Shocker: Focusing on Criminals Yields Public Safety Results


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Shocker: Focusing on Criminals Yields Public Safety Results

Fairfax, VA – -( Anti-gun organizations want you to believe that the next law, the next restriction on gun rights, the next burden for law-abiding gun owners will be the game-changer.  Whenever gun control fails – and it always does – the answer is that the effort didn’t go far enough. Researchers grasp for an excuse when they find their preferred gun control laws have no effect on crime.

Chicago experienced fewer homicides and fewer shootings in 2018 than in 2017, marking the second consecutive decrease. The city has long been held up as proof that gun control doesn’t work. Do two years of declining murder rates indicate that gun control has finally worked?

According to an interview conducted by and run in The Trace, of all places, the answer is no. The Traceinterviewed a research director from the Chicago Crime Lab. As the research director acknowledged, crime is “very, very localized, even to certain blocks in certain neighborhoods.” Chicago’s recent strategy was to change the policing and management practices in its police districts. Twenty of the twenty-two police districts are now home to Strategic Decision Support Centers, which put crime analysts and police officers in the same room to address problems close to the source. The reporter ends with a question about policies that Illinois lawmakers should consider to address violence, and the research director suggests they focus on education and giving law enforcement the tools necessary to pursue investigations and protect witnesses.

New Orleans is another 2018 success story, having reached a 47-year low in the number of homicides. There were also about 28% fewer non-fatal shootings than in 2017. New Orleans hasn’t enacted any so-called “gun control” measures. The city owes this success to police work. From The New Orleans Advocate:

“New Orleans Police Superintendent Michael Harrison has said none of that is by accident. He said he tasked a specialized team of tactical officers and detectives with removing repeat violent offenders from the streets over the past two years, no matter how long the cases took to build, and they’ve delivered results.”

Chicago and New Orleans show that solid police work makes a difference. Community-based efforts, like Operation Ceasefire and others like it, operate as partnerships between law enforcement and community leaders. These programs work to alleviate violence by focusing on those likely to engage in it in the neighborhoods most prone to violence, working to defuse conflict and building a culture that rejects violence.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York recently announced the state will spend more than $3.1 million funding a street outreach program to “curb gun violence and save lives by intervening in the aftermath of shootings to prevent retaliation, working with high-risk youth to connect them to services and programs, and other community engagement initiatives.” The program is led by outreach workers who live and work in dangerous neighborhoods. From National Network for Safe Communities Director David Kennedy’s quote in the press release:

“The developing science of violence prevention shows very clearly that focused attention to the very small number of high-risk groups and individuals at high risk for serious violence can be very effective.”

The common thread between the heads-up police work in Chicago and New Orleans and the community-intervention models in New York and elsewhere is that they are law enforcement solutions focused on dangerous people, namely the criminals.

We’re always happy to see efforts to reduce violence focus on the criminals and not law-abiding gun owners.

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    1. @ Peter Barclay Who named you as the utmost authority on this problem and who said you have the authority to come at a poster with your ultimatum of “don’t come here with your leftist propaganda and think you can play that shit here.” Did you just buy Ammoland today and that makes you the mad hatter.

      1. I don’t claim to be an authority, this is a community of individuals who believe in freedom and not taking away guns and my response was to a guy suggesting that we take guns away from people specifically because of what race they are. That’s pretty much the opposite of what this community fights for. Now, I took this guys analysis and his suggestion and I lined it up next to the definitions for Leftist and racist and they match, so him and his thinking are those of a Leftist Racist. Why don’t you make your issue a little more clear.

        Do you have a problem because I’m willing to stand up against leftists because they are racists?
        Do you have a problem because I’m willing to stand up against someone who says we should take away ANYONE’s guns?
        Do you have a problem because I’m letting all leftist racists know that if they come here to this community that sane minded non-racist people like me will call them on their shit?

        There is an entire set of people that are trying to start shit and twist peoples morals around and scare others into hating people on the right side of the isle by labeling all of us racist crazy wacko’s. This guy is obviously one of them. I’m not going to be bullied by SJW’s, Antifa or some whiny propaganda spewing idiot.
        P.S. I’m not some chicken shit hiding behind a pseudonym. When I say something important, I’ll put my name on it!

