Where’s the Investigation into Senator Feinstein’s Chinese Spy?


Dianne Feinstein
Senator Feinstein quietly covered up that her driver and San Francisco office director of 20 years had been spying for the Chinese government, while she and her husband made millions from China.

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Let’s look at a case study in Justice Department and news media bias: the treatment of President Trump compared with the treatment of Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein.

The media’s glee over news that a group of anti-Trump bureaucrats took it upon themselves to investigate President Trump as a traitor when he fired their friend Jim Comey in May 2017 has only served to clarify the establishment and media hostility toward the President.

With no evidence – save some absurd and unsubstantiated opposition research paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democrats – Obama-era FBI officials decided to covertly investigate the newly-elected president for treason. This inquisition was apparently in addition to the counterintelligence investigation over supposed (and undefined) collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Consider the FBI’s multi-layered attack on Trump compared to its treatment of Senator Feinstein after officials discovered that her driver and San Francisco office director of 20 years had been spying for the Chinese government.

In 2013, when Feinstein led the Senate Intelligence Committee, FBI officials politely approached her to inform her that her staffer had been covertly sharing information with the San Francisco Chinese consulate – which Feinstein helped open when she was mayor – for roughly a decade. Feinstein was briefed. She apparently allowed the man to retire. No charges of espionage or acting as an unregistered foreign agent were ever brought against him. He wasn’t placed in solitary confinement or threatened with prosecution unless he cooperated with special investigators. Presumably, American taxpayers were required to pay for the Chinese spy’s retirement (for which the Chinese government was undoubtedly grateful).

Indeed, there was no investigation into Feinstein colluding with China at all – despite that she is widely-regarded as a “China dove” in the Senate and that her husband has made millions in Chinese business dealings while she has served as a top Democrat in intelligence, energy, and foreign affairs.

Additionally, the event wasn’t reported by any media for five years (which meant the FBI didn’t feel the need to leak it). Even when this security breach was reported, it was only mentioned in passing by Politico Magazine in a story about broad Chinese-espionage in Silicon Valley. Once the story broke, the San Francisco Chronicle picked it up as a local story, but it was ignored by the rest of the establishment media.

Now, Feinstein has said, and many in media have parroted, that this staffer was of no importance, didn’t know anything, and posed no threat to our national security.

As a former congressional leader, I can tell you that is complete baloney. The drivers in congressional offices have near complete access to their members’ schedules. They know who you are meeting with, when you are meeting them, and sometimes a notion of what the meeting is about.

They hear every conversation you have while you are being driven about from place to place – both on the phone and with staffers riding with you. They have access to anything you leave in the car for safe-keeping – think briefcases, notes, laptops, iPads, cell phones, etc. Furthermore, as a member of your team, they have access to the rest of your staff. The amount of intelligence a spy embedded in a congressional office could ascertain from simply attending a staff happy hour is astounding.

Even if this staff member had no access to classified information, the political and policy intelligence to which he had access may have put our country at a huge disadvantage in negotiating with or competing with China.

These two cases clearly show the bias held by both the media and the Washington establishment. When well-entrenched Democrats find themselves enmeshed in espionage by our greatest competitor, they are briefed and the problem is ignored.

When the vaguest of allegations is made against a Republican – or any real change agent in Washington – the establishment and media go to war against them.

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Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

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    1. OK who investigates this little piece of works that withheld a letter attempting to ruin a Judge’s life, and also a traitor who would keep our borders unsecured while submitting a firearms Bill 66 that would disarm Americans from protection of the thousands of illegals staged to enter the US. Our homeless citizens can’t be taken care of, yet thousands of unskilled, sick, unsponsored, unfunded, and without shelter will need to be taken care of by over taxed citizen that have no voice. Who will stop the flow? It seems it will not be Mexico, so thanks to the Democrats, the unchecked flow will continue into the Sanctuary States run by the super majority. I think I know how that will work !!!!

    2. She harbored a Chinese spy for 20 years. Let us dispense with the juvenile fiction that anyone on the left gives a damn about this country. They’re greasy parasites. A reckoning is around the corner.

    3. From Dianne’s Chinese Uber driver, to hubby’s insider-trading real-estate $Millions, to Dianne’s ownership of AVID Technologies which controls voters. With this sort of resume, she’ll probably get a DC building named after her.

