Older Gun Owners Have Alternative to AARP with AMAC

Of two groups vying for senior patronage, AARP supports “gun control” while AMAC makes a point of advocatong for the Second Amendment. (Association of Mature American Citizens/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)-The American Association of Retired Persons has been relatively silent on guns in recent years. Following exposure in American Rifleman back in 2013 detailing AARP support for disarmament edicts, someone at the top may have decided a low profile will drive away fewer members.

While not exactly buried, it does take a bit of digging on the AARP website to locate the association’s Policy Book, and then to narrow it down further to find its position on guns:

“Congress should eliminate gaps in and strengthen enforcement of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and other federal gun laws. States should enact legislation to eliminate gaps in and strengthen enforcement of federal and state gun laws, particularly with regard to possession by juveniles, convicted domestic abusers, and those under domestic violence restraining orders.”

“Other federal gun laws” sure leaves a lot of leeway.  And note assurances of due process are conspicuously absent from the advocacy for prior restraint infringements.

Another factor also merits attention: Support for Democrat vs. Republican political candidates in 2018 and support for Barack Obama  a few years before that.

Gun-owning seniors in the market for an organization that will lobby in their interests and offer affordable choices for products and services like insurance, roadside assistance, travel and restaurant discounts and the like, may feel like they must make a devil's bargain. Is the only choice for saving needed money to bolster fixed incomes one that will provide aid and comfort to a group backing infringements on their rights and the rights of their posterity?

The Association of Mature American Citizens merits their consideration as a viable alternative. Not only does AMAC offer competitive programs, their “Stance on Key Issues” focuses on rights rather than coercive infringements:

“AMAC supports the Constitution of the United States of America and our Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment. Exercising the right to keep and bear arms demands the utmost responsibility, but we believe the Second Amendment guarantees our inalienable right to keep and bear arms. We urge all gun owners and users to be safe and responsible. Of course, firearms should only be obtained and used legally. We believe that all gun owners and users should attend courses led by certified instructors to learn the safe and proper use of firearms.”

Some with “I will not comply” convictions could argue with the “obtained and used legally” caveat, but I’m going to argue back that all who are moral and rational would have no problem with restating that as “Don’t steal guns and then victimize people with them.” And yeah, I’m all for training with qualified teachers and note the AMAC position is “should,” not “must or else.”

Here’s the deal—I’m not using this space to give a free commercial to anybody, especially since, even though I qualify as a “senior,” I have not joined a related advocacy and services group. I can’t pretend to being a satisfied member. I also realize most reading this probably won’t be in the market for such options for years (if so, you might want to pass this info on to an older relative or friend). So all I’m doing here is saying if you are part of the demographic that could get value in membership with such groups, understand that there is an alternative for you to chose that may align more with your values and your interests.

I can say this—if and when I am ready to join such an organization, AARP has disqualified itself from my consideration. And if more “conservatives” felt the same way, we might see the smaller AMAC grow considerably.

But this is all assuming the status quo maintains itself without disruption and that the collectivist forces bent on disarming us and destroying America haven’t pushed us into a whole ‘nother set of priorities.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regular featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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    1. I learned years ago that AARP is a supporter and contributor to PLANNED PARENTHOOD … I tell everyone about it I can

    2. I never heard of them until now. At age 61 I am looking for an retired persons group to join. This will be my choice

    3. The AARP was long ago compromised by leftist/ TOS EDIT. They insinuated themselves into the organization and financialized/commoditized/corporatized/commercialized it to their benefit and the goy members detriment– just like they do with everything in Heritage America that they subvert.

