NOT Made in America

Art by Michael Ramirez

China National Security
China National Security

USA –-( NOT Made in America.

A Bloomberg report claims Apple, Amazon, and almost 30 other companies were the subject of hacking by Chinese spies embedding chips in hardware for surveillance purposes, a story that Apple has now twice refuted as “wrong and misinformed.”

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About Michael Ramirez

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Michael Ramirez, combines an encyclopedic knowledge of the news with a captivating drawing style to create consistently outstanding editorial cartoons on Ammoland Shooting Sports News.

“An editorial cartoon is not just a funny picture,” says internationally known editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez. “It is a powerful instrument of journalism, sometimes sharp and refined, its message cutting quickly to the point, and other times, blunt and overpowering, seizing the readers' attention with its dark imagery.”

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  • 23 thoughts on “NOT Made in America

    1. Question? Where do you think the Amore Plating comes from on the Hum-V’s for the Army, and China doesn’t know?????

    2. @ Mark DV you took the word right out of my head. China is so strong today because we buy any junk they send over here including automobiles. Yes the walls have ears if you have any of the trinkets they want to sell you to ask questions to or order to do things for you. Chances are that we are sticking our necks out by posting here because of spying and good ole Google the non American network.

    3. All sarcasm aside, embedded technology threats have been around forever. Our USA recognition of and response to these threats has not been appropriate, and most likely never will be.

      1. Yes Chuck, but you don’t seem to understand or do not care that if another country makes our electronic control boards that we have in our military equipment, they could put in a hidden switch that would allow them to shut down our equipment or make our fire control inaccurate.
        They could shut our planes in mid air.
        This is not funny or something to joke about!

    4. Similar case a while back when the DoD purchased a few Cisco routers from a third party vendor, the devices were not real Cisco products, but clones made to look like Cisco, running Cisco firmware, but there was an embedded chip that sent copies of all traffic to China. The DoD only found out about the leak when one of the routers failed, and they called Cisco for warranty service, the serial # was also a fake. The Chinese will steal the sweat off you balls given the opportunity. We should buy only raw materials from other nations, not finished products for our national security.

      1. @MB, Interesting. Did you read about this Cisco fake or are you connected? I hope that the DoD was smart enough to send fake info, when they discovered the fake routers. I’m thinking that the third party vendor was complicit with the Chinese.

          1. @MB, I figured that you were inside or connected because what you wrote had that ring of authenticity. Thanks for the link. By the way does MB stand for mega byte?

    5. You forgot FACEBOOK and all the other media slime. When my hard drive went down FACEBOOK went with it. Facebook is easy to get on BUT, HELL to get OFF.

    6. I for one, am not nearly as important as others who wear aluminum hats, dont have cell phones and purchase ammo on the underground railroad. I suppose they must do these things to protect themselves from the communist tyrants who surely single them out for persecution.
      Come on!!???
      Do you pay taxes? Own a vehicle? Rent or buy a home? How about a job? Do you have one of those? Or a bank account? Ooo… what about blogs, do you write on blogs… on the internet??? Are you ever on the internet…ever????
      Give me a frickin break! If the government wants to know who or where you are, guess what, they already do.
      The thing is, they don’t. They dont care about you. You personally. Unless you are in the web or phone saying the words on the NSA’s list, they just don’t care. So, recycle your aluminum hat and start living.
      Buy your ammo and gun parts. Stock up if you like to protect yourself from civil collapse. But for Pete’s sake enough with the paranoid delusions. I mean, yes, I too believe that Red Dawn was one of the greatest documentaries ever, but come on!! Why keep on living if you alienate everyone around you and have a heart attack from the stress you create? Like I said, maybe I am just not important enough to know the things that those in the aluminum hats club know.
      I digress.

      1. You’re an idiot….may be you need a tinfoil hat because Global Communism is on the rise…even Puerto Rico has 3 political parties PDP, PIP, PNP, all Communists! Yes. Your television decrepit world America doesn’t need armies or intelligence or citizens dying everyday so your weak ads can get a Starbucks cup….might be nice until the bayonets come for you!

