Anthony Colandro Deserves Spot on NRA Board – Interview

Now that Anthony Colandro's petiton drive has successfully placed his name on the 2019 Director Nominations ballot, it's up to NRA voting members who say they want reforms to show us how much.

U.S.A. – -( Mail-in ballots have been sent out to voting members of the National Rifle Association (Annual Members for five consecutive years or Life Members). Per NRA:

The 2019 election will fill the 25 three-year terms that expire in 2022 and two one-year terms that opened up due to resignations and that expire in 2020. Voting members will be asked to vote for a total of 27 candidates.  The 25 candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be elected to three-year terms and the two receiving the next highest number of votes will each be elected to one-year terms.

As a voting member, and as someone dissatisfied with several things about NRA actions and leadership, and especially with those Nominating Committee picks who have proven over the years to be rubber stamps, I limit my support to those few candidates who have satisfied me that they practice what they preach.  A questionnaire, a tool I have developed and used over the years, allows me to nail candidates down on their positions by eliciting unequivocal answers to specific questions.

While it’s certainly possible that some will say anything to get elected, this creates a record that’s tough to make credible excuses for flip-flopping on. And it also helps to know something more about a candidate than what the brief ballot bio tells you, which can be gleaned with a bit of research, by soliciting opinions from people you respect, and by reaching out to them. If they’re not receptive and responsive to that, why waste your valuable time on them?

At this early point in the race, there is one candidate whose answers have satisfied my criteria for an endorsement, Anthony Colandro. You can learn more about him and his qualifications in an AmmoLand endorsement piece, and all I can say about that is I was unaware of it until I’d decided he had my vote as well.  My reasons are absolutely independent of that and I can prove it.

I’d not only met Colandro several years back (and had a nice Gun for Hire Radio conversation with him), I’d endorsed him for the Board back in 2014. I’ve had a chance since then to compare what he says to what he does and have never had reason to believe the man to be anything but what he presents himself to be.

Here are his answers to my questions:

David: Do you believe that the Constitution is the “supreme Law of the Land” and that the Bill of Rights acknowledges the birthrights of all Americans?

Anthony: Yes I do. It is not a living document and it is what defines us as a nation.

David: If so, should these rights be proactively protected from infringement by all levels of government?

Anthony: Yes, we have had activist judges infringe on our rights for too long.

David: Please give some examples of gun laws you consider unconstitutional.

Anthony: I believe ALL Guns laws are Unconstitutional. The focus should be only if you commit a crime with a gun and criminal intent is present. There should be NO law infringing on the law- abiding citizen.

David: Does the right to bear arms include the right for any peaceable citizen to carry them openly or concealed without a permit?

Anthony: Yes, I am a firm believer in constitutional carry.

David: Do you believe that Americans have a right to own, use and carry weapons of militia utility?

Anthony: Yes.

David: Do you you agree with current NRA management’s call to “enforce existing gun laws”?

Anthony: I do NOT agree with NRA's stance of supporting existing gun laws. There are many laws that need to be repealed that penalize citizens with no criminal intent.

David: Do you support or oppose licensing requirements to own or carry firearms? Why?

Anthony: I oppose licensing and permits because it is our birthright protected under the constitution.

David: What specific gun laws will you work to get repealed?

Anthony: First, we need a national Right to Carry in the US. I would like to see the Lautenberg act repealed as well.

David: If elected to the NRA Board, will you back your words of support for firearms rights up with consistent actions? How?

Anthony: I have stated on my podcast and at rallies and at 2A events and throughout N.J. my opinions and actions for not yielding and inch! And I will continue to do so.

David: Do you agree with the way NRA assigns political ratings? If not, what would you change and why? Can you give an example of a politician you would have given a different rating to, what would it been and why?

Anthony: Basically it is all politics and they are only as good as their last vote cast. I have read the questionnaire and it is very thorough. I remember long ago when Harry Reid was A rated as well as NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney, traitors!

David: Do you disagree with any policies being promulgated by NRA management? What is your biggest area of dissent? Have you offered superior alternatives and worked with others to implement them?

What reforms do you think are needed at NRA and why?

Anthony: The NRA is ready for a massive shake up from the top down to refocus on 2A rights, the time for bending is over, we need to take a hard line and push our agenda of right for ALL law-abiding citizens, The NRA needs to court and focus on members and move away from coddling manufacturers. There needs to be more transparency at the NRA as well. Members should not learn about issues from Bloomberg media first.

I do not agree with the way NRA handles urban areas and we need to spearhead and educate inner-city residents through education to make our message heard and unite them to our 2A cause. I do not think the NRA does a good job keeping its members informed in the battle states like N.J. as to what they are doing behind the scenes.

David: If elected, how will you inform members of your performance and voting record? Will you let us know when you dissent and why?

Anthony: Yes I will, and I will use my podcast and all social media platforms to state my voting record as well as my dissent. I am an open book with no filter. I am not doing this for the title or the free Danish. If elected I represent the members not management. Something our politicians long forgot as well.

David: Do you agree that politicians should be held accountable in their NRA grades for immigration actions that undermine the Second Amendment? If “No,” and if falling back on the “single issue” excuse, provide credible and testable evidence – not anecdotes and not just opinions – to show that will not happen.

Anthony: As for as immigration goes, yes, the politicians should pay the price for not securing out Nation for the immigration invasion. We now have a three-tier system in the US. Political elites first, criminals and illegals second, and we the tax paying law-abiding citizens third. I have had enough!

My ballot: Whether I vote for anyone else depends on if and how they answer.