    4. AARP got most of it’s income from selling supplemental health insurance policies, and not mainly from membership dues as so many people seem to think (and AARP did / does little if anything to clear up this common misconception). As I remember it off the top of my head, once upon a time, many older people were at least reasonably happy with some optional plans known as Medicare Advantage and similar that cost a bit more, but covered all or at least enough of their health insurance needs for them to get by. When Obamacare came along, democrats wanted to scrap all of that and put everybody into more basic plans that still cost way too much, but that did not cover nearly everything that the “Advantage” and other plans did. So as you might expect, vast numbers of older people were mightily against this. (When you add 30 million uninsured people to the rolls and expect all of the people currently paying into the system to cover the additional costs, everybody’s rates necessarily have to go up even as their coverage may have to go down. The Chinese famously asked very simply, “How is adding 30 million people going to save you money?”, making the lie of Obamacare so blatantly obvious that even Saturday Night Live, a normally very liberal comedy show, ran a skit making fun of this. SNL’s writers have since moved ever further and harder left.)

      Anyway, since AARP made the majority of their profits by selling supplemental health insurance, Obamacare mandating that there be no more “Advantage” and such was going to lead to millions of older folks being stuck with crappier plans that no longer covered all of their needs. So, AARP obviously and eagerly stood to make massive amounts of money, selling bazillions of supplemental health insurance policies to all the countless older folks who’d been thus ripped off and left with insufficient coverage. And THAT is why AARP so solidly supported and cheered for Obamacare, because Obamacare was going to make them “billions and billions” (cue Carl Sagan’s voice), feeding off of the elderly.

      And while the above is both exceedingly simplified and heavily condensed to fit into a little comment box, that is very basically why massive numbers of older Americans so angrily boycott and avoid anything to do with AARP like the plague. To put a finer point on it, AARP is basically a massive financial cancer feeding on the elderly who in sadly multiple millions of cases all across the country, have no idea how badly they’d been screwed by the very organization that to this day still claims to represent them and save them money.

      But other that that, everything is fine! Just another fine example of your tax dollars at work.

      **** Go AMAC! ****

    5. AMAC is an excellent conservative alternative to that other money-making, high salaried, leftist group. They don’t offer as many discount offers, but they are PRO 2A.

    6. Forwarded with permission:

      TO: Foremost Insurance Group
      cc: [email protected] .

      Dear sir or Madam,

      I just purchased a new manufactured home and today I called you for a quote on a homeowners policy.

      When I asked the lady about coverage on my firearms she asked me what I used them for. I told her I used them for recreation and teaching as I am a firearms instructor. She put me on hold for a moment and when she came back to the phone she said that they would not sell me homeowners insurance because the risk was to high.

      In the future please let people know up front that you are politically anti-gun and do not wand business from gun owners. Had you done so it would have saved me about a half hour of valuable cell phone time.

      I will be happy to help you to let gun owners everywhere know that you are not interested in their business by forwarding copies of this e-mail to individual gun owners and gun groups everywhere, with permission for them to re-forward it and post it to web sites listing anti-gun businesses.


      Russ Long, Tucson, AZ
      ARIZONA GUN OWNERS, firearms education and training since 1991
      Arizona CCW training
      Arizona Armed Guard firearms certification

    7. As the phrase “obtained and used legally” is LEGAL (i.e. attorney-speak) phraseology, people might want to think in terms of the difference between that and obtaining firearms in a LAWFUL manner. Corporations like associations, insurance companies, etc., Get our approval in this way by using words and phrases that have a different meaning than what we think. We read policies like that and say to ourselves “well, that seems reasonable – we wouldn’t want them saying it’s OK to obtain firearms in an illegal way”. By using LEGAL words and phrases – meaning they comport with STATUTORY law, we think “Oh, well THAT’s OK”, when it’s not, really. What is happening in states like California, Oregon, and others with EPRO statutes is denial of due process. What’s happening in those places with requirements to go through FFL’s to transfer a firearm is a denial of our right to contract. They are requiring us to give up one right to secure another – and the US Supreme Court has had more than a few words to say on that matter, but briefly that ANY “law” (statute) that requires us to do so is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, period. They only get away with it because we don’t know what the difference between lawful (based on God’s/Nature’s law) and legal (based on made-up corporate law) is. Think about that before joining any incorporated “association” (a LEGAL entity) at all. And if/when you do, how about writing to their attorneys and asking THEM if they know the difference between legal and lawful and, if so, if they’re willing to include phraseology in their policy that ALSO includes support for people’s LAWFUL obtaining, possession and use of firearms, as well.