        Furthermore The Modern Democrat Party Is Directly Founded Upon Late 18th Century Bolshevik/Menshevik Communism. Indeed Victor L. Berger Was First Communist Elected To House Of Representatives! America Knew About This Threat! These Democrats Are No Longer The Andrew Jacksonians Taught In Propaganda 1977 U.S. Department Public Education. Yes. Communists Infiltrated America In The Early 1800s Causing The Civil War Pushed By Propagandist Papers Like New York Tribune In NYC! Yes. The Definition Of Menshevik Communism Is “Democratic-Socialism”! Sound Familiar?

        These Clandestine Communists Also Created “Labor Progressive Party” And Only After 1977 Did Progressives Get A New Title From Academia. Yes. Communist Change Titles Like A Snake Sheds Skin. Communists Also Created FOP, AFL-CIO, ACLU, SEIU, JDL, CPUSA, NAACP, Southern Poverty Law Center, Weather Underground Group, Black Panther Party, LaRaza, Black Lives Matter, Antifa.

        Yes. Amongst Many Other Federal Institutions And Political Groups. Understand This “Socialism & Communism Is NOT Free Speech”! One Can Be Arrested, Assets Seized, Interrogated, Deported, Under The 1954 Communist Control Act! Be Sufficient In The Dark Arts Of Politics!

        1. Yes! You are absolutely correct, if your broken English is to be deciphered.
          But, lets face it, there is always a Corrilien battle cruiser in orbit, poised to destroy us all.
          Good times!

          1. Cliff, always one idiot correcting someone else’s writing when one also can’t correctly write, spelling and grammar, for example, “Corrilien” (sic), correctly, Corellian.

            “I too believe that Red Dawn was one of the greatest documentaries ever”, and you believe it’s others that crazy. That would be hysterical, but if you truly believe that, please stop projecting your insanity and fantasies upon the rest of us. You are the only one to mention aluminum hats, though the correct term in the expression you used is tin foil hat, not aluminum hat.

            Whether or not the NSA cares about any of us, their tracking everything we do online is unconstitutional, regardless of what is stated in the Patriot Act or any other “law” enacted by our government. It’s not about whether or not the government “cares”, it’s about our constitutionally protected rights.

            1. “Cliff, always one idiot correcting someone else’s writing when one also can’t correctly write, spelling and grammar, for example, “Corrilien” (sic), correctly, Corellian.” Ha ha ha ha ha … Must be one of those Red Trolls !!

            2. Z, no, Cliff isn’t a red troll. I was pointing out the ignorance of his post – that isn’t trolling. If anyone is trolling, that would be you.

            3. I stand corrected. I shouldn’t let Google correct my spelling for me. I suppose an ad hominem attack begets another and I should know better.
              Yes, I employ hyperbole, if folks can’t see that, then boo on them. My point is simple, change the things you can.

            4. Cliff, it wasn’t just a spelling error that I commented about in my rebuttal of your post. However, it is obvious that you understand my post and are unwilling to take responsibility and admit you are wrong.

              Since many of us post on “smart” phones, and they frequently change words after they are typed, it is best not to attack spelling and usage, since as you noticed, you fell on your sword. However, that was only one small point in my rebuttal.

      2. Odd you should say this. Many years ago I purchased a Sten gun parts kit on the interweb to make a paint ball replica gun from. Around 6 months later a nice man from the BTAF gave me a call and asked what was my intent for the parts kit. When I told the nice man what my intentions were he asked if I would sign an affidavit to that effect and I said no because I had abandoned the project and disposed of the parts. He asked if I was sure and then I ended the conversation with absolutely. So call me paranoid but it seems someone is watching what’s going on. Like going through customer transaction receipts from gun parts stores. Oddly my unpublished phone number was not on the order form…..

    7. American built parts & Equipment Only !
      That’s the Only Safe way to Protect against ,
      China and Others from Implanting Spy Chips !
      Security is worth Pay Extra for it .
      #ell I even take the battery out of my cell ,
      phone when not in use! NO Alexa, No Smart TV,
      No Voice command appliances .
      Some Body is Always Listening !
      Even Here, Google or Big Brother have Ears and Eyes !

      1. Some phone batteries are non-removable ( Apple – Motorola ) but it’s no use, there are auxiliary power supplies in some phone, mostly ones with removable batteries… they are never really “off” unless completely un-powered for days Just because the screen is dark does not mean the phone is “off” because it requires software to recognize the “on” button has been pushed. That software ( actually correct name is “firmware”) is active . Same thing with a “smart” TV.

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