American Reserve Munitions Announce Flashless Gunpowder ~ VIDEO

Developed to keep our miltiary targets and law enforcement safe in low to no light conditions, ARM’s new flashless gunpowder to be marketed under the Stealth brand and available commercially.

 Horseshoe Bend, Idaho ( – American Reserve Munitions (ARM), producers of quality ammunition for quality shooters, launched several new products at the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan. 22 – 25, 2019 at booth #1459.

In a game-changing announcement, ARM will be announcing the development of a flashless gunpowder designed to suppress the flash of a weapon discharge, thus preventing the location of the user to be disclosed.

Flashless powder cartridges have been a major benefit to military and law enforcement operators engaged in close quarter combat from the blinding light that occurs when a firearm is discharged and momentarily disorients or blinds personnel. For home defense, the same principal gives homeowners a tactical advantage in low light conditions. Additionally, because there is a very low flash, the user can get back on target 33% faster because there is no eye adjustment to the flash of light in the dark.

“Flashless propellants became a critical requirement during World War II for the Navy and its Allies,” Vaughn Wilkes of ARM said.

“Within the military and law enforcement communities, the same requirement for stealth during a combat situation has been in demand for ground troops. We are very excited to be able to now offer this option to the men and women that serve our communities and country and responsible citizens.”

The new flashless gunpowder and flashless gunpowder cartridges will be available through a new American Reserve Munitions brand called Stealth.

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American Reserve Munitions 338 Lapua 236gr. Predator Ammo
American Reserve Munitions 338 Lapua 236gr. Predator Ammo

American Reserve Munitions

About American Reserve Munitions (ARM):

American Reserve Munitions, located in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho, proudly produce superior quality ammunition for serious shooters. Specializing in research and development, private label and creating custom loads, ARM is the main distributor of the new, ultra-long-range bullet, the Predator.


  • 16 thoughts on “American Reserve Munitions Announce Flashless Gunpowder ~ VIDEO

    1. Hello,
      Do you have any reloading data / recipe for your ARM 338 Lapua 236gr. Predator Ammo? I have a 100 rounds and would like to load it inorder not to waste time and money.



    2. Oldmarine
      I would really like to know just what the side effects are, velocity, ballistics, impact and so on. I don’t believe that all of these could be the same and it would be interesting to know them. “Good shooting and keep your power dry”

      1. here is the excert from the article answering your question
        The new flashless gunpowder and flashless gunpowder cartridges will be available through a new American Reserve Munitions brand called Stealth.

      2. If you’re looking for low-flash in pistol reloading, look up load data for Alliant BE-86. I use it in multiple calibers for loading any of my pistol loads that I might shoot at night. It’s very good in 9mm, 38 special, light .357, 10mm, and is my favorite in .45 acp with cast 200 grain bullets. If someone has developed a low-flash rifle powder, I haven’t seen it yet. If they have it in 5.56×45 or .300 Blk. or 7.62×51, I will be buying some!

    3. The rifle calibers do interest me as there is a lot of flash associated with them even with the best ammo now. There will a lot of application with the military both with and without NVGs. My uses are more for hunting and some defensive uses.

      1. I run Hornady SBR ammo in my AR pistol. It does great at lowering the flash. I’m looking forward to these other offerings

    4. In case you haven’t caught as to whom this is really meant for, it is meant for those who are shooting with NVGs on. I have shot a couple low light/no light matches and I had no problems seeing welling enough to get my rounds on target and quickly. But hey, a fool and his money are soon parted; as they say. Of course, if I don’t have enough light to identify my target I am not going to be shooting at them. That’s one reason I don’t have/use “night sights.” I do carry a flashlight.

      1. So maybe give it a try instead of assuming it won’t help and being a cynical prick who is so much better than everyone else? Less flash might get you back on target quicker. When I shoot my EDC in low light with JHP they have a tremendous flash so I could see this being beneficial.

      2. It’s for folks that mostly shoot at armed targets on the dark, not paper or plastic that don’t shoot back. Reducing the ability of armed targets to return fire on your muzzle flash is very useful in real life.

        1. Most likely expect it to be listed online sometime later this week,. mid to end of the week, but as everyone knows, (” it didn’t exist until earlier this week at SHOT, ) if you know what I mean. The lead will be with @americanreserve #arm of course, and then you will start to see the affiliated websites and stores to have inventory.

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