    8. When I crested that particular hill, I already knew my choice would be AMAC instead of AARP. I was aware of AARP’s anti-gun, pro-big-government tendencies, and never had any inclination to join them. AMAC did a yeoman job ot helping my wife and me navigate our introduction fo Medicare. After that, we’ve had very little interaction other than the monthly magazine, which is consistently conservatve if uniformly shallow. They talk an agreeable game, but don’t actually lobby for anything outside their “single issue,” which is retirement. Still, I’m satisfied with that — it’s way better than giving your money to AARP to have them turn around and use it to destroy your rights and grow government.

    9. Instead of throwing the AARP information away, I fold it all up along with any other junk mail I have and put it in their postage-paid envelope. I then mail it back to them at their expense. Gives me a warm feeling.

      1. I always put Gospel tracts in prepaid envelopes … Stats say that 1 in 40 who receive a tract are saved …

    10. Thanks for the article and info about AMAC. I am 63 and never joined the “other” group due to their socialist liberaism, including their anti 2nd amendment position. Glad I have an alternative.

    11. This is the first time I have heard of AMAC. I quit the other old people’s group when they endorsed obumercare and became very left. I will have to look into AMAC but I have been doing ok without the useless discounts and paying a big salary to a VP of an organization.

    12. Dropped AARP 20 years ago and very pleased having do so! Never support an organization that willfully throws the Second Amendment under the bus!

    13. I got screwed over by AARP years ago when I was T-Boned in a car accident by one of their members who had insurance through them and Hartford. The SOB who hit me was high on pain killers, was ticketed on the spot and instead of paying for his criminal act, AARP & Hartford dragged it out for over a year. Had I not had the finances to cover the medical costs for that whole time, I could have died or been severely crippled, would have been out of work and would have lost my home and everything. Since then I have had nothing whatsoever to do with the thieves, liars and crooks at AARP & Hartford. The fact that they are anti-Constitutional only re-enforces my decision.

    14. I burn EVERYTHING AARP sends me . I was a member UNTIL they endorsed OBAMA CARE and turned on gun owners . I’am now a member of AMAC and will be from now on

      1. RIGHT ON RICH I DID THE SAME THING WHEN THEY ENDORSED OBAMA CARE. Iwill not have anything to do with this bunch of 2 amendment hating jokers and thieves Duane

    15. Thank you for this article and all the comments. I am a member of AARP, at least for 53 more days. I have not heard of AMAC until today. I do not knowingly support any organization or business that supports the communist left way of thinking. I will be joining today. Goodbye AARP!

    16. An excellent organization. I’ve been a member since its inception. It was a joy to leave AARP which has become a pro-Leftist anti-American group.

    17. Well stated. I’ve been retired for a short while, looking for such an organization. AARP was not even a consideration. At least now I have a viable alternative that is worth exploring. Thanks.

    18. Exactly. Every conservative should know their options.
      This one is a very intelligent decision!

    19. AARP is part of the socialist & facist agenda the left has against America!! My wife & I have life members for at least 4 years.

    20. My wife and I quit AARP for AMAC yrs ago because of Dem/lLib loobying and advertising! We’re not sorry, and recommend others to do so too!!

    21. The AARP would not be for me. They have @ a 2.435 ratings for customer satisfaction. Grasping why they would take a stand on 2nd amendment rights. They are shooting themselves in the foot for doing so.

    22. Been a member of AMAC for many years now and my wife and I have had a very good experience with them. Left AARP (I don’t even like spelling that) because of their liberal leanings, e g pro abortion, support of Obumma, anti 2nd Amendment and a few other things. Truly we can’t understand why any conservative would give AARP one thin dime.
      Do your self a huge favor and switch to AMAC. The cost is the same – probably a little bit less. And you will be doing gun owners a favor.

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