Easton Intros Industry-First 6MM-4MM Tapered FMJ Hunting Arrows

Easton Introduces Industry-First 6MM-4MM Tapered FMJ Hunting Arrows
Easton Introduces Industry-First 6MM-4MM Tapered FMJ Hunting Arrows

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Arrow penetration is vital when it comes to successful big game hunting, yet without precise shot placement, maximizing penetration alone may not seal the deal. Now, Easton has a new answer for bowhunters with the T64 Full Metal Jacket—the arrow that combines maximum killing power with the highest level of FOC accuracy.

The T64 FMJ shaft profile begins at the front with a 6mm diameter that seamlessly tapers down to a micro-diameter 4mm at the nock end. The integrated front-of-center weight distribution adds up to 30% more FOC for the best in exacting long-range accuracy. For lethal big game results, the rear taper creates a reduced-friction path for maximum penetration. Couple these new improvements with FMJ's track record of field-proven success, and the Easton T64 now sets the new arrow shaft benchmark for bow hunting big game.

  • Straightened to the highest industry specifications and is coaxially aligned to ± 3 milliradians to produce
    the most precise hunting arrow available today.
  • Built-in FOC—front taper adds up to 30% more FOC
  • Available in two deflection factor sizes that cover the full range of arrow spines from 400 through 300 and
    shaft lengths from 26” to 32”
  • RPS Inserts with 8-32 point and broadhead compatibility

Visit www.eastonarchery.com to see the new T64 and the full line of FMJ premium hunting arrows.

About Easton Archery

Since 1922 Easton has lead the development and innovation of precision built arrows and archery equipment. Easton is dedicated to engineering the very best in accurate dependable equipment and accessories for the serious user.

For more information, visit: www.EastonArchery.com.

  • 2 thoughts on “Easton Intros Industry-First 6MM-4MM Tapered FMJ Hunting Arrows

    1. They appear to be stealing the idea from Grizzly Stik. I don’t shoot Grizzly Stik and am not a spokesperson for them, but I get their argument…which is fresh in my brain since I just got back from SCI Reno 2019. I would recommend one go to their website and review the data.

      Light arrows can’t be built heavy enough to have the momentum needed to hunt larger sized game. Large, heavy arrows have the momentum, but can be deflected, blown off course or have more of an arching trajectory as they travel towards the target. The archery industry has gone through leaps and bounds applying the academics to the mechanics of archery in bowhunting to eliminate the issues created by the archer’s paradox and heavy vs light weight arrows. The bows have changed, the arrows have changed, the broadhead types have changed and the idea of forward of center set ups with tapering of the tail to eliminate the whip and flex that occurs upon impact is another step in the attempt to eliminate any potential problem with an archer’s/bowhunter’s set up.

      Heavy, tapered arrows with heavy, forward of center broadhead set ups have been part of Grizzly Stik’s design for years….the tapered arrow isn’t new.

      From a personal standpoint, if you’ve been to Africa for 25 years hunting with “poles” (a good description!) you have obviously adopted and mastered the heavy arrow argument. I never could get my own draw weights up high enough to be able to shoot anything larger than a 2216. But even they are heavier than most of the arrows on the market today. For dangerous game you know well that one former trick was to stuff a small diameter, heavyweight arrow inside a larger, lightweight arrow to increase the overall weight and spine of a set up for dangerous game. Most elk sized animals don’t need this degree of attention to detail, but one would be foolhardy to attempt to hunt dangerous game animals with a modern, lightweight arrow set up. One would suspect you use cut on contact, resharpenable broadheads as well…and I applaud you all the way. Large, heavy arrows can kill everything in this close range sport. This is the Karamojo Bell way of bowhunting. For those of us who can’t pull 70-80 lb bows, or who have had their shoulders operated upon and have had to reduce their pull weights, but who still want to hunt the hard way as cleanly as possible….shooting as heavy an arrow as possible that is tapered to reduce whip on impact and is tipped with a cut on contact broadhead attached to the arrow simply eliminates another issue. It is a simple, but smart step in the right direction. It doesn’t have to be done, but if one can do it, the science is behind the method.

    2. You talk about penetration.,I have been hunting in South Africa for more than 25 years, the Arrow you are talking about will have penetration because you have a Broad Head on the front of the Arrow cutting a 1.250″ hole +_ ,breaking Bone Cutting Skin making a hole for everything that behind it to pass through ,so what are they trying to sale you ,just think about it ,I have Hunted with 2219 /2419 they are pole,s in the Archery Industry ,but it,s the cutting Broad Head that make,s the way for the Arrow

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