    2. Why is it that the white middle class gun owners blamed for crime and murders when 50% of crime is committed by blacks in inner cities? There is a huge black market for stolen guns, but the demon-craps say go after the white middle class gun owners and that will stop crime! Huh? What kind of logic is that? None of these gun control laws will stop street gangs or drug dealers. In fact, how many of these gun banning politicians serve cocaine and other drugs at their fund raising parties and banquets? My idea to help fix the inner city problem is first stop sending out 100’s of billions in foreign aid to foreign countries(most of which hate America anyways) and use this money to fix up inner cities, build new homes, create jobs and make america great again. No more gun laws, and no more lifetime politicians, we need term limits!

    3. Jeesh, 20 years ago the FBI said that over 97% of the violent crime was being perpetrated by 6% repeat offenders. Glad to see that data finally seeped into some people’s heads.

    4. These exteme high murder rate cities appear to be both democrat and predominantly black.

      Is it OK to metion the elephant in the room????? Maybe democrats and Black people should be prohibited from buying or possessing firearms. Obviosly, honorable, law abiding communists and black people living amongst predators need them the most but at what point should a society be recognizing that a +/- 12% population committing +/- 55% of murders is MORE identifiable than looking for the mentally ill pre-emptively?

      Historically and Statistically, the murder commission problem in the US is an overhelming black problem in democrat run and controlled areas.

      Gun owners in general have NEVER, EVER been a crime problem. Period.

      1. John Galt, Bloomberg was quoted as saying, on a hot mic when he thought he wasn’t being recorded, a similar thing, that when he was mayor, if he could have gotten the guns from young blacks, he would have. Trouble with that theory is that most of the people, as you mentioned, are criminals and are already not allowed to obtain nor possess firearms. Also as you stated, law-abiding firearm owners aren’t the issue, it’s the criminal use of firearms that is the problem. Enacting laws that only affect us do nothing to prevent criminal use of firearms.

      2. I’ll tell you it’s DAMN ok to mention it. I’m sick and tired of people killing free speech because they are afraid even seem racist. However, pointing at black people like you are is absolutely racist and the means you suggest to solve the problem is also racist. Not only is it racist and delusional but it is also just as problematic as what the democrats are doing.

        Fist of all, these very poor communities are not ALL black. They are predominately black but that is because they have predominately in history been the underdogs in the economy. By pointing at ONLY the blacks and saying to address the issue we push a fix ONLY on the blacks it makes you racist.. There are also white and Asians and others in there too. Either cause they had nothing or lost everything or whatever reason. It doesn’t matter if you point at them and say only blacks should have their guns taken away or only blacks should get special affirmative action advantages to help them in the economy.

        When poor people cannot flourish in the “legal” economy, they will become desperate and turn to the “illegal” economy. Now, the problem in cities like Chicago that this article is pointing out is that taking away all the guns from the law abiding people (regardless of their color) turns them into easy prey for criminals. Gun control in the way democrats do it is like fertilizer for criminals. They don’t rob the house with all the lights and taking guns away is like turning all the lights off. If anything gun control creates a booming industry in the illegal economy.

        So you suggesting that we take guns away from anyone regardless of their color or beliefs in socialism makes them prey and increases crimes by creating many readily available prey. Finally, mixing issues like gun control and economic strategy beliefs is exactly what the left does in order to confuse people on issues. Socialism and gun control are both precursors to a tyrannical government but they are in fact separate issues.

        So let me now conclude with this. Your thinking and suggestions are EXACTLY how Leftists deal with the issue. So while you might think you’re a republican or on the right side of the isle, you’re not. You’re analysis is delusional and based on racism and that is a leftist method. Republicans see people “regardless of race”. Leftists see certain races and needing special treatment. before they use to point at whites and said they should be treated better. Now they think blacks should be treated better. You being pissed at your own leftist party because they switched on exactly WHICH race should be best, does mean you get to come to the republican parting and change our way of analysis. This is equally true for your thinking on how to regulate the issue to fix it. Republicans will say we help all people in this bracket of income, Now if that bracket of INCOME happens to be prominently black then is still fixes the issue. Ever since the leftists did their switch on which race should be treated better, racists who want it to go back to what they see as “the good old days” have been pissed and trying to get in with Republicans by saying, hey we have a common enemy. This is one of those rare cases where the enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend. You’re both my enemy. So take your bigoted racist thinking back to the democrats cause it’s not going to work here.

        TL;DR,,, If you focus on race YOU are racist. If you focus on economic standing then you NOT racist. The Leftists are racists, we’re not, don’t come here with your leftist propaganda and think you can play that shit here.

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