New Hi-Point Pistol For 2019

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New Hi-Point Pistol For 2019

Dayton, OH – -( Hi point will be introducing a new pistol in the latter half of 2019. The new 9mm high capacity (also new for Hi-Point) compact pistol will have a threaded barrel and many new features.

This is not an old model with a few tweaks like the latest version of someone's 1911. This is an entirely new pistol of a more contemporary design and yet will retain Hi-Point's affordable pricing, reliability, robust construction, accuracy, and owner following lifetime warranty.

Hi-Point is not a model flipping company and it has been years since their last new pistol design was unveiled. Their thought process is basically if it works well and people can afford it, then it works well! However, Hi-Point's new owner wanted a more contemporary compact high-capacity pistol that is still Hi-Point affordable, robust, reliable and accurate.

MKS Supply logoThis new pistol is in “stealth” prototype stage and our media relations firm could not even get an image of it. However, there will be 3D printed models at the 2019 SHOT Show booth 16144 for examination–bring your 3D printed ammo and we will shoot at 3D printed targets, bet someone does that!

So for more information and a look-see of the most recent member of the Hi-Point family come by the MKS Supply booth 16144 (main floor) at the 2019 SHOT Show and see it and Hi-Point carbines and other pistols, Inland .30 caliber carbines, shotguns, pistols and of course the new to the U.S., the ultra hi-quality Barnaul Ammunition line from Russia.

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    1. I have collected several challenge coins from 1911 owners at ranges using my 45acp hi-point, they all made a comment they couldn’t back up. I also have 45acp carbine love it. I am excited about the possibility of a new 9c with threaded barrel, and hopefully they will make a after market threaded barrels for the carbines. Hi-points are solid, useful guns, most who speak bad of them NEVER owned one and not believing story of gun flying apart I’m sure that wimp would be trying to sue, he just wants to post some BS!!!

    2. Jesus enough already. I have a real hard time believing some of these people have any idea what their are talking about when it comes to firearms. If the trigger pull on a gun is to much for some of you shooters then maybe you should take up knitting, you’re probably not able to hold a gun safely or maybe just let your wives and girlfriends shoot for you. I have a varied selection of firearms and calibers and have been reloading for years so I do a little about the subject. When a person starts blaming a weapon for poor accuracy I can assure everyone almost always it’s not the gun’s fault. Years ago I was on a pistol team had the lowest priced gun, used off the shelf bulk ammo and shot high score each week. I own two hi points weapons and find them to work well with no issues and the trigger doesn’t really bother me but then again what do I know. Well I think I’ll go for now and get a breath of fresh air because of all of smoke that some of you are trying to blow up everyone’s ass makes it hard to breath

      1. I couldn’t have Said it better Sir!! I Love My Hi-point 9mm carbine and the 45acp pistol!! Who Gives a Shit about Trigger pressure or it’s Ugly Blah Blah Blah!! Its a great reasonable firearm and I Totally Love the Two I Have!! Let the Pimadonnas Piss away $500/800 Dollars I’m Content with my Hi Points, the one thing that I have to call Him Point and Ask is I have the Old Version 9mm Carbine and I want to find out if I am able to Match my Old Stock to the New One? Other than that I’m a Happy Hi Point firearms Man!!

    3. I bought a Hi-Point C9 pistol from an individual. The pistol looked great. The action worked smoothly but it was a little bit dirty from how I keep my other guns. I believe that the person I bought it from got to me. I wasn’t able to fire the gun for about a week because of the Holidays and heavy rain. The pistol came with an 8 round magazine and the day I finally got to fire it I only put one round in the magazine. I was at my brother’s place in the Country when I fired it. When I fired it the gun flew apart with part of it (the slide) going out into the grass and the rest landing on the porch where I was standing. Scared the crap out of me. I’m not sure if I found all of the parts using a metal detector in the grass but I did put the gun back together. Not wanting to press my luck and fire it again I wanted to contact Hi-Point and find out how to send the gun in for repairs so I sent them a letter. It has been over a month and I have received no reply from Hi-Point.
      Does anyone know how to return a gun to Hi-Point for repairs?
      Norm Dvorak
      [email protected]

      1. They were closed down for the holidays. The best way is to call M-F, start as soon as they open and keep trying until you get thru. Tell them what happened (be nice). They will give instructions on sending it in. When you call have the SN ready.

      2. Try Hi-Point Firearms search, it will bring up the home page with phone #. I know you have to label the box contents as machine parts. HP will repair or replace everything they find wrong with the gun. You can’t go wrong buying a HP even if it’s all in pieces in a box.

      3. Screw the high point and spend the money you would pay for shipping/repairs and put it toward a decent pistol. Check there’s normally some decent pistols on there.

    4. It must be the Hi-Point new 10mm pistol! I have them all and love Hi-Point. I have pistols and carbines from others but Hi-Point is just fun to shoot and is dependable. The Hi-Point 45ACP is my everyday carry gun! Their warranty is bar none the best out there if you ever have a problem just send it in to (MOM) them and it’s fixed. But after thousands of rounds from each caliber of Hi-Point I own, just a simple and easy take down and a good cleaning and you’re back in business again.

