President Trump Overstepped His Authority in Banning Bump Stocks


Donald Trump at Whitehouse Desk
President Trump Overstepped His Authority in Banning Bump Stocks

New York – -( The Pretext for Trump’s Call for a Ban on Bump Stock Devices.

Following the devastating, unconscionable attack by the maniac, Stephen Paddock, on innocent concertgoers, attending a concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, on the evening of October 1, 2017, the gun grabbers wasted little time in turning their attention on what they depicted as the salient culprit of the carnage: a little device called a “bump stock.” It is a device investigators found attached to semiautomatic rifles Paddock used in his murderous assault.

Antigun groups and antigun politicians immediately called for a ban on the device. But, oddly and sadly, it is President Donald Trump, the seemingly indefatigable champion of the Second Amendment—not the Democratic Party leadership—who gave the gun grabbers what they want: a ban on “bump stocks.”

Donald Trump May Act Rashly on Some Matters and Avoid Repercussions; Not So, When He Blatantly Attacks the Second Amendment.

The Arbalest Quarrel has been an early and avid supporter of Trump’s bid for the U.S. Presidency—first during his campaign for the Republican Party nomination, and then during the turbulent first two years in Office, as he was buffeted and roiled on all sides by various factions that sought and still seek to destroy his Presidency. It is alarming, though, when Trump seems to disregard those who support him. Trump had made several promises to the American electorate. Among the most important he promised to build “a wall,” an effective physical structure to keep the multitude of illegal aliens from cavalierly crossing our Nation’s borders, and audaciously claiming the same rights, liberties, and protections that accrue only to American citizens. Trump realizes now, a bit late in the day, that his thoughts of a second term in Office, in 2020, will be undone if he fails to deliver on that oft repeated promise. Just as importantly, Trump made abundantly clear, during his campaign, that he is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. But, what has Trump done to merit his supporters’ continued devotion? So far, two years into his four-year term in Office, we see nothing concrete.

Trump normally “trumpets” his actions, consistent with the importance of, and his belief in, Governmental transparency. That’s a good thing and to be applauded. It is something his predecessor in Office, Barack Obama, said he would do but rarely if ever did, preferring to cloak his own actions in secrecy. The insidious, reprehensible “Operation Fast and Furious” is a case in point; an oblique attempt to undermine the fundamental right codified in the Second Amendment. But, as for the architects of the policy, neither the Attorney General—at the time, Eric Halder—nor President Obama, was ever called to account for it. Yet, it is Donald Trump now, not Barack Obama, who has deviously and insidiously undermined the Second Amendment, and he is doing so through an aggressive, unconscionable, unconstitutional, unilateral executive act.

Remember what Trump said about national concealed handgun carry?

“The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of your driveway. That’s why I have a concealed carry permit and why tens of millions of Americans do too. That permit should be valid in all 50 states. A driver’s license works in every state, so it’s common sense that a concealed carry permit should work in every state. If we can do that for driving – which is a privilege, not a right – then surely we can do that for concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege.” ~ Donald J. Trump on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Were these just vacuous words, delivered merely to appease supporters at a singular moment in time, and then to be dispensed with once the U.S. Presidency had been secured and when political expediency seemingly required? Apparently, so. After the Parkland, Florida tragedy, the Washington Examiner reported that,

“President Trump told Republicans on Wednesday they should not include a measure that allows people with concealed carry permits in one state to carry across state lines in a comprehensive gun bill.

‘I think that maybe that bill will one day pass, but it should pass separate,’ Trump said during a bipartisan meeting at the White House. “If you’re going to put concealed carry between states into this bill, we’re talking about a whole new ball game. I’m with you, but let it be a separate bill.”

The President weaseled, giving only lukewarm support for national concealed handgun carry reciprocity legislation. Obviously, this wasn’t a high priority for him. Is it, then, any surprise that, apart from a push by the Republican controlled House in 2017—evidently in spite of the President, not because of him—Congressional action ultimately failed to deliver? Congress got the message. Since preservation and strengthening of the Second Amendment right of the people to keep and bear arms is apparently a low priority for the U.S. President, it was a low priority for Congress—certainly for the Republican-controlled Senate.

A full Roll-Call vote on the Senate Floor was necessary even if the Senate failed to secure 60 votes necessary for passage of national concealed handgun carry reciprocity legislation since the American public would know who, among both Democrats and Republicans, voted in favor of the measure and those who did not; those Senators, then, who support our sacred Second Amendment right and those who, clearly, do not. 