No true reform will come to the NRA until voting members can rate director candidates based on unequivocal platforms of support for “shall not be infringed. To those of you who are voting members and would like to see candidates answer these questions: Use them yourself or come up with questions of your own. And then share candidate responses or lack thereof with your gun owner associations and friends.

Face it — if we can't even elect no-compromise NRA directors, how in the world can we ever hope to elect no-compromise politicians?

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regular featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 16 thoughts on “Anthony Colandro Deserves Spot on NRA Board – Interview

    1. I will never vote for colandro as he supports and is endorsed by the most established status quo nra board members in the area: Crooked tom king from my and scott bach from nj. Both of these board members supported last year’s change in bylaws that made nra board member removal nearly impossible. Both have zero courage to challenge mistakes the nra makes such as the bump stock fiasco .

    2. David, thanks for the great interview. Does he have a nickname? I’d vote for him in a heartbeat! O’haul the NRA and l’m all in! NRA needs strong voices of conviction like Anthony.
      Guys, pleasd check the Alerts at
      Thanks, Jimmy James

    3. David, thanks for the great interview. Does he have a nickname? I’d vote for him in a heartbeat! O’haul the NRA and l’m all in! NRA needs strong voices of conviction like Anthony.
      Guys, pleasd check the Alerts at
      Thanks, Jimmy James

    4. David,,
      Your article and candidate endorsement is meaningful. Thanks you.
      I renewed my NRA membership YEAARLY, and ultimately became a LIFE member on,y to get addition requests for more $$.
      Conservatives think by giving something to the liberals who want to take away Second Amendment rights, that will appease them. Nothing could be further from true. It’s like negotiating how. Much money you’ll give a robber. He’s not caring about anything but taking it all and that is the Democratic mantra when it comes to the Second Amendment. Don’t let the camel stick it’s nose under the tent. Make no mistake, this is a street fight as evidenced by Feinstein’s 2019 Weapons Ban proposed the third day of this session.
      Vote for ANTHONY

      1. Ken,
        Donated money is the main way that the NRA survives. The NRA is under attack in NY as Bloomberg and Cuomo are trying to bankrupt the NRA via numerous lawsuits and attempting to take away the NRA’s First Amendment rights and their ability to do business in NY. A virtual “death by 1,000 cuts” is their goal. They need us. Yes it’s aggravating to get calls all of the time, especially when the contractor is aggressive and can’t understand the words “sorry I can’t contribute right now”. Do what you can, but understand this. The NRA needs a tuneup, but their work is not done for free.
        By the way, I’m a Life/Patron/Endowment/Benefactor and Golden Eagles Member. You think you get phone calls and letters? Try my shoes on! 🙂

    5. Although I agree with the majority of Anthony’s answers, I also believe that simply standing up and shouting NO, NO, NO to politicians attempts to enact more gun (read population) control laws, I recognize that it’s the politicians who get these laws passed and it’s the “sheeple” in our population who keep voting them into office.
      We must find ways to convince the “sheeple” that law abiding gun owners pose no threat to them and, in reality, are a potential beneficial backup to armed law enforcement.
      We must convince the “sheeple” that they should become self reliant and not simply look to and trust the Government to provide for them.
      If the “Progressives” finally wrest complete control of the Government by convincing the voting majority of the “Sheeple” to vote them into control, all the NO, NO, NO yelling will be for naught!

    6. Have known Anthony for 8 years. He is an honest no nonsense supporter of our gun rights. Here in NJ he is continually fighting for all of us who live,in this oppressed state! He and he alone has my vote! Good luck Anthony,we need you.

    7. Voted for both Anthony and Adam. Noticed they were left off the “endorsed” list. All the more reason to get my vote.

    8. LaPierre, Cox, and Hammer have fortified the swamp. Voting no longer matters.

      Money is the only thing NRA leadership cares about. It’s the only language they understand. The only way to get their attention is to deny the NRA money. No more donations. Let your memberships lapse until they are willing to change.

    9. Colandro sounds like he is just what we need. I wish there were more like him running this year. I haven’t received my ballot yet but should this week. Don’t know who on the Board is up for re-election but I’m hoping that we can get some activist guys in to replace the “celebrities” that really do nothing but lend their name.

    10. Just received my ballot and Anthony and Adam are on my short list. Even though disappointed with recent NRA actions or inactions, agreeing a shakeup on the Board is warranted, it is still an organization which has had numerous successes in supporting members 2nd Amendment Rights. I do appreciate and support GOA efforts in challenging recent draconian gun regulation such as the BSB.

    11. Yep, time to vote out the “Establishment NRA”. Need some new blood in there that will fight without compromising so much. Time to quit with the political correctness crap, and tell things like it is. We are losing our Freedoms every day.

    12. David,
      Thanks for reinforcing my decision. In looking over my ballot I see 35 candidates listed. Adjacent to the ballot is a list of 33 candidates endorsed by the NRA. Although there are some fine names in the “Endorsed” list, I had to scour the list to determine the 2 non endorsed candidates. I came up with Adam Kraut and Anthony Colandro as two candidates who aren’t endorsed by the NRA; as such, they won’t be “NRA Business as Usual” board members.
      It should also be pointed out that the ballot structure is designed to dilute the vote. At this point, I’ll only be voting for these 2 candidates (barring any further research that indicates other like minded candidates). Voting for the maximum number of candidates allowed, in the final tabulation, turns out to be votes against your preferred candidates.

    13. It looks like he’s “No Yield.” Like that. Against Lautenberg, yep that’s when I quit contributing to the ILA. Looks like he agrees on reciprocity. Have been saying for some time now. “First it’s not up to the government ‘how’ we bear our arms, but also if we allow a reciprocity bill to get passed they will institute a most severe case standard. Sort of like fishing and hunting laws in some states.

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