    5. I used to own a Hi-Point 45. Loved it. My Dad got upset with me and told me to bring it with me on my next visit and he’d show me how it shoots against a quality pistol. We went to an indoor range he was a member of and I opened my box with the Hi-Point, he opened his carry case and there sat a beautiful Kimber 1911!
      He hung a target on the track and sent it out to 35′ . He squeezed off 3 rounds and rolled the target back in. His group was about an inch and a half apart. He said “I’m going to mark my 3 rounds, although I don’t think you’ll even hit the paper. He finished and rolled the target back out to 35′. I squeezed off 3 rounds. He brought the target back in. When he looked at it he said “I can’t believe that you out shot me with that piece of shit pistol!” My rounds were inside his group.
      Point is. Say what you want about the Hi-Point guns. They are every bit as accurate as the top dollar pistols!

    6. Sign me up…can’t wait….No one has as good of a warranty ,and the price is right for those of us on the lower end of the income scale..I own a few and they are just as fun to shoot as my far more expensive ones.

    7. Their 10mm carbine with the threaded barrel is a very tempting Hi-Point for me – make up a 10mm version of the 9mm RedBall 20 round magazines for it and I’d have to finally buy one. With other more suitable firearms in my collection to enjoy I am in no particular hurry, but a low cost 10mm carbine with a threaded barrel and available higher capacity magazines could become just too much to resist. Hotter “+P” 10mm loads may be a bit too much recoil for some folks in a handgun, but a nice little carbine tucked up against your shoulder could make even the hottest 10mm loads seem tame enough to make you end up reloading your own ammo, just so you can _afford_ to play at the range all day, all the while carefully collecting / saving up your used brass so you can do it all over again later!

      Good fun cheap. God Bless America.

    8. I heard rumors of this last year! What I heard was the design is more in line with the majority of poly frame with metal slide, something like a Taurus,S&W SD9 with a double stack. The new Taurus G2C is double stack slim with 12 capacity mag. The grip could be 1 inch longer and give you a 14 stack. I know I’m looking forward to see what comes out!!

    9. So glad to see that someone had finally decided to make the Q-36 Immodium Space Modulator available to the public!! And chambered in 9mm- readily available ammo!!

    10. When I had nothing I had a Hi Point 9mm Carbine. It served an important purpose at that time in my life. It put rounds where I wanted them to go and gave me a way to defend myself and my family with a carbine if I needed to. It also served the purpose of familiarizing my wife with firearms. She grew up around them but never took an interest. The simplicity of the Hi Point made it easy to get her interested in defense at least.

      I had a semi-auto handgun from work so the Hi Point pistols were not on the table for me. It didn’t take me long to get established and start earning some money. When this occurred I passed the carbine on to someone else who had nothing. Now he had a Hi Point 9mm Carbine. That was a long time ago.

      I’ve seen and handled the Hi Point pistols and I have absolutely no attraction to the them at any price point. I’ve shot a 9mm, owned by a friend, on the range. Although the it was fairly accurate, the trigger has to be near the worst on the market. I’ve seen them jam consistently on the range. The trigger makes it hard for some shooters. I’d personally wait and save a little more and buy a used pistol from a major manufacturer. I don’t believe I’d teach someone the basics on one of these.

      My hope is that Hi Point addresses the trigger and pistol aesthetics. I don’t think they can do a whole lot and keep it in the current price point.

    11. “If the Hi-Point Carbine used Glock mags at its price point, everyone would own one.” -Nanashi

      I couldn’t agree more. That’s always been my main problem with their carbine. I’m interested to see what happens. One can only hope a carbine that takes higher capacity mags in in the works as well.

      1. Have you heard of redball mags? They make a 20rd mag for the 9mm carbine. Quite nice as I’ve bought a few of them. 30 0r 40 would be nice but it’s still nice to have 20 over 10rds.

    12. Sorry about no pic yet- there is this thing called the ‘SHOT SHOW’ happening very soon-you may have heard of it – with a mid to late roll out the “pic” may change a bit-
      Booth # 16144-
      come see it for yourself…. and get your own pic

    13. Interesting. Hi-Point has always been held back by its AWB era design. The carbine especially is held back by using these mags instead of Glock mags. If the Hi-Point Carbine used Glock mags at its price point, everyone would own one.

      I’m expecting something like a SCCY (cheap, no frills Browning action with ugly frame), though the bit about keeping the accuracy would indicate another fixed barrel firearm.

      1. Oh how I love to hate elitist gun snobs…..the hi point carbines and sccy platforms are both solid performers…..take that nonsense right with you and dont let the door hit you in your ass. Glock is and always has been overhyped and overpriced. Kudos to hi point for hopefully continuing their drive forward…….always looking for an affordable solution to a cheaper reliable firearm.

        1. Well, I can truthfully say that my Glock 30 is quite a bit more accurate than my HiPoint JHP-45. It’s also lighter and slimmer so it’s easier to CCW. It holds 1 more round than the HP, and has less muzzle flip so split times are faster. Since the striker/firing pin doesn’t do double duty as case ejector, it’s actually safe to unload a live round by cycling the action – something that HiPoint recommends against doing. It’s also a fact that HiPoints ARE cheap, no-frills guns. Go to any online seller and the cheapest semi-auto handgun in 380, 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP is likely to be a HiPoint. The HiPoint is also a no-frills gun compared to some others on the market. Both Glock and HiPoint pistols have their place in the market. Pointing out facts doesn’t make someone an elitist or a gun snob.

        1. My son’s Hi-Point has proven itself many time more reliable than my Kimber that cost 10 times more. It is also more accurate. Say what you want about Hi-Point, but simply – they work. Something I could not day about my Kimber with HP ammunition.

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