But, Mitch McConnell never called for a Floor vote, though he could have done so. We will remember McConnell’s disservice to the American people for failing to hold a full Senate Floor vote. And we will remember Trump for failing to make national concealed handgun carry reciprocity legislation a priority goal. Republicans controlled the Congress—both Houses—along with the U.S. Presidency, from 2016 through 2018. Republicans have now lost the U.S. House of Representatives. The Second Amendment right of the people to keep and bear arms took a backseat to both health care and taxes. It should not have, but it did.

We face a Democratic Party majority-controlled House whose leadership has a decidedly and decisively different, and ominous agenda in store for the American people. It is a safe bet that Gun control and the general weakening of the Second Amendment will not be secondary issues for the Democratic Party leadership once they assume control of the House on January 3, 2019—unlike strengthening the Second Amendment was, obviously and unfortunately, a secondary issue for Republicans.*

*As reported in Ammoland Shooting Sports News, a petition drive has been launched to urge President Trump to reverse his position on Bump Stocks. A reversal of Trump’s position requires the rescission of the ATF Bump Stock Rule, which Trump should be able to accomplish. As Chief Executive, the President is sole head of all Departments, bureaus, and agencies of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. Trump ordered creation of the rule banning bump stocks. He should be able to demand the rescission of it. Trump can and should assert that, after further consideration, he realizes his Memorandum to the DOJ, requesting a Rule banning bump stocks, was issued in error with little foresight; that the Memorandum he issued is administratively ill-advised, logically flawed, and legally unsupportable, and that, upon reflection, the President realizes the DOJ-ATF Rule does not serve the best interests of the American public, and, further, that the President realizes the Rule is inconsistent with the import and purport of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Arbalest Quarrel supports John Crump’s worthy effort.

The founders of the Arbalest Quarrel weblog have added their names to the petition. We urge all Americans who, like us, cherish and exalt our Bill of Rights, and especially ourSecond Amendment, to do the same. At the moment only a few thousand individuals have signed the petition. That is unacceptable. The petition calls for 100,000 signatures. There are tens of millions of guns owners. Where are their voices? They have not been heard.

Remember this: Nothing serves better to destroy our sacred rights and liberties than public apathy. If those among the public—deluded though they be—are encouraged to yell louder for ever more “gun control” measures than do those who continue to support the right of the people to keep and bear arms, then Congress will deliver the head of theSecond Amendment, on a platter, to the destroyers of our sacred rights. And, the framers of our Constitution and founders of our Free Republic will have given their blood in vain. It is up to you!

Let us avoid the ill-fated national concealed handgun carry reciprocity measure. With the Democrats reclaiming control of the House of Representatives on January 3, 2019, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the Democratic Party leadership will be doing everything in its power to weaken the Second Amendment; and we can expect a flurry of anti-Second Amendment bills in the first few months when Congress commences business. We don’t need President Trump assisting them in this effort, whether he is doing so consciously or not.

Once you sign the petition, we also urge you contact the White House. Contact phone numbers are:

  • 1-202-456-1414; (Switchboard)
  • 1-202-456-1111; (Comments)

You may also write to the President. Information may be found at the White House website:


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1 Old Jarhead

Not one single thing will change for the better, and you are foolish or ignorant if you think it will.
It’s right up there with believing we’ll see fiscal responsibility and Hill-n-Bill in prison.

Douglas G

I’m wondering if maybe he allowed ATF to re-set the rule so he could come back and reign them in, knowing the rule would be challenged, and wanting to look good for 2A supporters.
Just a thought, as he has had a way of accomplishing things in non-established ways.

Barry Hirsh

Personally, I think this response is reactionary. While I think that he’s wrong on bump stocks, conflating that with his judgment on national reciprocity is a stretch too far. He didn’t “back off” on that issue; remember, we’re talking about the author of “The Art of the Deal”. In the quoted response, he plainly stated that he hadn’t changed his position on that issue, but he decided that conflating it as an amendment to another bill could create mischief. I don’t know about the rest of you, but one of my pet peeves (and one of the devious machinations the… Read more »

The Revelator

@Doszap Hirsh No, Trump is a populist. At the end of the day, he will sell whatever deal he feels is needed to give himself the love he craves. He has no moral back bone or reason to stand firm on any second amendment issue unless he knows he loses support for it. Please remember, prior to his little feud with Obama, He was a card carrying Democrat for many years. He had close personal ties and friendships with both Clintons. During the 2016 Election, some of his family including his children were unable to vote for him because they… Read more »


Are we gonna slide down the cliff or go over it like the ft 350 in the guns and Rose’s song? I’m not voting for the leader ok f two evils anymore. I did that bush, McCain, Romney… no more. We get a guy to vote for or I just stay home.

