Do Democrat Voters Care That Their Policies Kill?

No Boarders Liberal Protestors istock
No Boarders Liberal Protestors istock

U.S.A. ( Here is a contradiction. Democrats say they care for the underprivileged. In reality, we see the policies adopted by the Democrat party actually hurting the underprivileged. Sometimes these Democrat policies go so far as to kill the underprivileged. As examples, shouldn’t we see Democrat voters shouting for reforms given the failure of our existing welfare programs, our marriage laws, and our system of immigration, yet these programs are championed by Democrat politicians. Do Democrat voters really care?

How do programs work in practice?

We want people who are injured or ill to have enough to eat. We want them to have a place to live. We inadvertently created a welfare system where some people choose not to work. Being compassionate, we increased our taxes to pay for them. Between the incentives not to work and the higher taxes to pay for welfare, we ended up with more poor people, not fewer as we intended. How can we say that welfare works when it gives us more poor unemployed people rather than fewer?

Democrats say we simply need even more money for welfare payments. Do Democrat voters care about the poor, or do Democrats care about feeling like they care?

We don’t want a widow or an abandoned mom to live on the street. We want her to have the means to take care of her children. It felt compassionate when we enacted government programs that gave money to single women if they got pregnant. We even gave them more money for each child they had. Did that save the family?

We wanted married couples to love each other. We passed no-fault divorce. Did that bring us more couples in life-long love or did we destroy the family with unilateral divorce?

The answer is clear. A teenager today is less likely to grow up with his biological parents if he lives in the US than if he lives in any other country in the world. Rather than help a family for a few years, we condemned generations of children to never know their fathers and mothers. That has devastating consequences on every aspect of society.

Is more of the same really a solution?

Democrats say we simply need more acceptance of “alternative family forms”. They say we need more aid for single parents. Do Democrats care about families and children or do Democrats only want to feel that they care?

We see a similar situation with immigration. We want hard-working people to come live the American dream. That process requires judgment. Selective immigration requires that we tell some people that they are not qualified to join us. Strict immigration requirements felt too judgemental for Democrats. Now, we have career criminal illegal immigrants who are vastly over-represented in prison. Those data aren’t from some conservative state, but from uber-liberal California which is the last place a criminal immigrant is likely to be sentenced. You may remember that illegal immigrant gang members recently killed a police officer who was himself a legal immigrant.

Killing police officers isn’t what we wanted, but that is what we produced with our current open-borders policies. Democrats should be urgently calling for more law-and-order given that underprivileged immigrants are the most likely victims of crime. That isn’t what we see.

Where is the Democrat disconnect?

I looked at three aspects of our social policy, but there are countless others we could examine. In each case, there are several possible explanations for this gap between the words and policies coming from Democrats. It could be that Democrat voters feel one way but their party leadership does what is best for politicians. The actions of the Democrat party might not represent the voters who elected them. That is certainly true to some extent.

Stated simply, why ruin a feel-good theory with facts.

A larger factor is that Democrats voters are attracted to their party because of its reputation for equality and compassion. Their concern for others was largely satisfied by identifying as Democrat. They feel they are compassionate despite the real world evidence that big-government Democrat policies cause great harm. Democrats are reluctant to look at real-world results because they are so emotionally attached to their ideology.

Is compassion a label or an action?

We have a pretty good idea what compassion looks like. People who care about others volunteer at soup kitchens and work with job banks. Compassionate people support detox and sobriety programs. People who care about children and families become foster parents and adopt needy children. They mentor other couples in programs for stronger marriages. That is the opposite of virtue signaling. These individuals take pride in what they accomplished rather than how they labeled themselves. That commitment to compassion extends way beyond the ballot box.

Reform of the Democrat party has to start from within. Self-examination is hard work. Until the Democrat party lives up to its ideals, I respect those who have the strength to walk away.

Slow Facts

About Rob Morse

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Traci T

I think many are confused about our nation and how it works. Dems and Repubs want the same things, a safe place to life and work, a country that cares about its people, and access to healthcare services. But many are fooled by the propaganda BS spewed by politicians and the media (both sides). Corporate welfare is killing our county, limits on who pays social security and Medicare taxes are killing our country. Inequality is killing our country. The masses are led to believe it is one political party against another, when, in fact, it is the rich against the… Read more »

Timothy Votaw

I’m afraid the Democrat voters by far and large are truly ignorant and uninformed. They respond like some form of flesh and bone automaton to the various narratives and talking points spoon-fed them by the architects of the Left.

Consequently, I don’t know if it’s even feasible to educate them, or get them to actually listen to logic and reason, or see reality with their own eyes, not through the eyes of some propagandist. I’m just not convinced they are that intelligent.


Not until it affects them personally and then they will blame others


No. If they did, they wouldn’t be Democrats.

Joseph P Martin

Today, at this time in America, Democrats and Democratic voters are doing more to destroy this country than any other domestic group has done in the history of the United States. The Republicans in office in Washington for the most part are not unlike the kapos in the German concentration camps: enemy in name only with no loyalty and working for the enemy doing anything the enemy tells them for their own personal benefit.


The GOP, and I am not referring to just RINOS and Never Trumpers, but the entire GOP, are just as complicit in this destruction as they sit back and watch. They showed their true colors during the Kavanah hearings – YELLOW. They simply are the other side of a 2-sided coin. Heads they win; tails we lose; either way both parties are corrupt and worthless, do not deserve their positions nor any future votes from the public. The gallows awaits their necks. Put it on Pay-Per-View, charge a minimal fee and rake in millions $$$. Then give the profits to… Read more »


ALL politicians tell the public they will do this and do that, all the while lying just to get into a cozy job with benefits and retirement pensions. 2/3 rds of all politicians are former lawyers. THAT should tell us something. Lying, manipulations of facts in the courtroom just to “win” – Shakespeare warned us centuries ago AND he gave us the remedy, which is the same remedy the US Constitution gives for treason – the gallows are waiting for a few necks. Lawyers get great experience in preparation for their transition into politics – “How to lie and get… Read more »

John Sircy

The communistic/Socialist Democrats want the chaos that this brings to this Nation. The Dems want to make more laws to take away liberties, guns in particular.


Some Americans look at welfare as a birthright, and that needs to be changed. But you can’t just throw money at the uneducated and expect them to do the right thing, especially if they do not know what the right thing is, so education programs must be put in place. Not just “how to diaper your baby” programs either, but high school diploma programs with a full curriculum. But the liberals will not like this, as someone using free thought might not choose their party.

Marc DV.

What Better Way to Say Term Limits ! Career Politicians need to be put out to pasture ! 4yrs and go, Run for something else ! If they can , Get Elected to a Past position again great ! That Just , Mean they May have been doing the Bidding of the People ! If During their 4yr. term they blow it , They need to be Recalled ! No More Longest held seats , Try Most returning Member . The Good Old Boy Days Must Come to an End ! Career’s in Politics with Diversity of Positions . Make… Read more »


Regarding Democrats caring–the useful idiots (their average voters do care–but don’t know) and their leadership does know exactly what they are doing and don’t care. Reason being, so many of their top leaders over the last 50 years are or were socialists or communists (yeah true). Now they are coming out of the wood work more openly — look who is running and winning, etc..