Democrats Unveil New Universal Background Check Bill

Democrat's War on Guns
Democrat’s War on Guns

Washington, D.C.-( Democrats have wasted no time in introducing new control bills in the new Congressional session.

Freshman Democrat Representatives have made gun-control a high priority for this session of Congress. Nancy Pelosi pledged to make gun control an express concern in exchange for the support of some of the farther left Democratic representatives. In the previous session Republicans controlled the House of Representatives and prevented anti-gun bills from making it to the floor.

Surrounded by gun control advocates, former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) introduced a new universal background bill. The bill will require background checks for every firearm sold in the country. This requirement will also cover private gun sales. Democrats incorrectly refer to private gun sales as the “gun show loophole.”

Gabby Giffords
Gabby Giffords

Giffords was chosen to unveil the new anti-gun legislation because a mentally deranged man shot her at an event held in a parking lot of a Tuscon, Arizona Safeway. Giffords became very anti-gun after the shooting incident. She founded the anti-gun group after being shot.

Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) wrote the bill being introduced. Thompson is the chair of the Democrats’ Gun Violence Prevention Task Force.

“All the experts agree that this is the piece of legislation that will do the most good and do it most expeditiously,” Thompson told ABC News.

Thompson did not name any experts that he was citing. ABC News did not ask him for the expert’s names. The statics show that most gun crimes are committed with guns obtained illegally.

Also, gun rights advocates point to events like Parkland Florida and the Las Vegas shootings to show that background checks are ineffective. Both shooters, Nicholas Cruz and Stephen Paddock, were able to pass a background check to get their firearms. Thompson did not mention this fact in any of his statements.

Thompson has introduced similar bills in previous years, but the Republicans controlled Congress was able to table the legislation preventing it from coming up for a vote. Thompson believes his bill will pass the House of Representatives with Democrats now in control of the House.

Several prominent Republicans are crossing party lines to support the bill. Rep. Peter King (R-NY) is a co-sponsor of the bill. Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) said through aids that he would support the bill. Other Republicans are facing pressure to vote for the bill by special interest anti-gun groups.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) plans to introduce a companion bill in the US Senate. Murphy is a well-known gun control supporter, and he has been pushing for universal background checks since entering the Senate.

The bill is not expected to make it through the Republican-controlled Senate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is expected to prevent the bill from coming to the floor of the Senate.

If the bills were to make it through both chambers of Congress, chances are that President Trump would veto the bill. Trump has supported other gun control like the bump stock ban, but he does not support universal background checks and shown little flexibility in his position.

Giffords, Thompson, King, Mast, and Murphy did not return AmmoLand’s request for comment before publishing.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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Hmmm. Is it just me or is Gabby G. looking more and more like Nancy Pelosi?


I don’t know, guys. This is the first legal approach that I could support, but I’d have to read the bill itself to see the exact wording. It’s the first one that isn’t trying to take any guns away. It seems to be trying to keep the guns away from criminals, mental defects, and people with a history of violence, like wife-beaters or husband-beaters. It makes a lot more sense than California’s new law that you have to register when you buy ammo.


@Benjy- sadly no this shouldn’t be a bill you could support. For one, laws only work on the law abiding. For two, the background check system is notoriously fallible, good people are denied all the time because their name is similar to someone else. The system doesn’t even cross reference your SSN. For three, it would require a background check if you wanted to loan you rifle to a friend for a hunting trip, even if they already own a gun, or loan a pistol to a friend who says she fears her boyfriend might hurt her. Lastly, even if… Read more »

Ron McCauley

Almost, if you look at her eyes and clinched fist. However, Nancy is much uglier. Almost as ugly as Hillary.

willy d

@John Dunlap; So true, the amount of nonsense that is flying around, and people that are not even trying to keep up is going to entrench the politicians even more, to try to chip away our rights!!!! With the so called ban on bump-stocks, and Red Flag Laws, shows how instead Due Process will be taken away, and how instead of fighting to do away with the 2nd Amendment they will be able to piece meal as to what you can do to your guns as far as upgrades! As citizens it is time to tell these idiots in DC… Read more »


Gifford is not a representative – she resigned 25 Jan 12. The bill will not go anywhere with a republican controlled senate. The bill of concern is Rubio’s Red Flag bill as introduced. This bill chills due process / upon complaint by anyone, a court may order confiscation of ones property, (now we see how compelled registration becomes a stepping stone to confiscation), and law enforcement will via court order enter ones residence and seize property. As most citizens will be overwhelmed by this draconian event, coupled with lack of knowledge and experience in legal procedure, they will be compelled… Read more »