Dont care what you say, I have talked to the God father about this. The repubes are the same as the jacobins, aka Democrats, different wing of the same buzzard……

The Revelator

Welcome to the club Joe.


If u believe that sephen paddock was the lone gunman in las vegas then u are as robotic as most of the sheeple in this country. Do the research into the las vegas shooting. if u have a little more than half a clue, u will see that what we are told doesn’t add up. Its another fake srory told to us by the government, LVMPD and the media. The fact that the president and the NRA is baning bump stocks because of this fake news then what does that tell u. When is enough lies enough?


Do you believe in bigfoot too KSG?


You obviously have not seriously researched the discrepancies, half truths and deliberate attempts by the gov agencies to distract from the real events. What a shame as it is people like yourself who contribute to the dumb-downing syndrome so evident in the public sphere or you’re just too lazy to do the work of enlightening yourself.

Green Mtn. Boy

@ Bruce Here is the file released by LVMPD for the murders that took place.. One might ask ones self,if the photos are actual crime scene photos,if one can reason. Of the 15 rifles with bump stocks found in his rooms in LV, according to this report, 11 were used with 949 of the 1,057 shots fired coming from those firearms. One would suspect if this was true, with all of the speculation regarding the use of bump stocks in this shooting, that would have been publicly stated, not just that bump stock fitted firearms were found in the… Read more »


You are right, KSG. Those who are awake and following this story have seen the video of other hotels in that city that received gunfire from other shooters around the same time. As usual, we are not being told anything except fairytales. BTW, those people who believe the official 911 story are going to be in for a massive “cognitive dissonance” headache when they find out about the military tribunals that have been going on for the past few weeks. For instance, it has been leaked that Dov Zakheim was executed on Nov. 30, 2018 for his role in orchestrating… Read more »


It starts with “Bump Stocks” I myself have no need nor want for them. But there are those that do and I for
one do not want to stomp on toes plus if these are band what’s next?


I am also against the ban however no one ” has a need ” for one! It is a recreational accessory. If you want a MG, go spend the bucks and buy one!

Green Mtn. Boy


Last I checked it was titled the “Bill of Rights” not the bill of needs.


Hear, Hear, GreenMtnBoy!!!!!

jim smith

While I am opposed to the bumpstock ban, I am withholding judgement on Trump’s approach to implement it. As predicted, attempting to do it through an un-elected bureaucracy has resulted in a lengthy delay to implement it and a lawsuit which may set a long overdue precedent for limiting the ability of bureaucrats to bypass Congress to write legislation. If the ban proposal had gone to Congress during the period of heightened emotions, it might have passed when considering the public outcry and the number of RINOs in Congress. And I’m guessing the courts would have been more inclined to… Read more »

Steven McLaughlin

Wil not be infringed


slightly off the point but does “wall” come with a moat? has to be deep enough to flood the many tunnels that will breach it. how about a catwalk for the guards….oh and a sun guard to protect them from u.v. rays lest we forget about O.S.H.A. portable water fountains CRAZY. i believe in border protection and agree we should maintain it. what happened to technology? this is not the 1600’s. wake the f— up

phil morris

just wanted to point out a couple things regarding the article , 1st the electoral college decides who becomes president not the public been that way since day one , 2nd paddock was not tried/convicted of anything , he was found dead at the scene so all that proves is he was there perhaps willingly but maybe not any assumptions beyond that are purely baseless/speculative , personally I believe this was just another staged/false flag event and paddock has now joined the ranks of countless other patsies and victims of the deep state , I believe half of what I… Read more »


If only pro gun writers would quit spreading the unproven allegations against Paddock we might get somewhere. Not ONE chain of custody projectile from Vegas has been linked to ONE of Paddocks rifles. This was a false flag hoax pure and simple.


OMG, you gotta be kidding me! A conspiracy theory…


Just because there is a conspiracy it does not automatically mean it is just a “theory”.

Green Mtn. Boy

“By the stroke of the Presidential pen, he has enacted a sensible gun control.”

Which violated the Constitution and his authority with in it.

The Green Watch Dog

I fully disagree. Our President is looking at this issue in a common sense and logical approach. We keep our right to bear arms. By the stroke of the Presidential pen, he has enacted a sensible gun control law to help protect our nation. Guns are not an instrument to casually wave around, have loaded and nestled in the folds of a worn out couch, or cocked and loaded on the dash of ones Chevy or Ford pickup.

Grigori Rasputin

How, pray tell, is outlawing an innocuous item and turning thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens who have done no other “wrong” into felons “protecting our nation”?

