our biggest problem. God Bless… Read more »


I live in Georgia, we dodged a bullet and elected Kemp. I cannot move either. I am getting old. I will never, ever give up my guns, even upon pain of death. There is a war coming. Most liberals think the bumper sticker “You can take my guns when you pry them from my cold dead hands” is a joke. It is not. It is my blood oath.


I won’t give up my guns! PERIOD!!!!!!
America is headed for another UN-CIVIL WAR! Still about SLAVERY, just a different type! No guns, no defense!
America is becoming ameriKa! eLLo Comrades!
I will not put my wife in harms way!
But I will go and fight a TYRANICAL GOVERNMENT!


Y’all come south to North or South Carolina. The big secret is that we have been, are and will be “First in Freedom”. Why do you think we have the largest Army (base) and Marine Corps (air station) in the world here? We’ve put that unfortunate bathroom law behind us and welcome 2A supporters!


Yep! Left Jersey over 30 yrs ago. SC is fantastic in comparison. Love it. Stay where one wants too.
Our ancestors left the old world for a better life. That wasn’t ok ? If you live in crap state..leave it.


Just so long as your are not bringing ANY of that liberal mind (non)think with you. Those liberal whacks vote to get what they think will be Nirvana on this earth, only, when the cost of living and taxes become untenable, they evacuate to another state and start the same ole “doing something over and over expecting a different result” INSANITY, and in a not long period of time that state becomes a mess!


put your micro-stamping/safe storage where the moon does not shine

The Green Watch Dog

Micro-stamping, and safe storage are tools in the toolbox that help in solving crimes and safety. In the workplace, safety takes priority. Period! I welcome it, and I am not what so ever concerned that the weapons I own will be confiscated. As I posted elsewhere we are our neighbors and friends. In this great country as one seeking a common cause.


False. Microstamping is a non-existing “tool” that is used to ban weapons without it being called a ban.

Their is no microstamping pistols or rifles made today.


More agitation propaganda? Your masters will be proud of you Comrade. But, as your fellow travelers will tell you, real Fudds never use the word “weapon”. To keep your cover only say gun, or rifle or shotgun. Weapon is far too aggressive and many might think you have a deadly assault rifle or a handgun. You’re doing a good job Tovarch. Keep telling the story to the unwashed and they’ll eventually get it.


Are you NUTZ?
Your “In this great country as one seeking a common cause”! SERIOUSLY?
Is it common cause when you have no gun to defend you, wife and kids, or family, and other law abiding citizens?
Do you still live at home with mommy at 40+ tears old?
You seem to be a PATHETIC ‘milk-sop’! Look it up in the dictionary!
Something’s wrong with you, or your a Commie!

Will Flatt

Hey COMMIE, your AGITPROP won’t fly here. SCRAM!


microstamping is not a tool.. yet. It is used as an excuse to ban guns. Until a workable system is developped and available, mandating it is tyranny. Even once in the marketplace, it still should be market driven, not government mandated. Government exist to protect and defend our rights, not to take them away or restrict them. As to :safe storage”, let ME assess my situation,risks, exposure, etc, and decide what is best for MY situation. The best and mose effective safety device is between your ears USE IT and live will be less dangerous. What may work for one… Read more »


green-watches-dog-dicks: gtfo & stay out


I buy at least one gun a year buy, take a training class yearly, shoot and buy 100s of rds of ammo monthly, and dryfire weekly, vote 2A, voice my 2A support to local Gov, teach my kids to shoot safe and straight, bring in new shooters, donate to CRPA and GoC, try to have rational 2A conversations with liberals, and I conceal carry. But I cannot leave CA because my wife and I have good paying jobs, most of our family is here, I surf, camp, hike, wakeboard, mountain bike etc, all year round. You cannot do all that… Read more »


Umm, Pennsylvania? That’s where I went from New Jersey. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good.

Clark Kent

Keep dreaming, amigo. You will have to wake up to the facts sooner than later.


Hope you have seen what united people (yellow vests) in France are accomplishing. And they’re not done yet.
When are the 2nd Amendment supporters going to show up in force in places like NY, NJ, CA, MA, IL, etc.?
When is that going to happen? Or – is it – OH, wait I have a soccer game, etc., or something else to do, yada, yada, yada. BUT, I do have a voice and a keyboard and I assure you that I will keep on complaining!!


This guy nailed it.

James Brigham (Bigg) Bunyon

I see it and I feel sorry for them. But they don’t have what most of us have in many areas. I’m guessing few have what I don’t want to give up because of armed insurrection WE might start. Don’t get me wrong, I’m 72 and I went to war … Vietnam style. But thing is, how many of us will, when dissatisfied, take to the streets of our capital or home towns and riot and burn indiscriminately? It’s one thing to preach insurrection, it’s an entirely different matter to put everything you have, including your family and what they… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

But if we don’t, then what we have will be lost forever. Heed The Call Up. Our Founding Fathers would have been shooting by now.

Jack Mac

Good remainder, especially for those that never minded or experienced war. A civil war here will not be between territorial states. Waged by individuals and multiple groups except our military that will unlikely divide. There will not be non-combatant safety, no where safe, no target off limits, no limited destruction but nothing but duck and cover. No civilians, people will be told by every group to join us or fight us. Those who give cause for insurrection will have the means to escape and be hard find. What is referred to as the left most certainly should be made aware… Read more »

D. Alighieri

, Rural versus city dwelling liberal parasites. The constitution hating, socialist, gun grabbers live in the cities. Poison the water supply of the big cities. Revolution over. No muss, no fuss, no loss of buildings or facilities.