Alright, how are these stupid ass laws going to be enforced? By men and women in black robes who are all criminals themselves? Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you then! The operators, actors and agents of the legal system commit absolutely MASSIVE amounts of fraud against us on a daily basis, and fraud happens to be a crime, according to Black’s Law Dictionary, so that right there makes everyone from the USSC all of the way down to a Clerk of the Court in some Podunk town a criminal!! How can someone commit a crime, and not… Read more »


To all commenters, seeings as I reside for the moment in good ole californicate, many of us likeminded people here believe that this proverbial civil war will start here. Our esteemed turd for a governor publically stated September ’18 that by the end of “19 there will be no legal gunowners in this duma. Well mr newscum, I stand ready to defend my 2nd amendment right to own whichever gun I desire, and turd boy, I do know how to properly ascertain whether your brown shirts are friend or foe. In essence my friends, it appears that at one time… Read more »

willy d

@Joe Sooner/ Joe/ Charles/ Wild Bill/ Roy D/ Adam; all of you are on board, they don’t care at all they want is all of our guns, open borders, and for us to do as they say and pay all of the taxes that they want!!!!!!!! Adam it is a virus that is spreading almost at the speed of light!!!! Roy D, your right about Parkland FBI and other parties dropped the ball big time! EAM, WE now have one in the house with a fowl mouth on top of it! Charles and Joe your both right about we were… Read more »


Sharon Wats (Moms against Guns) Said the Ruger precision rifle is on of the scariest looking rifles & should be
banned. Note this is a 22lr bolt action rifle. So this means if they can ban this gun they can ban any gun. Come on
now a 22lr bolt action rifle.

Wild Bill

, I think that Shannon Watts is scarier looking than the Ruger Precision Rifle, and she should be banned first. Not even the skilled smiths at the custom shop, wielding hammer and blow torch, could make her look presentable.


All is well, don’t worry. With millions of guns in private hands, and millions of people owning guns we will simply vote out any politician who supports gun control. Right??? Wait a minute, that’s right isn’t it? Well no, not exactly. The fact is that we will get what we deserve. Is every gun owner registered to vote, well, maybe not. Does every registered gun owner actually vote for a pro-gun candidate. Sure he/she does. Well maybe not. Is every gun owner on the same page which says gun control will eventually mean all guns: hunting rifles and shotguns. Sporting… Read more »


Universal background checks only serve to register every gun transaction that takes place. There are an unlimited number of guns out there that the government knows nothing about and they want to, eventually, be able to track all guns to it’s owner for the simple reason of confiscation. They want to spend our tax dollars to be able to take our property, plain and simple. Giffords looks like she is having a hard time making her speech to the progressives. That must have something to do with her puppet master, Kelly, not being in the picture. It is tough when… Read more »


With all the problems facing America and the world, why are the demon-craps obsessed with extremel gun control? And why are they welcoming these caravans of illegals coming here from Honduras and Guatemala? The news articles said the next wave will have 15 to 25000 coming here this month. And these people burn America flags and they say they deserve jobs here! Really? I’ve got two friends looking for work and now one of the requirements is that they speak and write Spanish so they dont offend the Hispanics! Also how are background check supposed to stop crime? Kalifornia has… Read more »


It’s called divide and conquer; the policy of maintaining control over one’s subordinates or subjects by encouraging dissent between them.

willy d

Wild Bill; So true, I lost mine in the lake yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

willy d

The worst thing that is really being pushed right now is, THE RED FLAG LAWS!!!!!!!! This is being introduced by Rubio from Fla to go through the whole country, WAKE UP AMERICA, this will take away your DUE PROCESS, and also it will be done only by someone who will say something that you might do bodily harm to yourself or someone else, No investigation, just storm trooper mentality!!!!!!!!!! Then try to get your property back????? Get involved and contact your representatives and tell them not to consider any RED FLAG LAWS, because it removes your due process under the… Read more »


Almost correct, Willy… but not quite. The problem is not a complete removal or revocation of “due process.” The real problem is that the Democraps argue that due process is merely delayed (supposedly, until a judge can hear the case) instead of being outright revoked. They hope that approach will sound “reasonable” to non-gun-owning citizens/voters… who, the Democraps hope, might mindlessly accept the liberal lies that Red Flag laws are a “common sense” [dear God, how I hate that misused phrase!!] or “acceptable” or somehow “effective” solution – even though the “problem” itself is a manufactured one. Sadly – and… Read more »


Well, if the anti-gunners like, Gifford want to push the subject then the truth should be told/ expressed. They’re always calling for a curb to the violence. Then the first thing that they should go after is, HOLLYWOOD, and cancel the production of all movies, and the internet itself. If you go back before all the violence. You end up hearing how, the suspects just read how to make IED’s, &/or how they had just seen a movie pushing all kinds of gore, on mutilation of people at some sort of mass gathering of people. The problem isn’t so called… Read more »

Roy D.