    4. It would be at immature fantasy to believe that any Upper echelon of the government will ever be a punished to any extent for the crimes they perpetrate on the American citizen. I personally believe Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer should be placed in front of a firing squad

    5. The major problem with the Demo-Rats and being brought up on any charges Is that THEY HAVE A VERY LARGE BROOM and an even BIGGER RUG TO SWEEP THE FINDINGS UNDER!!!!!!!!!!! TWO-TIER system DEMO-RATS NONE, Republican’s GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. “Where’s the Investigation into Senator Feinstein’s Chinese Spy?”

      I dunno, Newt — instead of asking us this, why don’t you ask your Republican colleagues, who seem to be capable of sitting on their fat asses in the Senate chambers, and NOTHING ELSE? They’re the ones who should be doing something about this. Whose fault is it that they are not?

    7. I think you are missing the point. Her husband and she are both Communists, spies for China, along with Bill and Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Demon Rat cabal! They are not only employing spies, THEY ARE THE SPIES! Hello? Are you listening? Bill literally sold us out to China with all of his BS when he was in the W.H. He also established an illigitimate and unconstitutional office of ‘special counsel’ when the Congress of the United States of America had disbanded and not reinstituted the office while he was President. So he and Janet Reno convened their own special counsel which has no oversight, no appropriations and no legal authorization to even exist, which is exactly what Mueller is operating by today! THAT is WHY there is NO OVERSIGHT by the CONGRESS, which is REQUIRED for this type of counsel. Anything else is not official, legal or constitutional or enforceable. The only thing Mueller is doing is breaking the law, using his own rogue tactics to search and seize confidential information he would never have been allowed to admit in a court of law against anyone, let alone a sitting President! He is out of legal control and without any reins by Congress to control his overstepping of the law! WHO IS GOING TO STOP HIM? THE CONGRESS SHOULD IMMEDIATELY PUT A HALT TO HIS SO CALLED INVESTIGATION THAT IS NOTHING BUT THE SAME TYPE OF ILLEGAL WITNESS TAMPERING AND PLANTING OF EVIDENCE HE DID IN THE WHITEY BOLGER CASE IN WHICH TWO INNOCENT MEN WERE SENT TO PRISON FOR LIFE! HOW IS THIS JUSTICE? HE IS NOT ABOUT JUSTICE! HE IS ABOUT BRUTE FORCE, NAZISM AND SOCIALISM WHERE THE STATE RULES ALL AND THERE ARE NO CONTROLS BY THE PEOPLE. HE IS ANTI AMERICAN, NOT SUBMITTED TO THE RULE OF LAW HIMSELF, SO WHO WOULD EXPECT ANYTHING GOOD TO COME FROM SOMEONE WHO WAS ALLOWED BY THE COURTS TO FRAME INNOCENT AND LET THE GUILTY GO FREE? HE IS REPEATING HIS ANTICS, NOT INVESTIGATING THE GUILTY, OBAMA, HILLARY, AND ALL THE REST OF THE CABAL THAT ALMOST RUINED OUR NATION IN 8 YEARS WHO WERE ILLEGAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONALLY QUALIFIED TO EVEN BE IN THE POSITION THEY WERE IN, INCLUDING HILLARY, WHO HAS USED AMERICA AS HER OWN PRIVATE PIGGY BANK IN HER PAY TO PLAY INTERNATIONAL SCHEMES! WHERE IS HIS INVESTIGATION OF HER? NON EXISTENT! NO, HE IS NOT FOR LAW, HE IS FOR LAWLESSNESS AND DISORDER. HE DOES THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT ANY RIGHTEOUS JUDGE OR ATTORNEY WOULD DO ACCORDING TO THE LAW. HE IGNORES THE LAWS, THE BASIS FOR OUR NATION, TO BEGIN WITH AN NEEDS TO BE PUT AWAY BEFORE HE DOES MORE DAMAGE THAN HE HAS ALREADY! ALL OF HIS INVESTIGATION IS MOOT AND NULL AND VOID AND ALL OF HIS CONVICTIONS SHOULD BE THROWN OUT! HE HAD NO LEGAL BASIS FOR EXISTING OR DOING ANYTHING HE HAS DONE. HE WAS APPOINTED ERRONEOUSLY AND UNCONSTITUTIONALLY BY ROSENSTEIN, WHO IS A ROGUE COMMUNIST OPERATOR HIMSELF. HE AND THE REST OF THESE PEOPLE WHO HATE AMERICA NEED TO BE EXILED TO THEIR OWN ISLAND WHERE THEY SHOULD LIVE OUT THE REST OF THEIR LIVES NOT HAVING CONTACT WITH OUR NATION EVER AGAIN!

