Brownells Adds New Retro Rifle: BRN-605 Carbine

Brownells BRN-605 Carbine
Brownells BRN-605 Carbine

GRINNELL, Iowa-( Brownells has launched its next Retro Rifle, the BRN-605, a close copy of the very first attempt to turn 5.56 AR-15-style rifles into carbines.

Available for pre-order and scheduled to be in stock soon, the BRN-605 is based on the experimental, never-issued Colt 605A carbine – the predecessor of all subsequent 5.56 carbine models, including the CAR-15, XM177 and the M4, still in current military use worldwide.

“The Model 605 is a unique firearm that Retro enthusiasts have always been interested in due to its rarity and unique barrel configuration,” said Paul Levy, Brownells Director of Product Management. “We’re excited the BRN-605 is the first commercially-available variant. It’s a pleasure to shoot, with its full-length gas system and light weight.“

Built on an XBRN16E1 lower and carry-handle upper, the BRN-605 has a 15.5″ barrel with 1-12″ twist rifling. A standard rifle-length triangle handguard covers almost the whole barrel, giving the BRN-605 a unique appearance.

True to the original, the BRN-605 retains the rifle-length gas system, but enhances reliability and performance with a specially-enlarged gas port.

Other features of the BRN-605 include:

  • Matte gray anodizing
  • Chrome, Bolt Carrier Group with forward assist serrations
  • Pinned & Welded 3-Prong Flash Hider, no bayonet lug
  • Includes 20rd Magazine, GI Operations Manual & Chamber Flag

The BRN-605 is #078-000-469 at and retails for $1,299.99.

To learn more about the BRN-605 and the full line of Brownells Retro Rifles, visit the Brownells Retro Rifles Page.

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Rick Ash

If you’re going to pay that ridiculous high price, why not buy a real colt. Or even a used colt. My sp1 was only 1500 no

Rick Ash

By far the ugliest ar variant ever. Plus , wasn’t this model scrapped because of feeding issues with the gas block being too close to the muzzle? I could be wrong but I think I read something about the 605 having problems..

Kurt Bogle

Pointless. A AR with none of the buggs worked out. No fast twits bbl. So your stuck with 55 grain bullets. The bbl isn’t floated so no stellar accuracy. For that matter its as bad as the government’s new rifle. Direct impingmemt is the most accurate if the bbl. Is floated, but the government couldnt do that on the M-4. Now their going to a short stroke piston. The Korean’s did a pretty good job with the Daewoo 100, but still it isn’t as accurate as a floated out M-4 with a good bbl. And ball ammo. The green tip… Read more »


You are a fucking idiot.

Vance Fowler

1965! Working in Atlanta, Georgia with only Mondays off. 20 years old. (Later got drafted into the Army) Biggest department store in town had a very small sporting goods section. Was walking by and saw my first AR hanging on the wall just like this one. It was love at first sight. That love has stayed with me for the past 63 years and has never been fulfilled. I walked through that sporting goods section every Monday until that rifle sold. It was supposed to be mine one day. Alas. I shall go to the grave at least knowing Brownells… Read more »


The one you saw could not be just like this one. They didn’t have bolt assist back then. What you may have seen was the version sold to the public even before the USAF field tested the M-16 and adopted by the military in 1964. It carried a name like Sportster or some such and was advertised as the perfect small game rifle for ranch and farm. The caliber was .223 and it came with the carry handle, pistol grip, bayonet lug, flash suppressor, and one 20 round box magazine. The barrel was the standard length rifle barrel. As I… Read more »

Aaron r schultz

Rather have carbine in a 32 acp

The Destroyer

Great looking reproduction, I just didn’t realize the original Colt 605A had a forward assist. I’m really liking these new Brownell’s Colt replicas – way to go!

Christopher Cochran

Really like the matte gray anodizing.