Samaritan CCW Gun Holder Stops Suspects At Loomis Grocery Store

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Placer County Sheriff's Office Brandon Smith, 25, and Elizabeth Almand, 23
Placer County Sheriff's Office Brandon Smith, 25, and Elizabeth Almand, 23

USA –-( KCRA TV-3 (NBC) reports 01-02-19 in Loomis, California, an incident began around 8:25 in the evening. A male and female pair of shoplifters were spotted stealing from a Raley's store by a security officer.

“When they left, the officer confronted them in the parking lot. There was an altercation where the 25 year old male suspect pulled a knife out,” Lt. Andrew Scott of the Placer County Sheriff’s Office said.

That suspect then tried to stab the (apparently unarmed) security officer. The officer was able to wrestle the suspect to the ground forcing the weapon out of his hand.

The knife fell to the ground, feet away from the men. The male suspect told his 23-year-old female accomplice to stab the officer. She picked up the knife and began moving toward the officer

At that moment an armed citizen (a CCW holder) who happened to be nearby, pulled out his gun and ordered the female to “Drop it!”

The female immediately complied, the Sheriff's Office said. Deputies then arrived at the scene and arrested both suspects.

The male was booked on charges of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy; the female was booked on charges of robbery and conspiracy, the Sheriff's Office said.


Pointing a firearm at someone attempting to stab a Security Officer, (or anyone else) is certainly reasonable.

Another incident where an armed citizen is able to prevent a severe injury to another by being in the right place at the right time. The value of the stolen property was about $50.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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  • 12 thoughts on “Samaritan CCW Gun Holder Stops Suspects At Loomis Grocery Store

    1. That’s a fluke. Ca loves as many victims as it can get. Hence the seriously strong denial of permits. The CCW holder must have placed a lot of money in the sheriffs re election fund or be a major corporation owner. Everyone else gets the shaft in Ca.

    2. Los Angeles and San Francisco ONLY issue to those with POLITICAL PULL or lots of money like stars and their politicians (Diane Feinstein had a CCW permit). All of the low life common peons and servants are out of luck.

    3. He either new a judge, was a lawyer or son of a polititian. Kommiefornia does not hand out permits to its lower class citizens. Only the rich or well connected can have them. Think about it. Why didnt the ccw holder go to jail or have his weapon taken as part of the crime scene? Because they were connected.

    4. Good job. This guy likely saved the security guard’s life. Fortunately he did not have to send a round down range, the threat of it was enough. It was worth trying to save two lives. I am also surprised to find this happened in Comiefornia. At least ONE fella still retains a right to carry. Common sense prevailed for once. If he had left his gear at home or was not allowed to be armed in the first place it could have gone very different. One for the good guys. Arm up, carry on

    5. Not only am I surprised a Ca citizen had a CCW permit, but wasn’t arrested for some odd reason for pointing his gun at the ‘bad;’ guys. It never seems to fail there is more to do about an armed CCW person interfering in a protective situation then there is against the criminal. WHY ??

      1. There are only about eight counties in CAifornia where the sheriffs are shall NOT issue on Mother May I Cards. Placer COunty is NOT one of them. That’s up in the old GOld Rush country where lots of folks still hold to “traditoinal values”. Most of the sheriffs in California are more than happy to issue Mother May I Cards to the law abiding who ask. Some (San Bernardino and Tulare that I know of for sure) have gone on the public record ASKING for residents to come down get their Mother May I Cards. And mamny do.
        Los Angeles COunty has about ten million residents and well under a thouand permits issued….. I think closer to 500. Tulare County, population maybe 120 K have issued over 4000 Mother May I Cards.
        LA, San Diego, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Alameda are counties I know refuse to allow for armed citizens. What is amusing is when someone from anohter area who HAS his Mother May I Card travels into a place like San Francisco or Alameda COunty and has reason to USE his weapon in a situation like this one…. NO ONE in those areas ever expects to have anyone but maybe in undercover cop pull a gun, or shoot back. And there’s nuttin’ da local sheriff can do about it, cause once that Card is issued by any sheriff in the state, it works everywhere.

      1. it’s only difficult to impossible in the urban coastal counties. Most of the interior counties, away from the urban centers, are essentially shall-issue.

    6. Seems like a reasonable thing for a civilian to do. But I had to look up the location.
      It appears to be in a part of “Free” California. Considerably North East of San Francisco. Thankfully for the security guard not in “Slave” Kalifornia.

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