FWP Seeks Input on Proposed Mountain Lion Management Strategy

Mountain Lion
FWP Seeks Input on Proposed Mountain Lion Management Strategy

USA – -(Ammoland.com)-  Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) is seeking public review through Jan. 15, 2019 of a draft Montana Mountain Lion Monitoring and Management Strategy. A public information session in Missoula is planned for Monday, Jan. 7, beginning at 7 p.m., at the FWP Region 2 Headquarters (3201 Spurgin Road).

FWP Biologist, Jay Kolbe, and other staff will be on hand to present background information and answer questions on the draft. FWP will collect written comments at the meeting.

To review the strategy and submit comments online at any time through Jan. 15, visit fwp.mt.gov and follow links to “submit public comments.” Additionally, request information by calling 406-444-2612, and mail/email comments to FWP Wildlife Division, PO Box 200701, Helena, MT 59620-0701; [email protected]

The strategy lays out guidelines for how FWP will manage and monitor lions but does not set specific population objectives or harvest recommendations; that will be part of a later and separate phase of planning.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and ParksOver the last 25 years, FWP has made significant investments in field research that helps inform how to maintain lion populations in all suitable habitats of the state. With this and the benefit of research done in other states and provinces, FWP is proposing to use the latest science and state-of-the-art methods and tools to monitor Montana’s lion population.

For more information, visit the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks website.

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willy d

McCullough; Why not transport some of the Kitty’s to NJ as they could be fed a super large population of deer, and maybe a few overweight politicians, I know that they would be tender and not hard to chase down, they have made it almost imposable to carry a gun in NJ and they are limited to the amount of ammo that they could carry so the Kitty’s won’t be harmed!!!!!!!!!! GOOD IDEA???????????????? WIN-WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

willy d

tomcat;wildbill; DennisE ; All great ideas when is the bus leaving from DC I don’t want any of the left to escape for the feeding frenzy, and I don’t want the kitty’s to go hungry!!!!!!!!

Mark McCullough

Transplant trapped lions to wilderness areas in the east with excess deer populations.

Mark McCullough

Why don’t they trap some excess lions and transplant them to wilderness areas in the east with no lions. There are some places with so many deer that lions could hunt their natural prey and rarely be seen or be a threat to humans.

tom schiff

One should know about these Cats before commenting !

GV - Short Timer in California

Ask hunters or ranchers in California. There has been a “moratorium” on Lion hunting here in CA since 1992 I believe. Without MANAGEMENT, they- the lions, have begun harvesting all the deer possible – their primary food source and when the deer population declines or moves even lower altitude from the foothills to the valley, the lions then begin hunting in towns: i.e. pets, humans, more livestock-horse, etc. They are found in trees, garages, backyards of homes in “rural” (sarcasm) towns like Sacramento, Pasadena (Rose Bowl), Stockton, etc…… I have had trappers tell me, even remote “drug camps” using rottweilers,… Read more »

tom schiff

These beautiful cats DO kill. Nature usually has a balance – which we humans many times upset. Lately I am afraid – at least here in Cal – there have been too many of these Mountain Lions, again preying on young – threatened Rocky Mountain Sheep = etc.


What a majestic animal. I have heard nothing of them hunting people and killing them? What is wrong with leaving them alone until someone or someone’s property is endangered or they become overpopulated. It sounds to me like someone is trying to justify their job.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, Actually those majestic animals do hunt people. When I was in So.Cal. a mountain lion took a woman right off her bicycle. Two men were doing their daily run, saw it, and got into a tug of war over the cat’s next meal. I also recall a really athletic police officer that liked to run distance in the Los Angeles Nat. Forest. Searchers did find what the cougar did not eat. Normally, they eat about a deer a week, or other larger animal, so … if one sees a mountain lion in the wild, it is because you are… Read more »


Wild Bill So when you see one you don’t say “here kitty,kitty” I have never been around any of them but from reading here I thought they were not very plentiful. If they eat people I don’t think they are following the prescribed food chain. Some of these democrats, including congress critters, could be used as fulfillment for a hungry lion.

Wild Bill

@Tcat, An excellent idea!

Randy L Chesnut

I say leave them alone there is not enough of them in the wild they help keep a lot of varmints under control that are over abundant that no one hunts . Like a lot of animals Hunter will kill to many of them and then there won’t be enough of them to do what nature intended them to do

Wild Bill

L. Actually their too many in the wild that is why they enter into suburbia to hunt pets, children, and even adult humans. So if you hate children, pets, deer, wild sheep, and your neighbors, then I can see why one would support not hunting mountain lions.

The Green Watch Dog

Complete crap information you spew Bill! These, and most other wild animals, need to be left at their own. Let them starve, be diseased, but we must not hunt just to kill. We need let nature ensure that the strong survive. Natural predators help keep prey species strong . This eliminates the sick and weak. Some hunters sole goal is to kill so they can mount that animal above their fireplace.

Big Jim

I think they should tranq and send them to Chicagolands Forest preserves with you Green Old Lady!
Thanks for playing.

Wild Bill

When scientists tried to prove the theory that “Preditor species keep the prey species population strong by eliminating the old and weak” did not prove out. Wild life management scientists found that predators kill the young and strong as frequently as they kill the old and weak. The determining factor seems to be how well a particular predator animal has learned to hunt or ambush its prey. Human hunters, although not spending as much time in the field and being poorer hunters, use more discretion (e.g. hunters tend to wait to see if the animal they are looking at has… Read more »

Dennis Eagleberger

Leave the Lions alone, hunt the left.


One of the more repugnant aspects of Mountain Lion Management has been the Anti-hunter crowd creating “Seasons” for Lions.. an animal that has no specific periods for reproduction.. The whole Game and Fish operations had been deeply corrupted… sad really. a program supported by sportsman has been turned on it’s head.. Revenue.. Seizing trophies . Not sure if we will every see it run properly again..

tom schiff

Does Montana know how many wild Cougars it has? Here in California – I don’t think they have even tried a survey since 2006.

Tom Schiff – originally from Oregon


I think they try to keep it quite about how many and where they are, I have not seen the cats but I have seen scat and tracks here in San Diego Co. I know of 3 adults and 2 yrs ago one had 2 kittens, these are in 3 different areas with a ton of land between that I have not been in so I know there are a lot here in San Diego. I have actually seen them in Baja Ca. in the Laguna Hansen area.