NFA Processing Division Affected By Government Shutdown

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NFA Processing Division Affected By Government Shutdown

ATLANTA, GA – -( As the government shutdown extends into its third week, suppressor buyers and dealers across the country have one resounding question: will the shutdown have an impact on suppressor transfers?

The answer, unfortunately, is yes.

After speaking with sources in the administration, American Suppressor Association can confirm that the NFA Division is not processing tax-paid transfers during the shutdown.

Unlike the actual approval/denial of NFA applications, tax payments for NFA transfers are processed directly by Bank of America. Because Bank of America employees do not work for the government, the $200 tax payments are still being processed as usual. After the checks are cashed, the forms are still being mailed to the NFA Division in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Under normal circumstances, this part of the process accounts for the first one to two weeks of the average NFA transfer. As a result of the shutdown, forms are stacking up as they are received by the NFA Division.

Realistically, consumers can expect to see a short term increase in transfer times while the backlog builds. However, NFA examiners and contractors are known to work extensive overtime, including holidays and weekends. We anticipate that they will look to make up for lost wages and time by working hard once government operations resume. An additional counterweight to the mounting backlog is the fact that ATF has previously assigned non-NFA staff to temporarily assist NFA in reducing past backlogs. ASA will encourage ATF to do the same this time.

Once the shutdown ends, ASA will communicate with NFA Division staff to bring you updates. In the meantime, we encourage consumers and dealers to continue submitting transfer forms for suppressor purchases. After all, government shutdown or not, NFA forms will be processed in the order in which they are received.


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    This should not even be an issue if the Republicans did their job whiloe holding the House Senate, and the White House for the past 2 years. The Hearing Protection Act should have at least made it to the floor and National Reciprocity made it passed the House but got stalled in the Senate with McConnell refusing to bring it to a vote. Now they are both dead and we will never see them again. But the Democrats wasted no time introducing a national AWB and many other anti 2nd Amendment bills just days into taking control of the House.… Read more »

    Eric M Lautz
    Eric M Lautz

    You Hit the nail on the Head Friend! I could not agree more. Pro gun bill passes the house, we have a republican senate who supposedly pro-gun. I mean what the hell? I have a tough time wrapping my head around the fact that I have to ADK BIG DADDY GOVERMENT to put a stock on my AR pistol, and to own a silencer, then you throw in crap like this where turtle boy didnt even try. Really makes me wonder why I vote republican. I could give a rats ass about the rest of the issues its guns that… Read more »