Please tell me I missed some sarcasm in your post.


Why not? If I, as a law abiding citizen, want to have my AR pistol sitting beside me in my truck, what concern is it to you? What right do you have to tell me I can’t? Have I, in any way harmed you? OR, are you a person who is so unstable that you project your own insecurities and unstableness onto to others and simply assume they are like you? If so I suggest you seek therapy and leave the rest of us alone.

The Green Watch Dog

Vans40, You may feel that you are a law abiding citizen, not so. If your weapon for example is:
Unsecured, stolen, used in a crime, and you do not report it to law enforcement???
You should be held responsible. If this case went to trial, and I was a juror? Guilty as Charged!
Thats why we Will Have more enhanced gun control measures coming to your home town.


gwd; nobody cares what a d-sucker like you thinks about anything

The Revelator

@M What GWD doesn’t want to admit to or even think about is that even if only 10 percent of Gun owners are like Vanns40 or I, and willing to defend our rights(Key word there is defend, not preemptively strike) then that will mean between 8 and 12 million gun owners will not comply with any gun control legislation and we won’t hand anything over except lead. That means if green watch dog wants “Enhanced Gun Control” he’s going to need to murder millions of people, a greater number than five times the number of Military service members in 2018,… Read more »

The Revelator

@the green Watch Dog If any of us who value our firearms would not report it stolen, I’d love to see you cite some examples of that happening. A firearms is a very expensive item, and I know of no one who will just shrug off having one stolen and not want to get it back. Also, We will remember that if you ever play juror. Because we will also hold you guilty as charged when you are forced to murder people to enact that enhanced gun control agenda of yours, and when the smoke clears if you have not… Read more »

The Revelator

The green watch Dog has been out argued and proven to be a “government control” believer in just about every other article he has posted on. He avoids citing real facts, cannot quote the constitution, but boy he loves to tell you that you had better behave and hand over your guns.

He doesn’t believe in rights, he’s a coward and a liar.

He still has not answered how many people he is willing to have murdered to force gun control on the nation.

Grigori Rasputin

By now, it should be apparent to all but the most dense that Trump has either sold out his entire support base or he was always a plant by the Deep State to make us believe we were gaining ground when, in fact, we were not. His betrayal will be remembered in 2020. At that time, I will either vote third-party in the Presidential race or sit it out at home as it has become apparent that our votes do not matter. The Deep State has rigged the game where they ALWAYS win.


I agree that Trump has betrayed his supporters that helped put him office. This is someone that you can’t trust. Come 2020, like the previous poster. I will vote third-party, or sit it out. I will not vote for this Benedict Arnold again.


OK CJ….you do that and there will definitely be a anti-gun democrat elected into the WH and they will ban allot more than bump-fire stocks. Don’t take a foolish stance like this and don’t encourage others too either!


Brucie, by now it should be apparent that our system of voting has been hopelessly corrupted and no longer serves, “We The People”. There is remedy spelled out in The Declaration Of Independence and unfortunately, it appears to be our only hope before we are hopelessly enslaved by those who have manipulated our current system for decades. Let the Dems take the fort and enact whatever evil laws they will. This will be the spark that ignites 1776 all over again. The Tree Of Liberty is in need of refreshment.


Agreed. Having watched Trump over the last 2 years it has become obvious he had different plans altogether rather than keep his promises. Blind Trump supporters argue his hands are tied. Nope. Take DACA – just as the former PIMP in the WH issued and EO to begin DACA, Trump could have used an EO to take it off the books – 2 days after he was sworn in. The illegal immigration problem – as Commander-In-Chief he could have declared a National Emergency stopping all entry; could have issued direct orders to bring the troops home to guard the borders.… Read more »


I will pack a lunch for the hangings!


Y’all go ahead and vote third party or sit it out. Let’s make damn sure all three branches are dem controlled. We’ll lose the Second all together in one 4 or 8 year period.

Barry Hirsh

Exactly, unequivocally right.


Then we take our country back using remedies spelled out in The Declaration Of Independence. The current system of voting is hopelessly corrupted and has been for a very long time.

The Tree Of Liberty is in need of long overdue refreshment!


The Deep State is going down. Trump is very busy with bringing them to justice with military tribunals at this time. He is not happy about it either, because in years past he thought they were his friends. Give him some time right now. At least 3 have been executed/suicided so far. Judgement was passed, and they were given their options as to how they wanted to go. The real story will not be released publicly until later. In the meantime, some Generals have warned some of the public that Martial Law will be coming if the SHTF as a… Read more »