American Tactical Introduces Nomad Shotgun Series

American Tactical Nomad folding shotgun
American Tactical Nomad folding shotgun

Summerville, SC – ( – American Tactical, US manufacturer and worldwide importer of firearms, ammunition and tactical equipment, is happy to introduce the new Nomad Shotgun Series.

American Tactical is proud to offer customers a variety of unique, high-quality products at great prices. The Nomad Shotgun Series is a perfect addition to that lineup. The Nomads are folding, single-shot Turkish-manufactured shotguns with a 3″ chamber, black checkered synthetic furniture and swivel attachments.

With an MSRP of just $109.95, these shotguns offer shooters a fun and unique addition to your collection at an impressive price point. They are available in .410, 12- and 20-gauge models with a variety of barrel lengths. American Tactical is offering the Nomad Shotguns in the following six models:

  • ATIG12NMD18 – 12 gauge with 18.5″ barrel length
  • ATIG12NMD28 – 12 gauge with 28” barrel length
  • ATIG20NMD18 – 20 gauge with 18.5” barrel length
  • ATIG20NMD26 – 20 gauge with 26” barrel length
  • ATIG410NMD18 – 410 gauge with 18.5” barrel length
  • ATIG410NMD26 – 410 gauge with 26” barrel length

Contact your local firearms dealer today to purchase!

American Tactical Nomad folding shotgun
American Tactical Nomad folding shotgun

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About American Tactical:

American Tactical is both an American manufacturer and a world wide importer of firearms, ammunition and tactical equipment to the United States of America. Offering customers a broad range of shooting sports and defense products, they search the globe to bring the best quality and prices to buyers. In addition, they manufacture many products in the United States to offer American-made options in their vast product lineup.


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I will not support turkey IN anyway shape or form.I also will buy nothing from any company that does.

James Russell Bailey

I love the design, I love the look of it, but since it is made in Turkey, I cannot and will not support any Turkish company while the Tyrant, murder, and would be Khalif runs Turkey! Anyone purchasing any new weapons out of Turkey, or anything o of Turkey for that matter, is supporting Sharia Islam, and the spread of Islam. Buying second-hand weapons that were manufactured in Turkey is not a problem, the money that went to Turkey was from the original purchase, so if one of these comes up as used I’ll be happy to consider it, but… Read more »


Not far from me. I’ll have to check em out. Good price. Nice for grandchildren etc. (and me)


Second that.


make mine with a turkish walnut stock, double the price i’d love it. own enough firearms with tupperware furniture.

No Bull

If you want a wood stock check out the $99 made in Turkey “Hatfield” from Walmart. This ATI offering looks like t has the same trigger guard and hammer. Good bet it’s the same gun with plastic furniture instead of wood.


It is the same gun. The “ Hatfield” 12 ga I purchased before our local Wallyworld stopped selling them was very rough on the exterior, the “Turkish walnut stick cracked at the wrist while firing the second 2 3/4 in field load, and the gun began failing to fire after only 7 rounds, requiring multiple cocking and restrike to fire. Returned the gun to manufacturer through Wallyworld and company replaced it with another which looked a little better on the exterior, and had functioned well so far with a few more than 100 rounds of 2 3/4 in field loads… Read more »