When the Democrats want to make a point on “gun control” they drag the vegetable out from wherever they stuck it. It used to be James Brady and now it’s Gabby Giffords. Enabled by the money hungry handlers; Sarah Brady and now Mark Kelly.


Hmmm that’s kind of interesting that ALL of these bills and laws that are ether being introduced or in place are very repetitive, I live in RI , if I purchase ANY fire arm I have to fill out my paperwork for a background check done by the FBI , then if you don’t have a town issued ccw you have to wait 8 days before you can actually pick up your fire arm and take it home , before you can get a hand gun you have to go through the DEM and obtain ether a hunters safety card… Read more »

Michael R Stuhr

The Democrats are the “self proclaimed experts”
And as they pretend to be in all matters of other people’s lives.
“We can have walls for security, you can’t”
“We can have armed security for we are important, you aren’t”
“We can drive huge SUVs, you can’t.”
“We can keep our doctors and our plans, you can’t”
About the only think we have is “We don’t suck, they do!”

Wild Bill

@MRS, And that is what will happen when the libtards fundamentally transform America into a tyranny in the guise of socialism.

rich z

Send this one to Will Flatt , You have got that right. Just look at the SAFE ACT in N.Y.S. ,Most DID NOT COMPLY with the law. State of N.J. Mag size, All (so far) have NOT complied .It;s a start.

Will Flatt

Yes, I followed that! I see the ‘Do Not Comply’ part, but with Red Flag laws picking up steam, and the Left’s desire to use that as backdoor gun confiscation, I’m waiting for the other show to drop. When that happens, I expect it will go nationwide…

Wild Bill

Gentlemen, We all should be looking for some alternate place to store our weapons. Someplace not immediately observable on our land because anything observable will be listed on the search warrant. Burying them will not due because of LIDAR. False walls and hidden compartments in the home will not due because of metal detectors.
I have a huge metal barn, I am thinking a 4×8 (plywood size) chamber in the stacks of hay bales. They would be still under my control, burglar resistant, and easy to get to for regular maintenance. I don’t know.

Dave in Fairfax

Your haystack can be inspected visually with a scanner. Hiding things just doesn’t work, sorry. There is only one option. when they come, to quote Barbara Bush, just say NO. It will be bloody. That is the only choice left. The question is after a dozen Alamo/Ruby Ridge events, what is their next move.

Wild Bill

, I don’t want to make it easy for them and jump to the last option too early. I think that way out here on the ranch, I have more tricks and traps available. Hell, the county UPS person can hardly find this place. I could just remove the FM (farm to market road) sign and watch the fun through the bino.s.
What ever happens, it will happen in the cities first, and not the Texas cities. Maybe, I will hide them, for safe keeping, in the hands of youthful Texas patriots.


Ever notice these days that they refer to Parkland and Vegas as good reasons for gun control, but it is as if the shooting in the gay nightclub in Orlando never happened? Wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that both the shooter and his father were openly hostile muslim extremists, and Obama’s FBI/CIA completely dropped the ball on that one, would it? Nah, that wouldn’t fit their one-world, open boarders agenda or claims that Obama was the greatest ever.

Roy D.

Do not forget that the FBI “dropped the ball” in the Parkland shooting also. Of the FBI agents I have interacted with I was not impressed with at least half of them and several were not held to account when they should have been for things they did. The chances you are dealing with a “good” FBI agent, less than 50% in my opinion. YMMV.


Does the Border Patrol have a statistic for how many illegal weapons come across our unsecured borders with the illegal aliens?

MSG John Laigaie

which direction North or south??

Will Flatt

We all know that usually it’s South to North, but Obozo and Eric Holder changed the laws of physics and for a time made it go North to South!


@Ralpher et al….And how many fully automatic weapons are they bringing in, as if they plan to wage war against us Merricans soon as they reach critical mass ?

Heed the Call-up

Lord, good question. You have the answer I suspect? Ask France how many illegal automatic weapons it takes, I believe they have the answer you are looking for.


For some reason my reply comment did not post ?

Missouri Born

Feel good legislation that penalizes honest Americans and will do nothing to stop crime, why waste time on bills that will not get signed into law.
They expect Americans to follow laws while they sit on their hands in D.C. and won’t stop law breakers coming into the country illegally while giving law breakers sanctuary and medical care.

Shame on them for not following the oath of office they took.


