2019 BoD Candidate Susan Howard, Open Letter to Voting NRA Members

Editor's Note: Please consider Susan Howard for your vote for the 2019 National Rifle Association board of Directors.

Susan Howard
Susan Howard

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- First above all, I am privileged to have been elected to serve on the NRA board of directors for over 20 years—do I want to be re-elected for another three years?? Yes!!

It has been awesome to be a part of what has become the number one civil rights organization in America.

We are in the battle for the very life of the united states of America—all of us—if we fail now, we not only lose the 2nd amendment, we lose the entire bill of rights, the constitution and the very country itself.

There are many issues we all have concerns for and many opposing views and many voices that need to be heard in regards to them all. I am for that—I also know that a house divided against itself will not and cannot stand—I labor to keep us united in our cause and our purpose: To make sure that our right to keep and bear arms is never infringed upon.

~ Susan Howard

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    1. ammoland.com has a piece taking about how IL dealers may need to have a license.

      Can you explain how the NRA, as a national voice, will help support the common 2A supporters here in IL especially against new law proposals like SB0107. Many 2A supporters here in IL believe that 2A groups use IL as a test to fight anti 2A legislation elsewhere.

      Please prove me wrong.

    2. Hot Flack about the NRA today. Does it really matter at this point? This fight will be fought at the homes of gun owners and how successful do you think that will be trying to go up against professional gunfighters sworn to obey their superiors?
      good luck with that

    3. 20 years keeping wayne and chris at the helm. That is malpractice at best. Just what we need, directors officiating the total loss of 2A

      Something stinks on the NRA Bod.

      New blood please

    4. Thank you for your time and srevive but it’s time to change leadership. For way to long you guys at the board have caved to the will of antigunners. For far too long you guys have ignored gun owners plead for help and for stronger support.

      1. I call Bull Shit on that. La Pierre and the NRA are the best pro gun group out there and much longer than most other pro gun groups. You are either for them or against them. Get involved with the NRA and outta your pajamas. Do something with your life instead of dissing the largest most effective Pro Gun Group out there. Tired of you effing whiners. STFU. You are with us or against us, period!

        1. @ Michael Yes you know what you are talking about. The latest examples are the bumpstock ban and the Red Flag Law. Both of these examples violate the 2A and the second one I mentioned violates the Constitution itself. I call Bull Shit on that.

          Wow, those that want the cushy job of being on the NRA board are really coming out of the woodwork and they all do exactly what we want done. Why aren’t we seeing any results?

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