Montana Outdoor Group Acquires Montana Rifle Company

Mountain Rifle Company Model 1999 Custom Action

Kalispell, Mont. ( – Montana Outdoor Group, a private investor group, has acquired the Montana Rifle Company (MRC) from Owner and Founder Brian Sipe. According to industry veteran and new CEO Ron Petty, the acquisition was completed in July and new changes were immediately implemented to rejuvenate the facility and increase production capability. Petty commented, “we are extremely excited to acquire this prestigious company and already we are seeing sales and production on the rise.”

New machinery, including several state-of-the-art CNC machines, and several new key personnel have made a very positive impact, not only on production, but new products as well.

“With the acquisition, machinery and key personnel in place, we have established the Montana Custom Barrel Division and are actively producing barrel blanks for key industry partners,” Petty continued.

MRC produces custom actions, such as the Model 1999, designed by noted gunsmith and founder Brian Sipe. The action combines features of both the M70 Winchester’s 3-position safety and fully adjustable trigger with the Mauser controlled feed extractor. The action is a preferred choice of many custom gunsmiths and is available as an “action- only” in short, long and PH configuration for calibers .222 through the 505 Gibbs. Barreled actions are also available in over 70 calibers.

MRC’s selection of custom rifles includes models in both right- and left-hand actions and a complete range of calibers in both Chromoly Blue, Stainless, wood and synthetic stocks. MRC firearms have won almost every prestigious award, including Field & Stream’s 2015 “Best of the Best,” SCI’s 2017 “Gun of the Year” and many others. At Montana Outdoor Group, we are proud to keep this tradition alive and well!

Consumers can see our complete line up for 2019 at the SCI, DSC, Sheep Show, Western Expo and the NRA Expo. Petty explained, “wherever great hunters converge, we’ll be there!”

For more information, visit our website at  or contact us at [email protected]. Visit Montana Rifle Company at the 2019 SHOT Show at booth 15940.


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2 years ago

Same basic thing happened to Remington didn’t it, they were purchased by Cerberus Capital Management, they also bought/own DPMS, Bushmaster, Marlin, S&W, PARA and some others. Hopefully they won’t follow suit. It seems that the craftsmanship, quality and soul haven’t been purchased along with the NAME. Cerberus actually tried to dump Remington in a panic selloff after the Sandyhook shooting and found no buyer. Remington owns Bushmaster. Something important is often forgotten when a financial “group” buys out a company and adds it to their LIST…. These companies become a trophy, to keep until it tarnishes enough to discard, you… Read more »

American Patriot
American Patriot
2 years ago
Reply to  Rock

You are exactly right, Marlin is/was an example of a fine firearms Mfr until bought out now I wouldn’t touch em. Once an investment group gets them mind as well kiss em good-bye, their interest is only one thing & it’s not the 2A or quality mfg!