Just how to they propose to enforce private sale transactions. If you have a gun that never passed by a 4473 form ( there are millions of them ) and you want to sell it. how do they make you do a background check? This is just more “feel good” legislation that will just make criminals out of American citizens but do ZERO to stop criminals. Ms .Giffords is so full of rage and so offended that whatever reason she had disappeared when she was shot. and the rest of the Demon-Rats have less brains than Giffords

Joseph P Martin

Exactly. Some idiots do whatever the government says, regardless of the consequences, but some of us have a brain and use it. A good law deserves to be obeyed, but a bad law deserves to be disobeyed.
Giffords is a perfect example of what happens when a pro-gun politician, or anyone for that matter, becomes brain damaged; the become an anti-gun liberal.

Alton Goats

Giffords is NOT a representative. She resigned after the shooting. She should be referred to as a FORMER representative.

Pistol Pete

The liberal socialist Democrats are brain dead!!! That’s one reason
the other is they want to turn America into a socialist country where they will be in control of everything.
Socialism means being a slave to the Government and living in poverty. So we will be like the rest of the world.
People are selling the freedom and Soul for a welfare check and food stamp card and all the other so called entitlements. If they were to vanish off the face of the earth it would be a good place to live again!


Someone please explain to me why these stupid, crooked democrats want to disarm the country and at the same time allow anyone and everyone into the country. They must be stopped.

Will Flatt

It’s simple. They want unlimited mass immigration to bring more (illegal) voters into the Demoncrat fold, so the Leftists have total political hegemony over the political landscape. That unfettered control over the levers of power will help them cement control over the country, which in turn will allow them to abolish the 2nd Amendment. Once the 2A is gone, they can (attempt to) seize all the guns, and that being accomplished they can then force Americans to accept every other form of tyranny the Demonrats want to impose. However, based on their rhetoric and historical documents of the radical Left… Read more »


It is about control. To control everyone. They really want to control everything you do, you say, to think, you eat, you drink and you breathe. They do not want the general population to be able to resist at all. You cannot do that unless you control all of the guns and disarm the people. All of the past dictatorships disarmed the people first before they went wild brutalizing everyone.

Will Flatt

First, they want uncontrolled mass illegal immigration. That’s to give them an unlimited base of (illegal) new voters to help them steal elections and consolidate control over the branches of government at all levels. Second, they want to abolish gun rights and take all the guns. That’s so they can impose every other kind of tyranny that follows after that. Third, they HATE conservatives and the values WE hold dear. There has been a longstanding plan among the radical left, once disarmament is assured, to go “Full Stalin” and eliminate every conservative leader and activist for ‘thought crimes’ against their… Read more »


They only want to disarm the law-abiding people so there is no resistance when they make a play to take over the country. The Democrats know that if they take away all the guns from the good guys the only ones with guns will be the bad guys and they are on the Democrat’s side. They don’t give a rats ass about protecting anyone but themselves.


Because the Democrats are Socialists and crave total control of the country. No different than the Social Democrats of Lenin and Stalin or the Democratic National Socialists of Hitler. You may wish to remind your reps and media that you are a Constitutional Representative Republic with a Democratic Process and not a Socialist Democracy as DC and the media continue to push. A very educated individual once stated of Socialism – Socialism is the perfect mechanism for total control of humanity. Who wants to have total control of your everyday lives ? Start calling the Media’s Marxist’s Communists and don’t… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy


“There is already an excellent Universal Background Check in place, it is the FBI NICS system which works in conjunction with the 4473 BATF Form.”

Which is a infringement on the second amendment and thus UnConstitutional.

The left has turned a infringement into a accepted fact,that has in just the most recent past Failed horrendously but those are just a couple of it’s many failings.

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Ben Franklin


Tom: The NICS system doesn’t work or we wouldn’t have any armed criminals wandering around. Once you understand that firearms laws, as with all arms laws throughout history, are not in place to prevent criminal acquisition but to control people, you see the utter uselessness of them except to wannabe and successful tyrants. We’re past repealing all of them, short of a civil war, so the next step is mass civil disobedience which, has already begun with some oppressive gun laws in select areas of the country like NJ, NY & CA. Just a thought: anyone want to really place… Read more »

Will Flatt

This is just another attempt to infringe where the Commiecrats have failed before. It’s really about redefining the severity of prior restraint on our rights to the point that no one is able to acquire a firearm, whether through an FFL, another gunowner, or from one’s own relative!! There will come a point where Americans are just going to refuse to comply with their demands, and back it up with lead on target. As another article here on Ammoland observes, we’re headed for a civil war (or a 2nd American Revolution), depending on how you want to characterize it. Either… Read more »