    8. After all she has done against our Republic we still allow her to spread her b.s. She is a true representative of commiefornia and fits the anti American profile to a tee.

    9. This is a very good question.
      Feinstein had a Chinese Spy for 20 years. Why are we not going after him and her?
      Wasserman-Schultz had uncleared Pakistanis running the IT for her and a whole bunch of folks in the House of Representatives, including people on the Military and Intelligence Committees. When they got discovered they fled to Pakistan and nothing has been done since.
      Obama put out an order that required all government branches to purchase computers from the Chinese, yeah, our enemy, the Fascist Marxist regime. Why does he still have a security clearance? Where was the FBI then and now?

      1. Oh, LHO, where are you when you are sorely needed. Oh, that’s right ! Jack Rubinstein killed you before you could talk. Too bad you didn’t have a clone.

    10. Hey NEWT STFU and quit lying the FBI DID INVESTIGATE!
      You are still IRRELEVANT

      DiFi does enough stupid crap that things do not need to be made up abpout her!

      1. Keep a civil tongue in your head, you imperious ass. Newt is absolutely correct. The FBI did NOT “investigate” anything. They specifically decided NOT to do so… rather, they merely informed Fineswine – nothing else.

        Take your parroted Liberal ideology elsewhere… you can find insane individuals, who will mindlessly heed your drivel, at any mainstream media outlet.

    11. Heck Difi might be THE Chinese spy.
      She has had communist leanings all her career.
      Sell out you own country for money? Why that’s unheard of….. wait, that’s not true.

      1. You mean she dealt directly with the Chinese ? Usually the Zio-Nazi Khazars who have wheedled their way into the government give their pilfered material to Israel first, and then they pass it on to China. I guess she just cut out the middleman to maximize her profits. Boy, she sure is one heck of a crafty be-itch ! And how about her friend Harry Reid and his son. Wasn’t he the plick that had the BLM run ranchers off their land so the Chinese company that his son worked for could set up solar farms on the land they lost ? I’m telling you, the military should be having tribunals for all these dirtbags. Sure hope they aren’t in on it too.

    12. Again the democratically controlled fbi (Frigging Bunch of Idiots) has shown their true colors. Why has senator dianne frankenstein not been charged with treason?? And what about her husband ?? Collusion with the chinese? Will this crap never end? “Lions and Tigers and democrats, Oh My!!”

    13. When you collect a check from China, you are nothing more than A lying Globalist…Billions collected at the expense of the American people…..Feinstein, Pelosi, Schumer, peas in the same lefty Pod…
      Socialism>Communism>Gun Control=Disarmament=Extermination…

    14. Sadly, it seems that there is one law for us, peons, and one law for the elite. This situation is the result of liberal ideology. Liberalism is a disease, we must find the cure. Our children are the seed we sow, what grows is what we, parents, have taught loved and nurtured. Liberal teachers teach liberal ideology. Parents must teach their children conservative values otherwise our children will be taught liberal thoughts.

    15. When cornered dems just throw crap at everyone else to draw attention away, over and over! Look at history dems have caused this country more problems than they’re worth. All major dem cities are shitholes, sewers of America !

    16. Nothing will happen their all above the law. That is one thing that should be clear to the Deplorables by now. I refuse to except that answer. We are going to have to get mean and insist it happen.!!!!!

    17. More 2 tiered justice system… Government “leaders” are above the law. Where is the investigation of her for the Kavanaugh disgrace she caused??

    18. Look, let’s be real, we have socialists and communist sympathizers at the control levers of the Democrat Party, and have so for decades, with just a couple of exceptions. The Republicans are just too gutless to go after them, let alone the lower hanging fruit like Hillary or the former CIA chief and IRS honcho, Attorney General in the Obama crime family.

    19. There are reports and rumor that forces are assembling for D-day across the Potomac. Are they? Will the new AG be another Washington, or another charlatan plant? One thing is for certain……..WE, too, must man OUR boats and checkpoints. There will be no shortage of roaches and feral hogs racing to escape.

    20. Somebody needs to leak this ‘mistakenly’ about Mitch McConnell, give the MSM 48 hours to get rabid, then correct the story to name Feinstein…. Love to see something like that…

    21. The Deep State takes care of its own. This situation has been building for decades. We have not seen the worst. Stay tuned.

    22. Sellout Feinstein should be executed by a firing squad and yes multiple single shot rifles would work just fine!

      1. Wonder how many BBs it would take and how long. Daisy Red Rider …. better than water boarding!

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